Bye-Bye Columns, Hello Surprises

Thanks to everyone who took my survey last week. I've been compiling the results and it appears that almost everyone prefers random posts to columns. Apparently, you all love the "surprise" element. 

Because I totally respect your feedback, I'm dropping the Working Mom Wednesday column and the Fit Mama Friday column. Tuesday Tours will continue and Themed Weekends will also live on, but the other days will be full of giveaways, product reviews, personal musings, and photographs (which are your favorite things). 

Thank you again for weighing in about Metropolitan Mama. [If you didn't get a chance to take the survey, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Click here.]

Bye-Bye Columns, Hello Surprises 1Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't send out a special thanks to this little monkey - Survey Monkey. He's the king of free surveys that are easy to create and analyze.  

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4 comments on “Bye-Bye Columns, Hello Surprises”

  1. We used to use Survey Monkey at one of my companies. Whenever we wanted to get an employee survey done (for our training classes, about the holiday party, etc), out came Survey Monkey to the rescue! It's an awesome tool.

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