Be prepared for any "accident" with spare baby clothes

When it comes to driving to and from any vacation destination with a baby or toddler, it's important to have a few things handy in the car:

  1. Snacks/Drinks
  2. Diapers, Wipes, and/or extra underwear and a travel potty
  3. Books and Toys
  4. An extra outfit
Be prepared for any "accident" with spare baby clothes 1Veronica Milito, a mother of three, created babysparewear to help parents with #4. Babysparewear is a "line for baby that is all about mom." These chic emergency kits feature mix-and-match pieces that are easy-to-care for, versatile, stylish, and compact for easy portability.
Be prepared for any "accident" with spare baby clothes 2     

The company's name is clever and the concept is genius, but the very best part about Baby Sparewear is the oh-so-soft material. The label says 100% cotton, but this is one example that proves my theory that not all cottons are alike. This cotton is light and gentle and stretchy. In fact, I like this material so much that I have moved these beyond "spare" outfit to pajamas and every-day staples.     

Be prepared for any "accident" with spare baby clothes 3Babysparewear for babies is available in three sizes: S (0-6), M (6-12), L (12-18). Babysparewear for toddlers is available in three sizes: 12-18M, 2T, and 4T. Sparewear kits retail for $30-52 and can be found at a variety of retailers.      

Want to purchase a babysparewear kit? Use discount code "metromama" at checkout for 15% off all items (including "sale" items). The code will expire on 6/30/2008. Shipping is always FREE.  

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8 comments on “Be prepared for any "accident" with spare baby clothes”

  1. I'm the queen of 'prepared'. Spare clothes would be a must! Thanks for the info and review of spareware.

  2. He he he, I'd be well off to get some of these. The other day my 2yr old came home in 6mo pants! That of course was the week after we had to borrow someone else's 6mo leggings!

  3. I actually have a set in my diaper bag for those occasions when I forget a change of clothes. It's a really neat idea and I actually need to get another set...thanks for the reminder!

  4. I was trying to buy some and it said the coupon code was invalid or expired. They are too cute, I'm going to wait to buy it until the coupon code works though.

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