Book Review: Peculiar Treasures

Book Review: Peculiar Treasures 1When it comes to reading, I'm mostly a non-fiction girl. I'm kind of the nerdy type in that I love learning. Every once in awhile, though, I love to pick up a fiction book - to get lost in a great story and to be sucked in by the characters that the author creates. When I do, I usually consume it all in one sitting (at least, that's what I did pre-baby). Now, if I read through an entire book in under two days, it means I REALLY like it - that I stayed up way too late reading after baby's bedtime. Such was the case with Robin Jones Gunn's newest book.

Peculiar Treasures is the first book in the Katie Weldon series, a book about a college freshman who is struggling to understand herself, her relationship with her not-yet-boyfriend, and her future. The text is easy-to-read and captivating. The scenarios are believable and capture that "window of life" perfectly. Although it is designed for the teen/college audience, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you haven't heard of Robin Jones Gunn, then I feel it is my duty to inform you that you are seriously missing out. Gunn has written 63 books (most notably - the Christy Miller series, the Sierra Jensen series, the Sisterchicks books, and the Glenbrooke series) and has a knack for drawing the reader into funny and heartfelt situations.

Book Review: Peculiar Treasures 2I first read the Christy Miller series and the Sierra Jensen series in high school - and my friends and I often described people in our lives by using the characters in the books (a.k.a. "I can't wait to find my Todd," "That's something Christy would do!", etc. - I warned you that I was the nerdy type!). My 4 sisters and my mom all eagerly read the books cover-to-cover (and multiple times) as well - and I should note here that they're not nerds - they're very cool.

When I heard Peculiar Treasures was coming out, I knew I had to read it. Katie Weldon, the book's star character, made "appearances" in the Christy and Sierra series so this book had some tie-ins from previous series (a very fun quality about Gunn's books). That said, you could read it as a "stand-alone" book.

If you're looking for a fiction book that is light, easy-to-read, and that will make you laugh-out-loud, you should check out all of Gunn's books. Buy them for your little sister, your cousin, or your mom.

As a side note, I actually just bought Peculiar Treasures for my sister's 18th birthday. When I called my mom yesterday, she said my other sisters (who are married) are already fighting over who gets to read the book next. The name "Robin Jones Gunn" has that kind of impact in our family.

WIN IT! There will be three winners. Each winner will receive a copy of Peculiar Treasures (just released this month!) by Robin Jones Gunn. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, Mar. 3o, at midnight (don't forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, Mar. 31. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The three winners are #76 Julie D., #78 K. Cleaver, and #79 Karin. Congratulations!

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63 comments on “Book Review: Peculiar Treasures”

  1. How is it that I, an avid reader, have never heard of Robin Jones Gunn? I hope to win so I can find out more! Thanks!

    cpamomva at hotmail dot com

  2. What a delightful book giveaway! I would love to read it and then pass it on to my nieces! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks very much!

  3. How could I have missed Robin Jones Gunn. 63 books is a lot! I would like to enter this for my niece who will be going to college soon.

  4. I have not yet read this author. These sound like books I'd be interested in reading. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I love all the Sisterchicks books! Gondolas was my favorite, but I'm really looking forward to the next one coming out soon :)
    I've also enjoyed Gardenias for Breakfast and Gentle Passages. I would love to win this book to get my girls started on Robin Jones Gunn!

  6. I remember enjoying the Christy Miller series many years ago, and would love to check out this newest novel!

  7. I would love to read something light. The boys are finally getting old enough that I can a book for any length of time.

  8. I can't believe I have read any Robin Jones Gunn books. I will be fixing that soon (well as soon as I can get out of the house since my girls will only wear dress-up clothes lately lol)

  9. I can't get my hands on enough books, and I think it's rubbing off on my daughter. I'd love to try this one! I think I might have read one of the Christy Miller ones when I was in junior high, but it's been so long that I don't really remember what it was about. Anyway, I think it sounds like a great read. Thanks!

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