Becoming...a terrific chef

Becoming...a terrific chef 1On my 26th birthday, my husband gave me a handmade card that listed 26 things he loves about me (very romantic, I know). 26 things for 26 years. He said all kinds of sweet things like "You have patience that seems to never dwindle," "you are a brilliant and talented writer destined to multiple publications," "You are adventurous," and "You draw people towards you" (oh, and "you are really good at Boggle" - let's not forget that one). I couldn't help but laugh when I read #12 "You have become a terrific chef." 

Of course, I teased my husband about the "have become" part because it was fairly obvious what that phrase didn't say (ex. "you are and have always been..."). Nope. It said, "you have become..." That actually is a very fair statement and I took that compliment with grace and giggles.

I never was a bad cook, per se. I just didn't know much about cooking when we got married. I admit that I was a bit bewildered by even little things like how to dice an onion or how to use a food processor. Things have gotten much better since then. I can whip up chicken enchiladas, beef stew, twice baked potatoes, angelhair pasta with basil and avocado, and roasted chicken and artichokes like nobody's business.

Now, my primary cooking fiascos are due to the fact that I lack time, not talent. It's a bit difficult to create a masterpiece (or even a full meal) with a rambunctious toddler vying for my attention. 

That's why this weekend is all about quick and easy cooking in the kitchen. I actually like cooking and I feel pretty comfortable in the kitchen now and apparently I'm a "terrific chef" (or at least my husband thinks so). Now, the key is figuring out how to become a time-savvy chef...

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6 comments on “Becoming...a terrific chef”

  1. You know what they say: better late than never. I think that whole "have become" thing is pretty funny. I suppose there are far worse things you could have become so a "terrific chef" is not bad at all!

    You let me know if you find that time-savvy solution. I'm the mom of one of those rambunctious toddlers too and I'll take all the help I can get. :)

  2. Love the theme this week!

    Have you considered crock-pot meals? They are something I don't do enough of, but take less than 20 minutes to get all set up and then you are done until the hours have passed while it cooks!

  3. Let me first start off by saying "Happy Belated Birthday" and also, that I am VERY excited about this weekends theme.

  4. I'm all for learning how to become more time-savvy in the kitchen. As much as I love to welcome my kids into the kitchen to "help," everything takes so much longer.

  5. I'm looking forward to see what you have to say. The angelhair with avacados and basil sounds really yummy, I never would have thought of that combo.

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