FOR HIM: Bass Pro Shops

FOR HIM: Bass Pro Shops 1If you have an outdoorsman in your life, then Bass Pro Shops should really be your go-to shop for Christmas and other gift-giving occasions. These "destination outdoor retail shops" are HUGE playgrounds for anyone who enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and/or RVing. Stop in and you'll get "stuck" for hours - you can even stay and eat lunch at the built-in restaurant!

Bass Pro Shops also has an incredible online store for your shopping pleasure if the nearest BPS is a drive from where you live...or if you prefer to shop in your pajamas at midnight.

You can check out all kinds of gift ideas - by price range, hobby, or recipient - on the Gift Ideas page. It's really almost hard to go wrong at Bass Pro.

FOR HIM: Bass Pro Shops 2But, if you want a specific recommendation, consider the Gerber Big Rock Drop Point Serrated Edge Knife ($34.99). It's a single fixed blade with a soft grip handle, and it comes with an attractive nylon sheath. My husband says it's a gift any guy will appreciate because it's a heavy-duty knife from a trusted brand...and it's reasonably priced too.

Or, if you're the undecided type, you can always select a Bass Pro Shops gift card and let him choose what ends up under his tree. That's sure to be a winning option - again, you can't go wrong. There's so much to choose from (that's a major understatement)!

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to Bass Pro Shops! To enter, browse the Bass Pro Shops website and leave a comment on this post stating (1) what you would buy with the card, (2) what you like about the website/store, and/OR (3) what you would improve about the website/store…prior to Monday, December 15 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

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***For a complete listing of all of the reviews and giveaways in my “Super Stocking Stuffers” series, click here.***

*UPDATE* The winner is #215 Michelle H. Congratulations!

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  1. If your husband is a Serious Bass Angler like mine, you've got to get him some of these bass fishing t-shirts. I bought my husband some for Christmas, and they have already become part of his regular t-shirt rotation. He swapped out some of his old fishing shirts for these new ones and they look great!!! Much better than what he was wearing before!!! Go to , neither you or he will be disappointed!!! The long sleeve ones are both his and my favorite. Definitely getting him some more!!!



  2. My husband LOVES this store and I will admit it's pretty cool. It's massive. We just got one out here. I would use it toward the purchase of the Merlin Rifle her wants. There website looks great and the store is beautiful!

  3. I would get some great fishing gear for the whole family. My whole family loves this store and are planning to visit this weekend. They decorate it for Christmas and the kids are very excited to go.

  4. Well, we've always wanted a cooler and the Coleman® 100 quart Xtreme® Wheeled Cooler sounds pretty decent. I appreciate that Bass Pro encourages customer reviews of their products. Thanks for the giveaways!

  5. I would get a Streamlight flashlight if I won.

    I like the website because they carry just about everything that anyone would need. Thanks.

  6. i would love to win this for my dad. i would give it to him to buy ice fishing supplys. i like the website because it is organized and helps me find gifts easily. thanks!

  7. I found this for my husband and with a $100 I could get a few: SALE+NEW RedHead® Sportsman's Twill Shirts for Men - Long Sleeve

    $14.94 - $22.95 I like their website. It offers a lot of products

  8. I love the NEW Daisy® Red Ryder® BB Gun!!! Reminds me of my childhood growing up in OK!!!!

    Thanks so much for this give~away! : )))


  9. i would get the Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radios for my nephew..he shops for everything there!!!!
    i like the site and it is easy to find everything you are looking for from bait-clothing-boots-camping name it...


  10. (1) what you would buy with the card,

    My husband would be in fishie heaven to win this card. I know him, he would spend every single bit of the $100 gift card on freshwater gear, lures, lines, bait...he would have that spend in a 1/2 hour or less!

    (2) what you like about the website/store, and/OR

    This is one of those places that I dread to walk into, I know that is terrible to say but if I go in that means I am with my husband and we won't be leaving for 1, 2, 3 hours!! He gets to talking to the employees, asking questions, gathering information. The employees are knowledgable, that is something he really likes about Bass Pro.

    (3) what you would improve about the website/store

    We have been to both the store and the website. At the store, nothing would be improved, employees know what they are talking about. We have never been disrespected in a Bass Pro Shop, not once, unlike some other stores.
    As for the website, it is really easy to navigate and it loads quickly, so again, I have nothing at all negative to say there either.

    Thank you for this chance.

    Happy Holidays Metropolitan Mama

  11. i would buy the Energy Muse® Performance Necklace - 21.5'' i love that they have such a great selection of products :)

  12. I would buy my grandson a fish knife. He brings me bream and salt water fish cleaned and ready to eat. I am not able to do this for myself and it means so much to me for him to do this.

  13. I'd likely get a pair of shoes/hikers there. I like that their selection is so extensive and it's like a theme park of fun when you go there. So much to see.

  14. I would get the new Crocs Offroad Shoes for Men. I could use a new pair of comfy shoes. I like that the site has all of its items categorized so it's easy to find what you are looking for.

  15. I would purchase the New Balance GoreTex hiking shoes. They look comfortable and of high quality. I would say the one thing that I would change about this site would be the ease of navigation. The drill down categories are not easily visible at the top of the site.

  16. This is the neatest store to wander around in! My kids love climbing into the tents and pretending they are camping! And the fish tanks are just unbelievable! We have been wanting a tent of our own for so long..and Columbia Bugaboo 2 Family Dome Tent looks awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

  17. They have some great cast iron outdoor cookware! I love camping and thats probably what I would buy.
    I really like the website. It's colorful and it's easy to find lots of what your looking for. I wouldn't change anything!

  18. I would love to surprise my hubby and son with fishing poles. We have a lake out back with bass of all things, but we don't eat them! It's nice to see them doing things together.

  19. My husband is an avid hunter and loves to spend hours in the Bass Pro shop! I would love for him to have a chance to spend a $100 gift card on whatever he wishes. I found the website to be very well organized and attractive. However, I did find it difficult to navigate by section at first, but once I figured out what to click on to get to where I wanted to go it got easier. If I were to share an idea to improve the website it would be to enable the option to click on the advertisement boxes that flash continuously so that the consumer can go right to the advertised sales etc.

  20. I would buy the Whitetailopoly game for my family. I like that the buttons at the top of the website make it easy to jump to certain categories. I don't like the "flash" on the homepage. The "Shop Now" feature on the flash images does not seem to work.

  21. I would put it towards some camping gear -- now that the kids are getting old enough that we could take them camping it would be nice to have some sleeping bags and/or a tent!

  22. My husband could spend days in that store and still not get enough of it!! hahahaa! Thanks for a great giveaway especially with the upcoming holidays. I am sure my husband could find something that he wanted from them to fit his list :)

  23. I would put the card towards some basic fishing gear.

    I really don't like the large changing screen on the front page, I tand to just navigate around those and ignore them.

  24. My husband would buy the Redhead Classic fit 5-Pocket Denim Jeans for Men. He loves Redhead Jeans. I love how organized the website is. It is easy to navigate.

  25. I would love to use this to purchase my new grandson's first taste of camo. I love perusing the Bass Pro Shop website to see what's new and especially love having their sale/clearance items just a mouse click away.

  26. I would get a new fly fishing rod. The dogwood canyon flyrod. This would make a great gift! Bass Pro Shops are great for an online shop, but to actually go to the store, it's an all day event! There are always great gifts for myself and others and great gadgets that you find out you just "must have!"

  27. Maui Jim® Kai Polarized Sunglasses

    My husband is an avid hunter and would love these glasses.

    The site is super easy to navigate around, so well organized and I love the visuals that relate to our current system - Christmas. It makes you get into the spirit.

  28. I like the layout of the website and how well organized it is. I am not sure what I would buy as I like several of the products under the Freshwater Fishing category. My dad and brother love to fish and I would love to be able to get them something from this shop for Christmas. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  29. I would get my husband the Penn® General Purpose Round Levelwind Reel. As to the website, it has a variety of items and I had no problems with the pages loading.

  30. I wouls give this to my hisband. It's one of his favorite stores to shop at so it would make his day if I won :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  31. I'd probably spend the whole amount on golf balls for the dude. That is a lot of money, but those balls, I swear, are more expensive than gold!

  32. Bass Pro Shops is my brother's favorite store! I would give the GC to him for Christmas so he can get the hunting/fishing stuff that he wants/needs/likes.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I would by a new pocket knife for my boyfriend. He loves knives, and he needs a new one that is of quality because his other one got stolen out of his desk at work. He works in maintenance.

  34. I would actually give the giftcard to my dad-he can literally spend ALL DAY in the this store! I have also had past Christmas presents to him from the .com and have always found it easy to navigate. thanks for the chance-he would flip if I won this!

  35. I would use this GC to buy fishing supplies. I like that the site is easy to use and easy to find what I'm looking for.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  36. Boyfriend is in desperate need of some new Under Armour! I'm not the outdoors type but even I can get caught up in Bass Pro for hours.

  37. RedHead® Bone-Dry® 5'' Riker Side-Zip Boots are a great deal, would buy for husband, I like the product reviews on there website, thanks for a great giveaway

  38. I really liked the gift section at Bass Pro Shop, They even have jewelry!!I think i would buy the Iridescent Copper Oak Leaf Necklace and let my boyfriend get some electronic items too:)

  39. I would get hubby a new fishing pole so he can go out with the boys. It is easy to find what you are looking for on the website,

  40. Love Bass Pro Shops stores and online. One thing that I know for sure that I would buy is the Carhartt heavy sweatshirt jacket for my husband. Those are $89 unless they are onsale

  41. If you can use their gift cards at their restaurants, there is one near us we've heard great things about. Otherwise, some outdoor clothing for handling our winter would be in order.

  42. I would spend my $100 gift card towards the purchase of a NEW Bounty Hunter® Metal Detectors Challenger. My husband has always wanted one of these. The BassProShop website is very organized! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I would buy a lot of different things at bass pro shop. Pet supplies (we have got a lot of pets), a new cot (for the fair we attendevery year), a new tent(seeing that ours is pretty much totaled), hunting supplies (son likes to hunt), a new winter coat, or mabey even new hiking boots (seeing that my families outgrown all of their's!)I can't even imagin where I would start with $100.00!!!!! (I am not to found of some of the prices though)

  44. I'd buy the Carhartt Sandstone Chore Coat for Men for my husband. He's always wanted a Carhartt jacket.

    I like how quick the website is. Virtually no lag time for loading pages and everything is arranged so you can easily find what you're searching for.

  45. My husband is big into going green he really wants a composter. I think he would like the Sun-Mar Garden Composter 400 - 100 Gallon Drum very much. I think he would like the way you can turn it.

  46. This would be the perfect gift for some family members that love to fish!! I think the Eagle® Cuda™ 168 Fish Finder looks neat, but since I'm clueless about fishing, I think I would just give them the gift card and let them decide, lol! I love that they have such a wide selection, from fishing to archery to bed & bath items. Their website is pretty easy to navigate, which is another plus. As for improvements - the site is pretty image heavy, so it might be slow to load on slower computers. But that's just a suggestion! Thank you so much for the very generous giveaway!

  47. I would put this gift card towards a new pair of red head hunting boots. Mine are getting worn out and have many miles on them.

    The website is great but not as good as being in the BPS store and getting lost in it. I need to take another trip to Springfield MO!


  48. I would buy some more fishing lines and reels for our fishing poles. I like the website store because it is so much easier to find things on their site than trudging through the store. thank you for the giveaway!

  49. I would buy my husband the RedHead Bone-Dry® 8'' Non-Insulated Duty Boots. He really needs some new work boots.

    I like that it is easy to find what you're looking for on the website.

    I didn't find anything that I didn't like about the website.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  50. This is one of my Favorite stores! they have great prices and quality. Ithink the website is a little too crowded there is quite a lot going on a little too much for an ol' foogie like me. But I did seem to manage to find the closest location and look at the most recent ad.

  51. I have know idea what to buy but I'm sure my husband has a long list of things he would get. He love this store. If I go shopping and it will take me awhile, I just drop him off and he's happy to stay until I pick him up.

  52. I would buy the Natural Reflections floral henley, the Thermal Henley (in a variety of colors!), and a Fatigue Sweater. wow - they have nice stuff...I've never thought of looking there for women's clothing.

    What I liked about the site is it was very easy to navigate.

  53. I would pick up a pair of the RedHead® Elkhorn Chukka Shoes for Men. This is a popular shoe in our household. Next I would look at a new fishing rod, but since I'm not positive what is the best I would let him pick it out himself.
    I like that the site is easy to navigate. Especially the way you can select a main category and gradually narrow it down until you get to the area you need. It goes very quickly so shopping is fast.

  54. I would purchase a new pair of workboots for my husband.
    I love looking at all the home stuff they have on their site. Many nice items.
    I wasn't fond of the way their search was on the site I would change that up a bit and make it a little easier.

  55. I would buy the Bass Pro Shops® XPS® 3-Room Family Dome Tent! How fun would that be? : )

    I like the Home and Cabin section and I think I'd like the categories to be displayed a little more clearly, it's a little difficult to browse

  56. Bass Pro Shops is one of my husband's favorite places to shop! I would use the GC to purchase the NEW Columbia Sportswear Company™ Double Whammy™ Jacket for Men. My husband really needs a new winter coat and this one not only looks super warm and comfortable, but it is also ultra hip and stylish and a design that would look great on him! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Happy Holidays!

  57. I'd actually visit the Springfield, MO Bass Pro Shop (which is awesome I might add) and get my husband some hunting supplies. This year with the rising costs and our desire to stay organic we've been considering hunting and next year my husband plans on giving it a go, if he can get over the whole killing part of it. :(

  58. My husband always laments that we don't live near a Bass Pro Shop. He'd be in heaven visiting this store again. I know he'd have a real hard time choosing since he'd a great time shopping with a gift card. The Landmann USA Charcoal Gourmet Portable Grill
    Landmann USA Charcoal Gourmet Portable Grill looks good. I'm sure he could find some cool things in the saltwater fishing section too though. Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  59. This would go to my Dad who thinks that the first thing Adam did when God created him was to go fishing!!!! :)

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  60. I would use it to buy the Danner Blade non insulted hunting boots-I like the site -easy to navigate, lots of categories

  61. I can tell you that I already knew I loved their website because I just bought DH his Christmas gift on it on Black Friday! I got several confirmation emails including a tracking number. And, the shipping was quick...a very pleasant online shopping experience. DH would love to spend more, Im sure! ;)

  62. I like the deer lamps.

    I like that you can search by type of product and get reviews

    Can't think of anything to change, its great!

  63. We love Bass Pro Shops! I think that the site is really user friendly. If we win, I would love to buy a Bass Pro Shops hoodie for me and some cute hunting clothes for my son to match my hubby! Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. My son loves visiting the fish pond at the Bass Pro Shop! He and I usually stand there, while my husband does our shopping. A Gift Card like this would help to get some new camping supplies.

  65. "Good fishing, Bass Pro Shops, This is Julie. How may I help you?"
    For about a year in college, I worked in the call center at BPS. (Don't worry, it was over 15 years ago---no conflict there!)
    I'd let my hubby pick some fun stuff if I won.

  66. My first thought was to look for something for my father but did you know they sell cute shoes there? I'm thinking that the Clarks® Unstructured Un-Poem Buttoned Mary Jane Shoes would look super cute on my feet.

  67. I would buy my son a new comforter for his bed filled with whitetail deer. I love their huge selection but I am not fond of their prices!

  68. I would love to get various things off this site for relatives. I never realized they had such nice clothing and jewelry. I love the Natural Reflections Fatigue Sweaters which I would love for my mom.I like the looks of the Carhartt Hooded Duck Active Jacket for Men since my husband is looking for a new jacket.

  69. I really like the Bob Timberlake® Quilted Herringbone Vest for Ladies
    The site has a search function which makes it easy to find what I need

  70. I would buy the Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radios

    I love the website because I can navigate it easily!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  71. I would get my hubby a bass pro shops bison leather billfold because his other billfold is getting old and I would get him a new fishing pole since we are always going camping and fishing

    I love being able to get up real close to the product so that I can see it better

  72. Well, if I were buying for me I would buy a Columbia hoodie--those are so comfortable! In reality, I would give the gift card to my boyfriend's father who is a big fisher :)


  73. Thanks for hosting these great giveaways. When i visited the Bass Pro shop i knew right where to look,the rod and reel section. My husband loves to fish but enjoys sharing his hobby with our older sons,therefore he gets alot of "Dad,can i borrow a fishing pole?" Anyone with kids knows that "borrow" from a youngster means that you may or may not get it back in one piece,:)I would love to put this gift toward a beautiful new rod and reel for him to use doing what he loves. Thanks, Brandy Lussier

  74. I would use it to buy a metal detector. My husband always talks about how he and his deceased father used to do this together as a child. The site was very easy to navigate

  75. I would let my husband pick something out but I think he would LOVE the Columbia Sportswear Company™ Ballistic™ Windproof Fleece Jacket for Men. Not only does he love fleece, this jacket is amazing. Just the thing he could use. It was easy to navigate around the site and pick and choose brands and categories.

  76. 1. What I would buy with the card...My hubby needs a new rain jacket, so I would get him the Browning® Fishing Green River™ Rain Jacket for Men.

    2. What I like about the site...the product reviews next to the products. Helps in making a decision to buy!

    3. What to improve..nothing comes to mind!

  77. you know what? there's a pro shop here in vegas inside the silverton hotel and casino and they have some neat boat stuff this would be cool

  78. I would use the gift card towards the purchase of a new North Face Denali jacket. Mine is worn out! I like the categories on the site that help you to navigate easily, but I think the graphics and overall design could be improved. It seems a little "busy" and "overwhelming"...particularly the home page.

  79. I think I would put the gift card towards a fire pit. They have lots of different ones to choose from! It would be fun to have in the back yard in the summer! Thanks so much!

  80. This will make my "hunter-gatherer" in the family a happy camper this Christmas. I sure hope I chosen to win it. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

  81. I would actually give the giftcard to my 7yr old son, who could actually live in the store!! I'm sure he would buy a fishing rod, lures, and a new tackle box. I absolutely LOVE the store we have here in Massachusettes. Its HUGE!!

  82. I'd buy the thermal underwear for myself & hubby...we like to go on long hikes thru the snow and we would be warmer if we had these.
    The site seemed slow to load and not so easy to navigate.

  83. I would buy a Fish Finder if I won. I like how the site has where you can ask a question. Nothing I would change to the site. Thanks for a chance to win.

  84. I would put it towards a Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® XPS® Travel Spinning Rod and reel for DH. This is one of my husband's favorite stores.

  85. I love the store in Fort Lauderdale. It's HUGE! We look for fishing and camping gear but then get distracted by the great outdoor clothing. I would get my husband new fishing gear - a great rod and reel combo that I could not usually afford.

  86. I would get a Lowrance GPS. My sense of direction isn't all that great.

    What would be helpful at the site if going to the sub-directories was accomplished from drop-down boxes from the main category heading. Clicking on the little category boxes in the middle of the paqe is not intuitive.

  87. My boyfriend LOVES the corn relish that they sell and having visited the store near Hershey, PA I can tell you that what is cool is the giant fish tank that they demo fishing equipment in ( dont worry, they dont hurt the fish:)

  88. i would buy the Columbia Sportswear Company Ballistic Windproof Fleece Jacket for Men - looks awesome. and i like how easy the site is to navigate.

  89. I would buy us a bunch of rubber worms for next summer. I like that the site loads fast and there are menus at the top so you can find things fast. Thanks for the chance.

  90. I had no idea of the assortment of products I would find on this site! I was astounded at all the great shoes, boots, and sandals for everyone in the family...especially ME! And the clothes too. I figured there would be some camo stuff, longjohns and baseball caps. Was I in for a pleasant surprise. I spent waaaay more time looking around than I had planned and I even bookmarked it. I would probably buy some shoes if I won!

  91. I would buy my husband a Columbia jacket,I love the large selection of fishing lures. I would not change a thing about the website.

  92. Another fabulous prize! I would buy my husband the
    "Bob Timberlake Luggage Collection Briefcase!"
    Please add my name to your drawing. It is appreciated. Many thanks, Cindi

  93. Well I know my husband would want hunting stuff, but if thats the case he would have to let me get one of the Columbia half sip fleeces! Their site is sooo easy to navigate and I love all their categories and subcategories.

  94. When I win I am so not telling my husband- I'm going straight to their site and ordering a Moose Lodge cabin Quilt! Thanks so much for the AWEsome Give-oh-way!

  95. The gift card - I'd probably give it to my dad, but you never know. There's so much cool stuff @ Outdoor World that it's hard to say. The store - it's just a fun place to browse if you like anything outdoors-related. The one near me has an indoor shooting range and also has a neat arcade with outdoor-themed games. Add in the displays and such and it's just fun to browse.

  96. I would get some ground blind material for my hunting addict of a husband. Alos, the site is very user-friendly- i like that you can select your price range

  97. I would buy my hubby some new Merrell hiking boots. I've never been to a Bass Pros Shops store as we don't have one locally, but they always look great when I drive buy one. Anyway, I think they should add some Kelty baby carriers.

  98. I would purchase fishing poles for our kids. We all love to go fishing and would love for the kids to have their own poles. I love their site and store - Especially the fish tank! Thank you
    [email protected]

  99. My husband would love me even more!!! I would give it to him and he would probably buy something in the hunting section or a site for one of his guns.

    This site is very user friendly!

  100. So many choices! hubby MAY get lucking and get a new pair of hunting boots and gloves but I just might buy a tent instead so we can go camping with the kiddos. Tough choice but I hope I can the chance to make it. I really like the look of the website itself. The different pictures for the corresponding categories is nice. :)

  101. This would be so perfect! My husband drew his brother in our family exchange and he asked for fishing gear so this gift certificate would be so absolute ideal for him! I like the way the categories are broken out for the merchandise and even that they are horizontal rather than vertical. Mixes things up a bit! Thanks!

  102. I would give this to my dad for christmas. He would probably buy a new pole for ice fishing. I really like the Bass Pro shop by my house because it has a giant tank with fish in it, as well as wild ducks that are trained to stay in designated areas within the store. Thanks!

  103. I would buy the Bass Pro Shops Rod and Reel Cabinet for my hubby. We buy from Bass pro shop
    because they have a good variety of fishing supplies.

  104. I would give the card to my dad so he could stock up on fishing lures and rods and reels and whatever other gizmos he uses on his trips!

  105. OH, I love this giveaway! I would buy the Bob Timberlake® Bear Creek Patchwork Throw for $55, and 2 pillows...the Bob Timberlake® Bear Creek Fish Pillows at $25 each. Many thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  106. My husband would be so happy if I won this. He loves bass pro shop. I would get him (or him get himself I should say) the Rocky® Bruin 8'' Insulated Hunting Boots for Men. He needs another pair as his is almost tore up (after 10 years of use). I love Bass Pro Shop. There is nothing I can say bad about them. We have always had good experiences with them. Thanks for the chance.

  107. I would purchase the Columbia Titanium Parka for men. I was a bit frustrated that the website did not indicate the temp the coats were good in, but it was relatively easy to navigate and had quite a bit of other relevant information.

  108. my husband would pick out a camo coat for the outdoors or a vest.
    I like the website becuase I can compare prices
    what they need more of- womens outside items as well as campimg equipment

  109. I would give the GC to the guy so he can choose something for fishing. I like that the website has general categories, like Boating, and then gives another list of categories on the screen to narrow it down. It seems easier to me that way than in a drop down.

  110. I would buy for my husband the Carhartt® Extremes® Arctic Coat for Men. I love this site. I love how easy it is to get around and they have so many great products to choose from. Thanks so much for this very generous giveaway!

  111. i would get my son the Under Armour® ColdGear® Base Series shirt & pants. He loves Icefishing and this would keep him warm & compfy :)

  112. I'd buy my guy some Eastland shoes because he loves them, and some snack stuff like Flossie's funnel cake mix or some Uncle Buck's jerky.

  113. I would buy my sweet fisherman husband a Hamilton Jacket from Carhartt because it would keep him cozy and warm while he's out on the river! I love the Bass Pro website because you can zoom in and see detail on all the clothing which is important for decision making!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  114. My hubby would love, love, love another pair of boots. It's hard for him to find boots that fit well because he has huge honking skis, I mean feet. LOL, on a good day a 15 fits well, but most of the time it's a 14. I've never been to a Bass Pro Shop store, but I'm sure they need a girl know comfortable seating, magazines, coffee or tea. :)

    [email protected]

  115. i would buy lots of fishing stuff for my hubby and my kids i think the site is easy to navagate and i would change nothing really it is a good site

  116. My husband loves to fish. His mom really did something nasty to him & she won't give him his lifelong collected fishing supplies. I'd love to be able to buy him some new stuff! I don't know specifics, but I'd love to get him a real & rod from the fresh water line. I love how the site is set up with the different ways of fishing ie. fresh water, ice, etc.

  117. I would probably get some clothes for me like the Natural Reflections® Ramie Cotton V-Neck Sweaters for Ladies - Long Sleeve, the pink is so pretty or maybe some fishing gear for my daughter and take her fishing

  118. My hubby is obsessed with BPS! I know he'd go crazy in the hunting and camping departments. We went camping for the first time last summer, and really enjoyed it so I know there are quite a few things we'd like to get. I know he'd use it for items from that category being that there were over 220 items just in the general camping section!! Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  119. My husband's sport of choice is Disc Golf, so he's always longing after a good pair of hiking/sport shoes to help him traverse the courses. I like the looks of the $99 Merrell "Chameleon Hex Multi Sport Shoes" - so I would probably go for those. The Pro Bass site was very easy to navigate, and I appreciated the detailed product descriptions and nice close-up pictures of the products.

  120. Hubby's not an outdoor enthusiast, but he would love a Leatherman tool! I would get that for him, and a Leatherman Squirt S4 for myself (they're great). I'd also get a jacket for myself and a shirt or two. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  121. I know my hubby would LOVE some new rod and reels...So this would be awesome surprise! We love Bass Pro Shops...The website is SO easy to navigate and they always have reasonable prices!

  122. Are you on Facebook? How do I find you? There is a Bass Pro Shops in my parents town, Olathe, KS. When I was visiting I took the girls there to hang out for an hour or so. It was raining and everyone was working. Mikayla and I had fun walking around and looking at everything, the fish, the tents - everything. The staff was so nice for a little while we just hung out in the lobby because it was raining so hard outside.

  123. We have a Bass Pro Shop within a few minutes of our house and have spent a lot of time wandering the store. We would actually use a gift card to buy some of their dog training accessories! They have a bigger selection in this area than a lot of the pet stores I've been to!

  124. I'd start by buying my hubby some nice hiking boots, maybe some of those redhead ones, and then I might buy my daughter some new winter boots, because she could really use them. Maybe the BOGS Pink Lemonade (too cute!).

    Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  125. I would get my husband fishing lures and (well, I think I'd have to get his input because I have no clue about fishing!)
    We recently moved to a new state and my hubby has yet to explore the new fishing holes in this area. Wouldn't it be awesome if he could use new fishing equipment to do that?

  126. I'd get my husband some sporty clothes from labels like Timerlake and Columbia. I like sporty clothes too. Except for the women's clothing area I only saw one picture of a woman on the website. If I were to change anything about the website it would be to add more pictures of women!

  127. I love shopping at sports stores! There are so many options - based on whatever adventures you could dream up doing that year (camping, fishing, climbing, etc). Fun. With $100, I would buy the Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radios for my husband. He's been wanting a pair of radios for when we ski, and he'd be so surprised to finally get them! On the site, I really like the way they have the categories set up above, and then additional filter options to find what you are looking for within each category (additional product categories, price, etc). I also love that they offer customer reviews, but think they could try to get more reviews posted on the site. Thanks for the chance!

  128. There are so many things at Bass Pro that we could use it's hard to pick just one. Right now hubby really needs some new hunting boots so we would probably put the gift card toward that!

    The site never works right for me - I have high speed internet so I'm not sure why it doesn't but the stores are nice.

  129. I would buy the Rivers West Hunting Jacket for my husband that loves to hunt! I like all selection they have for outdoorsy people. Hmm... I'm not sure what I would change about the site. Everything was good. It's a bit busy looking. My husband wuold love this or my dad or father in law. I would love to win. Thank you.

    mommainflipflops AT

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