Care to Join Me for a Cup of Tea?

tea collection logoWhen I first stumbled upon the Tea Collection website, I was immediately captivated by their gorgeous, globally-inspired children's apparel (for boys + girls, 0-8 years old).

The company's tagline is "for little citizens of the world" and their collections celebrate the beauty found in cultures around the world.

I received a sample from the Winter Daily Tea collection and I can't wait for my daughter to grow into it (it's one size too big). The material is high-quality and the design is beautiful, but the style is also simple enough (and comfortable enough) for every day wear.

Check out these lovely linens for little girls:

tea collection 2 tea collection 3 tea collection 4

And we musn't forget about those dashing dudes running about in our homes:

tea collection 6 tea collection 7 tea collection 9

Here are a few other things about Tea Collection that you might want to know:

  1. If you are a parent, YOU can write for the Tea Collection blog and get gift certificates in return.
  2. If you live in the Bay Area, your child (6 months-3T) could be selected to model for Tea Collection. Compensation traditionally includes a gift certificate, along with a CD containing photos of your child.

Please do peruse the TC site when you get a chance. It's bookmark-worthy, that's for certain. And don't forget the Sale section, where you can get up to 40% off select styles...

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Tea Collection! To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, December 22 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #48 Lacy. Congratulations!

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228 comments on “Care to Join Me for a Cup of Tea?”

  1. Their clothing is adorable! I have the hardest time finding cute clothing for my son; I especially dislike clothes that are sports- related. Not too mention that most boys clothes are strictly primary colors. Tea Collection has a great selection. Thanks for the chance :)

  2. I just love the dresses! They are precious!
    There is nothing as beautiful as a babygirl in a frilly little dress!

  3. These outfits are beautiful and timeless in their appeal. It's so hard to find great clothes for boys, lucky girls get the bulk of the items!

  4. We drink so much tea here during the winter, that I think the Chinese economy is based on our purchases. It would be great to win some :)

  5. Cute boy clothes! I would love to win this to outfit my twin boys. I love the girl stuff, too. Thank goodness I have a niece to buy for. :)

  6. I love different clothing for kids instead of same ole styles everyone else is wearing. Sure wish I could sew!!!

  7. My first memories of Tea Collection were at a Petunia Pickle Bottom sample sale! I was pregnant at the time and we bought my son the most adorably "smart" button down shirt! : )

    I would buy the Harrison 5-Piece Set for my son!

  8. Such adorable clothes! I especially love the Elevester Dress...I have two granddaughters, and this would be a perfect little party dress!

  9. i really like the sets they match so well and are very interchangable. i am glad to have found this site will definatly be back to it. Thanks

  10. The Tea Collection clothes are great! We've got a girl on the way and I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be dressing her in Tea :)

  11. I love the Tea Collection. I got my daughter a dress and a tunic for her current size, but am looking for clothes for the next size.

  12. I have a newborn and it has been 17yrs since I had a baby and it is nice to see a better selection of clothes now!!!

  13. I love the Daily Tea mix-and-match items. They have fun prints, and it would be so easy to swap out an item during those times when you're constantly changing dirty or wet clothing for one reason or another!

  14. I have bookmarked this site. Their clothing is amazing! I love the Daily Tea Paper Cut Flower Dress. This would look great on my daughter!

  15. Hello! I adore the classic look of their clothing. It would be great to win this certificate to shop for my nephew. Please add my name to your contest.
    Many thanks.....Cindi

  16. this site has some really adorable stuff! i'm imagining my little ones wearing some of the outfits and looking so grown up...sniffle:) thanks!

  17. Oh my goodness!! I want one of everything!! I love their clothes. I think I would have to buy the Moriko Jersey dress for starters...but I wouldn't stop there! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  18. I showed the website to my daugter (age 5) and she loved so many things. Her favorite was the Nora set.

  19. I have never actually purchased from tea collection but have eyed it for awhile now, I love that they support the global fund for children with their little citizen tees... Thank you so much!!

  20. Tea clothing is very soft and holds up quite well, especially for my active little boy. I've never been a fan of stiff fabric or clothing that doesn't allow for some stretch and movement when my son is wearing it, so I'm always a happy shopper when I can score a great deal on the Daily Tea jersey pants and shirts on sale.

  21. My son only has a selection of cheap playclothes so it would be fantastic to add some nicer items to his collection for nicer occasions. Thanks!
    linjenals at yahoo dot com

  22. Thanks for the heads up on some very cute clothes. I took a look around and if I won this I would have a hard time deciding. I love to dress my girls in dresses from May to September but right now I have to stick to pants.

  23. This clothing line is so adorable! I am amazed by the styles that some designers are coming up with these days for children. I much prefer dressing my kids in clothes that are well-made and suitable for children, then some of what is out there in less expensive "box" stores that makes my little ones look like teens!

  24. I'm going to look into writing for them. How awesome would that be? I love getting freebie's in exchange for a little bit of my time ;) And thanks as always for letting us know about this...oh and of course I'd like to be entered to win that $100.00!

  25. I am loving that grey sweater with the snowflake on the front. It is so hard to find cute boys clothes. Thanks for the contest.

  26. My daughter at age six already has a strong sense of her own style and loves fashion. She would love the Japanese-inspired designs and the dresses in the forests and fjords collection.

  27. Tea Collection's clothes are extraordinary! I would choose the Inlet Sweater and the Hanne Sweater Dress to complete my daughter's winter outfit, they look cozy and beautiful!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  28. I love the Tea Collection! I'm so glad that I'm having another baby because my daughter is outgrowing the collection too soon for my tastes.

  29. I like how the clothes have the urban appeal, but also a feminine side to it. It is a bit different, which I think is cool. My daughter and son would rock out these clothes. Thanks for introducing me to the site, and good luck to everyone. Even if I do hope I win:)

  30. What beautiful children's clothes--stylish, but classic, with a touch of whimsy, the absolute best combination. We're in Portland, but I may have to drive down for a modeling session if they'll have us!!

  31. You have good taste - I would totally buy the Skjolden sweater for my son (the one you have posted with the snowflake thingy on it) Unfortunately, the spending $52 on a jacket is out of the question right now, but if I win the gift certificate...

  32. Goodness, these are so cute! I love the dresses with the Asian cuts. I think if I won, I'd just have to hand over the gift certificate to my fashion plate eldest!

  33. What wonderful clothes. The Bay Area has some of my favorite things...and this company looks like its got a good anyhow. Thanks for the chance!

  34. Oooh, that's a good one! I love precious little clothes for my girls. These ones are cute and look well-made, which is an added bonus. :) Thanks!

  35. (sigh) What beautiful little clothes! As the mother of a dress lover I'm always on the look out for comfy, cute, longsleeve dresses. I love the ones they have at Tea Collection. I can totally see Allison loving the Daily Tea Bird Print Dress, or any really, and wouldn't she be so cute! (I'm not biases or anything)

  36. The Tea Collection site does look great! I would love to win this to get a few new tops/sweaters for my little guy, Caleb!
    Thanks for the chance to win this super contest!

  37. Ok, these are really cute and I love dressing up my little man! This is the first time I have heard of this clothing line. Thanks for all the info.

  38. These look like such classic, well-designed clothes. I love the mix-and-matchability factor, and that the prints and designs are fun & modern without being cartoonish.

  39. These clothes are adorable! Thank you for making such cute clothes and giving mommies options other than cheap chain stuff!

  40. I have a hard time finding clothes that fit both of my girls...sizes 4 and 7. For some reason, I love to have them in matching outfits, so I usually have their outfits custom made for special occasions. Can't wait to order from this website.
    Happy Holidays!!

  41. I'm not sure how I got on their mailing list, but I got a catalog/flyer from them and was instantly in love! I think the colors and styles are gorgeous and can't wait to try something from them the next time I need to get clothes for J. Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  42. Love the lines as have traveled in Scandinavia, have a child that is part Asian, and family that in Alaska. . . the blog writing is tempting.

  43. Now those are some adorable clothes! And it looks like they have a couple of retailers not too far from me... also next time we visit my Grandmother in the Bay Area I noticed that they have A LOT of retailers there and I even know where a couple of them are and with a little girl of my own we have the perfect excuse for spending a day shopping!

  44. They have some mighty attractive clothing, like the Geo Stripe Long Sleeve Onepiece, and their prices are quite reasonable.

  45. I love the Tea stuff! It's hard to find really nice boys clothes but they have a great selection, especially the sweaters.

  46. WOW! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And link to a great site! Love all their stuff, my fav would be the stella outfit!! TOO cute :)

  47. By the way, I'd love to enter the contest! I think it's always wonderful when a company can design sophisticated clothing for children instead of just bright colors or big animal faces. These clothes are quite normal and mature. I say A+ concept... there's no reason a child has to look like a circus! :) blog at today at g mail dot com

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