Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2016


Stockings have always been among my favorite Christmas traditions. I especially love filling them for my kids because it's exciting to search for "little" things that they will love and use throughout the year. Below you will find my top picks for the best stocking stuffers for kids in 2016.

a-little-princess-puffin-in-bloomA Little Princess

Don't forget books as stocking stuffers! Classics from the Puffin in Bloom collection are a particularly good pick because these hardcovers are so prettily designed. Frances Hodgson Burnett's "A Little Princess" is an enchanting story. Who can forget the tenderhearted generosity and gentle strength of Sara Crewe? Such an admirable heroine. $11.82

Bridget Bunnybridget-bunny-by-mary-meyer

Plop this adorable bunny stuffed rabbit onto the top of your child's stocking. Let her sweet pink ears flop out as a a super snuggly surprise! We adore her bright beady eyes and sweet pink smile. The patchwork dress and striped socks add to her whimsical appeal. $13.98

charlottes-web-hardcoverCharlotte's Web

Beautifully written with a message of friendship & hope that transcends time, Charlotte's Web is the kind of classic that children actually want to read. The hardcover version is currently only $5.19 on Amazon and it's just the right size for a stocking.

crayola-crayons-24Crayola Crayon Box 

With just a bit of imagination and a stack of blank papers, an assortment of crayons can turn any 'ol afternoon into something wonderful. I try to remember to buy a few extra boxes every summer during the back-to-school sales and then tuck them away for gifts throughout the year.

decorate-a-christmas-wreath-stickersDecorate a Christmas Wreath with 39 stickers

This miniature little pocketbook features a cheery pine wreath and 39 accompanying thematic stickers - nutcrackers, doves, and candy canes. Most ideal for ages 3-5, the stickers can also be used for stationary or other crafts. $1.50

dixon-ticonderoga-neonDixon Ticonderoga Pencils in Neon Colors

Dixon Ticonderoga pencils aren't called the "World's Best Pencil" for nothing! They are easy to hold and they sharpen to an impressive point! Now available in a pack of five neon colors - purple, pink, orange, yellow, and green. $4.69

glamtastic-glitter-notebooksGlamtastic Glitter Notebooks

Sold in sets of three, these glamorous glittery notebooks are perfectly sized for stockings (4 x 5.75 inches). Each notebook features 64 lined pages. Easy to toss in a purse or backpack to jot down notes, poems, lists, or letters. $9.95 for a pack of three.

i-love-paris-stickers-doverI Love Paris Stickers

For the child who sighs at the sight of the Eiffel Tower in shops and dreams of faraway places. This miniature book includes 24 stickers that can be used for any number of craft projects. No two stickers are the same - wine bottles, cheese, and prancing poodles! $1.99

stainless-steel-ice-pack-onyxIce Pack by Onyx

Made of stainless steel, this 100% non-toxic miniature ice pack is diminutive at about 3x5 inches. Although it won't keep a picnic basket cold due its' small size, it works wonderfully for smaller snack pouches. You can also use this glossy, smooth ice pack for bumps and bruises.

itsy-bitsy-alphabet-stickersItsy Bitsy Alphabet Stickers

The package of these adorable stickers touts them as being "super cute stickers" - and they are! Kids will love using them to spell out greetings, phrases, or names of friends on teeny tiny cards. Itsy Bitsy stickers are also available in a variety of other themes so pick one that matches up to your child's interests. $.49

micky-mouse-band-aidsMickey Mouse Band-Aids

Fix up any scrapes or scratches with band-aids that feature the famous mouse that is perpetually optimistic. The box includes 20 band-aids in a variety of fun designs. I'd love to see more Disney band-aids in stores - Robin Hood, Cinderella, Peter Pan, or Beauty & The Beast! $4.94

new-york-city-stickersNew York City Stickers

These NYC stickers are fantastic for the New Yorker, but they're equally fun for any avid traveler. The 20 stickers include the Statue of Liberty, a yellow cab, a hot dog vendor's cart, a piece of pizza, and other icons from the famous American city. $1.99

note-pals-sticky-tabsNote Pals Sticky Tabs

Note pals are adorable mini packs of sticky tabs that can be used for marking a calendar or taking notes in class. The crayon box and colored pencil themes are great for artists, but we are particularly smitten by the travel time theme. The tabs are postcards, suitcases, and international envelopes. $4.75

clementine-cutiesOranges and Apples

Fruit is such a SWEET stocking stuffer. Find bite-sized apples at your nearest grocer or farmers market. Alternatively, choose clementine cuties - easy to peel for small fingers (AND fun to eat!).

personalized-name-puzzlePersonalized Name Puzzle

Help your child learn how to spell his/her name with a brightly colored wooden puzzle. Also ideal as a prop for pictures! $24


paintbrush-set-international-arrivalsThe Brush Works Paintbrush Set

A new set of paintbrushes is a welcome gift for petite artists. This colorful kit includes 7 different brushes of varying sizes. Throw out your old brushes caked with paint and replace them w/ new wispy ones for less than nine dollars. $8.30

wet-brush-mini-multi-packWet Brush Squirt

Wet Brush Squirt is the pocket-sized (aka kid-sized) version of the original Wet Brush. My favorite hairbrush! It works well for wet or dry hair and is ideal for use at home or on-the-go. Available in a number of different colors. $12.99/pack of 3

wikki-stix-rainbow-packWikki Stix Rainbow Pack

Such a cool stuffer for builders! Wikki Stix provide hours of non-electronic entertainment. These bendable, colorful "stix" can be used to create structures, pictures, letters, and more. We love that they have great lasting power and don't lose their waxy pliability (even if accidentally left out). $4.95


What are YOU putting in your kids' stockings this Christmas?

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