Balance, you elude me

Balance, you elude me 1There I was, balancing all of my plates in the air, with relative grace and ease. Wife. Friend. Volunteer. Professional. Educator. Learner. Writer. Dreamer.

Then, in one beautiful moment that I will never forget, my little blue-eyed beauty was born. She entered gently and triumphantly - she overwhelmed us in a magical and mysterious way that I never expected. She stretched our hearts (and our patience) more than we ever imagined. She inundated our lives and left us breathless.

And then my "dance with the dishes" became rather clumsy. I was distracted and interrupted (in a lovely way, yes...).

And now I'm wondering how I will ever manage to hold up all of those plates successfully again. Will I have to relinquish one of my titles (for a time) or is it just a matter of switching up my priorities a bit? Will balance always elude me?

(No answer)

(Photo by: ohmomof1)

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3 comments on “Balance, you elude me”

  1. I think balance will come back, but you may find your priorities will have changed! A baby has a way of changing your life...for the better, of course!!

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