BEST OF 2008: Chip & Pepper maternity jeans

I just entered my 3rd trimester this past weekend and I'm starting to feel rather frumpy and awkward. That belly just keeps expanding and I'm not feeling particularly glamorous or pretty as the days continue to plod along.

Except -


...when I wear my Mamasita maternity jeans from Chip & Pepper. They're stylish and flattering - and they have just the right amount of stretch. They are my only pair of maternity jeans that truly combat the "baggy bottom" look (which is definitely not the look that I'm going for, to say the least).

chip & pepper logoThe wash that I have is nice and dark, yet it also has that modern "worn" look. The bootcut style really elongate the legs and the "magic" pouch helps my belly look a little smaller than it actually is. I appreciate that. I have under 90 days to go and these jeans are sure to continue to make an appearance up until the very end (and perhaps post-partum too...).

The regular price tag is $225, but you can get 50% off your entire C & P order by using checkout coupon code 50%OFF (now through 01-07-09). Please read my original review (see link below) for notes about sizing.

P.S. Does the above photo look familiar? It's in the exact same pose (well, almost the same was harder to get in that pose this time around...) and the exact same outfit as this one. I was 4 months pregnant in the first one and I'm 6 months pregnant in the second one.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Chip & Pepper mamasita maternity jeans in the size of her choice (valued at $225). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, December 31 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

NOTE: For additional information, please feel free to read my original review, published on 10-27-2008.

*UPDATE* The winner is #115 Stacey. Congratulations!

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129 comments on “BEST OF 2008: Chip & Pepper maternity jeans”

  1. Wow! those are an amazing pair of jeans...I also like the Bump Watch Maternity Bootcut Jean IN Hundred Mile House but I honestly could never afford them...

  2. So hard to find maternity jeans and these are great! Of all my regular clothes, I miss my jeans the most and these ease the pain! Happy New Year!

  3. Awesome jeans. It is important to have a few nice things when you are pregnant. Have to have something to make up for some of the rotten days. Anyway I'd love to win a pair for my high school friend who just found out today that she is pregnant!

  4. It would be so nice to have a wonderful pair of designer jeans to wear when you are pregnant that not only fit nicely and comfortably, but make you look and feel sexy and confident too! They look fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  5. While pregnant with my daughter, I really couldn't see myself spending more than $40 on a pair of jeans since I knew they would be worn so little! That said, I drooled over those sexy designer jeans made for pregnant ladies! I wanted to be sexy too :) Anyhow, my hubby and I are TTC and these would be such a luxury to my otherwise boring maternity wardrobe!

  6. These jeans would be so Perfect for my oldest daughter who is expecting her first baby.
    It would definitely let her know that she can be pregnant and stylish at the same time.
    Thank you so much for always offering such a wonderful contest.
    Happy Holidays !

  7. I am definitely in the market for a great pair of maternity jeans, and I would love a pair (finally!) that is long enough so that I am not flashing my ankles. These sound awesome-- and thanks for the tip on sizing. Very helpful.

  8. I'm in the last stage of pregnancy, and somehow, even my maternity clothes are getting too tight. I think I need a quick refresh of my wardrobe, including a pair of pants, to get me to the end! Who knew you'd need 2 sets of clothes during pregnancy. Aye carumba.

  9. The jeans look great and would be just perfect for a friend that I have who is afraid to wear jeans while pregnant! She would find these flattering!

  10. Oooh, for baby #3 I would so love to have a nice pair of maternity jeans. I borrowed a pair with #1 and missed them when pregnant with #2 but couldn't quite justify the expense...thanks for the chance and for sharing a good pair.

  11. Who doesn't want to TRY to look and feel glamorous when pregnant?!?! That was one of the challenging things for me because I put on 40+ pounds. Oh is soooo worth it! :)

  12. My daughter is 4 months and she has been trying to
    find jeans. These look great. Your little girl is so beautiful and looks just like her Mom. Thanks for the contest.

  13. I would really love to win these. I am having so much trouble finding pants I like. I like the way these look.

  14. A pair of stylish maternity jeans sounds really nice! And since all I can afford are the cheaper, less stylish maternity jeans, this would be great!!

  15. I'd love the win these! I can't bring myself to buy maternity pants yet and I'm not sure how long my bella band will last!!!

  16. O, how I would love to win these! Each day of this pregnancy it's a chore to decide which of the uncomfortable, unflattering pants I'm going to wear that day.

  17. I struck out with jeans my first time around. They were either too big and made me look frumpier than I felt, or they were too tight with a waist that sat too low, so they were always shimmying off my hips. I am still searching for THE perfect maternity jeans so I can say adios to my maternity yoga pants that are comfortable but incredibly threadbare and will not last another go around.

  18. I could so use a pair of pick-me-up jeans. Last night I was laying uncomfortably in bed and I told my husband that I can't believe I'm only a little over halfway through this pregnancy and I already feel as if my belly is too big. In a month I'm going to look back on these days and WISH my belly was the size it is now. Whew. All for a great cause though, right?

  19. oh....I would love to have a pair of these for my 3rd time around. Finding the right maternity jeans makes me curl up in the fetal positions. Hard to find...

  20. These look great! I'm definitely adding them to my growing list of clothes I must have for my next pregnancy (which is hopefully soon!).

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