BlogHer '08: Much More Than Just Your Average Conference

BlogHer '08: Much More Than Just Your Average Conference 1In case you haven't noticed that little button on my left sidebar, I'm going to BlogHer '08...a conference for bloggers (or, more specifically, for BlogHERS...). The conference is being held in San Francisco this year and 1,000 people are expected to attend. Sessions will cover everything from video blogging to monetizing blogs to driving traffic to your site to blogging from a global perspective. In between all of the sessions, there are cocktail parties, makeovers, book signings, speed dating sessions for BlogHers, photography walks around S.F., even a party at Guy Kawasaki's house! This is the most all-inclusive conference I have ever seen! Even the meals are included! The event planners deserve some serious kudos for solidifying such great sponsors.

I'm traveling with and rooming with my beautiful, fun, friendly, smart, and talented friend Nicole of Apron Strings Aflutter...and I know we're going to make tons of fabulous memories together.

I'll write more about BlogHer later, but I really need to begin by sending a great big thank you out to my sponsors...

BlogHer '08: Much More Than Just Your Average Conference 2Kiwi Magazine. "KIWI is dedicated to helping parents raise their children the healthiest way possible." And they do a great job at reaching their mission! Their magazine is jam-packed with fantastic information about green living, organic food, healthy eating, and more! Read my full review here.



BlogHer '08: Much More Than Just Your Average Conference 3B&H Photo. "The world's leading retailer of imaging products." Whether you're in the market for a new digital camera, a laptop, a TV, a printer, or an iPod...B&H has what you're looking for. AND they offer free shipping on all Apple products (you know I'm an Apple girl...)!

YOUR TURN: Are you going to BlogHer '08? Why or why not?

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12 comments on “BlogHer '08: Much More Than Just Your Average Conference”

  1. I know you'll have a lot of fun. SF is about as far away as you can get from where I live and still be in this country, so the flights are too $$$. Besides, I'm a very bad flyer. ;) I know you'll have a blast and learn a lot -- have fun!

  2. Same reason as most others, it seems - lack of funds. I'd love to go - was hoping to after I heard how much fun it was last year, but it's just not happening this year. Maybe next year... :(

  3. Why am I not going? Because I didn't find out about it until here recently (I haven't been blogging too horribly long), and I don't have the money as of yet.

    However, hopefully one day I'd get to be sponsered as well!

    I hope you have oodles of fun, and I can't wait to hear all about it.

    I'll be here in Colorado, jealous! :)

  4. You are just so sweet...I cant wait either! We're going to have a great time. Thanks for asking me again!

  5. I'm not going. Part of me wants to go (putting faces to names/ the fun). Part of me doesn't (I'm not a big fan of conferences unless I'm serving in some capacity - check-in/speaking/etc. Also, I can get pseudo-claustrophobic in large crowds of strangers.)
    The breaking straw is that I have an expensive family wedding to attend (airfare/car/hotel/etc.) in July. So, the "nos" won out.

    Have fun though! I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

  6. Finding time and money to go to a conference like that is simply out of the question for a grad students wife. :)

  7. BlogHer is on my wish list of things to much so that my husband is tired of hearing me talk about it. Money is an issue and so is our move. Next year when we will be living in CA it will much more plausible. I can't wait to hear all the juicy details.

  8. Hey! We'll see you there. (And stop by our little Zwaggle recycling center if you have a minute.)

  9. It sounds like a lot of fun and looking forward to hearing about it. I think I would be more willing to attend this in a few more months after getting my feet wet a little more. I would love to know when there is a conference in New York or Boston since I am right around there.

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