BEST OF 2008: See Kai Run

see kai run logoYou didn't think I would run a "Best of 2008" series and not include See Kai Run, did you? C'mon now. That just wouldn't be right.

SKR is my favorite brand for toddler shoes because these sweet kicks are:

  • sturdy
  • stylish
  • made from sheepskin leather
  • easy to take on and off

Our 2-year-old daughter loves her "purple shoes" (the Eliza pair) and she oft receives compliments for her fashionable footwear. They are oh-so-modern and athletic ...perfect for her busy little lifestyle.

These would be a perfect stocking stuffer or 1st/2nd/3rd birthday present. Grandparents - if you're out there, THIS is what parents want you to buy for their little one.

bent see kai run eliza see kai run henry see kai run steph see kai run

The shoes are available in sizes 3-9 (approximate ages: 6 months - 3 years) and retail for $25-$48.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of See Kai Run shoes in his/her choice of size/style. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, December 31 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

NOTE: For additional information, please feel free to read my original reviews, published on 4-14-2008 and 10-18-2008.

*UPDATE* The winner is #62 jennifer bowen. Congratulations!

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162 comments on “BEST OF 2008: See Kai Run”

  1. I recently received a pair of See Kai Run shoes and am very impressed with them so far---their high quality is evident as soon as you open the box. I'd love to win a pair of Elaine shoes for our little girl; thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My son is ready and past due for a new pair of shoes. I read such wonderful things about See Kai Run and would love to try a pair out for him. My favorite is the Tristan in a size 6. Thanks for the entry

  3. The Nancy... For some reason they just look too adorable and sporty.... But it's a hard decision to make because they are all so cute

  4. I would love to win a pair of the...

    Melody in size 6
    Kenso in size 6
    Ashley Maija in size 6

    Those are my favorites and I know that after the holidays their stock may be low and not all sizes will be available for these beautiful shoes.

  5. I love See Kai Run. My little one just went up a size so the Clara or Melody in a size 7 would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. I love See Kai Run shoes! I've been trying for months to win a pair for my granddaughter. So, if I win, I'd like the pink Lillian Grace boot with the faux fur inside, size 9. Wonderful giveaway! Happy New Year and best holiday wishes!!

    [email protected]

  7. Those Lola shoes are adorable! I love the hip straps! What I love about See Kais is that they are really fashionable, high quality, and I feel like most styles have the versatility to be dressed up or down. My daughter has the Emilie and constantly receives compliments on them! Adorable!

    So, I'm entering for the Lola in size 7 toddler. Thanks!

  8. I think I would have to go with the Geneva or the Yuna for our "little bit." What girl couldn't use a pair of red mary janes?! Those Steph boots are pretty irresistible too...

  9. I love the "Oliver" style, I think my son would look so cute in them! I also love that you said they are easy on easy off. I doiuble knot my sons shoes and he still manages to slip them right off in the car. It's a pain always having to undo a double knot, I love shoes that go on easy!

  10. I drool, and drool, and drool over the SKR collection of shoes. They are too cool. My current favorite pair is the Radik design, but I actually have many favorites (depends on the day). :)

  11. See Kai Run has the cutest shoes! My daughter is still a few weeks from her debut so I don't know how girlie her taste is going to run, but I think we would be safe with a style like the Geneva or the June.

  12. These are adorable. I have a 10 week old baby who has rather large feet for his age! I have trouble finding shoes that fit him. I really can't get over how cute the See Kai Run shoes are! I like the Brian and the Paul shoes the best.

  13. I'm torn between the Paul and the bold look-at-me colors of the Kenso for my son. One more growth spurt will put him in size 8. I can't believe how fast he's growing!

  14. I would love to get my dd the lolas they are so cute and would go perfectly with quite a few of her outfits. We would go with a 6 since she is almost out of the 5. Growing up so fast.

  15. Woops, typo in email (sorry for the dupe post, but the previous email won't work). Anyway, would love a Melody for my daughter. But, maybe she has too many shoes, so a Paul for my son.

  16. It's official - I am a shoe addict! The shoes are so stinkin cute. Anyway, would love a Melody for my daughter. But, maybe she has too many shoes, so a Paul for my son. FYI - although I love love their shoes, I wouldn't recommend their boots - we have had some problems getting a small foot all the way in there (despite that they are totally stylin).

  17. I love, Love, LOVE See Kai Run shoes. My son is currently wearing the "Sean" and the "Boden" styles. I'm not sure what ones we will buy next, but think I might pick a pair or two up over at the BabyCenter clearance.

  18. i realy do love all the shoes thay make for little girls thay are cute one of them i like well is the janes and well i need my little one shoes in a 7 or 8 thanks please enter me in for this thanks

  19. Would love to win "Clara" in Size 7 for my niece :) Also love "Elaine" and "Eliza" now that you featured it. I love purple :)

  20. My three favorites are the Sylvia, the Indria and the Elaine. I have no idea how I would choose one, but I think I could manage. :-) Thanks for the chance to enter!

  21. These See Kai Run shoes look wonderful. I've been admiring them for sometime now and I really love the Oliver shoes. Thank you so much for offering us this chance.

  22. I haven't tried these shoes but I hear wonderful things. I'd love to get a pair of Avery's for my niece. I love several of the boy styles as well and feel that they really could be used for either gender.

  23. The styles and qulity of these shoes are great! They are so soft and durable. The colors are awesome. Miss Weesie will look great and stylish in these!

  24. These shoes are so adorable. It is hard to choose a favorite. I think my favorites are the Yuna. But that could change tomorrow.

  25. I have read so much on the internet about see kai run and would love to have a pair for my daughter! Every design is fresh and beautiful, but I especially love the steph boot...

  26. There are so many cute styles to choose from! For a girl I like the Emilie shoe, I think it would go well with a lot of different outfits. For a boy, I think Henry is my favorite. I have boy/girl twins, if I won I'd have to flip a coin to see who gets the cute shoes!

  27. I love them all but a few favorites would be the Steph boot or the Yuna Mary Jane. Adorable!!

  28. Last weekend I left my son's pair of Striderites at his out-of-town Nana's house when he left wearing his pajamas. I panicked when I discovered this because now he has nothing to wear for Christmas Eve church. So to the store I went to take out a second mortgage to purchase another not-on-sale pair of Striderites. I keep telling myself that they are of good quality so the money's worth it. I also bought a size up from his last pair so hopefully they will last a little longer.

    But how great would it be to WIN a pair of good quality shoes? Wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. I have been seeing these shoes around the web and would love to give a pair a try. They look so cute and fun! I have lots of boys and it is so much harder to find cute boys shoes than girls!

  30. I love See Kai Run shoes! I would pick the Paul's in a size 9, or the Melody's in a size 5.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    sharvey at connections-etc dot net

  31. I love the Radik shoes for my little guy, and would love to be able to try them out! He's in need of some nice new shoes!

  32. I have heard so much about these shoes on various blogs. They really are adorable, and look very well made. We just had to go out and purchase some decent "first shoes" for my son. These would make a nice "second shoes" for him!

  33. Ooo, my last chance of the year to win SKR! Now, if I were to actually win I'd have to decide which girl would be the lucky one to get some new shoes! I can't even tell you which one I like best they're all so cute.

  34. I love the Julie boots in size 8, especially with all of this snow already! THanks for offering another pair. I'm crossing my fingers. :)

  35. Cheeks has bunches of purple clothes, and I love those Elizas. I also love about fourteen other pairs... d'you think your hubbs wants to run the numbers on this one (wink wink!)?

  36. There are so many wonderful styles, it would definitely be hard to pick a favorite. While these are well outside of our normal budget for kiddos shoes, I'd love to give them a try! I would probably have to choose the 'Paul' in a size 7, as I love the green/brown combo.

  37. Oh this is *such* a hard choice! I'd probably be happiest with one of each pair, you know? ;) Definitely, See Kai Run belongs in the "best of" category. For every year since they first came on the market!!

    With my mind dwelling on the frigid NE temps today, I'd pick the Dominic in size 4.

  38. We love See Kai Run, we have Nancy from the smaller collection which are getting tight, so this giveaway couldn't have come at a better time. I would love to win Julie for my little girl. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

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