BEST OF 2008: Fabulous Athletic Bra

fabulous athletic bra logoI typically won't shell out big bucks for clothing (shoes and jeans are an exception...), but sports bras are another story. I have yet to find one that is under $50 that is comfortable, that keeps bouncing in check, and that doesn't create uniboob. So I will and do spend the necessary cash so that I can run in comfort without stretching out my breast tissue.

fabulous athletic braTo date, the Fabulous Athletic Bra Elite ($119) is the best sports bra for well-endowed women that I have tried. It's tight, yet not constrictive. The straps are wide and there are multiple clasps on the back, but it still manages to look decent anyway. Best of all, it really does keep bouncing to the bare minimum.

The price seems downright scary at first, but - if you workout every single day (or on most days...) - then the cost per usage is mere pennies. Think about the investment this will be - healthier boobs, better looking boobs...longer.

If you fall into the "bigger-boobed" category, then you really should investigate FAB...because the bras really are - well - FABulous.

RUNNER-UP: Enell Sports Bra. These are also excellent bras, but I prefer the back clasps of the FAB to the front closure of the Enell.

SIDE NOTE: I have no idea why the Fabulous Athletic Bra and Enell websites are so cheesy and outdated. But don't let that scare you off. They both offer exceptional products...and pretty outstanding customer service too.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Fabulous Athletic Bra Elite ($119). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, December 31 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

NOTE: For additional information, please feel free to read my original review, published on 03-22-2008.

*UPDATE* The winner is #15 Carol. Congratulations!

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418 comments on “BEST OF 2008: Fabulous Athletic Bra”

  1. Dealing with this company is impossible (Fab Athletic Bra). I received some VERY nasty email telling me they won't sell to the disabled because we're 'unable to handle the intricacies of the bra'. Forget them, please!

  2. I would love to win this Bra. It looks like it would be so comfortable to wear and provide a lot of support as well. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  3. My girls sure could use some good support! I could knock myself out running without a good sports bra. And I agree, more expensive ones really do make the difference. Thanks!

  4. I got all kinds of running gear this Christmas, so this is something I'd use just about every day. I hate the uniboob, I hate the compression bras that make you feel like you're getting a mammogram while you run, etc. I'd love to try this. Thanks!

  5. I cannot run because I am too big on top and finially a bra that will allow me to exercise with support. Great find,thanks

  6. It is so hard to find a comfortable sports bra. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a great contest!

  7. While the sticker price is high it's not too much of a shock (minus it's only a sport bra).. DH use to look a me when I ordered bras until he realized how much they are.... I blossomed as a freshman and ooo they are bigger now after two kids.... Would love a sports bra to help "minimize" the girls...

  8. I like back clasps also. I've always had big boobs and working out can be really really painful without the right bra.

  9. This would be fantastic for me as I hate to do the 'bouncy-bouncy' for the benefit of the jocks at the gym.

  10. I have looked for YEARS and YEARS for a great sports bra and had given up. This one looks like it actually works. Presently, I am 57 and a diabetic applying for disability. I have worked almost 20 yrs as an Occupational Therapist and need to lose weight but have difficulty due to "bra needs!" Thanks for the chance and the education. I sent the info re the bra to my well endowed neice as well. sheila

  11. I cannot find a good sports bra that fits right. Maybe because of that price, but I really need one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I agree with you! Us well-endowed women DO have a hard time finding a great fitting sports bra! I would LOVE to win this one!!! It looks supportive yet comfy!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  13. i could really use one of these, since i started exercising i've been realizing that this would be really helpful!

  14. Thank you so much for introducing me to this site.
    I had honestly given up on finding a sports bra in the size and fit that I need as I am a sz. 42DD.
    No matter where I purchase them they just never seem to give me the support or coverage that I need.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    Happy Holidays !

  15. Keywords - well-endowed; no uni-boob; minimum "bouncing" - I'm in! Thanks for the great info. I agree about their website. My shoulders are itching for a new bra!

  16. When I think about the money I've spent on cheaper sports bras versus spending this type of money on a bra that will really work, it's really not that much money. I would love to try this one out. Thanks!

  17. I really need a good sports bra! It's terrible to try to block peoples' views while you're running because you don't have good support.

  18. Oh I hope I win! Like you, I have searched and have yet to find one. In fact I've been wearing 2 regular bras instead of a sports bra. I had a rather frightening episode with a sports bra....I decided to buy a size smaller in hopes it would kill the bounce, instead I got stuck in it..literally. It was the kind you slip on over your head, I rolled it over me and nearly dislocated my shoulder trying to get the thing off. Needless to say, I like that this one has a clasp on the back!

  19. As a runner who always comes in second, this is as close to elite as I will get!! At least the girls would have a "ride" in style! Woohoo 26.2 here we come, ladies!

  20. I have been looking for a good sport bra for years and have not been able to find one in my size. This bra looks excellent and it would fit.

  21. I have such a terrible time finding bras. i wear either a 38 FF or 40 DDD that Ive pretty much given up on sports bras and just end up wearing 2 regular bras

  22. I run pretty much every day and could definitely use one of these bras! My favorite running bra is falling apart on me, and I tried getting a newer "updated" style from the same company, but it doesn't fit nearly as comfortably as the old one. So, I've been hunting for a new option. Thanks for posting the FAB site!!

  23. This is a fantastic bra! Just what I need for my daily jogs! I was not aware of the Fabulous Athletic Bra Elite until today but now that I know about it I feel it is just what I need to make my runs so much more comfortable for me! Thank you for introducing this product to us and for the opportunity to enter.

  24. Thanks for offering so many of us a chance to win this great looking bra! I also appreciate the information and website for this product.

  25. These look fabulous. Though after nursing three kids, mine aren't so perky these days ;) Im sure I'd use this a lot though, I have yet to find a good sports bra!

  26. Finally a sports bra for people who actually need a bra. I would love to win this because I have never tried on a sports bra that actually fit, supported and was comfortable and at $119 I probably won't be buying one for myself anytime soon. SO good luck to all and thanks for the opportunity.

  27. That is exactly what I need, I just wish it weren't so expensive. Well, maybe I'll be lucky enough to win one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. It is so hard for a large breasted woman to find a sportsbra that not only fits but also works well - does what it is supposed to!
    This one looks very special and I would love to have it!

  29. As a larger chested woman, I hate having to spend so much on bras. I work out daily though and this would be great.

  30. Wow, that must be quite a sports bra for that price. But it would be worth it if it can keep 'the girls' contained and controlled!

  31. Not sure I could justify the price to buy it, but it would be great to win! Sure would be nice for Dance Dance Revolution, though, when my bounciness is pretty distracting!

  32. Wow, these look fantastic. And what excites me the most is that they have my cup size 38G. It's so hard to find bras in my size that are comfortable and supportive. I got a gym membership for Christmas (which I had asked for, so I wasn't offended when I got it, lol), so this would definitely come in handy. I would love to check out these bras.

  33. I always invest money in a good bra because the girls deserve to look good. In all seriousness...a good fitting bra is a total must. But his made me laugh because my sports bra is the only bra I've cheaped out on. This one looks awesome and definitely would love to give it a try.

  34. OMG! That is just what I need to start running again. I have yet to find a sports bra that could keep my girls from bouncing!

  35. You are right about the website. I wouldn't even consider the bra from looking at the site. They could use a few pics of the well-endowed so we know they really market to us. That said - if this works as well as you say, I'd love to try it.

  36. This looks great! I got a treadmill for Christmas so I really need some comfortable athletic bras.

    agsweeps (at) hotmail (dot) com

  37. I hope that I can squeeze into one of these bras. It would be great to actually be able to find one big enough. Thanks for the contest.

  38. wow this sounds like just what I was looking for I didn't know they had one like this. I sure would like to win this.

  39. Yes getting an athletic bra for a woman well endowed is a chore I have never worn one that was comfortable, fit or kept the girls in their place I will have to check into these unless of course I am lucky enough to win one

  40. I too, am well endowed and would love to try this sports bra. I know what you mean about most giving you a "uniboob" and I HATE that. So, I would LOVE to win. Thanks! Tracy

  41. This must be one fantastic bra for that price. I can't imagine paying that much for any bra unless it had a few jewels sewn on the cups, ha!
    I know that I need support as I get older and this looks like it could do the trick.
    Thanks for the up-lifting giveaway.

  42. Girl, I'm a DDD and have actually never spent more than $40 on a sports bra, clearly that is part of the problem and not the solution! Thanks for the product/brand review.

  43. I would love to win this. I have alot of bras, but while they look sexy, they are definitely lacking in the "support" department and dont really work for any kind of exercise. Please pick me!

  44. I would love to have a great athletic bra that doesn't deform me or have me gasping for air after wearing it for hours.

  45. I would love to have one of these. It is soooo difficult to find a supportive bra nowadays. Although I have to admit with the economy I wouldn't be able to afford one for a while. Thanks


  47. You're right about their websites---they look like they haven't seen a redesign since 1996, LOL! I'm glad to see the FAB bra comes in larger sizes and would love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. My daughter needs this. She is especially well-endowed and has a hard time finding a bra that really feels good. You are right, the price is scary, but if it works it just might be the thing she has been looking for. thanks for offering this contest!

  49. Wow! I couldn't believe the price either. I don't own any sports bras and really didn't think I need one until this last summer when I began bike riding. Major bounce on some trails.

  50. I love how many times you said "boob" in this post. Made me giggle. I've been working out with 2 bras at a time because I haven't bought a decent new one in ages. Really, I should, it's a worthy investment. Of course that also means I'd need some childfree time to conduct the search and the necessary trying on. Not so easily accomplished with 2 little helpers!

  51. Wow...I cannot remember when I actually bought my sports bras - maybe four years ago? Yikes! Would love to win such a lovely bra! Thanks for the chance!

  52. These bras look good - you're right that the websites look a bit dated but the fact is, if the bra holds 'em in good and comfy, I don't care!

  53. I've recently signed up for "fitness boot camp" class which essentially involves jumping jacks and push-ups and that's where i realised my sports bra wasn't doing the trick anymore.. would love to try a new one and see if it passes the boot camp test!

  54. That bra looks really comfy and sturdy at the same time. I am still BFing and it's hard to find something comfortable enough to work out in right now.

  55. I can not find a sports bra that does not either ride up on the girls or seems to smush them down and with the prices of some of these bras it is a little scary to pay for one to find out it is not as comfortable as you had wished, so winning one and liking it would be wonderful!

  56. After baby comes in February I plan on getting back into my old workout routine. A nice new athletic bra would help out tremendously!!

    commentsweeps [at] gmail [dot] com

  57. I am of the bigger boobed variety and can never find any ta ta holder that fits well, whether for working out or otherwise. this sounds like a great (and much needed) item.

  58. wow, I could so use this. I am in the well endowed category and other sports bras don't fit and just don't work. this one looks awesome. Thanks!

  59. sweet i wear alot of sports bra for although they are a bit of a pain to put on an off they are totaly comfotable once there on

  60. This would be nice. A sports bra for an average or smaller sized bust is easy to find, but a decent one for a bigger bustline has not really been available.


  61. The girls at the gym were just talking about finding a real good sports bra maybe this is the one. If I win I will let all of them know about this bra ( good advertisement) thanks

  62. So far the only bra that is capable of 'holding me up' (not sure if it's OK to mention the brand name here so I'll omit it) comes with a pretty expensive price tag so I didn't really get a sticker shock reaction upon seeing the price you quote here. Frankly if it works, I'll buy them by the dozen in every color! I say let me give them an at home product test! ;-)

  63. I sooooo need a good bra with solid support. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to splurge on something like this, but my back is in constant pain and would love to be the lucky winner of the bra!

  64. This sounds fantastic. I'm uncomfortable when I run up and down steps, and a jog is a nightmare. I'd love to give this a try. Since I can't afford to buy one, I'll just hope I win one. Thanks!

  65. Yes, I suffer the weight of the well-endowed. I really need this to get me up and running. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  66. I'm with you, they cost so much and then you find they're so uncomfotable to wear. I would really like to try this one.

  67. Great giveaway thanks for the opportunity. I currently already use Enell and they were costly I thought. WHEW! Whoever wins this one will be really lucky! Happy Holidays everyone.

  68. i don't think i own a bra that cost more than 8 would be interesting to experience what a good bra feels like.

  69. wow, i never knew us larger gals could get athletic bras! kudos to you for finding them and kudos to them for making them.

  70. Jogging on the treadmill has made me find extreme measures to keep from giving myself a concussion. Extreme and uncomfortable. A Fabulous Athletic Bra should be able to fix my problem quite nicely.

  71. This looks like a great bra... the uni-boob look is so unattractive that it becomes a pretty good excuse for not running. This bra should put that excuse to rest!

  72. Would love a sports bra with actual support!!! Running in the summer with several tight tanks + a bra to keep the twins from running away on their own, is soooo NOT comfortable!!!

  73. I could really use this. I am sure the male drivers don't mind my bouncing when I run but I worry that all that rubber necking might cause an accident. lol

  74. This would be great for me once I can start working out again. I am due in February and want to buy some new workout clothes as a way to motivate me to get my buns to the gym! Thanks!

  75. Sometimes it's worth it pay a little more and I definitely think that is true when it comes to bras. I'm well endowed too and I've never found a sports bra I've been happy with so I'd love to try this one.

  76. This would be a great bra for me. I play a lot of DDR as a form of exercise, and that requires a lot of jumping. Add that in with a DD chest... Yeah, I could use the support~

  77. I'm at the gym 5 days a week, and I find that with most sports bras, you hae to just about dislocate a shoulder to put them on and off. But a regular bra sure doesn't give the support I need. To make things a bit more interesting, after my lumpectomy, I'm a full cup size smaller on one side than the other. (But, I don't have cancer anymore, which is what really matters!) anyway, I could REALLY use a great sports bra, but holy cow! I can't afford to buy this one! I'd sure like to win it though!

  78. Finally. A more than decent sports bra for us bigger-boobied gals. The bra looks fab! Very supportive and even looks figure-flattering. Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Being "well endowed" myself, I also find it difficult, if not impossible, to find a sports bra (or any bra!) that fits well. This looks fabulous! Thanks for the great link and for the chance to enter!

  80. Sticker shock but I agree, a good bra and a good pair of running shoes are well worth the investment. This would be a great win!

  81. Oh wow, I don't own any items of clothing that cost as much as this bra but it looks luxurious. The design looks really comfortable.

  82. I would love to win this bra. I have such a problem with the whole bounce thing. It's almost embarrassing to exercise and have that happen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. I would like to win this for my wonderful wife, She is the light of my life and an inspiration to her children. thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

  84. I really need a good supporting athletic bra. This one looks like just what I have been looking for. As age has take its toll on this poor body, even though I have lost a little weight. I have udders instead of breast. I need something to help pull the little puppies up! Thank you

  85. Would love that bra... I unfortunately have gained lots of weight and am trying to get back to the gym - this would be great.

  86. Oh, yeah, that pesky 2008 New Years resolution to actually lose weight. Well, it really doesn't begin until January of 2009, right? I'd love a new sports bra for my "well-endowed" status.

  87. This would be a great win since I am getting back into the good ole game of exercise when new year roles around. This sure would help to keep you comfortable!

  88. This is ironic I am in the market for a new bra. I just dread going to be fitted as I have gained weight and most of it went to my breast area. I would love to have a sports bra. I have yet to find one other than the itty bitty sizes!! Guess I have been looking in the wrong place!!

  89. It's definitely expensive to find a good sports bra for the well endowed woman, and also definitely worth it. I'd love to have one of these.

  90. My daughter is weening and the New Year will bring more opportunity to work out. Definitely need a new sports bra. This would be perfect.

  91. Ok. So I desperately need this too! How did you come up with all the things that I need in one day? :) This would be amazing and help me in my efforts to get back in shape before we have another baby! :)

  92. oh my you are the best, I am running a marathon in the spring and have been training for awhile now. I am having such a hard time with bras!! it is driving me a little nutso!

  93. I'm impressed that these come in the larger sizes, as sports bras are hard to find in those sizes normally. I've never been able to try one before, so this would be interesting to try!

  94. Oh, geez. You're right about their website. It has a bizarre Bionic Woman vibe! But the bras do look great. Since Jasper is weaning, I am going to need smaller bras soon. Yay!

  95. I am definitely NOT in the well-endowed category (although if you'd like to pass some of that off I'll surely take it), but I know a few people who are and who would love to get this bra as a gift! I find it difficult for women of any size to find a good sports bra that doesn't mush them in too much or let too much bounce around, so this one looks good. Thanks for the review!

  96. You're right, there's definitely some sticker shock there.... but I suppose a good bra would be worth it! I definitely fall into the well-endowed category... ever since my recent pregnancy, I've been an F-cup. Hard to find a good bra in that size! I'm happy to see the "Fab" goes even beyond that - it tells me they're aware of different body types and can work with them! This bra would be a welcome addition for me- everything I've tried recently is much too tight, and gives the dreaded uni-boob look, without even changing the bounce factor all that much. So I end up not even using them!

    Your "best of" series sure is opening my eyes to a lot of awesome products out there, thank you!

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