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Stephanie Sheaffer reads books - lots of them. Read her reviews, plus win books and be inspired toward a more literate life.

Books for Kids That Fit in Stockings

Trying to think of something worthwhile, educational, and entertaining for your child's stocking? Look! A book! I've put together a short list of SMALL BOOKS that will fit perfectly in a stocking, but also have plentiful appeal.  There are obviously countless books that fit in this category, but I have selected just a few options […]

Beautiful Heirloom Books to Give at Christmas

To find a book under the tree is truly a wonderful gift. Books offer much more than ordinary presents. They offer mystery, adventure, inspiration, and hope - all in a very small package.  Although any book is a splendid treasure to receive, some books stand out as being heirloom-quality - resplendent hardcovers with beautiful scripts […]

Prepping for Kindergarten Guide

* Thanks to Teacher Created Resources, Lipper International, Kumon Publishing, Singapore Math, ABCmouse, the Eric Carle Museum, and Veritas Press for sending us school products to try. Our third daughter will be heading to Kindergarten this fall. With a spring birthday, she'll likely be on the younger side of her class - but she is […]

Children's Book Giveaway: Little Color Fairies

New in 2012, Mara Van Fleet creates a magical world of colors and sparkles for toddlers to enjoy. The fun begins with the front cover, which features three childlike fairies and a pull-out handle that makes the wings flap. Each page then spotlights one color (eleven colors in all). Rhyming text makes for a read-aloud […]

Children's Book Giveaway: Romeo & Juliet BabyLit

As you know, I'm a fan of "Pride & Prejudice" from the BabyLit series. This English major's heart couldn't help but be captivated. When I saw that a "Romeo & Juliet" board book had also come out, I wondered how the author might handle the delicate and depressing subject matter. I needn't have worried. The […]

Children's Book Giveaway: Pride & Prejudice BabyLit

It is a truth universally acknowledged that "Pride & Prejudice" is a literary masterpiece. Why not, then, create a board book for toddlers based on the unforgettable characters of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett? This sturdy book in the BabyLit series features counts from 1 to 10, alongside adorable images inspired by the famous Austen […]

Children's Book Giveaway: Rocket Town

Blast off into storybook fun with Bob Logan's futuristic board book, Rocket Town. The sturdy pages feature imaginative illustrations with a retro-cool vibe that are bound to be appreciated by parents and toddlers alike. Each page includes pictures of rockets in an artistic style that is reminiscent¬†of the Jetsons, but with modern Pixar-like appeal. The […]

Little House on the Prairie Boxed Set - giveaway

If you love great American literature. If you appreciate American history. If you enjoy a well-told story with characters that grow in your heart. You absolutely must read the Little House on the Prairie series. Don't be deceived by what you may have heard - these books are not solely for little girls. On the […]

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