change is good

change is good 1They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. ~ Confucius

I've been contemplating change the past few weeks. On walks with the girls. In talks with Tim.

And I have decided that change is good. A little scary, perhaps...but very, very good.

I have some more exciting things up my sleeve, but I'm not ready to announce them just yet. Soon.

In other [less-secretive] news, I made New York Cheesecake yesterday (perfection!) and I tweaked my About page today (I like it better now).

change is good 2

Enough about me though. How is your weekend going? What have you been doing?

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22 comments on “change is good”

  1. Thanks for the cheesecake recipe! I always want to throw together a cheesecake at the last possible moment until I remember that you have to let it cool for at least five hours to prevent cracking. This always deters my cheesecake plans!

    By the way, I went to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend and I was SHOCKED by how many people brought toddlers, children, etc. I guess since i'm acquainted with Tim Burton and I know his movies are primarily dark I just took it for granted, I told my husband - "wow, I can't believe all these people took their kids here, I bet this movie isn't really suitable for kids." He said, "what do you mean? Isn't this a kid's movie?" I said, "do you know who directed this movie?" I guess I just never thought about it as a kid's movie, even though maybe it was marketed as such? Sure enough, scary scenes enough to make the toddler next to me burst out crying several times. If I was a kid, some of the scenes in this movie would have terrified me!

  2. I have been a bit....M.I.A. so I am catching up on your posts! My weekend was super duper busy. I trained 11 new,passionate volunteers for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona and did a little "Spring Cleaning" on Sunday after church.

    I am really excited to see what you have up your sleeve.....

  3. You are making a lot of changes to your blog, can't wait to see them!! I have loved your blog for quite a while now - it has been a few years - WOW! I love your re-did about page - very cute.

  4. Mmmm...cheesecake. I have yet to ever try to make a cheesecake. I know they can be relatively easy to make...I just don't have a springform pan...or the guts to try it yet.

    The weekend is over, but I feel like I am just coming out of the fog. I have been a busy bee working on creating a home grown Bible study for our women's ministry at our church. Seven women from within our community came together to write a study on seven different psalms. I was fortunate enough to be one of the writers (even though I wouldn't consider myself a writer). Writing five days of curriculum was quite a task...and now that I am done with writing, and done with helping edit the entire project, creating the cover graphics, etc. I feel like I can breathe a bit easier! Phew! Now where did that weekend go?

  5. MM..cheesecake - my husband tried making home made cheesecake for the first time this weekend and it sure didn't look as delish as yours =) The crust was about as thick as the actual pie filling (he thought 15 crackers meant 15 sheets, not individual crackers) but you gotta love him for trying!

  6. LOVE the shadow picture!!! we do those every once in awhile with our boys... love it!
    as far as the weekend went, my oldest had his first t-ball game on saturday. it was so much fun to watch. we also had our first post-game pizza party. also a lot of fun : )

  7. Talk about a teaser...I truly am looking forward to hearing all about your changes. So far, so good!

    Oh. I'm kicking myself that we haven't had the chance to get together yet. And it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the picture of that cheesecake you posted. Nothing at all...

  8. My hubby and I got a night out last night and it was wonderful. The kids loved their time with grandma and grandpa and hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster.

    So far today has been church and lunch...hoping to tackle some laundry and decide on something for dinner.. WOuld also like to bake some brownies for a friend who's birthday is today!

  9. That cheesecake looks amazing. Yours looks way tastier than the picture on allrecipes. I might have to try that later today!
    Our weekend included an adoption party for one of my husband's students. It was a lot of fun and very special. Our two-year-old kept us laughing with his antics on the dance floor. He SO wishes he was a middle-schooler! Today we need to clean up and get organized for the week, hopefully take a walk, and maybe make some corn chowder later.
    I love your new About page. Can't wait to hear the rest of your changes. You are full of great ideas!

  10. I like the new About page.
    As far as my weekend. It's just slow and nice. Nothing extraordinary which is good because things have been all too exciting the past few weeks.

  11. My weekend has been great. We had our best friends over who are now dating. It was fun to see them together. We played games and had a blast.

    Today I've already done yoga. It's the first time in about two years so I'm super tight and not flexible at all but at least I did it. Now starts the not-as-much-fun-stuff. We have to do some spring cleaning. Oh well we do it together so it's not too bad.

  12. Heading to church--I'm subbing for the regular 1st Grade Sunday School teacher (we call it Discoveryland). Wish me luck!

    I'm used to dealing with much younger little people. My daughter thinks it is exciting that I get to hang out with the "big kids".

  13. First off, that cheesecake looks yum!

    We FINALLY have nic{er} weather where I live, so we are trying to spend some time outside with the kids. We're taking them to the boardwalk today to go for a walk and possibly play in the arcade. Fun times! Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Yes, change can be good. And all the readers you had that loved you for YOU, and not all the free stuff, will stick around and enjoy all the new changes right along with you.

    I, for one, am very excited to see what is up your sleeve. :)

    Yesterday I went for a long walk with my dog. It felt great. Today I'm taking the older boys to their Grandparents and I'll likely go out and look for a pair of running shoes.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Your Friend,

  15. Yay! It's break and I can breathe. I never left, but now you'll see the evidence of my presence on your blog again. :) This weekend was actually quite a busy one. We attended a princess dress-up birthday party on Friday, ballet and a baby shower yesterday, and today will be church, Trailhead, a haircut for me, and a grading party with Meghan so I can knock the writing benchmarks out. :)

    I totally want to steal your recipe (and your springform pan). I LOVE cheesecake. It won't be awesome for the diet (I've dropped nine pounds in the last 35 days!), but I don't care. It's worth it!

  16. That cheesecake looks amazing!
    We have been sick this weekend :( But we are on the mend and making spring break plans!
    Excited for your changes!

  17. Change can be good! I am excited to not have to work after March. At least out of the home. :) I am really interested to know what changes you are making. On a different note, maybe this week will workout for us to hang out, that will be a change. LOL :)

  18. Stephanie, I can tell you are excited about the change of pace on your blog! Can't wait to hear what you are so secretive about but I bet it's amazing ;)

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