brrrinngg! brriiinnng!

Oooh, Is that the phone ringing? I'll get it!


Actually, I changed my mind. I'll just eat it.


Wait a minute. Mom took it away. She said something about it being expensive (and potentially germ-y). No problem - I'll just stare out the window.


Or I could always play with my toes and give the cutest smile ever. I think I'll go with that.


My 7-month-old is wearing the Dancing Daisies Leg Huggers ($10). They're soft, stylish, and great for cool weather.

She was holding my iPhone...until I took it away.

On my iPhone, you'll find a variety of apps, including:

  • GPS Drive MotionX (gotta get where I need to go...)
  • Word Warp (I'm a total word girl)
  • Scramble (I'm kind of a nerd - what can I say?)
  • the NET Bible (for reading in-bed or on-the-go), and
  • Baby Names Plus (an app that includes pronunciations, meanings, genders, origins, and popularity rankings for almost 9,000 names).

YOUR TURN: Do you have an iPhone? What apps are your favorite?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Leg Huggers ($10). Three other winners will receive the Baby Names Plus app for iPhone. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, October 25th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner of the Leg Huggers is #41 dawn. The three winners of the Baby Names Plus app for iPhone are #20 Deborah, #35 Rhonda, and #21 Jordan. Congratulations!

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42 comments on “brrrinngg! brriiinnng!”

  1. I don't have an iphone but it is at the top of my christmas list so I am interested in what apps others find useful.

  2. I am going to have to add this app. to my iphone. We are still unsure of the next name. Already getting some use out of What to Expect app

  3. I got my daughter a paid of leg huggers to go with her halloween costume. they are so cute. i'd love to have another pair for her.

  4. The leg huggers are so cute and it seems your daughter doesnt mind them being on. They are perfect for the cool weather we get her in northern florida

  5. My little guy will only play with real cell phones. I tried buying the play ones and he throws them aside and demands mommy or daddy's phone!

  6. I love those leg huggers.. I think all little girls should have them. My daughter's have 4 sets right now, and they wear them still! They are perfect for those days that are chilly in the AM and warmer in the PM, you can take them off easily when it gets warm!

  7. My 4 month old hasn't discovered my cell phone...yet. I remeber putting my phone in a heavy duty plastic baggie for my older kids to play with so they didn't soak it with slober. I don't have an i phone but I'd love a pair of the leg huggers!

  8. the Word Warp...if I had an iphone I wouldn't get ANYTHING done!!! Sweet pics of your girl!!!

  9. My baby loves my iPhone too! And it always goes straight into his mouth, yuck. My favorite apps are the Shopper and the Baby Log. The Shopper is a grocery list tool that has the great feature of adding up all the items in your cart so you don't go over budget. The Baby Log is great for those early months when you just had a baby, it's basically like the Itsbeen Care Timer. It keeps track of feedings, sleep, diaper changes, etc.

  10. I have quite a few apps. I use the Facebook app all the time. I too have a bible app. For my 2-year-old I have a bubble app and a penguin game. I just found a phonics app I am trying out to see if it is worth the .99 for the full version. And my most recent app is wordpress.

  11. No iphone here. The first two pictures (and captions) made me laugh out loud though! What's she crawling on? It looks pretty fun. My niece loved to grab our cellphones when she was a baby so we took the battery out of our old one and it became "her" cellphone. Elizabeth likes it too although my husband won't let her have it to eat since apparently electronic products often have lead residues on them. This is also why she isn't supposed to eat our phone cords, although I'm hoping that the lead she's already ingested from doing that isn't significant.

    The leg warmers are really cute too. We've been considering them, but aren't sure how compatible they'd be with EC'ing (early toilet training). Clothing choices these days are all about being able to get on and off quickly for the toilet...

  12. no iphone whatsoever- just a basic cell- I love baby legwarmers though- I still carry around my almost 2 year old in my beco and we both love it and I love the legwarmers as her pants creep up and the weather gets colder

  13. I don't have an ipone (so wish I did), but we do love leg warmers here in MN...those would definitely be used! :)

  14. I think I asked you last week about the leg warmers -- got my answer! And thanks for the chance to win.

    I don't have an iPhone. There was a time when I really really wanted one but my husband, the more practical one, made me think through my reasons. I didn't have many. So instead I have a pretty cool Samsung Eternity.

  15. I'm kind of anti-cell phone. I have one (just a cheap Samsung), but it's a pay-by-the-minute plan, so I only use it when necessary. And very few people know the number, so I almost never get calls on it.

    But I do love Baby Legs!

  16. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch. LOVE. IT. There are a lot of really fun apps for kids (perfect for those times when I need them to sit still and quietly), but my favorite recently added child-related app is "Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Duck Duck Moose. Totally cute and interactive.
    Favorite apps for ME are all games, too. Doodle Jump, Quordy, and Flight Control.

  17. Hi, I don't have an iPhone, but our oldest son does!
    He likes everything about his phone. The leg warmers are adorable and on older children/adults,
    they make cute arm warmers. Thanks, Cindi

  18. I love the leg warmers for the little ones - I used those a lot with my daughter.

    No iPhone here, we thought about it and decided not to get them - instead we just have nice slide phones.

  19. I love baby leg warmers! I got one pair from Target and they are so warm and EASY!! What a brilliant idea for babies because you don't have to take anything off to change a diaper. Plus, I was born in the 80s when leg warmers were popular so I feel like I'm channeling that through my baby a little bit:)

  20. My iPhone has more apps for my daugher than for me. She's got some toddler games (Peekaboo Barn is a favorite, and I think was free, there's another Barnyard adventure one too), and free doodling apps she likes. Comes in VERY handy when waiting in line at the grocery store or a restaurant! But I love the Grocery IQ app for organizing my shopping list, and of course, the Starbucks app to tell me at all times where the nearest Frappachino is located!

  21. I do not have an iPhone. It seems everyone else does though :-/ hmmmm. Anyway, my remark has to do with leg-warmers. They appear to have transformed from a weird early 80's fad to now baby clothes. I find that interesting. Now, I want to see if they'll make the leap back to adult clothes! :-)

  22. I need the baby name app so bad it hurts! I can't go into labor yet, I would have a nameless little bundle of joy! Got any good names you're not gonna use?

  23. Oh, my little one loves electronics so much but he doesn't have a nice smile like your little one when we prevent it from getting slimed! No iPhone yet...

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