Bye-Bye to "The Bounce"

One of the things that held me back from running for the longest time was..."the bounce."

That was back in the days when I tried to wear the same sports bras as my B-cupped counterparts. I'd put on one of those stretchy, over-the-head, $20 bras from Target...and get moving.

The only problem was that, when I moved, my breasts moved too. A LOT. That's not good for a number of reasons:

  1. It's distracting for people who happen to be driving by.
  2. It's distracting for you.
  3. It's uncomfortable and can be painful.
  4. It's not good for your breast tissue.

Then, I realized that all sports bras are not created equal. I also realized - much to my dismay - that I would have to pay a small fortune for a good sports bra. Finally, I realized that it was worth it.

enell sports bra hope pinkLong hailed by Oprah, the ENELL Sports Bra ($64) is a uniquely patented bra specifically designed for the well-endowed woman (32-52; C-DDD). It features a snap-up front and silky, yet sturdy, material. Once you get the hooks all fastened, the bra is quite snug, in fact, that you'll probably wonder at first if the bra is too small. But then you'll start running and notice that your breasts are compressed quite nicely with minimal bouncing. What a relief! What a miracle!

The ENELL was one of Oprah's "Favorite Things" and has been highlighted in O Magazine on numerous occasions. Oprah is sometimes criticized for featuring items that are a tad bit ridiculous or ostentatious, but this bra is not one of them. I highly recommend it to well-endowed women.

One thing is certain: if you have a D cup or larger, an ordinary sports bra just won't do. 

ENELL logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a sports bra by ENELL ($64). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, June 3 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #103 Catherine. Congratulations!

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181 comments on “Bye-Bye to "The Bounce"”

  1. Darn, can't believe I missed this giveaway. I totally want to try one of these bras, just can't quite get past the ugly quite yet. But I've tried (and reviewed) loads of others, and I'd love to hear feedback about ones the bigger-busted-ladies love/hate.

  2. Sounds like a great bra and I love that it's affordable as opposed to other things on Oprah's lists.

  3. I have one of these bras--and I could really use another one. It is amazing. Finally, a bra with no bounce. Now, I have no excuse not to do high impact aerobics!

  4. My goodness do I need this bra. I went from an A cup to a DD when I was fifteen years old. I have ruts in my shoulders and my favorite time of day is when I take my bra off. I can't wait to try this sports bra. Thank you for bringing this information!

  5. Boy could I use this. I love going running, but it hurts to run when you have big breasts and no proper support. :(

  6. The ENELL looks like it would be fabulous. Now I'm wondering if the local lingerie shop---on Broadway---carries them.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I whispered to my "girls" ... said "we have it at last, "girls" ... a super comfy bra that takes away your bounce, a bra that is perfect when I go running (yip, you have guessed it .. the "girls" get real tired when I run because they go up and down ... up and down... and the girls heave and complain !) The "girls" whispered back to me - win the bra for us. I said ... "sure, of course girls I'll give it a try" And, now that I have by writing to about "my girls" its up to you and the sponsor whether I keep my promise to best friends ... "my girls". :-)
    Super giveaway, thanks.

  8. my fiance needs one of these cause she exercises and i don't want her to hurt herself. thanks and have a blessed day.

  9. Wow...I just noticed this post after I read the previous post on 'workout of the rich and famous'. As a mom of 2 who is trying to motivate myself to start running a new, well-made, sports bra would be handy. Thanks again for your fun blog!

  10. I wouldn't have thought it but there is quite a bit of bounce involved when I bike. I didn't think I'd need a sports bra cycling until I actually started. I guess it's mostly the condition of the roads that's the problem but I'd love to control the bounce.

  11. My poor girls have suffered a lot of bounce in their lifetime. Mainly, high impact aerobics and running before the days of good quality sport bras. Now I'm in my 30's but I think they look like they're in their 50s! ACK! I do wear good bras now, but also wear them out quickly. Would love to try this one, thank you for the chance at giving my girls a "lift".

  12. that bra looks like it has a really great fit.i hate when bras dont fit right which is mostly all of mine. if it doesnt fit right you dont feel good :(

  13. Well endowed women everywhere know that just because it says "sport bra" doesn't mean it's really going to hold it all in. Most of them just seem stretched out and falling apart after a couple of uses. Then, you might as well be wearing nothing but a tank top because you're bouncing all over the place as if you have a tank on. Thanks for the contest!

  14. I went to Enell's website to check and make sure they had a size there that fits me, and yipee they do! I'd love to wear this wonderful ENELL Sports Bra when I run, right now I don't wear a sports bra per say, so being able to wear one specifically designed to keep you from "bouncing" around and keep you feeling comfortable would be a real treat! I have noticed that certain time of the month my "girls" are more sensitive so when I jog I sometimes stop because I am not feeling in the mood because of it. This would most certainly be a sports bra that will be of great help for me in that department! Thanks as always for the chance to enter.

  15. Wow! Being on the busty side I can appreciate this! This looks like the perfect bra for me and I love the front closure because it makes it so much easier to put on! I exercise first thing every morning and could really use a bra like this!

  16. This is awesome. I've never owned a sports bra and this one is made for those that are well endowed. I wear good bras but still I get a little jiggle when I walk, run or jog.

  17. after I saw on Oprah I bought one and it is much better than other sports bra. I love it.

  18. I just bought my jogging stroller and now I am ready to start working out again. This bra would be a great addition, especially since I am a large chested, breast-feeding mama.

  19. I would love to win this for my sister-in-law.She jogs and is always complaining that she needs to find a bra that will keep her girls from bouncing all around. This one looks like it could be the one she's looking for. Thanx!

  20. It so nice to find sportswear for larger busted women. I have a horrible time finding ones that will fit comfortably. And am usually disappointed when I get home that they never fit properly.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  21. Ah, I would love this.
    One of the things that keeps me from running is the fear that my boobs will be completely out of control, and uncomfortable.

  22. I really could use one of these bras. I always have difficulty finding one that fits "right".

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  23. I never had large breasts until I had my daughter, and boy, are they heavy! How do women live with these things???

  24. Finding bras period for the generously endowed woman is a challenge - without as you said paying a fortune. This bra sounds like a wonder! Thanks.

  25. I need a whole new size of sports bra now that I'm nursing. This is what I'm looking for--lots of support! Thanks!

  26. My son recently told me that he was embarassed to be seen with me. It is time to lose the extra 50 lbs that I have been carrying around. This would help me while jogging.

  27. I love to play soccer and tennis, but unfortunately, I do not own even one sports bra! This would be very helpful. Playing sports has always been uncomfortable in that upper region without a sports bra. I am sure this will change that.

  28. I've got a secret, I have never owned a sports bra. I'm rather well-endowed so this would probably work well for me. And yes I do work out, not real hard, but still it would be nice to not bounce around.

  29. oh, I hate the bounce. It sounds great to be able to keep the girls steady during a workout. I don't workout as much as I should, and need to get my body moving again (but not all parts of my body - my chest doesn't need to go crazy there) I want to start up running again and this would be a huge help

  30. as someone who is well endowed this would solve a huge problem for me when I do any sort of exercise or sports at all.

  31. i'm in desparate need of a new sports bra, especially since I have some intense dance practice coming up in the next few months!

  32. Wow thats great! I admit I wear sports bras every day for comfort and also after a work injury I dont feel strain like I do with a regular bra

  33. Ok, so I will admit to not having ANY boobs! But, my grandmother has some bounce to say bye-bye to! ha. She is always complaining about not being comfortable wearing a bra- and we are always thinking how uncomfortable it must be for everyone else when she doesn't wear a bra! This would be great for her!

  34. It is so hard to find a good bra in general, nevertheless a good sports bra. I will say Oprah's picks are usually spot on, because one of my favorite bras is an Oprah pick also, The 'Dream Tisha' by Le Mystere, I have it in every color. I hadn't heard she recommended the Enell, I will look into it as well. Hopefully I'll win it here first before buying it! :-)

  35. What a great prize! I splurged and ordered an Enell sports bra last year and love it, but I could definitely use another!

  36. I bought one a year or so ago. It really helps when I ride the mower around the bumpy yars. I'd tried everything else in the book: 2 regular sports bras at the same time, ace wrap, you name it. Of course, I can hardly breathe, ha ha, but it's so much better than the flop factor.

  37. I'm a 44D so I find it hard to find bras that support me enough, I'm only 26 so I need to look young! This looks like a great solution!

  38. Yes, the bounce. I have never purchased a quality sports bra, but I know I need one. I'm not a runner, but for other exercises it is still necessary! It's amazing that bras can be so complicated, and yet they are.

  39. "I have big boobs and I cannot lie!"
    "Sometimes I run and they hit me in the eye"
    "Sound off"
    "3, 4...."

  40. I need a good sports bra! I'm doing couch-to-5K trying to learn to run and get fit... but I haven't been able to find a sports bra in my size locally! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  41. Sounds like it would really keep my "girls" snug and secure. My girls would thank you if we won!

  42. I can honestly say I've never met a sports bra I liked. On the other hand, I'm pretty well stacked, so running without one isn't an option either. I'd be willing to give any new innovation a try.

  43. Talk about a motivator!!! I could really use a bra like this. I avoid running for this exact reason and would definitely love to get back at it if this would help my cause.

  44. That is so funny that you mentioned "the bounce" because that truly is the MAIN reason I don't naturally enjoy running. I still run every now & then, but it's definitely not my favorite way to exercise.
    A few years ago I was able to buy the Enell sports bra (thanks for suggesting it, Oprah!) and it is WONDERFUL for fuller chested women like myself.

  45. So true that the typical $20.00 sports bra is a joke! Usually also causes the dreaded, "Uniboob!" :D

    This is a very worthwhile item!

  46. I love that these Sports bras come in bigger sizes. I always have a hard time finding any bra in my size,so i am happy to see a Sports Bra that could fit;)

  47. I have never found a sports bra that fit right or was very comfortable. I would really like to try this!

  48. I'm a D cup and it is definitely a challenge to find an adequate sports bra! Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. I just started running and I'm on the larger side breast-wise...and this is a serious problem. I could use a bra like this. The bounce is not just annoying - it hurts.

  50. looking at the Enell site I wish i could be able to tell just exactly how many hook eyes there are to the bra. that's a little daunting, however the pic of the back of the bra looks pretty good for back support for the gals. i'm in.

  51. This bra sounds great. I've recently graduated from a B cup to a C, and it definitely makes a difference when I am exercising.

  52. I would love to win this for my daughter. She plays high school softball and this would be perfect for her.

  53. I've never been able to find a sports bra that offers enough support and this one sounds wonderful. Thank you!

  54. I just purchased a sports bra for myself because of The Bounce Issue. And now I'm wishing I had gotten two. I really hope I win this one! (It's probably WAY better than the $20 one I got at Kohl's!)

  55. oh my goodness!!! I need this. I have to wear 2 of those over the head bras...and there is still bounce. no pretty. oprah has never disappointed me with one of her favorite things...I bet this is a good one.

  56. I am large-chested (DDs) and I have found that I have to wear sports bras all the time. Many companies say that they have nice lacy ones that will work, but the wires always dig into me, and the lace itches.

  57. I haven't found a sports bra that actually fits me since I was in 8th grade. This is a great contest! I have the hardest time finding bras at stores!

  58. my breasts are so large making it hard for me to run. i am getting a breast reduction soon. i cant wait. i want to be able to wear nice bras, and bras that are good for support.

  59. I so need this, every since babies and breastfeeding my girls need support and comfort while I try to get back into shape

  60. as a full figured woman who is about to have her 4th baby, i REALLY need a good sports bra to wear to work out in...and to chase the kids at the park!

  61. Ever since I started wering these, I sleep in them and wear them as my regular HOUSEware. I'd so love to win.

  62. It's always so hard to find a sports bra that does the job and does it comfortably. I'd love to try this one.

  63. I have a really bad sports bra at the moment - even on the elliptical, which I don't bounce on that much, this seems to be an issue. If it can't even support in low-impact, don't even ask about high-impact!

  64. I have just started jogging a little and hiking three imes a week. I have been wearing my normal bras so far and I do bounce a whole lot. As a 38DD I have a hard time finding any comfortable bra, but a sports bra is the Hold Grail of bras - impossible to find. I'd love to try one of Oprah's faves! Thanks for the chance!

  65. Finding a good bra for running is next to impossible. Honestly DD is not that big that it shouldn't be such a challenge but it is. I have tried many and have only been minimally satisfied with one. I would love to give this one a try.

  66. i don't need a big size when i'm not pregnant but when i am -- watch out for my girls!!

    autumn398 (at)

  67. I'm sad to say that my girls are not in need of this wonderful bra, as they have become shrunken little deflated balloons after breastfeeding my babies. I do have a sister who would totally love this, though, so I'll enter for her. :) Lucky girl got all the boobs in the family!

  68. I'm either a 38D or a 36DD depending on the bra and this is fairly new to me. I've only had big boobs for a year or so and I'm still not used to them. I don't know why they suddenly grew but I wish they'd stop!!

  69. Sport bras are a must for me when exercising...don't like the bounce, OR the effects of the bounce on the girlz.

  70. You said it sister. Nothing worse than "the sisters" all over the place when you are trying to exercise!

  71. I have bought expensive and cheap sports bras and they all have the same problem. My boobs move too much and end up rubbing my nipple and making them feel like they are on fire. Actually it's only one of the boobs since I'm severely lopsided. But fire I tell you. I'm about to resort to large bandaids.

  72. This sounds great - I just spent ages trying on and trying to guess which sports bra would be least bouncy.....

  73. sounds like a great buy i always have a hard time finding a good sports bra i work outdoors and this sounds perfect

  74. It is difficult enough to find the right size bra, but add in proper quality and support and it is quite a chore. I need a bra to stop my jiggle!

  75. I would love this so much. I was an avid runner before developing Endometriosis several years ago. Now that I have had a hysterectomy I plan on running again, but I no longer fit in my "skinny" sports bras.

  76. I would LOVE to have this Bra. I just started running this past year and have yet to find a good bra to run in....because seriously, I'm liable to knock myself or someone else out with these things.

  77. Neat! I've never seen a sports bra that hooked. I bet it would hold me down so much better then those over the head stretchy numbers.

  78. I agree that most sports bras do not provide support for women who are more endowed topside. I'm kind of in that category, and it's hard to find one with support without being constricting. This must be a good find, I need to go find this and try it out!

  79. i desperately need one of these! i've searched high and low for the "most supportive" sports bra and could never find one that someone actually "swore" by. This would help me get out there and get in shape so much more!

  80. I like the brafitting video! They have a great size chart to get the right fit! I am going to measure.

  81. I could use a new sports bra for when I work out, especially when I'm jumping around while playing DDR. My weight loss took a lot of boobage, so the current bra isn't very supportive.

  82. I'm intrigued by this bra. I honestly thought that I sports bras was basically made the same way. Thanks for the informative review!

  83. I am not a runner, but when I do yoga or any type of aerobics, I definitely notice the ladies jumping with me. I'm bodacious as well and apparently my current sports bra is not cutting it.

  84. DD (and up) women---UNITE! I have tried and tried to take up jogging, but hate the pain that comes with the pounding. No, not my feet or legs, the boobs!

  85. I would love to win this! I wear a DD and I am so tired of the sports bras that I have tried! None of them work! Thanks so much for the chance!

  86. I have yet to find a sports bra that fit and worked comfortably. This would be great to win. It might change the way I feel about sport bras and running.

  87. sports bras for well endowed women! i could totally use that. my sports bras never quite cut it - unless they are so small that i can hardly breath!

  88. I've never actually had a sports bra that kept me from bouncing, and I'll probably be needing to work out once this baby is born in the next few weeks, so I'd love to win.

  89. My pregnant boobs just won't quit growing and my old sports bras aren't cutting it anymore. This would be a great way to keep running while the girls do their crazy thing!

  90. wow! This sounds like a terrific bra! I was a 38D before getting pregnant, so you can imagine the direction things have gone in as I near my due date!

  91. I am well-endowed, and am intrigued by this bra, and Oprah's endorsement of it. I'd love to win it and see how it wears.

  92. The "bounce" really is uncomfortable. Even for me with my b/c size - really I'm too big for B's and too small for C's - finding a bra that fits is a challenge, but when I do find one... trust me, I'll make a dent in my pocketbook for it and then I'll wear it out!

  93. Since having my son I have wondered what could replace my, now too small, old sport bras. This seems like a perfect fit. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a bouncing bosom while trying to get fit.

  94. i may not be as well endowed as some... but i still layer sports bras. bouncing while running just isn't comfortable. i have one that was pretty supportive, but i've had it for awhile and it's not so supportive anymore. i've been looking for a new one and this one sounds great!

  95. I do not enjoy excersicing anymore since I cannot find a bra that makes me feel like I am well supported. I wear a 46 DDD and NOTHING I have been able to find supports 'the girls' enough for me to feel comfortable enough to get out and exercise! This is awesome. I will be checking out their website! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  96. I appreciate the reminder that when I start running I will need a more supportive bra! Hopefully by then I'll have the money to invest :)

  97. When I am nursing, it is the worst. (ie. right now) I am about 3 sizes too big for about a year. It would be so nice to have some help wiht that!

  98. I just started training to run my first 5k (at age 49) and I know what you mean about the bounce! I am not big-breasted but I need support too. This
    sports bra looks like it would do the job.

  99. I just had my second baby and am on the lookout for a nice supportive sports bra. Nursing bras just don't cut it when you are trying to work out. And none of my prebaby sports bras fit. Right now it hurts to do much in the excercise department if you know what I mean.

  100. If it's good enough for Oprah...As a big-breasted woman who thinks she'd be arrested for concealed weapons if she ever tried running, a good workout bra would be amazing. I've often thought life would be easier if boobs were attaced by velcro - imagine - take them off for workouts and then choose whichever size fits best in the outfit you want to wear!

  101. How ironic to have this post ~ just the other day my hubby remarked how a woman jogging should have "better support" and that "it must hurt". Although I am not well endowed support doesn't hurt for any size.

  102. I'm on my 3rd kid, with a belly to show for it, and I have no exercise routine to speak of, yet. I've thought about starting to run around my neighborhood every morning before my hubby goes off to work... I've got the shoes, the pants, the shirt, maaaaybe the willpower... but I definitely DON'T have the bra. And at an F cup, yeah... that's not something I can run to Target for. Can I win, please??

  103. Holy cow, this is the EXACT reason I refuse to run--I can't stand the painful bounce. Sometimes if I layer up two regular sports bras, it works, but to have something this great--man, I might actually take up running for real!

  104. Oh to have a sports bra that doesn't make me feel as though I have a uni-boob or that I am about to pop out. As a 40E, good bras are hard to find. Sports and nursing bras are even harder. Thank you for posting this as I am in a similar situation as you- post baby and ready to start shedding the baby pounds and get in good shape. Here's to a healthy start!

  105. Really? A bra just for us? Because it doesn't matter what anyone says, those cute sports bras at the sports stores do NOT fit DD women. AT ALL! I have been wearing 2 sports bras at the same time for as long as I can remember because I just couldn't find a good one and none of my 'little' friends could recommend one that would work for me.

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