BEST OF 2008: Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Covers

protect-a-bed-logoMattresses are expensive. Babies are messy.

Both of these statements are unarguably true.

...which is why I am super grateful to have Protect-A-Bed premium mattress covers on all of the beds in our house.

protect-a-bed premium mattress protectorIf your baby has a blow-out diaper or your breasts leak or your toddler has a potty training accident or your older child gets "sick" in the middle of the night, you can respond to those "emergencies" with grace and decorum. No need to stress about icky odors or expensive mattress replacements! Just take off the cover, throw it in the washing machine, and put it back on the next night.

Protect-A-Bed provides peace of mind. It's as simple as that.

That's why the brand made it on my "Best of 2008" list.

***Available in sizes Crib to California King, the protectors range in price between $39.98 and $99.99.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a premium mattress protector from Protect-A-Bed in his/her size of choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, December 31 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

NOTE: For additional information, please feel free to read my original review, published on 01-07-2008.

*UPDATE* The winner is #44 casual friday everyday. Congratulations!

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356 comments on “BEST OF 2008: Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Covers”

  1. This is such a great product. I'll get these for all the beds we have even if I don't win. Thanks for introducing me to these covers!

  2. This would be great. Thanks so much for the contest. If I was the lucky winner, I would need a queen size one.

    Happy New Year!


  3. For some reason "accidents" always happen on mommy and daddy's bed?!? Weather we happen to have a leaky sippy or a leaky diaper without fail it's on our bed. We would love one in CA king.
    Thanks for the entry

  4. My nine year old always wakes up sneezing....perhaps this cover is better than the one I have on his twin bed. Thanks!

  5. This is one of those THINGS that I keep putting off to BUY. My 9 year old son still has bed wetting problems. I usually put fabric protector pads under him at night. But it is tough, because sometimes he moves around at night. I would love to win this mattress protector! Thanks for the chance!

  6. My 5 year old is moving to a twin bed soon and I would love a good mattress protector, especially after hearing my friends terror story with bedbugs.

  7. We really could use one for our 5 year olds bed. Potty training at night is still an ongoing battle with occasional accidents. Thanks for the chance!

  8. I actually have bad pad on my "Things to buy "list. Mine was just old and I need a new one so this contest is at just the right time!m04taes(at)verizon(dot)net

  9. I would love to be entered for a queen size! We've recently changed our mattress pad because of doggie (vomit) and baby accidents. Ick. These really are lifesavers!

  10. I could sure use one of these with our cats. I won't go into the gory details, but those of you with animals, I am sure you understand!

  11. I need to win this in queen size! Not only do I have a 4 year old son that spills juice on my bed all the time, but our dog likes to wet the bed too, lots of fun! Thanks!

  12. With seven cats sharing our bedroom, sometimes we come home (or wake up) to a hairball on the bed. I'd love, love, love a mattress protector!

  13. It is nice to see these on the market finally. I had plastic sheeting covering my mattress for allergies when I was a kid.

  14. With three cats, a dog and a child, mattress covers are a must around here! We have one for our big bed, but I think it makes me I'd love to try this one. Sounds like a great product!

  15. This is one of those things that you really need, but never think about..make mine a queen size please!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  16. Somehow, my kids always seem to end up in our bed, which wouldn't be as bad if I wasn't so stressed about what would happen to the mattress if there were to be an "incident"
    I would love one of these in a CA King.

  17. Probably too much information, but my husband is a sweater, so this would be great for our bed to protect our mattress. Thanks for the great giveaway

  18. We have had one of these save my sons' mattress MANY times. Now my daughter is about ready for a "big girls bed" and I need another one. They really ARE a lifesaver! Thanks for the contest!

  19. These are the best! Have had a King size one and need to get a new one. Really protects your mattress...they look like new. Great giveaway!

  20. I could sleep right now thinking of a bed really. and this rain we are getting after all the snow and the warm weather we have thats not normal is all good. yee haaw

  21. My son needs this! He wets the bed and is very self conscious about it... we hate the cheap, plastic, crinkly bed covers that are available around here! :(

  22. I never really worried about needing one because we were still using the crib wipe off matress; that was until we upgraded to the "big kid" bed and let the newest member of the family have the crib... Now it's a battle of how quick I can rip the sheets off the bed in the middle of the night when we hear "MoooooM my pjs are wet"... Oh yes the tells I have...

  23. My last mattress pad literally fell apart in the laundry, so I could REALLY use a new one!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  24. This sounds like a great product, I remember your original review. I dont think I could survive with just one though! ha, ha. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  25. We don't have a matress cover at all and we badly need one - we have a King bed and I hate that we can't protect it better!

  26. I am a strong believer in a preemptive mattress cover. With children, you never know what to expect. I would like this in queen size.

  27. You can never go wrong when using a good mattress cover. It makes the bed so much more comfortable while also keeping the mattress clean.

  28. No one knows how much we need this! Someone little in our family, and I won't mention who, has peed on on bed, her bed, and other places. We could really use this because she still really good at it.

  29. All of the Kids beds are protected. My bed is not protected. I got a real shock when the DOG crawled in my bed and threw up! I had to get a new mattress. Who wants the kids to climb in behind that kind of stain. I sure would love to have protection for this mattress. [email protected]

  30. With young children in the house, there are definitely benefits to having the parents' mattress covered---even if you don't co-sleep. It's something I never thought about pre-children, but I'd love to win one now---thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Mattress covers are a godsend at my beach house. I used to rent the place but got so disgusted with the filth other people live in and expected me to clean up after them. No more. I just enjoy the private beach all to my self now. Hope a new matress cover will come in handy should I decide to share the place.

  32. I'm debating what we will do for our girls when they get into twin size beds. Should we get organic mattresses? Should we get a good cover on a regular mattress? Too much to think about. I've looked at these covers since reading your review and while I'm not sure I ever figured out if they help in the mattress off gassing they do look like great covers.

  33. You can visit as well for mattress covers and mattress protection solutions. Thanks for the tip!

  34. We haven't moved my daughter from her bassinet to crib yet (she's 7 weeks) but we will be doing so soon. I am nervous about it because we spent a ton of money on her mattress. This looks like the perfect thing to save her mattress from stains!

  35. I would love to have this for my wonderful but disabled wife of more than 38 years bed. Her queen size bed gets alot of stains and wear/tear on it. Thank you for this great contest and prize!

  36. I can't count the number of accidents children and grandchildren have had on MY bed! Count me in for one in a queen size!

  37. This would be so useful to have! There have been a few spills and accidents on our bed, and having one if these would have definitely helped. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  38. These look awesome. My kids always gravitate to my bed when they are sick, so this would definitely come handy. Thanks!

  39. This would be SO useful! My tot has just moved into her own bed and we will be potty training soon... Accidents may happen--this would be perfect!

  40. This would be SO useful! My toy has just moved into her own bed and we will be potty training soon... Accidents may happen--this would be perfect!

  41. Oh I could realy use this, my son was gifted a gently used sleep number bed and lucky him. But knowing what a could happen, an accidental wet or a sickness. Thanks for a geat giveaway!

  42. We have the Tempur Pedic bed, and with 3 kids and 2 dogs we SOOOO need a good mattress cover to protect it! Thanks!

  43. My husband has allergies so we have to have a mattress cover. This one sounds awesome! Thanks for the great contest!

  44. Crazy but just last night I was thinking about a mattress cover. We just got a new bed and I want to protect it if my 5 year old wonders in for the night. We have a queen sized bed.

  45. I need Queen size. This is a great prize. I have a new puppy and although he is doing good with potty training, he sleeps with me at night and has accidents. This would be a blessing.

  46. I have fallen in love with their pillow protectors so I would love to win a queen sized mattress protector to match it! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  47. We sure could use a new mattress cover for our bed.
    Ours is several years old, after a while they get all stretched out. Thank you

  48. I would love one of these for our bed...With a messy little man, we've just been lucky so far!

  49. I have one of these and love it! I would love to win one for my mom-she's envious of mine.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  50. Where were you when i needed these for my special needs son with a bed-wetting problem he use to have an accident every night we had him wearing good nites
    but some times they leaked. Tyler is 17 now and still has accidents when hes sick and not feeling good . I need one of these for his twin bed. Thank You

  51. We could really use this in twin size. My grandson has occassional "accidents" at night and I we can't afford to keep replacing mattresses

  52. please enter me my hubby sure could use this since he drives truck and has to use different trucks on alot of the loads.

  53. my toddler insists on bringing mommy a drink every morning but it never quite makes it to me in a pleasant way - could use a new cover to replace the one I have - it has been washed too many times - Cal King - and yet still too small with 2 kids

  54. It would be nice to have this in a queen size, when the kids think they have to crawl in bed with mom and dad. Usually you can only find these in twin sizes where I live.

  55. we are very close to buying a twin mattress for our little boy so this would be perfect.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  56. These are definitely must haves when you have kids! This brand sounds great. I know the mattress covers I have don't seem to last all that long, especially after several washings.

  57. I would love to win this! I just got a new bed within the past month and think this would help protect it! Thanks for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  58. What a delightful and useful contest! Every mattress should be protected. After all, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping on a mattress.

    Thank you for the contest. Best wishes for happy holidays and a prosperous 2009!

  59. Personally I have a 6 year old who wets his bed. After we get home, if no sheets are available (home by six, dinner, then bed (no time for a wash and dry)) he climbs into my bed and then I get the torrent the next morning. This would be a heaven-cent gift for my queen-sized mattress.

  60. Bed covers are so nice and just adds an extra bit of sleeping comfort. What a wonderful giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win some comfort for me.

  61. this looks nice- yep I think most have had a wet spot for something on the bed and slept over it using a towel at one time or another

  62. Boy, I could have used this the other day. We're potty training our grandson and my husband put him in our bed (my side, of courese) for a nap...without putting a diaper on him. Need I say more? :-)

  63. We've been looking for a good mattress protector. I'm nursing and occasionally cosleeping with twins, so this sounds great. We have a Queen size bed.

  64. We're going to begin potty training our two year old this year and I have a strong feeling we'll need something like this! LOL Wish me luck with potty training. I sure hope it goes faster than with my 4 year old. And this product would be a godsend.

  65. Definitely could use a twin size one of these. I have a kid who still has 'accidents' at night, and a product like this would be great help.

  66. OMG I would have totally loved to have one of these when my two boys were a few years younger. I have another baby due in February, and I love to feed them in my bed... it's the most comfy place for both of us! I also do diaper changes on my bed (and you can imagine sometimes that has been disastrous). Sometimes though... things get messy!! I have had to clean up some nasty stuff on my mattresses! I will be so embarrassed if I ever have to throw out my mattress and my neighbors will have to see all the lovely stains!

    commentsweeps [at] gmail [dot] com

  67. I'd love one of these - I'm allergic to dust mites and my old one got a tear in it. It'd be great to get such an awesome replacement!

  68. Our middle daughter has major dust mite allergies. We could really use this. Did you know that these are supposed to be replaced yearly? ( i think).

  69. I don't know anyone that could not use this nice gift. If you have a bed you need a pad. I for one would love to have one in a king. Its the only size I have yet to purchase. Mine are not as nice as this one. I would love to try this particular pad. Thank you for hosting this nice contest.

  70. I could really use this item for the kids. They have "mite" allergies. Just in time for the holidays. Thank you.

  71. I wish I had one of these years ago. I am getting ready to replace my queen mattress and want to get a cover to protect the new one. Thanks!

  72. I am glad you realize that mattress protection is important at any age. Due to health problems I would really love to win!

  73. I would so totally love to win this! I love my Protect-A-Bed covers, but yes, they are pricey. My littlest just moved to a "big girl bed" and she is the only one withOUT a Protect-A-Bed, and she desperately needs one. I HOPE I WIN! :-)

  74. I would love one of these. I cosleep with my little one and this would sure save alot of headache. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway.

  75. What funny timing. Just yesterday I told my husband we should buy a new mattress protector since the elastic on the one we have (different brand) is not so elastic any more. I'm a queen, so it's a queen sized bed, of course.

  76. i have one of these on my own bed (which my son still sleeps in) and its GREAT. held up to the cat who hated my child and peed on it repeatedly...I'd love one for my son's bed - he'll be out of mine by the time he's a teen, right?

  77. I think this would be a fabulous addition to J's new "big girl" bed. With her tube feedings at night, it'd give me more peace of mind in the case of tubes disconnecting etc., as well as protection from any other toddler messes. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  78. What a coincidence, we just bought a new twin bed for my daughter today and bought a Protect-a-Bed to go on it. But I'd love to win one for our queen bed.

  79. I've wanted to win one of these each time you've reviewed them! Our 4-yr old has his naps on our bed, and it's always a major stress-out event when he has an accident. So...if I don't win this time, I may need to break down & buy one! :)

  80. I must have missed your original review of this. It really does look like a must-have! I've never run across any mattress protectors that I truly loved - they all get left off the bed eventually, because they're too crinkly, too hot/don't breathe, too pain-in-the-neck, or whatever. This one looks awesome. I especially love that it's been tested to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. AWESOME. Makes me feel better to imagine sleeping against that, for sure. If I had the money, I'd buy one for every bed in the house. But I'd settle for one on my son's twin bed, for starters, since he's in a stage that often means wet beds in the middle of the night. ;)

  81. Ugh. After cleaning up Blondie's sick mess in her bed a couple weeks ago I am realizing how much more I'd love a cover like this. Post a bunch more things today so maybe people don't notice this one and don't enter... ;)

  82. I definitely need this for our bed (especially after my daughter got sick on her bed which is covered by a mattress cover and then got sick on ours which wasn't covered!)

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