Back-To-School: HAPE TOYS

playing with Hape puzzles

Our 4-year-old is eager to homeschool this year when the older girls go back-to-school (they attend a university model school - two days on-campus and three days of homeschool).

To make the process more hands-on, I will be making good use of the classic alphabet and numbers puzzles by Hape. They have huge kid-appeal, but are equally design-friendly so you don't have to keep them hidden away in the playroom. Rich colors on a simple wood base ensure that the design is compatible with most any room's decor.

The same can be said for the well-constructed abacus. A wonderful tool for teaching counting!

Hape Alphabet Puzzle
Alphabet Puzzle
Number Puzzle Hape
Number Puzzle
Rainbow Bead Abacus
Rainbow Bead Abacus

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One comment on “Back-To-School: HAPE TOYS”

  1. Those do look like some quality (learning) toys. I even noticed one on their website that we were given as a gift & enjoyed for a time.
    Incidentally, I've always had a longing for an abacus. I'm totally justified in snagging one as an educational tool on our next IKEA run, right? ;)

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