Belmama Bundle with Shower Hug [giveaway]

Remember my Less Is More Baby Registry printable? The 40-item list aims to encourage a sensible and simple approach to baby product buying. After all, bitty babies need little more than love-sweet-love.

Belmama Bundle with Shower Hug [giveaway] 1Among the 40 items is the Shower Hug - a super soft band that you wear around your boobs during pregnancy and postpartum to protect them from the stinging water rays in the shower. I would have been miserable showering without it for those first few weeks postpartum.

The new Belmama Gift Bundle by Belmama & Cherub includes a Shower Hug, plus 3 luxuriously soft burp cloths and 3 wash clothes. The material is downy to the touch and sure to be welcomed by any newborn's delicate skin. All of the items come wrapped in tulle for a very pretty presentation. All in all? A lovely baby shower gift for a mom-to-be.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Shower Hug Belmama Bundle ($59.95)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Thursday, May 17 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Shower Hug for providing two bundles – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #9 Sarah T. Congratulations!

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86 comments on “Belmama Bundle with Shower Hug [giveaway]”

  1. Oh just the sound of Shower hug sounds great, I've never heard of it! WOuld love to try it, it's amazing the things they come out with that they didn't have with the first 2 babies!

  2. I like that it tells the pre-pregnancy size to figure out what size you need while you are pregnant. I only wish there was a green one instead of only pink and blue, so that I could keep it for my unknown gender future baby. :-) Oh, well, it isn't like there is a shortage of baby showers going on! It would make an AWESOME gift! :-)

  3. This prize looks fabulous. I would like to win it for my best friend who just had a baby. I am always on the look out for quality things for her baby.

  4. Hello!
    I would LOVE to win this! I am currently 26 weeks with my first - a little girl. As I pregress in my pregnancy, a Shower Hug would be sooo wonderuful to have, especially as the shower was, well, not so comfy my first trimester, and while it's okay right now, I'm sure it's not going to stay that way for long!

  5. This is genius! Im currently wishing I had something like this right now for my engorgement. The shower can be pretty painful at times.

  6. TTC and this would be a great gift. Also if I am not able to use it, I have a few showers to go to.

  7. I think the shower hug might be the best invention ever, i always say that the most painful part of pregnancy is when your milk comes afterward, worse then labor i think. not looking forward to it this time around either lol!

  8. This is my first pregnancy and I don't quite know what to expect. This looks beautiful and sounds like more experienced mommies have found it very helpful!

  9. This set looks luxurious! I love the natural colors, 100% gender neutral :)

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. My sister is probably going to be having her ninth baby pretty soon so I would love to get her one of those

  11. I could have used this my last pregnancy for sure, it would be great for a friend who is expecting.

  12. I have a friend who is expecting--this would make a great baby shower gift. Looks comfortable and great for a new mom.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I've never had a need for a Shower Hug before, but I can imagine that it would be quite helpful for some.

  14. I love your registry. I was amazed at how similar it was to my registry, right down to the brands. I didnt want to register at any of the big box baby stores so I used an online service called Some people were put off by it but others had no problem. Also it was an easy way to register for items that were available online only.

  15. I love how these would protect against stinging rays in the shower. Even the gentlest spray setting still feels like a thousand tiny needles aiming right for your chest!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  16. wish I would have known about this product before having my first baby...would be a great thing to have for my second..thirtd...

  17. This looks really nice! I love the color of the un-dyed fabric *smiles* I don't need it anymore (my baby is 2 weeks old, and the water actually feels GREAT on my boobs - the hotter the better!), but my best friend is expecting her first baby this fall, and I know she'd LOVE this gift set! *hearts*

  18. I would love to have this for my next pregnancy and I am definately telling my pregnant friends about this!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  19. I remember reading about the Shower Hug and I think it is such a great product. It would be very helpful when new baby on the way arrives next month! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  20. This is a great idea, it was so hard to avoid the water in the shower and this would have come in so handy!

  21. Being pregnant with my first, I have yet to experience the pain that the changes in my breast will bring. .But I would absolutely love to have this, for whenever the time comes.

  22. Just found out my daughter-in-law is pregent with there 2nd baby and she breast feed her first and she is going to breast feed the 2nd and this would really be a nice gift.

  23. Soft fabric sounds amazing, and a shower hug what a great idea! How quickly I forget how painful those first weeks were. When it came to nursing I had to get through the first 8 weeks and then it was good. :-)

  24. As a mom of a FOUR DAY OLD baby, I could totally use this. Thanks for the giveaway and opportunity.

  25. I'm currently 22 weeks along and I keep hearing from women that the sore breasts will go away as your pregnancy progresses, but no such luck yet! The shower hug is a great idea because it really does hurt when the water starts pounding on you- thanks for the giveaway!

  26. WOW the shower hug sounds amazing! Nobody told me that taking a shower would hurt and the morning my milk came in I thought I was going to scream in agony but my baby girl was asleep in her bouncer on the other side of the shower curtain.

  27. This looks really awesome. I am super sensitive in the chest area anyway, so this would really help in the shower.

  28. This sounds like such a great gift for a new mom. It's little things like these that can really make your postpartum period so much easier.

  29. Whoa, where was this during my first pregnancy! I am learning about so many new products that will definitely make my next one easier... hopefully! :)

  30. I'm
    At 27 weeks and let's
    Just say something hurts a lot :( have been using lanolin for past couple days

  31. You know, I never struggled with this problem, but I had friends/family who did, so I definitely think this would be a perfect gift!

  32. I'm just now getting over that pain in the shower at 3.5 months post partum- would have loved to have this. I've never heard of it- thanks for sharing all these awesome products! Even if I don't win, it'll definitely be on my list for the next pregnancy!

  33. Where was this product during my last 2 pregnancies? Talk about every pregnant or postpartum women item must have. I take a very fast shower now because of my breast pain. Who ever owns this company needs to advertise in every pregnancy or parenting magazine there is. So happy you are hosting this giveaway. I would of never of learned of this product before. Thanks.

  34. I wish I knew about these when I had my son! Hopefully things will go better with my daughter, but it would be amazing to have! And, oh, they look so soft!!!

  35. Oh my goodness! What a brilliant idea! Those first two weeks of nursing were torture in the shower. I never thought to cover myself up to help with the pain.

  36. my babe just turned 1 month and i am using a hand towel in the shower to cover myself because it is SO painful still. what a great idea...

  37. How I wish I knew this existed after delivering my 3 boys! I was so sore during those first few months of nursing each of them. What a great product. Hope you are feeling better too, Stephanie, on your nursing journey! Nursing my third has been the easiest as far as soreness and latching on goes, but unfortunately, I'm sure due to a lack of sleep with 2 other young children, I've had more clogged ducts and some bouts of mastitis. I hope you are getting lots of rest and enjoying your three little girls! The baby is beautiful :)

  38. I am pregnant with our first baby and 19 weeks along! We can't wait to meet our baby boy! I have heard about the pains of breast feeding and am experiencing the pains of pregnancy now. This would make life much more wonderful!!

  39. What a great idea! I remember being in tears during my first few showers. It would be great to have something to reduce the stinging from the water!

  40. Didn't have it for the last pregnancy...but would love it for this next time! I remember how painful it was... I'm 33 weeks and not looking forward to those sore breasts...but so looking forward to that sweet snuggle time!

  41. I'm so super nervous about breastfeeding...i had no idea it was such a difficult process for some women!! Praying i don't need this, but if i do, i hope i win it!

  42. Showers are so painful at first! If this helps, count me in. I've been interested in those slings where the baby comes in the shower with you, too. Have you tried one of those?

  43. How is it possible that I want everything you're giving away this week? :-) The shower hug is already on my registry, so obviously I'd love to win that, but the washcloths looks great, too!

  44. That extremely uncomfortable post-partum showering is one of those "momnesia" things that I seem to totally forget about from pregnancy to pregnancy. This looks like a very clever product that I would put to good use this time around!

  45. I did not know something like this existed! Thanks for sharing! I would have loved to have this after I had my daughter. This is something that will be a MUST have for the next little one. :)

  46. I remember you mentioning something similar with your second. I would have used it with my first for sure!

  47. I am 21 weeks with 3rd & my skin is so so so sensitive to every things & my poor soar boobs, I would love one to wear all the time at the moment :)

  48. I've got a few baby showers coming up and would LOVE to be giving this!
    I also liked the Less Is More registry. Some of the registries I've seen lately have been just outrageous, some having almost 200 items!

  49. I'm 18 weeks and my chest is already so painfully sensitive to touch! I definitely don't remember it being so bad with my first, and already cannot imagine the post partum showers.

  50. The shower hug is such a neat idea. I had never heard of it before, but it would have been helpful to have during and after my first three pregnancies. It would be nice to have one for this pregnancy and post partum too.

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