Back-To-School: ZÜCA

ZUCA Hamani

Our family was first introduced to ZÜCA carry-all bags seven years ago – and they quickly trumped all other carry-ons in our luggage collection! These smartly-designed, rollable suitcases include usable pockets and slick wheels. As a bonus, the bag actually doubles as a (decently-comfortable) seat.

Our almost-10-year-old daughter used the Hanami bag all last year and received compliments in droves. She'll be using the same pack again this year because it is ultra-pretty, offers plentiful space for textbooks + binders, and it still looks almost brand new! The *only* downside is that the bag is a bit heavy to be picked up so it's probably not the best option if your school has lots of stairs. Rolling, however, is a breeze.

This year, she'll also be using the matching lunchbox and pencil pouch as well.

ZÜCA is also a savvy pick for families who love to travel for the reasons listed above.

ZUCA Hanami backpack and lunchbox
Hanami backpack and lunchbox
ZUCA rolling backpack

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4 comments on “Back-To-School: ZÜCA”

  1. Warning! I bought two of these last year. The fabric is not made to take much sunlight or be brought outdoors. They are faded and look several years old. All my kids have used them for are backpacks to go to school. We choose to spend so much money because we thought they would last. Not so!

    1. Hi Eli! Sorry to hear about your experience.

      My daughter is going on her 2nd year with the ZUCA as a rolling backpack and it still looks brand new. That said, it is mostly in her classrooms and/or at our not tons of sun exposure.

      We also have two travel ZUCAs that have lasted 5+ years with very little wear-and-tear. They have definitely been a good investment for our family.

  2. What smart and pretty design! I think I admired the hard-working nature of your Zuca firsthand. Good stuff!
    Do they easily fit within the airlines' carry-on allowance?

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