Baby Registry Basics: Where to Register

baby-registry-basicsMy husband and I have decided not to register anywhere for baby #2 (due in March).

We already feel overwhelmed by baby gear in our home and we have discovered that babies need very little:

  • A loving home? Check!
  • Arms to hold that little bundle? Check!
  • Super sweet kisses? Check!
  • Mama's milk? Check!
  • Diapers, wipes, a few receiving blankets, and some basic baby clothes? Check!

That's about it!

That said, I thought I'd give a quick "overview" of the current baby registry options in case you're pregnant with your first baby and are investigating the possibilities.

Current Baby Registry Options:

My Take on the Current Registry Options:

  • Department stores have a limited selection, are overpriced, and don't have the registry system perfected. I think it's safe to say that they're not worth looking into.
  • Super Stores are handy (so many locations, so many items!), but they also rate extremely poor when it comes to customer service. Try asking a question about a specific baby carrier or ask for a recommendation for the best breast cream on the market - and you'll probably be greeted by blank stares or blushing cheeks from the associate. *Plus, Target has the most ridiculous return policy. That alone would keep me away from the registry wand at Tar-Jay.
  • Online-only options offer limitless selection and rock-bottom prices, but they make shopping difficult for non-tech-savvy family members and friends. If your "circle" is comfortable with online shopping, this may be the best way to go. If not, it might be preferable to register somewhere with brick-and-mortar locations.
  • Baby-specialty stores are probably your best best because they "know their stuff" and they have a wide selection. Plus, they typically offer other "perks" like complimentary gift wrap, in-store events, nursing areas, etc.

YOUR TURN: Where did you register and were you impressed by the service/selection/etc.?

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8 comments on “Baby Registry Basics: Where to Register”

  1. Huh, I just wrote about baby registries on a regional forum!

    The one thing that soured me was a certain period after Fly was born, his registry was no longer available at Target. I asked and was told the registry gets deleted after a certain number of days. So I couldn't even look up the things I knew I had wanted but didn't get. Grrr!

  2. I registered at Walmart with our first baby. I was not impressed by their service. They had very little knowledge of the baby gear I was looking for
    I would go with Babies r us next time around.

  3. I checked out a few different options and ended up going with Babies R Us. I was at first overwhelmed by the store and said I'd never go back in. But the truth of the matter was that they had nearly everything I could possibly want. And, when I did venture back in it turned out that they actually had a pretty good and helpful staff. They even put some of the baby gear together for me!

  4. We registered at Wishpot (it's like myregistry). Loved it! I have friends that have also used them for wedding registries.

    They give you and your gift giving family/friends the option to search for the product at the best price, or you can also register for the item at a certain online retailer of your choosing.

    Plus, you can have multiple gift lists and keep one going for gift ideas for yourself. Next birthday, just point your husband to your wishlist.

    I thought it was very user friendly, and looked good too (I had a few people compliment me on the site and the idea of using them).

  5. I didn't register with #1 (a girl), and we received many great items from friends and family. We did register at Babies R Us when we found out we were pregnant with #2 (and a boy). However, we received only two things from the registry. I discovered people are going to give you what they want to give you and not necessarily what you need. While we were grateful for everything we received, we probably could have done without a custom-painted step stool and boutique jacket . . . for a 2-year-old. LOL!

  6. I am also due in March with my second. My first was a boy and my second is a girl. I moved to a totally new city just before delivering my first, so my friends here (mostly church friends) are throwing me a nice shower. They didn't know me for the first one. If I was still in the last area I honestly would not want a shower because I do have all the basics... except anything pink.

    I registered at Babies R Us. I love the staff there and their selection. I love that they are all over the state and my family back home can buy online or at the store and have it shipped to me.

    But... Babies R Us is pretty far from where I live. And I don't expect my church friends to drive all the way over there to shop for my shower. So I had to register at Super Target as well. Their selection is even smaller than a regular Target. I tried my hardest to just register online, but most of the items online are only available online. So I got a baby sitter and headed down to the store to finish off the registry. I guess this is a bad time of year... besides diapers, wipes and toiletries, everything else is on clearance! So it won't be around long. The shower is in a week, I registered about a week ago. I checked two days ago and now the isles are mostly cleared out, except one isle is completely full of the same pink blanket on clearance for $1.98. I am expecting to get 4 or 5 of those at my shower. I would not recommend registering at Target unless you have to.

  7. for baby #1 we registered at Target and BabiesRUs... fortunately my mother-in-law works at Target and was able to take care of any of the return issues we had there.

    For baby #2 we aren't registering. We weren't planning on having another one quite this quickly and had already gotten rid of a few things we'll be needing but I gave most of it to my best friend who had a baby last year so it is all coming back as her baby is done with it which will be just in time for this baby. The few things we do still need to go ahead and get we're planning on just purchasing ourselves, but I did make a list on Wishpot which is what we use for all of our family wish lists - since our family is spread across the country and my family much prefers to give gifts than to give cash it is a convenient way to let them know what Sugar is interested in, what I think of that I'd like to have or what hubby wants. People can then use the lists to shop online or can simply get ideas and go shopping on their own wherever they want to go! It works for us.

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