BlogHer 08 in Photos

BlogHer 08 in Photos 1

My bed at the Westin St. Francis. It was comfortable. It was also the first time I had slept alone in over 2 years.

BlogHer 08 in Photos 2

In the hotel room prior to Thursday night cocktail parties.

BlogHer 08 in Photos 3

At Guy Kawasaki's house: Me, Nicole (Apron Strings Aflutter), Caryn (Rockin' Mama).

BlogHer 08 in Photos 4

Outside of the Westin. Lisa (Workout Mommy) and me.

BlogHer 08 in Photos 5

Outside of the Westin. Shannon (Rocks In My Dryer) and me.

BlogHer 08 in Photos 6

Outside of the Westin. Me, Abbey McDonald (Mom Central Consulting), Kara Hoisington (Mom Central Consulting).

BlogHer 08 in Photos 7

Heather and Whitney (authors of The Rookie Mom's Handbook and bloggers at

BlogHer 08 in Photos 8

Inside Macey's. Closing Cocktail Party. Michelle (Scribbit) and me.

BlogHer 08 in Photos 9

At Lori's Diner. Melanie (Blogging Basics 101, Bloggy Giveaways, and Don't Try This At Home), Janice (5 Minutes for Mom), and me.

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28 comments on “BlogHer 08 in Photos”

  1. Hi!!!
    It was sssoo great meeting you at BlogHer (and thanks for taking a picture with us!). Hope you had a good trip home :)

  2. I love putting the faces with the names! Especially when you visit them every day, behind a computer screen! Can't wait for more!

  3. It was WONDERFUL to meet you Stephanie. Thanks for listening to my baby rants! All of us at Mom Central love you and can't wait to meet up with you again!

  4. I keep reading and seeing photos from Blogher and all I can say is, I'm so jealous! Looks like you had a great time- did you ever stop smiling!
    I bet you are happy to be home though!!

  5. I'm glad we got a chance to bump into you at the elevators - next time, perhaps we'll get a chance to clink a cool beverage!

  6. Love it and your laptop is so SLICK! I love the white. You looked wonderful in all of them also.

  7. oh what a super fun post this was...i knew almost everyone in your picts!!!! :) yay, thanks for sharing!!! glad you had a great time....

  8. You must be sooo tired, and so happy to see the family again! Enjoy tonight. I'm glad you had so much fun. :)

  9. Very cool! I bet you had lots of fun! Can't wait to hear about it!! Lis Garrett is right, you do have a FABULOUS smile!!

  10. What an awesome time you must have had, and what a great opportunity to meet such wonderful ladies!

    Fabulous smile on you, by the way! ;-)

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