Calling All Kindred Spirits!

Calling All Kindred Spirits! 1If you haven't heard of Anne of Green Gables, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to her this evening.

Anne is a fiery, intelligent, and dramatic redhead with a knack for getting into mischief. Orphaned as a child, Anne is delighted when she finds out that a couple is interested in adopting her and that she will finally have a home. But her dreams are shattered when Matt and Marilla Cuthbert explain that they want a boy instead. Of course, Anne works her way into their hearts and what results is a beautiful coming-of-age story that is heartwarming and entertaining.

Calling All Kindred Spirits! 2Anne's character was originally created by L.M. Montgomery, an author who wrote 8 books about Anne's life. Canadian Film Director Kevin Sullivan produced a film based on the first book - Anne of Green Gables - in 1985. His rendition of the second book - Anne of Avonlea - came out in 1987. Finally, in 2000, he released a movie called Anne: The Continuing Story, which ironically is not based on the novels (a bad move, in my opinion, since most viewers of the movie are also big fans of the books).

Calling All Kindred Spirits! 3Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea (sometimes referred to as Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel) are both among my very favorite movies. The cast is second to none, the costumes and scenery are enchanting, the script is smart and amusing, and the characters are developed so exquisitely that the viewer feels very attached by the end of the story. I also have a particular fondness for both movies because they are refreshingly wholesome and devoid of the "ugliness" of crass humor, one-night stands, and violence. This is truly a movie for the whole family. 

You would probably find this movie in the "family" section at your local video rental store, but it could also be neatly tucked into "drama," "comedy," and "romance" because it combines all of those elements. The love story between Gilbert Blythe ("Gil") and Anne Shirley ("Carrots") is one of the sweetest that I've come across on the silver screen.

If you're looking for a memorable and magnificent movie to add to your home collection, look no further than Anne of Green Gables. 

If you're a die-hard Anne fan (or should I say a "kindred spirit"?), you'll be excited to hear about the Anne of Green Gables 20th Anniversary Five-Disc Collector's Edition ($69.99), which includes all 3 Anne movies (I don't really care for the third movie...), missing scenes, lost footage, and over 75 minutes of 2 new documentaries.  

Calling All Kindred Spirits! 4WIN IT! There will be three winners. Each winner will receive Anne of Green Gables Five-Disc Collector's Edition. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, June 16 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). *Contest is open to readers from any country.  

*UPDATE* The winners are #85 Nicole Bloodgood, #3 Kari, and #167 MaryAnn. Congratulations!

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573 comments on “Calling All Kindred Spirits!”

  1. I don`t have any of the movioes...though I would like to. But I do have all the books and read them thousand times and I have ejoy them. I thing I will enjoy them allways. Now I want the movies.

  2. I still remember watching the story when i was little where's anne done the nose thing and how the rat got into the foods (giggle*). The story is wonderful. For me this is the best story ever.

  3. Hi Im french but I try to say that In english

    I very Love anne of green cable, I love this movies and I cry Every time I listens this.
    My dream would be to be able to speak to her in the truth. I would like I could be as her.
    I read hte book a lot of time and I would read it again. Anywerr.. Anne shirley Is The example of the children.

  4. I would love to win Anne of Green Gables on DVD. I know I would enjoy watching it so much. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  5. Oh, this is so neat! I just got through reading the books to my daughter and she loved them. I would love to win the boxset for her, it would make for some great quality mom and daughter time!

  6. We used to watch this on PBS! My daughter, who was 5 at the time, even liked the show, although she wasn't able to follow the story very well. Now she is at the perfect age to enjoy Anne.

  7. Man, the Anne series was such an important part of my childhood. I unexpectedly identified with the auburn-haired heroine and really learned a lot about independence and free-thinking through her fictional life. I always wanted to buy these DVDs and revisit them as an adult but I never got the chance to purchase them before. Thanks for bringing back such good memories of Anne, Diana, Gilbert, Marilla, Matthew, and company!

  8. My absolute favorite books as a little girl...I would love these for my 6 and 4 year old daughters!

  9. I Do Love the L.M. Montgomery books and movies!!
    Of course Anne was where I developed this love then moved to the Tales of Avonlea and on to the very Rare tapes of Emily of New Moon!! I always wanted Anne and Gilbreth to get together. Why can't we have more family-wholesome show, books, and television? Thanks for the contest . This would be a pleasure to win!!!

  10. I love Anne of Green Gables. I've read all the Anne of Green Gable books and they are really good. I would love to win the videos. Thanks for having the contest!

  11. I loved this movie/show when it was on the Disney channel. I watched it as a girl and remember the beautiful scenery and colors of the era. I hope to win but if not, then I may just look into buying my own Anne of Green Gables! :)

  12. I love this series. I watched with my mom when I was younger and the few times I caught it again on tv I watched with my girls.

  13. woot! I'd love to have this, we are going to use it for school, and this would be a great reward when finished with the books!

  14. What memories these movies/books bring back... I would love to share these with my daughters. Has it been 20 years, already?!

  15. I Am Also An Anne With An E..Read The Books As A Child & Have Seen The Movies Many Times On PBS. I Loved Anne's Spunky Spirit & I Wish They Could Just Continue On With Her Story..

  16. Kyra absolutely loved these books- would love to win the movies for her. Thanks for another great contest.

  17. After reading the Anne series as a kid, I so wanted to be Anne-with-an-E and live on P.E.I.! I loved it when they came out with the movie version of them!!!!

  18. I loved this as a child and my grown daughters could watch it over and over. Now my grand daughters are getting old enough to watch it. Great Prize!!!

  19. Count me in as a great fan of Anne of Green Gables! Would love to win the DVDs - Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  20. Thanks for reminding me about Anne....loved her when I was a kid and would love to share her with my kids now!

  21. How I would love this. I have just started reading the set. I am on the 2nd book. Would love to see these dvds.

  22. daughter is currently reading one of the books in the series, I'm sure she would enjoy the movie adaptation.

  23. I have never seen the movies, but I read the books many times over the years. Yes, I am a “kindred spirit”! I feel a couple of movie nights coming on and I have the popcorn ready for the microwave! Maybe I ought to get out the iron pot and pop it the old fashioned way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I heart Gilbert! I heart my husband but I grew up watching the series and reading the books. You've just taken me back to my sweet childhood....: )

  25. I have never seen the movies but read the books as a child. I'd love to introduce my kids to Anne this way, as I'm sure I won't pin them down to reading. (Did I mention school is out in two days?) I really like the family-friendliness pitch; that's harder and harder to coem by these days.

  26. I can remember watching some of these movies with my grandmother when I was about 10 years old. I loved them. My grandmother has since passed away but I will always remember sharing those moments watching Anne of Green Gables with her!

  27. Now you want to talk about clasics...that would be
    Anne Of Green Gables :-)
    Takes me back to my youth and a good read :-0

  28. I would love to see the shows, I have read the books and this is a great set to own Count me in to win

  29. What a fond childhood doesn't get any better than this classic. Just seeing Anne brings back memories...that's powerful. :) Lots of enjoyment throughout the years with the books and then the movies. I am glad to have experienced these works of art.

  30. We love Anne of Green Gables. When I was in college I took an adolescent literature class. I had to do an oral book report. I chose this book. I came in dressed as Anne and my (normally blonde) dyed red and in braids. (I got an A on my project!)

  31. I was just thinking of Anne of Green Gables the other day and when I saw this contest I was soo excited! I'd love to win this not only for myself but also for our upcoming baby girl, I'd like her to be able to enjoy the same quality books that I read as a child growing up!

  32. I love love this books! I was only able to watch the 1st DVD from Netflix, but the others one were not available, it would be so great to win this! Thank you.

  33. this was one of my favorite movies to watch growing up. Anne with an e. So many fond memories of watching this with my sister. Thanks

  34. My daughter has read all these books at least 8 times - she watches the videos, now old and scratched - I would love to give her a new set for her 24th birthday (!)

  35. I LOVE the "Anne" movies and the books, and so does my oldest daughter. This would call for a "girls' weekend" for us!

  36. I loved these movies when I was younger and have had great trouble4 trying to find them to share with my daughter. The portray a great movie line and presented morals. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. Anne of Green Gables is a classic that is family friendly and teaches how people once lived before the electronic revolution.

  38. I have read the books but not seen the show. I would love to win this. I have a good friend that compares me to Anne. She says I act just like her.

  39. I loved these movies and the books also. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, costumes are great, acting is supurb. If you haven't seen the first two movies you HAVE to, they are great. They made me want to visit Prince Edward Island, hopefully someday I will make it there.

  40. Many years ago when my mother was alive, but bedridden, we watched Anne of Green Gables together. We both enjoyed it so much. It was a nice break from my caretaking efforts and from her pain and worries. I would love now to re-watch it again and share the experience with others in my family.

  41. I have never seen this series but have heard lots about it so would LOVE to win this. Thanks for this contest

  42. I watched the entire series on PBS with my children, years ago. I would love to watch it again with my nieces, who are the perfect age now, and navigating in such an imperfect world. It would be balancing and inspiring for them.

  43. I loved the Anne books (and Emily books and all the rest)! This would be great to win (fingers crossed).

  44. My mom lives in NC alone and a snake got in her house! (a copperhead is deadly!) She had to up and leave and is staying with my sister. She had to leave all her stuff and I would give this prize to her. Poor woman!!! By the way, her #1 fear, -snakes!!! Anyway, this would make her day.

  45. I have always loved Anne and would to introduce her to my grandaughter thru these DVD's. I'm 80 and she is 17, but we would both enjoy them VERY much.

  46. I would absolutely love to win this dvd set. I love the Anne of Green Gables movies and think this is an awesome contest!

  47. I read these books again and again as a child! I can still remember them on my shelf, all stored together in their pastel colored box that housed that collector's set of books. Wow, were they well loved. So much so that today they sit packed away downstairs in my basement waiting until my oldest daughter is ready to read them! Such wonderful stories to be sure! Thanks for the great contest/giveaway!

  48. The first time I saw Anne of Green Gables I couldn't get enough of it. Now a lake isn't just a lake, it is a "lake of shining waters." When I pray, sometimes I just want to "feel" the prayer as Anne said. Just thinking about all the scenes makes me warm and fuzzy. This is such a special movie. I don't think I could pick any one scene as my favorite, but I loved the relationship between Anne and Matthew. A wonderful, wonderful movie.

  49. We visited the "anne of green gables" house. And we got to watch the DVD too. Now I would like one for myself and my grandchildren to enjoy.


  51. Oh I would love to win these. Classic treasures at their finest. Loved this when I was younger - ohhh to relive those days. Thank you

  52. Finally they've put in in DVD!!! Please oh please pick me. I had the VHS tapes and all the books when I was younger.
    I can remember trying speed read through to get to the parts about Gilbert. Oh Gil!

  53. Oh my goodness....i would just LOVE this set!!! I absolutely LOVE Anne of Green Gables!!! Please sign me up!!! I know my chances are slim with over 400 applicants already...but I still want to try my luck! This would be one of the best prizes!!! Thank you!!


  54. This girl, Carrots, made me want to have red hair. I tried it once. Have you ever tried to go from brown to strawberry blonde? Yeah...not so natural looking. Gil was a hottie...and I guess I thought red hair attracted attention. Awe well...hopefully I'll get to live vicariously through Anne some more with these DVDs!

  55. I would love to win these. The Anne books have long been my favorites. My dorky best friend and I even went so far as to call each other Anne and Diana for years. Thanks for the chance.

  56. I loved these books and my daughter is a huge reader! She is in third, well going into fourth grade and is reading on a high school level. We are always buying her new books to feed her reading appetite! I would love to win these to share with her!!! Thanks for considering me!

  57. I would LOVE to watch this with my daughters. Not to much available that I let them watch so this would be a real treat for them

  58. I loved watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea as a child. I did not even know there was a third movie...I'll have to check it out! I remember trying to be like Anne all the time...oh the memories:)

  59. Apparently there are many kindred spirits out there. I remember when I bought the Anne of Green Gables DVD my husband balked at the price of my 1 movie when he could get 2 bang bang boom movies for the same. I'm sure I'm right that my movie was the better spent money! Now with 2 girls he's going to have to be won over, like it or not!

  60. My sisters and I loved these movies growing up. We all wanted to be best friends with Diana and marry Gilbert Blythe. Plus, my middle name is Anne with an E.

  61. This is one of my favorite series. While i was on bed rest DD1 and I were able to enjoy some of it together when it was showing on our local PBS station- she's is now hooked! I'd love to win this so she and I could sit down and enjoy the whole story together

  62. The Anne of Green Gables books were my daughter's favorites. I have not seen any of the movies but I would like to!

  63. Wow! That brings back memories of watching this on PBS when I was young. I now have 3 young, spunky girls who would LOVE Anne. If I don't win, I will definitely have to buy...or ask Santa to bring for Christmas ;0)

  64. Kindred spirits indeed! How can you not adore Anne? I used to wonder how many cantakerous old women can one girl meet?

    The question I asked friends of mine...Who would you rather marry Gil or Mr. Darcy - both are two of my favorite male characters in literature.

  65. This is mine and my daughters favorite. I read this to her when she was little and we would love this to watch together.

  66. I love all of the Anne movies! I have the videos and I have watched them over and over and over. But they are probably going to wear out soon, so I would really be thrilled to win the DVD set of Anne!

  67. I have always loved Anne with an "e." I would love to see if my daughter would like her as well. Probably not cool enough, but I don't care. I love Anne of Green Gables!

  68. I love Anne of Green Gables. I started spelling my middle name (Ann) with an "e" at the end just to emulate her. I read my copies of the books until they fell apart. My sister and I would watch the movie every year during the PBS fund drives.

    When it finally came out on tape, my high school girlfriends and I geeked out and watched it on graduation night rather than partying it up.

    I even wanted to go to Prince Edward Island for my honeymoon!

    My husband just mocked me the other day about Anne of Green Gables and serendipitously, this contest pops up!

  69. What a wonderful contest! My eldest daughter spent many blissful hours bonding over the Anne books and, lo and behold, the movies when they came on PBS. I was thrilled several years ago to get the movies on video, but would love to update the format. Thanks for the memories.

  70. I am completely into the classics and this is definitely a classic set. This would be wonderful. My daughter and I have movie nights when she comes home to visit and this is exactly the type of thing we love to watch together. It's complete girl time for us and we love it. This is super exciting!

  71. My pastor and his wife highly recommend this movie. However, I can't seem to find it anywhere. I would love to win!

  72. I love Anne! I'm gonna have to go and dig out those books now. I've been wondering when I could start reading them with my daughter.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  73. My daughter LOVES anne of green gables. She must have watched those movies hundreds of times.I would love to win this for her. Thanks

  74. Oh man, I'm getting teary just remembering this series. It's just such an amazing story. The love story of Anne and Gilbert still makes me melt.

  75. My mom loves this one. I would love to win, sounds so good. Was raised in a large family. My mom and dad are still together some how after almost 50 years. Couldn't dream of being an Orphan. My 2 younger sons are now 14 and 15. Their dad got killed in an accident when they were 7 and 8. I'm glad I remarried, cause if something was to happen to me they won't be orphans. Please enter me, thank you

  76. Oh my gosh, this is an awesome contest! I first read Anne of Green Gables when I was 12 and it's been my favorite book/series ever since! This would be a terrific dvd set to have!

  77. I have loved this series since childhood, and have read all the books many times. I recommend them to anyone, they are a joy to read.

  78. I used to just love this show/books when I was a kid. It be great to see again with my own daughter.

  79. How did I manage to miss Anne growing up? this is the type of story i have always loved and want to share with my kids.

  80. My middle name is Anne (when said out loud, you must say "with an e"). Eeeek. I loved these movies. How I wished I had her auburn hair when I was growing up (ok truth be told, still wished I had her hair color ~ lol).

  81. This is one of my favorite series; I especially love all the different characters and their strong personalities.

  82. My husband bought me the Anne of Green Gables book series right after we were married and I watched the series of movies on public television. I am so a"kindred spirit" of Anne.

  83. Oh my gosh! Don't you just love Megan Follows as Anne Shirley? Why hasn't Kevin Sullivan made more family films? My late Mother's favorite book was Anne of Green Gables and two of my daughter's middle names are - in order - Anne Shirley - after my Mom (Anne) and her favorite book! What a WONDERFUL contest to have! My almost 8 year old (her birthday is tomorrow) would be thrilled with the series (even the 3rd one!).

  84. Oh my gosh - I LOVE Anne Shirley! I've been watching the Anne of Green Gables DVD's since I was a little kid and it would be great to actually own the series (although I'm sure the movie places love all the $$ they get from me LOL)

  85. That was one of the most wonderful productions ever! Makes me laugh and cry every time I see it. Wonderful contest!

  86. I still watch these movies every couple of months...I even like the third one! Of course, my copies are recordings from the tv onto VHS from when I was a kid, so I could really use an upgrade!

  87. Oh my goodness! I grew up with Anne of Green Gables! This would be such a wonderful set to have. I would still cherish watching it, and it would be something my daughter could grow up with, too!

  88. The Anne of Green Gables series was one of my favorites when I was growing up. I remember my fifth grade teacher giving me Anne of Windy Poplars in a beautiful old hardbook copy.

  89. I love Anne Shirley. These books are the best I have ever read and my girls think so also. I would love to win the movies and watch it all over again.

  90. I love Anne! I read all the books when I was a girl & have never seen these movies. It would be so cool to see those stories come to life on the screen!

  91. This is my favorite movie of all time! and I've read all the books too :)

    the day before my 2nd child was born, I watched all 8 hours (movies 1&2) and cross-stitched all day (with much crying, etc). I would LOVE to win this set!!!

  92. my wife is a huge fan of this movie. she has now gotten all of our girls to like it too. when there's a lot of ironing to be done, this movie is watched more than any other. at least I get my shirts ironed.

  93. This would be great! I have never had the chance to watch any of them all the way through, but I do love what I have seen.

  94. I know you must think I have been living under a rock all my life but I have never seen any of these movies. Please give me the opportunity to see them

  95. I enjoyed and loved reading the series. Never got to see the movies. I'd love to have all of the books so I can re-read it.

  96. I haven't seen Anne of Green Gabels for years. I would love to win this set so I could enjoy Anne again.

  97. "Anne of Green Gables" the quintesential Laura Ingalls for we Canadian gals.- a truly great story!"

  98. Oh, I loved these movies (except yes, you're right the third one isn't my favorite). I have these taped off of PBS, but the quality is poor. I'd love them on DVD.

  99. I haven't seen this movie in years! I think I was probably in Jr. High last time. I'd love to see it again though.

  100. I grew up loving the Anne of Green Gables books, and read the entire series! Now that I'm a mother to two small daughters, I am hoping they will love the character and the stories as much as I do. Anne has a genuine freshness and depth of personality that is an inspiration, even today.

    Thanks for such a great contest!

  101. My daughter, Nora, has red hair and loves to write. She enjoys every viewing of these videos. I would love to give them to her

  102. The first time I saw Anne of Green Gables it was in Japanese! (I lived in Tokyo at the time.) I didn't understand a word - no subtitles - but was so enthralled by the music and scenery (and what I could make of the story) that I sought out the books right away. When I moved back to the states I rented the english version w/i my first week home. I can't tell you how much our dear "Anne Girl" means to me. Thanks for having this contest.

  103. I love Anne of Green Gables. So Classic and I am definitely a fan ~ a.k.a. kindred spirit. It has been quite sometime since I have watched these, and I don't think that my hubby has had the "Anne" experience yet. He's in for a treat if I win. ;)

  104. My daughter is the perfect age to be interested in Anne. I'd love to win it for her, and us! Thanks for the contest!

  105. Anne of Green Gables...Anne of Avonlea...awesome. As much as I loved Anne, I would still have to give the set to my sister if I won. She was an even bigger fan!

  106. This is one of the only television shows we were allowed to watch growing up. We got a Canadian station on our tv that played the series every Sunday night. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  107. I enjoyed watching this the first time around. It is such a timeless classic. I'd love to own it!

  108. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite classic books! It's a great mother-daughter read! The Librivox project (a free non-profit un-copyrighted audiobook project) has most of the Anne of Green Gables audiobooks for free! I haven't seen these movies yet, but I would love to see them in the future!

  109. I love this series when I was younger. I would adore winning this and showing it to my young nieces and letting experience all the joys I remember

  110. Even though I was neither wicked nor red-headed nor a stepchild, I always related to Anne and her headstrong ways!

  111. I have heard so much about this collection, Sorry to say I have never seen any of them. It sounds like a wonderful collection to have in the movie case.

  112. The Anne books were my favorites as a young girl. I haven't seen the show, but I would love to watch it with my grandaughter.

  113. Oh how I love Anne! I played Diana in our high school play...many years was so fun! My favorite stories are those from when Anne was teaching. I became a teacher, too!


  114. Oh, I loved these books growing up. And the movies. My daughter is only 5, but I've started collecting the books for when she's ready to read them--this set would be great to have after she's read (or listened to) the books.

  115. Definitely a kindred spirit here! I have always loved the Anne of Green Gables books and have enjoyed watching the movies - though I don't own any of them.

    I remember my mom watching some of her favorite parts so many times she had some of the script memorized!

    Though I loved Gilbert - I kind of would have liked Anne to end up with "the old guy"...she could have married him, had him die off at some point and then marry Gilbert.

    The books are so superior to the movies - you really need to read the books first before watching the movies...

  116. I just found your site through scribbit. Would love to win these, but am probably too far down on the list. I watched these movies with my mother when I was a teenager. They were wonderful.

  117. I would LOVE to own these sets. The movies are fantastic and as timeless classic as the books which I do own

  118. I loved watching this with my daughter, what fun it would be too watch them again with my grandaughter.

  119. I carry ebooks of Anne's adventure's on my iPAQ, to read on the subway, in waiting rooms, in my spare time.

    And I watched every minute of the series when it was on. It would be so good to have it home.

  120. I Know I am from rather far away (South Africa), but I just must enter the contest as I would love to be able to introduce a new generation to Anne of Green Gables.

    Thank you.

  121. I have never seen this nor have I read the books. I would love to and I thank you for the opportunity.

  122. I have read every book and watched each movie at least twice and the first once at least 5 times. I would love to share these movies with my girls!! (Well not the 3rd one since it has WW1 or the great war as it was known)

  123. Anne of Green Gables is bar none the best series that the whole family can enjoy! (Even the guys, even though they won't admit they like it, you will catch them watching it).

  124. This has been a favorite of mine for years. Imagine how excite I was when my son's first play was Anne.

  125. I saw this when it originally aired in 1985 and I fell in love with the movie and its sequel Anne of Avonlea,2 of the best movies PBS has ever made.Megan Follows was perfect as Anne.I am not a fan of the 3rd movie either because it did not follow the bookk.Its been 23 years ago and those 2 movies still rank as 2 of my favorites.

  126. In all my 34 years, I've never seen any of the movies shown above. They look great and if they're anything like little house on the praire...well, I think that's awesome, besides all of the older films from when I was growing up are pretty neat, although the only shoes I ever watched was little house on the prarie.

    Really great prize package up for grabs.

  127. I have been a fan of these books for years, and have dreams of seeing Prince Edward Island myself. My Grandfather was born and raised on the island and somehow these books make me feel like I got to know my Grandfather (he died years before my birth) Thank you for the contest

  128. I'm a fellow kindred spirit who has enjoyed Anne books since I was a young girl. This is one prize that I would love to win. I would definately watch these dvds over and over again. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize!

  129. I fell in love with anne of green gables in my teen years.. I still have a crush on gilbert. I wanted these movies to go on forever...However the 3rd installment was quite a disappointment but I still love Anne!!!

  130. wow, this really takes me back! i can't believe it has already been 20 years!!! i used to live for all things "anne with an e." i will be crossing my fingers that the dvd set will be mine...i pine for it as anne pines for puffed sleaves!!!

  131. i remember when these were first featured on PBS YEARS ago. addictive! i loved them. the books were fantastic, but the dramatic series did them justice, indeed.

  132. My youngest daughter is almost old enough to read these. I always tell my kids I'll buy the movie after they've read the book.

  133. Saw this for the first time yesterday. Was really taken by the wonderful acting story and emotional empowerment. Just a pleasure to watch. Would love for my girls to have a copy to view

  134. Remember Tomorrow is new with no mistakes in it. That sentiment has keep me going through some bad times, and I've even given those words I learned to others in need. In this modern hectic time, it is nice to cuddle up on the couch to Anne's world and watch how she mustered her strength through her trying times and succeeded. I would love to win Anne of Green Gables 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

  135. My sister and I used to watch these with our mom all the time. I think I'm going to go out and rent tomorrow!

  136. Oh, my. Those books are STILL my favorites of all time. I could read them again and again. The movies are just as good! I'd love to share these with my kids.

  137. I would love to show Anne Shirley to my grandchildren and teach a whole new generation about Green Gables.

  138. Oh, how I love Anne Shirley! This was an exceptional series. I would love to show it to my daughter.

  139. I loved this series from when it first came out. After seeing the first one I read the entire series. Megan Followes was and will always be Anne Shirley. Timeless story girls and even boys will become kindred spirits.

  140. What a magnificent giveaway prize package. To me, prizes like this are made to be keepsakes! I would love to give this to a "special" niece in my life. Please enter me in your contest. It is always appreciated. Thanks,Cindi

  141. I am a kindred spirit who will be your very best friend until my spirit no longer resides within.

    I sit down and watch the series when ever I catch one on PBS.

    You are so kind to offer 3 soon to be dear friends this wonderful gift that will be treasured forever.

  142. Wow, this would be so wonderful! I grew up reading Anne, and then from there, read all of LM Montgomery's other books. I still reread the Anne books every few years. I've wanted to see the movies again, but no longer have a VCR and video stores don't carry it in DVD. Also, have you read Montgomery's The Blue Castle--it was pretty different from her other work.

  143. I've watched Anne of Green Gables countless times and read and reread the book till they're falling apart! I would love this!

  144. This truly is a wonderful collection. I'd love to (try to) spend a weekend watching them all! My 3 year old may watch them with me....who knows?

  145. This was I think the only series I was allowed to stay up and watch as a kid :) (got to love PBS)
    I would love to win and introduce my little one to Anne - which BTW is my middle name, and yes, it is after the book :)

  146. I haven't seen these movies in forever. I loved them. I can't believe I never read the books. I loved the movies so much. But I guess I was too busy reading Sweet Valley High.

  147. I have every LM Montgomery book she wrote, including a collection of 1930s Anne books, I LOVE these movies. I hope I am in the running !!! Best movies ever. :) I almost wished I was a red haired orphan having her experiences with Puffed sleeves!!

  148. Oh, I LOVE those books. It's been ages since I've watched it. How fun!

    Thanks for the visit! Yep baby #3 for us! I'm SO ready to find out if it's a boy-child or a girl-child. Goodness, I'm impatient!

  149. I had SUCH a crush on Gilbert when I first began watching these movies - LOL! Oh, how I swooned! It makes me giggle just to think about it. And I can't even begin to tell you how I sat on the edge of my seat biting my nails when he got sick and almost died. Gut-wrenching drama!

    I would LOVE to get Hannah hooked on these. :-)

  150. I love "Anne of Green Gables" I use to watch this all the time years ago... What a great giveaway! Would love to now watch this with my daughter.

  151. Has it really been 20 years? Wow. My sister and I loved this series. I would enjoy sharing it with my daughters.

  152. I would love to win this, I have read all the books and agree with you ,I wish the third movie had of been like the books. I lived close to P.E.I so I have been to Green Gables and it's great .

  153. Ah, I recall sweet summer afternoons watching this in the playroom with my mom while she ironed. I secretly crushed on Gilbert Blythe (who didn't?) and longed to visit Prince Edward Island! I loved reading the books, too, of course. Thanks for this one!

  154. Oh wow. I used to watch this show with my Granny years ago. She passed away when I was 12. I haven't watched it since. I'd love to watch this show with my daughter, thanks so much for the opportunity.

  155. What a great contest! I haven't yet had the pleasure of viewing these and would love to do so with my daughters.

  156. It's been so long since Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea have been on PBS. I would love to win.

  157. I love Anne of Green Gables because it hearkened back to a simpler, lovelier time . It was masterfully done . Thank you for the giveaway!

  158. My niece is reading this at present. I would love to give her the DVDs for her further enjoyment.

  159. My delight would be to share this with my granddaughter. I've read it to her, and to be able to watch the series with her would be a treat.

  160. Oh, I loved the books so much when I was a little girl. I'd love to watch these with my daughters, and with my granddaughter when she's old enough. Thanks for the great contest.

  161. Not only was Anne a favorite of mine, but she has become a friend of my daughters. We would LOVE to own the rest of the set.

  162. Many hours of my life were spent watching Anne of Green Gables. I'd love to have this to watch with my daughter.

  163. I loved those books as a kid. Can you believe I never saw the movie? At least, I don't remember seeing the movie. Brings back go memories.

  164. I too love the Anne movies & the books (and really all of L.M. Montgomery's writings), so this is a super exciting giveaway indeed!

  165. i have to have these DVDs! i have the best memories of watching these movies while having slumber parties with my aunts, and now my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and i talk about them all the time!

  166. I remember watching these as a girl- what a wonderful, quality set of movies! I would love to have these for my kids to view- thanks for a great give away!!

  167. I loved using these books as read-alouds when I was a teacher and my 13-year-old daughter absolutely loves Anne Shirley!

  168. Being a fellow carrot top about the same age as the character I could identify with her pain. Not a fan of the red either, but since I was born with it and the color goes with the complexion better then any other color I've tried. I decided to keep it.

    Now my brother was just as orange as Anne! Thankfully I turned out quite a bit darker red.

    I have been a fan of L. M. Montgomery since 1985! It started with a set of her books for a birthday by my father, then a summer watching the Disney Channel episodes with my grandmother. This much exposure tied me fully to the characters story line and Green Gables universe.

    I have just about everything L. M. Montgomery wrote and they are among my favorite reads.

    So I say YES! Sign me up for this prize pack and thank you for putting such a wonderful collection up for grabs.

  169. What a great giveaway. I would love to watch these with my daughter. What a great prize. I've read some of the books, but never saw the movies and this would be great to share with my daughter. Thanks so much for offering this contest.

  170. 44 yrs old and I've NEVER seen nor read Anne of Green Gables. I've heard so much, but haven't had time. I would very much love to win these dvds!

  171. OMG! I am seriously in love with the Anne of Green Gables movies. Ever since I was little and would watch them on PBS. I have the video version but would love to have the series on DVD. Please!!

  172. This brings back wonderful family memories. We looked forward to our Sunday nights when we all watched the made for television series of Anne and her antics while munching on popcorn. Those were the days! I would love to have these and watch them whenever we wanted to.

  173. I remember watching these as a kid, but still love them. I've always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island because of these!

  174. I have never seen these, but now that I have read your review, I definitely want to see them. Thanks for the chance and information.

  175. I was an Anne fan as a young girl, but I've never seen the movies - I was always afraid they'd mess with my treasured memories of the novels. After your very favorable comments on the novel-based movies, I can't wait to watch them for myself. Sharing classics like these with my daughter is going to be so much fun when she's older!

  176. Would love this for my granddaughter- I read these books as a child and would love to pass them on to my granddaughter

  177. How fun! I read the books as a young girl, and I just bought the first 3 for my 10 year old to start reading! Great giveaway! Thanks for offering this!

  178. wow how cute i love to win this i still to this day love ann of green gabbles this is a verry cherished book series and well if i was to win this i then could give them to my little one to read in the mean time i could read them to her if i won this thanks

  179. This DVD will fulfill my craving for wholesome entertainment. I agree that wholesome, fun stuff is sorely lacking in today's TV. Excellent choice for a prize. You folks are the BEST.

  180. I dream of Prince Edward Island,
    and the Lady of Shalott,
    Diana Barett can be my friend,
    But Josie absolutely shall not!

    I will smooch dear Gil in the gazebo,
    and the Pringles, I shall win their hearts...
    if only I could win these DVDs
    that I consider will always be classic art!

  181. Like another commenter, I am still catching my breath! You rock!

    We've already bonded over our common joy in all things Anne, and you've really said all I would have, but I know the "rules" and so I will add that it is rare when a movie can come even close to such a cherished series of books. Often I am disappointed because so much is left out or the sentiment is gone. These movies are so true to the heart of the Anne books, that I would treasure having them in our family's DVD library.

    Crossing my fingers...

  182. Anne of Green Gables brings back memories of reading her tales as a young avid reader in the summertime! I would love to revist her world through the pages again!

  183. I loved watching the Anne of Green Gables movie as a child and I would love for my daughter to watch these movies. They are definitely classic and one of my all time favorites.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  184. I would love to share these with K. I totally loved watching them with my grandma when I was a little girl. I agree...2000 was a waste! So anticipated something as good as the first two and was completely let down.

  185. My dd loves ann books. She just finished reading them . This would be a great gift for her.

  186. Ooohh.. my sister would love this. She really likes Anne Of Green Gables and I'd love to win something for her. What a great giveaway. Thanks.

  187. I just finished reading "Before Green Gables" by Budge Wilson. Sure, it's not as Lucy Maud Montgomery would have written it. The style is different. But we see the makings of Anne (with an e) and for those who ove that Anne girl, it's a good read.

    I'd love to win the dvds.

  188. I soooo want to say: pick me, pick me, pick me!! But I know that's not a fair comment. How about if I tell you that I LOVE gilbert blyth, and that I hate it and cry every time Matthew dies... my sister and I are obsessed with AoGG. I would invite her over for a marathon weekend if we win! Yippee! Thanks for the chance.

  189. Seriously...I channel Anne. At least I try to. I blog about her all the time!!
    I would love love love the dvd set because I have vhs tapes and I don't have the third movie!

    Last summer I went and saw a production of Anne and was a musical and it was incredible!!!!!

    we have the same hair by the way. You and I....not me and Anne.

  190. This one is for my wife and daughter who both adore ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. I would love to win the DVD set for them. Please add my name to this contest.

  191. I have very fond memories of reading the Anne of Green Gables series as a pre-teen. I was definitely sucked into the world, and longed to be there in the middle of it all! I think I've seen at least one of these with my sister-in-law, many years ago, but it would be so fun to have the whole series to myself!

  192. wow!!! i bought the vhs set like 13 years ago and it is so worn and old now and we don't ever use the vhs player anymore.
    i would love to be in this contest.
    i used to change my name to Anne Erin because i wanted to be her so bad. sigh...
    have a good day.

  193. I had the biggest crush on Gil growing up! I used to watch this over and over again. And then I read and reread all eight of Montgomery's Anne series during the summers. I understand the farm house that was used for filming is in the midst of a golf course on PEI. I've always wanted to go there to see it for myself. But until I get there, I'll settle for indulging in watching the series again.

  194. This is a wonderful story that I remember from Childhood and undoubtedly, other people remember as well. A story that has stood the test of time and that I would like to pass on to new generations.

  195. I used to DREAM about Gilbert when I was little. My grandma bought me these VHS tapes and I literally wore them out. I'd love to have them on DVD for my kids. Though if I don't win, I know I will buy them soon!

  196. I loved Anne of Green Gables growing up and it also got me through my bedrest with my first pregnancy. One of my great friends brought it by to pass the time and it totally helped me forget how terrible bedrest could be!

  197. I have always wanted the dvd set! I can recall watching it on PBS back in the day and setting the VCR to record it. I would love my daughter to finally get a chance to see this. Anne is such an amazing character and I love the time period it was in. She always hated her red hair and hated when she got picked on by Gilbert. I cried so when Matthew died he was such a sweet man. I loved the part about the puff sleeves and the mouse in the food.I also read the books and was disappointed in the last movie of it but the rest is amazing. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway you have great taste!

  198. My granddaughters would love this DVD series. Now days it's very hard to find good wholesome movies like this that you want your children to watch.

  199. A friend was just telling me how great this series is -- I had no idea there was a video version. I have 2 daughters, ages 10 and 7, who love this kind of story. We have the books on our "to read" list, and this would be a great complement! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  200. I hate to admit it, but I've never seen Ann of Green Gables. I've heard so many fantastic things about it, I'd love to see the series. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  201. Excuse me while I catch my breath. We can WIN THIS, you say??!! I almost named my son Gilbert for crying out loud. Instead of Gil, we went with Finn, I figured they were both part of a fish, so I got my way a tiny bit!

  202. I would love to win this for my daughter. When she was growing up, she watched "Anne of Green Gables" over and over again on TV (maybe because she has red hair)! I would love for her to be able to share this with her child, who also has red hair!!

  203. I love Anne of Green GG, the books and and the movies (though I haven't seen the 3rd). It's good family entertainment. Megan Follows is a great actress. Thank you!

  204. I never had a chance to read the books or see the Anne of Green Gables films. Your review makes them sound very worthy of checking out. Movies the whole family can enjoy.

  205. This is classic, right up my alley! Put it right next to Pipi Longstocking and Little House on the Prairie!

  206. Loved reading these books as a child.I will enjoy seeing the movies again and sharing with my Grandchildren.

  207. As a smart, redheaded, freckle-faced girl growing up, Anne was my personal hero. I'd love to have these DVDs to share that love with my daughter (who is already a fan of the books).

  208. Oooooh oooooh ooooooh, sweet mercy....I heart Anne....fav all time movie evah!!! :D Yay, count me in!!! "I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls...I just want you". Hello? Does it get ANY better than that?? From one kindred spirit to another, have a wonderful day!! :D

  209. Yes, yes, yes! I have had the pleasure of seeing both of these and they rank among my favorites.
    Like all great classics, these will stand the test of time. It is very rare that I can watch a movie twice; these I can and I can get something different out of each viewing.
    It's like a book come to life.

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