Bedtime Elixir: I Want to Believe

Bedtime Elixir: I Want to Believe 1Have you seen the advertisements for Johnson's BEDTIME BATH and BEDTIME LOTION? The website claims that they have discovered "3 easy steps to a better night's sleep."

The three steps are:

1. Bath
2. Massage
3. Quietly off to sleep (reading to your child, singing a lullaby, saying a prayer, etc.)

Johnson's asserts that their products have "a unique blend of gentle ingredients and soothing aromas" that will "help your baby sleep better."

And I want to believe in it. I want to go buy it and watch as my little one drifts off to sleep quickly and serenely every night.

But the problem is that I don't believe. So, convince me. If you've tried these products, give me your "mom review." I want the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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5 comments on “Bedtime Elixir: I Want to Believe”

  1. Thanks for all of your tips, ladies! I really just need to start with incorporating a bath (period) into our nightly routine. It's been hit-or-miss lately.

  2. that commercial is ridiculous- any bedtime rotine will help your baby settle into sleep, it doens't have to be with any product at all. give a bath with warm water and castille soap and a massage with a little olive oil, throw a drop of lavender oil or chamomile if you want.

  3. if it's not REAL lavendar it won't REALLY work. seek out all natural products that include real lavendar or real lavendar essential oil. rochelle rose carries a line of products that are great for people of all ages because their products are made from all natural ingredients.

    in my opinion, a great bedtime ritual including the three B's (Bath-including post-bath massage, Book, Bed) work great.

  4. HAHAHAHA! Totally not worth it (at least not with my kids). I have a hard time buying into aromatherapy anything. Instead I believe that it's the gentle human touch that sends a little one off to sleep. And I think warm water, plain and simple, does a lot to relax a person.

  5. Well you've read my review post "Best and Worst baby buys" so you know I'm a believer. But let me explain: Do I think it's a magic cure for sleepless nights? no. Does it calm and relax my kid? yes. I often bath with my daughter and we use these products in her bath, when we get out I feel relaxed. The part of my body that has come in contact with the product feels soothed. I believe my daughter feels the same. She certainly sleeps better afterwards. However...I do think ANY lavender product might do this as lavender is a sleep aid in itself. So you don't necessarily have to buy johnsons. Huggies and gerber make similar products. I chose Johnsons because it's gentle on my daughters sensitive skin and she doesn't react.

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