Briefcase, Boardroom, and Baby

Briefcase, Boardroom, and Baby 1OPTION #1: Bring your baby to work with you.

Depending on your setting, it may be very feasible for you to bring your baby to work with you up until about 6 or 8 months. Babies are actually quite mobile and can be toted around with grace in a sling or wrap (see example illustrated above at

* You don't have to leave your baby. [This pro should be written about 150 times over and over again].
* You can keep working without guilt or sadness.
* You can keep working and thus continue to get adult interaction.
* You can keep working and thus continue to contribute to your professional development and your organization's mission.
* If you are breastfeeding, you can continue without the hassle of pumping.

* Efficiency and productivity are limited in some ways due to the many interruptions that baby creates (diaper changes, feedings, playtime, naptime, etc.).
* After 6 months, most babies become very active - they want to grab, touch, and chew everything in sight - and this scenario becomes less workable.

This is a wonderful short term option.

Note to Employers:
Allowing new moms to bring their babies to work is a fantastic way to build loyalty and goodwill from excellent performers. Plus, it shows that you are a family-friendly company and having a baby around brightens any environment.

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