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I Tried Boxed

Skip the crowds at Costco and Sam's Club! You can now get bulk products delivered to your doorstep at competitive prices - with free samples, to boot!

Founded in 2013, Boxed was created to allow you to "shop your favorite groceries and household essentials in bulk sizes and wholesale prices with free, fast delivery, no membership fees, and free samples with every order."

As a bonus, Boxed often throws in free creativity kits that let you upcycle your Boxed box (the current kit is a mobile phone costume - just in time for Halloween!).

Express service of fresh, perishable items (think: meat, milk, and eggs) is currently only available in NYC, parts of NJ, Atlanta, and Boston - but bulk non-perishable products are available to ship all over the USA.

Just like Costco, you'll find plenty of organic options too - including organic pantry staples like coconut oil and flour. Gluten-free snacks and baking supplies are also available.

Boxed also has a proprietary brand - Prince & Spring, which offers household staples at affordable prices. Items from P&S include paper plates, paper bowls, paper towels, garbage bags, hand soap, trail mix, even coffee!

When we tried Boxed, we ordered lunchbox favorites (stretch island fruit strips, pure organic layered fruit bars, and z bars)) and household items (Dove beauty bars, Huggies Little Movers diapers, forever stamps).

Boxed groceries

Here's a direct price comparison between Boxed, Costco, Walmart, and Amazon on some of the items we occasionally or regularly purchase. It goes without saying that prices fluctuate and sales happen.

  • Boxed delivery dayAustin cookies & crackers. Costco $.21 each. Boxed $.22 each. Walmart $.34 each. Amazon $.51 each.
  • Cascade ActionPacs. Boxed $.16 each. Walmart $.16 each. Costco $.21 each. Amazon $.27 each.
  • Cheez-It individual packs. Boxed $.27 each. Costco $.29 each. Amazon $.29 each. Walmart $.46 each.
  • Chex Mix individual packs. Costco $.32 each. Boxed $.36 each. Amazon $.44 each. Walmart $.52 each.
  • Dole Manadarin Orange Cups (in 100% juice). Costco $.54 each. Walmart $.55 each. Boxed $.62 each. Amazon $1.15 each.
  • Duracell AA Batteries. Boxed $.50 each. Amazon $.54 each. Walmart $.62 each. Costco $.80 each.
  • Huggies Little Movers Diapers. Costco $.18 each. Amazon $.21 each. Boxed $.23 each. Walmart $26 each.
  • Planters Nuts - Variety Pack. Amazon $.40 each. Costco $.41 each. Boxed $.42 each.
  • Stretch Island Fruit Strips. Amazon $.36 each. Costco $.39 each. Boxed $.44 each. Walmart $.60 each.

You'll notice that Boxed is a strong contender to Costco - with the added convenience of having the items delivered right to your door. No standing in lines, getting in the car, using gas money to drive to the nearest store, or changing out of your pajama pants! A big help for school lunches and stocking up with road trip snacks!

Other cool things about Boxed - the company pays  for employees' weddings AND college tuition costs for employees' kids.

Shipping is free on your 1st order and ALL orders over $49. Use this link to receive $15 off your first order of $60 or more!

Be sure to LIKE Boxed on Facebook and FOLLOW Boxed on Twitter to find out about deals and new products.

*Pro tip - Before you check out, remember to select + add free samples to your cart. I forgot to do this and there was no way to go back + add them to my order. Oops!

How often do you shop online for nonperishable groceries? 

Thanks to Boxed for providing a credit for our family to try this service.


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