* BONUS * Win a Running Shirt

Since we're on the topic of running clothes, I thought I'd give you one more chance to win. Up for grabs is this pink Zoot Sports Runfit Tee...* BONUS * Win a Running Shirt 1

If you want to complete, the outfit, you can buy the matching Zoot Sports Runfit Skirt (on sale right now on the Run Worldwide website for $29.99).
* BONUS * Win a Running Shirt 2

Before I wrap up today's "workout clothes" theme, I'd like to know:
What are your favorite places to shop for workout shoes and clothing?

My top three are probably SkirtSports, Oiselle, and Brooks Running (Asics and Nike are up there too). When it comes to sports bras, you know I love ENELL.

WIN IT! One mama will win the Zoot Sports Runfit Tee (Size L - it runs a little small so you might be safe entering if you normally wear a M). To enter, simply leave a comment with your answer to the question listed above [in bold] on this post prior to Wednesday, Feb. 20. Remember, you must either post the Get Fit in February button on your blog or e-mail 5 of your friends about the promotion to be eligible! The winner will be announced and contacted on Thursday, Feb. 21. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #7 Amanda. Congratulations!

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45 comments on “* BONUS * Win a Running Shirt”

  1. I have a pr of Yoga pants from target that are SO comfy, but I like the nike and things from Dicks. I just started back to gym to lose the baby weight from having my little guy so this would be great!
    Emailed my five bestest!

  2. I, too, frequent Target for workout stuff, even though I'm mad at them at the moment...so no shopping with them lately. *angry eyes*

    Emailed friends!

  3. I like the Reebok outlet in Casa Grande and Famous Footware. You can get some good deals on running shoes at both.

  4. Sounds like a great T! I usually shop at Target, and they have decent workout stuff, but I'm starting to think I need to go somehwere specializes is sportswear. :)

  5. I'd love to win it...but I really only shop at REI sales and Target on sale...I'm pretty cheap! I did find some workout clothes at Walmart once but never again...they didn't last long.

  6. I find some good workout clothes at either Target or Mervyns. I like New Balance or Nike as well.

    I love your blog!! =)


  7. This is cute! I usually shop at Target - its affordable and similar quality to whats in the sports stores.

    I also put your button on my blog :)

  8. I typically shop at Target for clothing, since it's close by. But when I want running shoes it's off to the Nike Outlet for me.

  9. My favorite places to buy workout shoes is Chicks Sporting Goods. While a bit pricey, they always have the most current styles and I am an immediate gratification gal so I want it when I am shopping for it and they always have things in stock.
    So, since I splurge on shoes I usually buy my workout clothing at Target, Mervyns or Old Navy. They are affordable and since I am a PE teacher and around teenagers all day - they are also trendy enough to pass muster.

  10. http://onemoremile.net/
    I love their running clothes and they have hysterical sayings on them. I like to support them too because they are a mom & pop business.

    I get my shoes at Fleet Feet. They do a professional fitting include videotaping your foot strike on a treadmill to get the right shoe for your fit. The shoes cost the same as any other stores where you just buy the shoe off the race with no help.

    If this ends up as a duplicate post. My computer was being weird.

  11. Please enter me! My favorites for clothes are Kohl's, Reebok Outlet, and Target. For shoes, I always buy from Roadrunnersports.com.

  12. I fully intend to wear a M someday very, very soon!!

    I have made my most recent workout clothing purchases from JC Penney's. I like the whole matchy-matchy pants, shirt, hooded jacket ensemble.

    I hope to also own matching shoes for each outfit.

  13. well my yoga pants are the fold over ones from Victorias Secret, and I really need new stuff, and my running shoes are Nike, but other han that I do need new workout stuff. My goal this year is to loose 50 lbs

  14. I love this top! I like to go to the
    "Sports Authority" store or catch good sales on REI~ Thanks,Cindi

  15. I love shopping at REI for my fitness clothes, and PUMA when I've feeling extra trendy! (Thanks for the link to the stores that carry the work-out skirts! I was at REI the other day and saw some, but none in cute pink!)

  16. I'm going to enter and hope that it will fit (if win that is). If not, this would make a great gift for my runner mom.

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