Best Gifts for Baby's 1st Birthday

Best Gifts for Baby's 1st Birthday 1Are you wondering what to buy for an upcoming 1st Birthday party?

As the mother of an eight-month-old, here's what is on my wish list:

1. BOOKS! It can be tiring for a mama to read "Green Eggs & Ham" 555 times in one week (okay, I'm exaggerating, but sometimes it feels that way...). Plus, books are much more entertaining than toys - and, of course, more educational.

2. Practical Clothes in the next size-up: The key word is practical. Please no frilly dresses, costumes, holiday apparel, shoes, trendy pajamas. Jeans? Yes. T-shirts? Yes. Casual, comfortable, easy to put on outfits? Yes.

3. Robeez shoes: Comfortable, practical footwear for babies.

Plus, a little something for mom doesn't hurt: nice pajamas, a few tank tops, new tennis shoes, a gift card to a clothes store, maid service. :)

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