Best Baby Products (4-8 Months)

Can it be that our newborn baby is already 8 months old? He remains the happiest baby in the world - sitting, scooting, clapping, and laughing. We all adore him.

Here are the baby products we used most often between 4 and 8 months. ***Click over to see our favorite baby products for birth to three months.

Note that we have four children (ages 10, 8, 5, and 8 months) so many of these are items that we have used for multiple babies and/or fallen in love with after much trial-and-error.


BabyBjorn Bouncer Mesh Black

This is one of the few baby products that we've kept around for all of our babies. It's well-made, stylish, subtle, and so-so-so useful. We keep this bouncer in our kitchen because that seems to be the place where we most often need our hands free - to load the dishwasher, whip up a batch of pancakes, sip our morning coffee, etc. One of my favorite things about BabyBjorn's products is their simplicity. Unlike many bouncy seats on the market, this one is free of vibration, music, hanging doodads, etc. The baby uses his own body to move it back and forth. Plus, it's super lightweight and can easily be carried around the house and/or stored flat for travel. We have the mesh version, which is great for Arizona's warm days.

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BOB Revolution black

If you have had a baby in the past 20 years, you've probably heard about BOB jogging strollers. Highly coveted on craigslist, they are the gold standard for jogging strollers because they are lightweight, easy to push/fold/steer, and are generally well-designed. We were so fortunate to have been given a BOB from a friend this time around and we use it on daily walks when the weather is nice. If you only can get one stroller, get a BOB and call it a day.

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Ergo Performance Mesh
Hiking in 2010 (I still use this carrier and it still looks brand new!)
Ergobaby navy whale original
Lots of design/pattern choices!

Since I have three older daughters (ages 10, 8, and 5) who eagerly hold their baby brother, I actually don't babywear around the house as much as I did with the other babies (especially #1 and #2). That being said, I've been keeping my ergo in the car for errands and it's still my favorite of all the carriers. I've tested quite a few carriers over the years and the ergo always comes out on top because it's so...well...ergonomic. I feel like the weight is evenly distributed across my hips, back, and shoulders - plus the baby is comfy and close. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to wear him on my front or my back, depending on the situation.

I've tried the Original, Organic, and Performance Mesh from the original line (not 360) - and the Organic is probably my favorite because it is the softest. Next in line would be the mesh option because the weather is warm here in sunny Arizona. The mesh one is always my pick for hiking and neighborhood walks.


baby video monitor

A video monitor seems like a luxury, but it's actually one of our most-used products. We use it daily for both naptime and bedtime. Video monitors give us such peace of mind because we can check in on the baby regularly from anywhere in the house.

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happiest baby in Kickee Pants

When some clothing items by Kickee Pants arrived in the mail, my 10-year-old daughter immediately wanted me to order more. Sure, they are absolutely adorable - but what really sold her (and me!) is the FEEL of these clothes. I reach for his Kickee Pants onesie and pants FIRST because they are buttery soft and so stretchy. Designer-approved + ultra-comfy for baby = a top-notch baby brand.

P.S. You'll notice that almost all of the photos in this post feature our baby in Kickee Pants - even though we took the photos over a number of days/weeks.

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Indestructibles Baby Books

Indestructibles baby books you can chew black and white

Major applause for the creator of this concept! Published by Workman, INDESTRUCTIBLES are books designed distinctly for babies. The back cover says that they are "chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof' - and they totally live up to that claim. In fact, they are printed on a 100% non-toxic paper like material so baby can gum away at the pages without getting bits of cardboard and ink in his/her system. The illustrations are modern and compelling - and these books are just brilliant. I pull them out daily for my baby to chew, rip, and crinkle to his heart's content. Need a baby shower gift? This should be your go-to.

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Little Tikes Swing

We purchased a Little Tikes Swing on Amazon for $26 and promptly hung it up on our back porch. It's gotten excellent use over the past few months - by our baby and visiting babies too! For the price, I would say it has huge ROI. Definitely register for one if you can.

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Abiie Beyond Jr highchair adjustable
Cactus Polo by...Kickee Pants!

Looking for a highchair that is stylish, super functional, and easy to clean? We LOVE our Abiie Beyond Jr. Y  highchair. The seat is waterproof and a cinch to wipe down. The tray is detachable and dishwasher-safe. The beechwood is elegant and gorgeous, matchable to most any decor. Best of all, the seat "grows" with your baby and can be used as a regular chair for children, teens, and adults when your little one grows up. Truly a phenomenal investment!

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Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes

Thank goodness for Costco! With four growing kids, we have found that we shop at Costco more and more - especially for dairy, meats, breads, salads, and snacks! If they offered fresher + more local produce, we would probably rarely step foot in a traditional grocery store. All that to say, we loyally buy Kirkland Signature Wipes. They seem gentle (fragrance-free, paraben-free, chlorine-free), don't fall apart like some other competing brands, and come in handy dispensers that work equally well for at-home or on-the-road.

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baby boy gardening Urban Baby Bonnets

Veggie Soup Urban Baby Bonnets

Orange ModCap Urban Baby Bonnets

Reversible Urban Baby Bonnets

We're on baby #4 and I finally found a sun hat to rally behind. Based in Ohio, Urban Baby Bonnets are handmade with love right here in the USA. They're obviously super mod and fashionable, but what really sold me on the brand is how smartly designed they are. The brim offers excellent sun protection. The elastic ensures a comfortable fit and keeps the hat in place. The chin button is in the right spot. My baby doesn't seem to mind wearing the hat at all and doesn't try to pull it off his head - a big bonus. You've got to check out all of the cute patterns + themes! The hardest part will be choosing which one to buy.

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Tea Collection baby boy yellow t-shirt

Tea Collection Surf Van Graphic Tee

I've always like Tea for my daughters, but I've been pleased to find that the brand offers soft and fashionable duds for little boys too. The two t-shirts that I own from Tea are my go-to tees because they are stretchy and well-made. They wash well and retain their sizing/shape/colors - even after repeated washings. Made for play, they look great AND feel great.

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Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover blue and orange floral

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover with boning

All mamas have different comfort levels when it comes to nursing in public, but I prefer to slip on a nursing cover for privacy and modesty. Boning around the neck is crucial because it provides air circulation and allows me to lock eyes with my sweet baby. Although "poncho style" covers are gaining in popularity, I definitely don't think they are as practical.

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Ergobaby Organic Backpack Diaper Bag

Unfortunately, Ergobaby no longer makes backpacks in this style - but I still love my organic one (pictured above). It's soft (as opposed to structured) and offers three exterior pockets (one with a zipper, two with clasps) - ideal for my cell phone, keys, wallet, sunscreen, etc. There is also a zippered pocket in the interior. Not to mention a water bottle holder.

I hope Ergobaby reads this and re-creates this exact bag. I get compliments on it all of the time and I always have to tell people that it no longer exists.

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Mary Meyer Bear Baby Boy Mat

Mary Meyer Bear Mat

If you have hardwood or tile floors in your house, a soft stuffed animal mat is nice to have. We carry it from room-to-room as a gentle surface for baby to play/rest on. (He, actually, never slept on the mat...besides this once). We used it most between 2 and 6 months.

I would put this mat in the "splurge" category. It's totally adorable and a benefit to have - plus it makes a super great photo prop! Check out the elephant, the owl, and the monkey too. Super cute and you can coordinate with bedroom themes.

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Here are some other items we've used a lot for these past four months -

  • Diapers. We typically buy Huggies or Kirkland since we are Costco regulars (see above), but I actually prefer Pampers.
  • Changing Table. We bought a changing table from IKEA this time around and set it up in our master bathroom. Nothing fancy, but it's a crisp, clean white and it does its job very nicely. Some people choose not to have a designated "changing area," but I prefer the sanitation and convenience of keeping the diaper-changing in one area. Not to mention the saving grace for my back (no stooping over low tables or floors).
  • Mattress Protectors. Ever since baby #1 in 2006, we've put mattress protectors on all of the beds in our house. Baby pees through his outfit? Throws up on the bed? Your breastpads aren't quite cutting it? No problem! Just change out your sheets and you'll be all set. There's no sense in ruining your expensive mattress. Get a protector instead.
  • Car Seat. We have a simple infant carseat by Summer Infant.
  • Nursing Bras. I'll be writing another post about nursing bras soon, but I DO appreciate having a versatile collection of sporty, fancy, and supportive bras that provide easy access for baby.
  • Tieks. As far as I'm concerned, Tieks are pretty much the ultimate new mom shoe. These comfortable and supportive flats are stylish, flattering, and fun. I love that I can pair them with jeans, shorts, or skirts with ease. I've even worn them to Disneyland twice! They are expensive, but I definitely think I am getting my money's worth since I wear them so frequently.


If we had only the products above for these last four months, we’d be golden. Tim & I have definitely learned that less-is-more when it comes to baby gear. We don’t even use a crib. We're getting ready to move him into a bed of his own...more on that later...but for now he (still) sleeps sweetly right by our sides.

Click on any product image to purchase over at Amazon or to add to your Amazon Baby Registry (#affiliate). As always, feel free to leave questions or comments. I love hearing from you!

What baby products do you consider to be essential for 4-8-month-old babies? 

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  1. These are really informative tips to know on baby products before purchasing. I like your tip of purchase lightweight products. It seems like that will save us a lot of time and money further down the road. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like these products because they are of good quality and it helps that the pictures are clear which makes the items even more attractive. However I would like a price estimation on some of the products like the jogging stroller but otherwise this was a good read for parents with younger and multiple children.

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