We've been featuring Tea Collection on Metropolitan Mama for over 5 years. Here's why: The materials are super soft and the designs are inspired by different parts of the world. I always click over when Tea introduces a new collection because they never fail to have beautiful pieces.

This is another brand that is well-made so there is a high likelihood that you will be able to pass down clothes between siblings. A huge benefit when you have three daughters like I do!

In the past, I have always highlighted the girl clothing line (sizes NB-12)...but now we have a boy on the way! I'm happy to say that the boy styles are just as adorable and offer more versatility than the typical sports/nautical themes found in big box stores.

Let's breakdown the outfit that my daughter is wearing below.

Tea Collection Fall 2016
Mulino a Vento Graphic Tee, Neko Twirl Skirt, & Striped Leggings
Tea Collection girls
Mulino a Vento Graphic Tee
Tea Collection for Back-to-School 2016
Wearing: Mulino a Vento Graphic Tee, Neko Twirl Skirt, & Striped Leggings

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