Back in the West

Back in the West 1 It was a huge sigh of relief to enter the west coast.

After traveling almost 20,000 miles around the country, I admit: this is home. The rebellious west with her mountains and trees, her flip-flops and cowboy hats, her dry summer nights and expansive skies.

We're currently parked in Camano Island, Washington and we hope to stay here a spell. To kick up our heels and wait out the sickness (It's hitting me hard again).

I'm happy we won't have to hear the GPS voice for awhile. That said, wow - we've been grateful for Tim's phone [ It’s durable plastic components have helped it withstand drops and scratches!] and the MotionX Drive app. How did people travel back in the day of road maps and atlases? Stressful.

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24 comments on “Back in the West”

  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well again. I hope it passes quickly for you.

    I love the West and would live out there somewhere if it were up to me!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, but oh so glad to hear that you are on the wonderful West Coast! I do hope you'll be stopping in Portland once you guys are up for it. You might just find that it is a perfect place to plant some more long term roots and water them. :) Feel better soon! You guys will continue to be in my prayers.

  3. Welcome HOME!!! I will be praying for you! I know how terrible it is to feel horrible all.the.time. Hang in there!

  4. Welcome back West! We missed you all.
    I'm with you on the West-love despite my East- coast roots. The world just seems bigger out here, doesn't it? One can breathe...
    I'm sorry you are feeling sick but oh-so-happy for your little reason:). It must be tough that you have it so rough that way, friend.
    Just hold still and lemon drop and B- vitamin cheers.

  5. We love GPS but I do agree w/ the other commenters who think map reading is an important life skill. I guess just like with counting "real" money when everyone pays with plastic, it's just something we'll have to be more intentional about since it may not happen naturally, you know?

  6. O, bummer on being so sick again! I was so hoping it would be easier for you this time around. Glad you're in a beautiful spot where you can hopefully get in a lot of resting & relaxing with your sweet family.

  7. Been praying for you and the sickness. Hope you are done soon. I know what you mean about the west being home, when we got back from Missouri I felt like I could breathe again and knew I wanted to stay "home". Thinking of you often.

  8. Sorry you're not feeling well. :( But you're in such a lovely place! I hope you have a chance to enjoy it!
    I have to say, I'm NOT a fan of GPS at all. I suppose if you're directionally challenged (like my MIL and SIL) it's nice, but they drive me crazy. I don't think they're very practical and I just really like looking at maps! :) We were supposedly following one on our Baltimore trip while driving out to the ocean and we took an extra hour to get there. I had a simple rental car map and I could have gotten us there better. It's probably all in who's working it though... that directionally challenged person! ;)
    PS. Do you have an EDD? I'm curious for a reason...

  9. I was so hoping you'd have an easier go this time around! I'm glad you can be still for a little while. Take care!!!

  10. Sounds like a good plan to stay put for a bit--and a beautiful place to be! I grew up on the east coast and currently live in the midwest, but I do love the west coast too! I have been to many places many times in the west and my friends and I traveled up the whole coast from Mexico to Yosemite when I was in college. Unforgettable. Maybe someday we will move that way too.
    As far as navigation, I prefer maps and atlases honestly. It feels much more adventurous and rewarding to me. Now that we have a GPS (only because we won it) it is nice to have in certain situations, but I really do prefer old-fashioned navigation and figuring directions out on my own.
    Hope you are able to rest and feel better soon!

  11. Yay to be in the west! And such s gorgeous spot. A perfect place to park it. :) I hope you don't feel awful for too much longer. I hope you get to enjoy Seattle & the islands. How far are you from the Besseys? :)

  12. Glad you guys are feeling "at home". Hope you feel better soon. I think I would really like to live in the west, but alas, too far from both our families. My husband's family really doesn't travel, and with almost 3 kids (plus maybe more in the future), travel is getting more difficult for us as well. It is nice to be able to drive to visit at least one of our families. We have so many friends that live in and around Seattle and San Francisco and I'm always jealous of the delicious produce they post on facebook. Maybe one day we will get out there and visit!

  13. I was wondering how the morning sickness was hitting you since you had such a hard time with your last baby. I was hoping you were doing great.

    I understand being back west - there is just something about it that always draws me home. For me it is the mountains over the west but I also just love the laid back ness of it all. I don't think I would survive on the east coast - too many unspoken rules that I think are plain stupid!

  14. We were offered a GPS to borrow two different times on a recent trip, and we refused each time. I love navigating with a good old fashioned road atlas, and am sad that it's yet another life skill that our children may never learn. Technology is awesome... when it works. ;) (But I do print maps off of google maps when I can now, too.)

    1. We would have LOVED to visit (and we talked about coming your way many times), but I was too sick for more traveling at the time. :(

      Any chance you might venture out to Arizona later this year?

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