Billow: A Pillow...for your feet

fitflop billow chocolateLately, I've been wearing slippers every day. 

Well, technically, they're boots. But they feel like slippers - the comfiest, fluffiest, finest slippers ever! 

The website touts that the Billow is "the closest you can come to walking on a cloud." While I can't say I've ever walked on a cloud (and, if I had, I can assure you it would have been cold and not at all fluffy...), I can say that the Billows really are exceptionally comfortable.

And, if you're in some part of the country that is experiencing frigid weather (Check out Arianne's snow-covered house in Chicagoland...), you are sure to appreciate the warm luxuriousness of the shearling lining and cuff.

fitflop billow black camel pinkBest of all, the Billow, created by FitFlop, features the same "patent-pending leg-toning microwobbleboard TM midsole" as the original FitFlop. That essentially means that these fitness-inspired shoes pack a little extra umph with every step.

Yep, you heard that right: "Engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, FitFlops burn calories and tone legs with every step." Although I certainly don't believe that these shoes will get me in tip-top shape on their own, I do like the idea of burning a few extra calories just by slipping on these snug shoes.

You can wear the boots inside or outside, but I just prefer to wear mine lounging around the house (I can't decide if they're stylish enough for going out...what do you think?). 

The Billow retails for approximately $125 and is sold at, Victoria's Secret, and a variety of other retailers.

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5 comments on “Billow: A Pillow...for your feet”

  1. I want some! You sure they don't want to give a pair away to a "random" (read: me) reader to try out? ;) I have two pairs of slippers, and they are eons old; now that I think about it, one is 7 years old. Might be time to buy some new ones... To answer your question, if I had the beige or dark brown ones I would probably wear them out every so often with jeans, but not the pink ones.

  2. Slippers. I just started to wear them more this year than ever before. I have these fun bear claw slippers - and we all laugh every time I wear them, but they are so warm and soft.

  3. These sounds divine! I wear slippers all the time but I can't say I would spend more than $10 on a pair because I'm always buying new ones LOL

    I would probably wear them out of the house.

    Oh and the snow is finally melting away today here in Chicagoland thank goodness.

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