baby protests road trip in car seat; mom says her argument is valid

happy-mom-and-baby-october-2009Our 6-month-old is the happiest, bubbliest, smiliest baby you will ever meet.

I can't tell you how many times people stop me in public places and ask, "Is your baby always this happy?" and "Does she ever cry?"

The truth? She really is always this happy. And she very rarely cries.

There is an exception, however.

The Car Seat.

She hates it.

We strap her in and she squirms, arches her back, puckers her lip. I don't blame her a bit. I'm sure she doesn't understand why she has to be strapped into a little seat with very little wiggle room and no scenery. Rear-facing car seats are no fun at all.

For this reason, we've been opting out of road trips - anything lengthier than an hour, actually. Her sobs are just too heartwrenching.

Our older daughter went through a similar stage at about this age. Eventually, however, she began to understand that the car seat meant new places, exploration. Now, she's a champ in the car. I know our littlest will be like that soon enough.

When she's ready, we'll probably start taking road trips again {for now, we'll fly}.


CarMDToolWithPouchBefore you hit the road with your family, don't forget to: (1) Change your oil, (2) Fill up with gas, and (3) Check for car troubles. To make #3 easier, we have a CarMD ($98.99), an automotive diagnostic tool that can tell you if your 1996 or newer car is "sick" or "road trip ready." It's a hand-held tester that automatically links to your vehicle's on-board computer through a port found under the dashboard and then gives a quick reading to give you a diagnostic on your vehicle's health.

Having a safe, working vehicle is of utmost importance when you are road tripping with little ones in the car. The CarMD helps alleviate some of your worries and helps you concentrate on having fun...or, at the very least, getting to your destination without mishap or misfortune.

YOUR TURN: Do you prefer to travel by car or plane with your family?

CarMDLogoWithTagWIN IT! One winner will receive a CarMD ($98.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, October 10th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #160 R Hicks. Congratulations!

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189 comments on “baby protests road trip in car seat; mom says her argument is valid”

  1. hmmm...i wonder if this is the same as what the mechanics use to diagnose your car that they charge $100 per vehicle to do.

  2. I don't know--we've traveled both ways and have enjoyed both flying and driving... we just love to travel! ;) Road trips are great, and more convenient sometimes, but the kids think flying is so fun and exciting.

  3. I have to say, the airport used to be my bliss, but it seems that people are all kinds of rude and discourteous. And, to make matters worse, they take both armrests! Ugh! What's happened?

  4. I ride in the car everyday to work and it is an hour drive. What a wonderful tool for when you are hearing sounds that are different. A truly great tool for women.

  5. Right now mu husband is deployed overseas and he handles all the car stuff this would be great to have for me. I often have to take long trips with two children this would be great!

  6. We love Car trips. It is so much fun to just set off into the unknown and drive. It is even better to know your car is safe!

  7. i prefer traveling by car especially this time of year because the fall foliage is just gorgeous here in vermont. actually the truth is nobody in my family has ever been on a plane we are afraid of flying.a few years back i won a trip to universal studios in florida and we agreed to give the trip to a different winner because we just couldnt do it :(

  8. We prefer to travel by car; very often we see something fun and unexpected to do, or an unusual opportunity presents itself and we feel compelled to take advantage of the moment.

  9. It depends on how long the trip is, how many people are going, how far away the destination is and many other factors. I don't mind travelling by car, especially for longer durations, but it would be silly to spend 3 days driving round trip for a 1 night stay. Usually driving is cheaper too, as long as we don't need to take the 9mpg van or something. Thanks for the contest, DH has always wanted one of these!

  10. can take so much more stuff for kids...especially with all those airline fees for every bag you check

  11. It depends on the distance to how we travel. My kids travel well either way. We just take DVD players and off we go. The trick is to keep them entertained. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I prefer car. It seems more fun b/c it is easier to talk w/o worrying about annoying other people. Also, can see the beautiful country more easily on the ground. Thanks for the contest.

  13. great site. It is always advisable to check your oil, tires ( inflation and check for wear) as well as all fluids. You almost benver have trouble ner yopur home it is always when you are away and the old agage, an ounce of prevention is worth hundreds of dollars in repairs. I could really make use of the car diagnostic tool.

  14. This would make me feel so safe when I go on long road trips. I also always forget when to check my oil so this would be a great way to remember!

  15. Awesome concept (and sounds like a place I should check, see if they have any job openings). Granted, there are still SOME things that only an eyeball will find -- like out-of-balance tires with tread problems -- although I wonder how this gizmo might do with detecting burnt-out bulbs. Thanks for the chance!!

  16. Our family definitely prefer car travel. We avoid the hassles of air travel. Plus by car we can take our time and see lots of things on the way

  17. I love road trips especially when traveling in a car as long as the vehicle is safe,comfortable and kind of clean..This tool is a great idea and I think that every parent needs one when traveling with kids in the vehicle.

  18. Maybe if you made the car seat more appealing to her in some way she wouldn't be so upset? With the economy these days, a carMD kit would be fantastic. My boyfriend's car would finally tell us whats wrong with it! Other than not starting whenever its scorching outside, which doesn't help when you live in Florida!

  19. This would be so awesome to have. We got a 05 in march and wouldnt you know the SEL is on ugh. I have never flown and I am so scared to do so when we travel anywhere it is by car. We drive where ever we go.

  20. We are car people. I have a large enough fear of flying and only do it when I absolutely have to for work. Plus, it isn't like you can ask the pilot to pull over so you can stretch your legs...LOL. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  21. We travel by car with everyone if the distance is two hours or less, even as kids got older. Longer than this time, the car gets very small and tiredness sets in, so we do not do longer trips all together. Airplanes can be very long, too, with waiting to board, waiting to take off, and waiting to get off. So, it has to be REALLY important to do a long travel by plane, too. And, all the security requirements now make airplane travel tough for anyone with medical needs or lots of medicines. One time I did not know to put my medicines in a separate bag, so security got all excited when my bag went through with lots of pill containers! Then they saw they were all regular prescription meds, so they just warned me to do it differently next time.

  22. We prefer the car for sure -- gives us a chance to relax, talk to each other, enjoy the scenery, make interesting stops and diversions along the way, and if the kids happen to get antsy or cranky, well at least we're not alienating an entire plane full of harried travelers!

  23. Traveling by plane is much more fun, but depending on where we're going, we usually take the car because we rarely go far.

  24. I have done both with the family. I find that the children enjoy the car ride much better. They enjoy the scenery and makeing those pit stops. For me, I much rather fly. I like to get where I'm going as quick as possible.

  25. We mostly travel by car because we are close to our family. We don't travel far enough to warrant flying, especially now when flying seems like such a pain.

  26. Definitely by car. we can stop whenever we want. don't have to deal with lines. cheaper most of the times and faster for the closer trips. and it is a lot more fun

  27. i really prefer going by car, it's so much easier what with the goverment's tsa agents trying to strip search everybody

  28. Depends on how far we're going, probably car though, as long as its not going to take days of driving to reach our destination.

  29. I am very impatient when it comes to travel...I just want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. So, yes, I would rather fly than drive.

    Thank you. :-)

  30. I have not been in a plane for 20 years and my children have never flown, so we do all of our traveling by car ( you can see more this way )I would love to win this, thanks for the chance.

  31. So far, we've not taken the little man on a plane yet, so we don't know how he'll act. He loves cars though. I personally prefer flights for overly long trips - read as across multiple state lines - but I'll happily hop behind the wheel for an hour or 4 or 5. The only problem is, I tend to like to let our vehicle stretch its legs so to speak...

  32. Wow! I could really use this! I have two teenage sons that are now driving and this would be a fantastic tool. I am always worried about both of them, but if we could check out the car it would be a real load off my mind. Then I would just have to worry about their driving!

  33. [email protected]
    I would much rather travel by car. Planes make my ears hurt for a couple of days. Cars have such wonderful scenery and stuff to talk about along the way. This CarMD would be great to have so you don't get robbed on car repairs! For once, you could actually call around and get prices on repairs.

  34. My baby is the same way!! Starting when she was about 2 and a half months, she SCREAMED in the car seat no matter the length of car trip (even to the grocery store). It has quelled somewhat, but she still only tolerates the car seat for about 30-45 minutes. She much prefers to be carried or in a stroller where she can see!! Two things I did find worked wonders: a mirror that she could see herself in as well as helped me to see her from the front seat; sitting back in the back with her for longer car trips or multiple errand runs. Obviously the latter only works when someone else is driving the car. I've also nursed while she in the car seat and I did a weird boob hanging over the car seat while in motion thing. Hey, man, whatever works.

  35. I always find traveling by plane so stressful. At least with with road trips in a car, you're in the driver's seat (literally) and can stop whenever. I like the flexibility that comes with that. If only me and my family weren't prone to getting carsick...

  36. Sound like it would be good to have when you think there is something wrong..but you are not sure what. You could use this and check it. That would also help keep the mechanics from scamming you.

  37. my daughter was a car seat hater for about the first 14 months of her life. Now at 16 months she doesn't seem to hate it as much. Not sure what changed, but I'll take it. We usually travel by plane out of necessity. We live in Texas and our families are in Florida and Pennsylvania.

  38. I have only flown with my daughter at 10 months, and my mom was there to help so it wasnt to bad. I dont think we would do any road trips longer then an hour or two. And now that i am pregnant again that adds another wrench into the travel

  39. No road trips yet for me and my daughter, and i cant imagine that yet. But i do travel with her on a plane all myself from when she was an infant to know toddler, each trip is its own experience.

  40. I have never flown before and my husband wont fly after a scare from years ago.
    So it is all about the road trip for us.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  41. Ugh - neither! But I guess I would pick plane if I had to. I just hate that they are usually late taking off/landing and getting through all the lines takes forever. Plus you're so cramped in those seats!

  42. It depended a little on where we were going. I really didn't mind flying with my young children, since they were generally very good, but road trips were frequently easier since it was less of a problem letting them out to run a little in a rest area than in a terminal if we had a layover!

  43. If time were not an issue I would take a train everywhere. The car comes in second and flying a distant third.

  44. We have a 7 hour rule... if the trip is 7 hours or less, we drive. Any longer we fly. We are 1 hour from the airport. Adding in the hassle of security, flight delays and all we decided that the airport is NO FUN and NOT WORTH IT unless traveling a longer distance.

  45. It depends on how far we're going. If we're staying in our state or going to a surrounding state, we prefer to drive. Any farther than that, we like to fly.

  46. I always fly. I don't like to be stuck in the car for more than a couple hours at a time, but depend on my car all the time, like most people. I stay so busy, I forget to bring my car in on time for check ups, so the CarMD would be awesome to have to be safe.

  47. We love road trips! Although I am fortunate that my girls are older (7 & 11), so they are pretty good travelers! They bring books and magazines, and sometimes their DS's and manage to occupy themselves. Oftentimes we play the Letter Game (calling out the alphabet from signs, license plates, etc.) They love that! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  48. I prefer to travel by car. I love seeing all the sights and making the journey part of our trip. But my daughter hates her car seat too, so I don't know what we will do next year when we go on vacation.

  49. I have been stranded in cars I was unsure of, but risked it anyway. To have something to help avoid those horrors is too good to think about.

  50. So far, we have never flown together as a family. One day I would love to do so, but right now car travel is great for us.

  51. We have not attempted the plane yet. With a 3 and a 4 y/o, there just seems too much to bring (car seats, etc, etc). Car is a lot cheaper too. We do car rides and the kids do fairly well for about 2 hours max.

  52. I have never been on a plane, so I would say car. I love this device, It would save us MANY troubles at the repair shop

  53. we havent taken any trips this year because of the gas situation and we have been really buzy, my sons works on car and different types of things, lawm mowers, tractors, any thing that needs fixing. but i would love to take a trip and get away for a while.

  54. We definitely travel by car, we take 2-3 weeks for a road trip cross country. We bank our time just for that reason, to enjoy things along the way.

  55. I had no idea that this kind of thing exists even, haha, but it seems pretty dang useful. About your daughter, though; I can imagine that a car seat is pretty uncomfortable.

  56. I never knew something like this existed! We live 2+ hours from all of our family, and since its not really close enough to justify flying, we take A LOT of road trips -- not long ones, but lots. My 1-year-old has always done great in the car and even now usually sleeps from the time I back out of the drive until we pull up to grandma's house.

    ::runs to check out this Car MD::

  57. I prefer to travel by plane because it means I'm getting far away, LOL. I would love to have this though. I always hate road trips because I worry about the car breaking down.

  58. Having just taken a raod trip with my 2 year old. I was much easier than an airline trip. Even though it was hours even days of driving, he did so much better looking out the window or reading books or watching a movie. Than being cramped on an an airplane with strangers to bother on every side of us. It is easier for me when there are not other people to be concerned about my little one being to loud or imposing on their space. That being said, and forseeing more road trips in our old 4-runner, CarMD could be a good tool for us. Although borrowing a husband seemed to work out for us this time. Thanks Tim.

  59. Now this is a wonderful giveaway! What a great idea, especially since the girls are getting to the age where longer (as cross-country) trips are almost doable. I think once they learn to read, roadtrips are a whole different ballgame! It is something we want to do during summer vacations, where my husband can't get as much time off. He'd fly to meet us, but we can take the time to travel and to visit longer.

    But as the sole parent driving, I'd feel a lot more comfortable if the car was checked out before we left. Crossing my fingers for a win!

  60. We prefer to travel by plane (hubby is worse than the kids on long trips!), but economics generally dicatate auto travel.

  61. I am terrified of flying, so a car it is for me. We have actually been traveling a lot these past few months, and have neglected our car maintenance a bit. It would be fantastic being able to check the car ourselves before we leave.

  62. Every time I go on a long trip I have a huge fear of breaking down, and being stranded. This would be wonderful, because I could give my car a check up from time to time, to calm my nerves. Thanks.

  63. I prefer the car because of the enormous price of luggage on flights these days. Flying is always more convenient but when you've got a ton of luggage and don't feel like going through security and long lines because you have a tube of toothpaste in your carry-on then driving is definitely the way to go.

  64. My sister ang I always played the license plate game on the way to Grandma's. You can't do fun things like that on an airplane.

  65. I would always prefer to travel by car. I like taking it easy and being more in control of where and when to travel. I would like my son to experience flying, though, as he's never been on a plane. Thanks for the giveaway !!!

  66. We take alot of road trips. We also travel by plane.I would rather travel by car ,unless its very far or not alot of time to spend

  67. We don't do a ton of long distance driving with our 15 month old so she is not a fan of being in the car for over 30 minutes. We do however fly a ton with her. She is a pro on flights. It is still difficult but she is happier in our laps with easy distractions and our undivided attention. Who wouldn't be?

  68. It's so much easier to travel by car. We can stop if we need to. I can also do it by myself. I can't imagine trying to travel on a plane with 3 kids by myself.

  69. I am lucky, my three girls never really minded their car seats. They usually just fell asleep. Now that they are older and in forward facing seats, they fuss more than when they were babies.

  70. I've never been on a plane (at least not yet), so I'll have to say that I prefer traveling in a car with the family.

  71. I hate, HATE traveling by plane with young kids. (I did learn to rear face toddlers though so they can only kick their own seats.) We now travel by car, stretching the days to allow for visiting and playing in new cities along the way.

  72. What a great tool to have! I could really use this.
    Check Engine light(what is that). lol Thanks for the chance.

  73. Air and train cost too much!!! And my car engine light has come on 3 times in the last 3 years. Twice it meant a real problem and once nothing. I would really use this often when I road trip.

  74. We prefer to travel by plane, especially for any distances beyond a four hour car ride otherwise someone in the family is bound to be sick or upset.

  75. I've found that car trips are much easier than plane trips. The pressures on the plane are terrible for many babies ears.

  76. When my son was small all he ever did in the car was sleep. Going someplace was never a problem. He is 17 today and now it's "Are we there yet."

  77. I prefer going by car for sure. My one and only plane travel with my son must be some sort of airline hell... Let's just say will both need a sedative before attempting again.

  78. For trips over 1000 miles I like the convenience and quickness of flying. Otherwise I don't mind driving. You get to see so much more.

  79. we had an identical problem with car seats and all of our kids. They all hated being strapped in and restricted during the ride.

  80. prefer to travel by plane with my family because its less time to get to the fun for the kids. I think when they get older we can drive a little more so they can see what they or missing out by seeing the scenes of the country, the goods and the bads.

  81. hi thank you for the opportunity to win this being disabled i cant get hired anywhere ,so that means the one check a month anyway i have to do my own car repairs for myself and my children just small repairs but this would be a great help to me and my family we just drove to VA. and i wish i would have had something this this would give me peace of mind with my grand babies in the car thank you you again for this opportunity

  82. I do not have an actual phobia of flying, as I do get on and have flown many time, but I would MUCH rather stay on the ground when possible! Thanks for the chance to win such a great kit!

  83. Wow! Great contest. While I'm not a huge fan of traveling by plane, I really appreciate that it can get me to far flung places rather quickly! This Christmas will be our first plane trip with our baby, and while I imagine it will be a bit stressful, I think it will be a breeze compared to if we had tried to do a car trip (which would take 30 hours!).

  84. If it's more than 500 miles I prefer airflight. Less than 500 than road trip. Although i love road trips. The last major one I took I racked up over 6,000 miles.

  85. I'm a road trip girl. Our family enjoys listening to stories on the MP3 player, playing Alphabet and laughing together. A CarMD would be perfect for us!

    crystal (at)

  86. my mother in law lives about 6 hours from us and we drive there every few months and this would really be a nice thing to have

  87. three kids are all still strapped down every time we go somewhere, and they've never really complained about. Don't worry, they've given me plenty of trouble in other areas! But yeah, our
    '96 & '97 cars could use that little diagnostic tool! Especially with a road trip coming up for Thanksgiving...9 hours with those 3 kids in those 3 carseats...wish us luck!

  88. by car as most of the family is within 2 hours drive that we are lucky for !! the car seats were hard when my guys were young !!! not a happy stage when they were rear facing!

  89. I'm lucky that my daughter doesn't mind her car seats. The plane is much harder for me if my husband isn't with me! But for long distances - give me the plane.

  90. I've always loved road trips, and while they're a lot different with two small children, I don't love them any less. My kids are pretty good travelers, but maybe that's because we've been doing it with them since they were infants. They've both been on quite a few plane and car trips, and we're almost always pleasantly surprised at how well they do.

  91. My husband has had various problems with cars over the years that hes always afraid of his cars stalling. We want to get out on the road more and take some trips with the kids but we want to know will be safe. I usually prefer by plane for trips but they keep increasing prices on luggage and adding so many rules since out last plane trip. My daughter was great on the plane it was the other peoples kids that were kicking my seat.

  92. When my father-in-law was alive it was nice to be able to take the car to him to see what the issue might be when the car was acting up. We miss him and also the ability to see what the issue is with the car. This would come in handy especially since when we travel I am unable to fly due to a health issue and must either drive or take the train.

  93. I have yet to be brave enough to fly with Levi. It seems kind of daunting. We live pretty far from anywhere, so he actually got used to a carseat pretty quickly...with the exception of nighttime driving when he was under about a year. That was an absolute no-no.

  94. My husband and I could definitely put this to good use. We take trips sometimes and our cars are not on the newer side. Would be nice to see if we were going to have trouble.

  95. Definitely by car. I am the one who does not like to fly. To tricky and difficult if you are not a regular traveler. We live in St. Louis and have driven to FL and VA. Both long trips, but we were able to see America's beauty as we drove by.

  96. I really, really dislike flying so I much prefer car trips - they are just more fun with more opportunities for spontaneous side trips! Our kids both seem to do all right in the car seats - we'll find out for sure in December... We traveled a lot when I was little and Daddy says that I always did fine, so I'm hoping that my kids do fine too.

  97. I prefer car trips, so we can do spur of the moment stops, or take the less traveled ways, also because my kids are old enough not to have to use carseats, but still seat belts sometimes causes discomfort. The Car MD would be a wonderful tool to use to help know what's wrong with our vehicle. Thank you.

  98. I think the car is great if you really want to make a road trip out of it--stopping at interesting points along the way, etc.

    Neat prize!

  99. We have to travel by plane due to our isolation and my little one is a trooper. However the worst part of traveling on the plane isn't necessarily the plane ride. It's all the waiting at the airport!!! Car rides seem okay however we haven't made a trek far enough to tell how it would go.

  100. ohh, i hate traveling with little ones too! my son used to cry & cry (my parents live 2 hours away & i visited them often) - i'd love to see any of the distractions you come up with

    autumn398 @

  101. My son was the exact same way when he was an infant. It wasn't until he was almost 1, that he was able to ride in the car for any length of time. Yes- It is very heart wrenching!
    inalak at msn dot com

  102. I don't like to fly with little ones. It is just too hard and they require too much stuff. Dragging strollers and car seats in addition to children through an airport - ugh! And if they fuss in the car, no one is bothered but us. On an airplane everyone else has to listen. Our kids are actually really good on road trips. Unfortunately to reach family, we have to spend 10+ hours on the road and that is a lot of ask of anyone let alone little ones.

  103. Oh Cool! Love the nifty little gadget! The only way we've survived lengthy road trips with our toddler (who would normally never sit for more than a couple mins!) is a portable dvd player. ahhh. its fabulous. We aren't big movie people in general, but in the car, its a must! Maybe one day we'll be like other families and have great car-conversations. but for now we ride in peace with Bob the Builder, or Kipper as our back ground music :)

  104. Ahhh...Hopefully your littlest one will start liking the car seat soon! I know how hard that can be! Thankfully, both of our kiddos like the car now that they are a bit older. Our littlest one will be one year old in a few weeks and we can't wait to turn his car seat around...knowing how much MORE he will enjoy car rides. We haven't done any long road trips with the kiddos yet...nothing over two hours. We will be flying to Europe next year...that will be an adventure! We are looking forward to more times together as a family in the car...some of our best conversations happen while driving!

  105. We had to drive from Texas to Maine (2,600) miles when my twins were only 3 months old. What a nightmare! I can totally relate to your baby's ill feelings of a car seat.

    We have to travel quite often, being a military family. Car MD would be an excellent precautionary measure.

  106. I prefer to travel by car. I like being in control of the whole situation, I guess. However, since we had our son 2 years ago we have not taken ANY trips, because he detests being in the car!!! My family cannot understand and they say we should just take the trip and eventually he will stop crying. Now, he doesn't cry the entire time, but he will NOT sleep in the car at all! He NEVER has slept in the car. Isn't that crazy?!? He also will not sleep in any bed except his own. I don't know how to make myself travel out of town with a child that I know will not be able to sleep (or sleep well) and will obviously be cranky because of it. Before long, he will be old enough to understand the traveling scenario & also understand our explanations of what it going on, and then I think that we will be able to travel together happily. For now, we stay close to home base & stay safe & happy, and I don't think that is a bad thing, regardless of what the family says.
    Car MD is excellent. Travel is always more fun when you know you have taken precautions to travel safely!

  107. We prefer to travel by car. The road trips can be fun (I hate airports), cheaper, less stressful and we can pack EVERYTHING we need.

    I would love to win the Car MD for my husband who does all our car repairs.

  108. Ungh. We're moving from Maryland to Colorado in less than 4 weeks... and driving our '96 Chrysler van. It's been a big mechanical mess for the last couple years, but we don't have the money to replace it yet. We've just been fixing problems (with hubby's handiwork) as they manifest themselves. There have been many, many times where I've wished we've had one of these handy tools to help us figure out exactly what the problem is. I'm also entirely paranoid that we're going to have multiple problems as we set out on a 3-day drive. :(

    That added to the fact that I'll have THREE kids to entertain for that 3-day drive. They've all done really well for road trips that are 8 hours or under, but this will be the longest one by far. Wish I could just skip the process... but here's to hoping it all goes smoothly.

  109. I'm one of those who will purchase a seat on the plane for my little one and take the car seat. So the only advantage of flying in my case would be the time factor.

    We chose our car seat based largely on recommendations from friends who said their babies cried in every other seat. We have a Britax and it seems pretty comfortable.

    We road-tripped a lot with Eli when he was 6 weeks old and he did great. I'm a little worried about our trip next week. He's 5 months old now and much less amenable to extended time in the car seat because he likes to be on the move! If he can't make it, we'll just come home!

  110. I love being able to read check engine codes. I have a VAG-com tool for my VWs but really could use a code reader for the wife's car.

  111. We are car people. Both us us don't like to fly unless it's absolutely necessary. I like road trips, but only if the kids are on board. So like you, if my children weren't happy in a car seat that long then I would end up flying.


  112. Personally we can travel either way. Which means whatever the purse strings can handle and the amount of time it takes to get there.

  113. I get the same comments about asking if my 6 month old ever cries. She is a very happy baby. She too hates the carseat. She has never really slept well in it, preferring to sleep flat. We cancelled an across the country road trip last month because we knew it would just be torture for her.

  114. My daughter doesn't like the car either. She screamed in her car seat from day one. I ended up buying her a new car seat at 4 months old that had foam & padding and it helped her a little bit. But any road trip over an hour and shes screaming & it breaks my heart! We've flown 1600 miles on a plane and she was great! (she was on my lap)

    I don't blame babies for not liking car seats, they can't see much, they are restrained, and they are bored!

    However, the new Graco My Ride 65 is AWESOME! I just bought it (third car seat since she was born 9 months ago) I'd recommend it to everyone!

  115. We've done plane and car with our kids and always enjoyed doing both. Now that they're older, we still enjoy flying and driving and meeting up at a designated place, just to be together.

  116. The longer the distance the more I prefer
    to take a plane. If the trip would take over
    5 hours on the road its almost a sure thing
    to take a plane

  117. There's nothing like road trip or a road rally for fun. We just took a trip to Yosemite- wow! all the switch back roads. Beautiful.

  118. I prefer plane for great distances, I get way too jumpy to sit in a car for long, I'm actually worse than my kids!

  119. We learned a bit about car trips this summer (my car travelling tips here)

    If I was independently wealthy, I'd fly everywhere though (Assuming the destination allows for a reasonably sized plane). Or take the train, since being able to get up and stretch your legs while still travelling is a big plus. I'm not a big fan of travelling in the first place though. I love flying to places where I can come and go on the same day (and therefore avoid having to spend the night away from my own bed!) Especially if I can fly with Porter Airlines which is my favourite ever. Too bad the routes it flies are so limited.

  120. I dont know how to even change a tire or anything so anything that would help prevent me from being stranded in my car sounds good to me! thanks!

  121. We prefer to travel by plane due to the time involved in going to our family home state from where we live. It would be a nightmare to try to drive more than 21 hours!

  122. Most of our family lives within a 2 hour drive, so we're on the road a lot. In fact... haven't flown since our honeymoon 10 years ago. Car MD... I've never even heard of that. Would LOVE to win it!

  123. I can't imagine not being able to do trips in the car seat - we spent 8 months in the US doing just that! It wasn't an option for our little guy; but he had also been used to his car seat attached to the stroller. He slept so much in the car seat, that it was just plain comfie for him!

  124. We haven't taken any road trips or plane trips with baby, but I think I would rather do a car trip. Audrey is usually pretty good in the car. I would like the fact that we can get out and stretch, get some fresh air, and breastfeed more comfortably.

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