Birthday Gift Guide for 5-Year-Old Girls

Five-year-old girls are sweet and tender, bold and bright, loving and oh-so-lovable.

Because my daughter just turned five, I thought I'd jot down some birthday gift ideas for this age group. It's strange how quickly I forget what to buy a certain age/gender as soon my kids pass a stage. This post is as much a reminder to "future me" as it ideas for anyone who might be searching for the perfect gift for a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten girl. Hope you find some inspiration here!


La Newborn Doll Berenguer JC Toys

Newborn Baby Doll with Bottle

A classic doll is a terrific choice for any 5-year-old girl. Even if the birthday girl has other dolls, she will undoubtedly love adding to her "family."

We especially love the realistic baby dolls by JC Toys. This newborn 14" doll is so sweet - with sparkling eyes, scrumptious fingers + toes, and a gentle smile. Her skin is rubbery soft to the touch. The $29.99 package comes with a onesie, a short-sleeve t-shirt, a hat, a diaper, booties, and a hospital bracelet.

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Step and Stride Adjustable Girls Fisherman Sandals

I've said it once. I'll say it again. Shoes make a practical and fun gift pick for any age.

Step & Stride is a new brand to our family and our 5-year-old has really enjoyed wearing these silvery-white adjustable fisherman sandals to swim team, on errands, and in the backyard. Although they are not made from leather, they seem to be supple and offer a great fit. Apparently, they are also constructed with a "magic wick antimicrobial insole with odor fighting ortholite technology" (AKA something to fight the stink). Available for approximately ages 1-8.

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giant lion melissa and doug

giant lion stuffed animal

lion stuffed animal

For a stand-out present, pick up a giant stuffed animal - to be snuggled, treasured, and wrestled. This regal lion by Melissa & Doug can serve as an excellent nighttime guardian in a child's room. Thanks to its serious and warm expression, it can also double as Aslan in make-believe adventures.

We also love the Melissa & Doug brand because Melissa & Doug are REAL PEOPLE. They've been married 30 years and have six kids of their own!

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Toysmith Hand Tools

Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set

Outdoor toys are another shoo-in gift idea for 5-year-olds. Think: jumpropes, sand buckets, kickboards, water shoes, or a science discovery kit.

Also in that category: gardening tools. Toysmith has two different sets available - hand tools and big tools. Constructed of metal with durable hardwood handles, your child can actually use these tools to rake, dig, hoe, or weed right along with you! In other words, they are real tools...but kid-sized!


Cinderella Day Dress profile

Cinderella Day Dress Little Adventures

Super Hero Set for Girls

Pink Lightning Cape Super Hero

Dress-up is the name of the game for 5-year-olds. Once you know which character or theme you're looking for, browse the Little Adventures website. This is definitely our go-to brand for dress-up because the costumes are soft (not itchy!), stretchy, comfortable, machine-washable, AND affordable.

I'm loving the new non-dressy princess options - including Belle's day dress and Cinderella's work gown with apron (pictured).

If princesses aren't really her thing, a super hero cape, cuff, and mask set is a SUPER option. Pun intended. She'll rescue people and pets, while flying and somersaulting.


Stephen Joseph Fox Luggage

Whether she'll be cruising around the house, packing her things for preschool, or flying cross-country to visit grandparents, any 5-year-old girl will appreciate the adventurous possibilities of having her very own rolling suitcase. The fox luggage by Stephen Joseph particularly caught my eye because it is so downright adorable, but there are lots of other themes available. Butterflies, dinosaurs, flowers, monkeys, owls, pirates, princesses, sports, and sharks - there's something for everyone!

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What birthday gift ideas would you add for 5-year-old girls?

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