Back-To-School: KEEN Footwear

KEEN sneakers with velcroLet's talk about high-quality shoes for kids.

Not many shoes can be passed on from child-to-child, but KEEN Footwear is an exception. We've had several pairs that have been worn and then handed down to a sibling because of their stain-resistance and strength of materials.

KEEN's newest collection for Back-to-School is the brightly colored Encanto line. Lots of options for babies up to the middle elementary grades - high-top, low rise, velcro, lace-up, even snow boots!

We were particularly looking for some velcro tennis shoe options this year for our 4-year-old and 7-year-old...and KEEN delivered! Easy off/on for small hands = more independence.

KEEN Encanto Sneaker
Encanto Sneaker
KEEN Encanto Polka
Encanto Polka

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