Chop! Chop!

For a long time, I just had 1 cutting board (I don't know how I managed).

Then, I got one more.

And I still found that I "ran out" of them too fast.

You see - I use cutting boards for a lot of different purposes:

  • kneading dough
  • chopping onions
  • mincing garlic
  • grating cheese
  • cubing watermelon
  • rolling peanut butter balls
  • slicing cucumbers
  • etc.

So when the PR agency behind Chop Keeper asked me if I would like to review the product, I said, "Sure!" (although I was a little hesitant because the website definitely has that cheesy, informercial "feel").

Chop Keeper by AGEE CORPORATIONThe 3-pack arrived and, at first, I wasn't too impressed. The boards didn't look particularly sturdy. But they were good-looking and fun...and functional. So I began using them...and using them...and using them some more. In fact, I began reaching for them before my other cutting boards.

Why? For starters, the surface area is large. Secondarily, the material is lightweight. Third, the edges prevent "drippage" (yes, I realize that I just made up that word). Fourth, they are perfect for cooking with kids (and they're a great surface for arts & crafts projects too).

A 3-pack ranges in price from $9.99-$12.99 so the Chop Keeper is "easy on the wallet" too.

All in all, I think these boards are super useful and they are totally worth the price.

argee corporation logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Chop Keeper (set of 3 trays). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, August 3rd at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #143 Blessed. Congratulations!

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209 comments on “Chop! Chop!”

  1. These sound incredible! I always have problems transferring items from my cutting board to which ever pot I'm cooking in.

  2. These cutting boards sound ideal. Not too expensive, so you can buy more than one! I really like the no-drip feature.

  3. I think these would also work well at the ktichen table or on tv trays to keep thing from slipping & contain the food the kids drops or push off there plates.

  4. i have an old wooden cutting board that looks like its been around for 200 years and it caant be very sanitary with the deep furrows that it has gotten over the years :(

  5. I would love to win these! I have one very old cutting board so a replacement would be great :)


  6. ooh, wouldn't it be great to have more than one cutting board!! My house is small, but I'd have room for these!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. These look perfect for me - I'm jut about to set up a new apartment and am looking forward most to stocking my kitchen with useful tools and gadgets. As I'm tired of the makeshift cutting boards I used in college, these would be great!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. It is always nice to have an extra cutting board. I often find myself just using my countertop, but that's a little bit harder to clean up in the end. Thank you for all the giveaways! :)

  9. The edges to keep things from dripping onto my counter would be awesome! I hate when stuff drips off the cutting board.

  10. I have about three cutting boards but none that keeps food from falling on the counter. I like that these have a raised edge on them. They look super nice to use.

  11. I am definitely in the market for new cutting boards. I particularly like the edge--what an ingenious idea!

  12. I could really really use these, I am constantly running out of cutting boards cause I use them for many purposes also! Besides, I wouldn't want any drippage lol ;)

  13. I love the lip but would be a afraid of catching the back end of the knife blade on it and accidentally cutting myself (just what I'd need, ANOTHER emergency room trip for a chopping accident!)

  14. I would love to win this. I have not one cutting board. I need one but just have not gotten around to getting one.

  15. This would be great because I only have one cutting board, which is hard because my boyfriend cuts up the meat on it and I can't use it to cut the vegetables.

  16. I like the "lip" feature on these boards. I hate it when I'm cutting tomatoes or something like that and the juice oozes onto the counter no matter how hard I try to contain it on the cutting board.

  17. these look really nice i need to get a good cutting board right now i have a cheap cheap one that needs to be tossed thanks for the chance to win

  18. These cutting boards sound great. I need new ones and I'd love to try them. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  19. Perfect timing, because after my recent move I can't even FIND my old cutting board!! ;) So I've been thinking of getting a replacement. Maybe I'll win these. Or maybe I'll just order them anyway. Hey, I bet they'd make great gifts!

  20. I love the raised sides on this chopping board, it definitely does make a huge difference! I hate all the spills you get with regular cutting boards.

  21. My cutting board is made of wood and I think chop keeper would be a lot more sanitary to use and easier to clean.

  22. These are great, and safe too. It's good to use separate cutting boards for meat, fruits and veggies, etc.!

  23. I've needed a cutting board for yrs now, never got me one yet so this Chop Keeper would be real useful and handy.

  24. I know what you mean. I have two cutting boards and it seems like I always need another too. This looks like a great cutting board.

  25. These boards look neat and convenient and the lip seems like a welcome addition to the traditional flat boards.

  26. I make wraps that my kids love but some times they get messy rolling and with the sauces this would be great so they are not dripping off the board.
    It's nice that it is also flexable, my son also loves to cook and sadly makes my counter so messy this would be a delight for him to use.

    Thank you so very very much


  27. What a great idea for a cutting board! I always have stuff trying to fall off the sides of my "traditional" cutting board. :( macd82 at gmail dot com

  28. This is a little bit of a new concept for me. I've always had just one cutting board. But I can see the need for more. Sometimes more is better.


  29. I would like the light weight of these cutting boards. At times my cutting boards are so heavy, when I lift then up to scrap the chopped items into bowl.

  30. I only have one cutting board! It's a bamboo one but it's very heavy and these look super easy and fun!

  31. I seem to misplace my cutting boards. I have a clear, acrylic one and a wood one but where did they go? I could use a new colorful one.

  32. The drippage comment got me. Cubing watermelon is a juicy affair and I certainly could use one of those boards.

  33. Wow, so useful. I could find lots of ways to use this in the kitchen and for arts & crafts with my son (when he's old enough). Thanks!

  34. Ah...cutting boards! We have two that we have had for way too long. I always think about getting new ones after I have been to the store and am at home using the same old one. One day, when(if) we move into a place with more kitchen space, I would love to get one of those huge wooden chopping blocks...or better yet...and island with the whole top being a wooden chopping block!

  35. What unusual chopping boards! I can see by the way they're constructed that they would be very utilitarian, and you don't have to worry about tainted wood!

  36. I like that the drippage (as you put it, heehee) is contained. I hate cutting juicy stuff like watermelon or raw meat on cutting boards because it gets liquid everywhere under the board and on the floor sometimes making a sticky or germy mess. What a cool idea!

  37. These look great! I love that they're so lightweight but also sturdy, most lightweight cutting boards tend to be on the flimsy side. The lip is also a really useful feature.

  38. Yes, these would help prevent nicked and sliced table cloths and counters. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  39. OK - if I already commented I'm sorry for the duplication - I know I read this post, but don't think I was able to comment at the time.

    Anyway - I have a wooden cutting board that I love and use and will continue to use (My Daddy made it for me - and he told me to use it when he gave it to me!) But, it is too big for some stuff and not big enough for others and sometimes I just need more than one cutting board so these would be awesome to win!

  40. Its great that it prevents drippage, thats my main beef with my current cutting board. I'm always getting the fruit juices and the like all over the countertop! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. My favorite cutting board is really big, but it's just about falling apart. I have some of the little "cutting sheets" cut I don't like them very much. Ideally, I would love a (really big) wooden board with drip-free edges! These aren't wooden, but they look like some thing I would like!

  42. I am in dire need of some new cutting boards. I love our big wooden cutting board (for the "drippage" prevention), but it's just too big to use all of the time. And then we're stuck with the little plastic one, which washes well but I quickly run out of room when using it!

  43. I cook a week's worth of meals with lots of different ingredients, all at once. This set would be the perfect help!

  44. In a house with children, 'drippage' is a very REAL word! I think this set looks wonderful....I loved your review and now I would love to have a set for our home! Great giveaway! I only have 2 glass cutting boards, and one is too small and one is way too huge for the tasks we need them for. I find myself using the dinner plates mostly these kitchen tasks. BUT, on the AGREE site I loved how it showed them using the chopping mat for prep and then bending it to funnel the food into the cooking pot...that would be my FAV feature I think. When I chop up potatoes, I always burn myself when I try to drop them in the pot of hot water...this is the perfect solution. These would get a ton of usage in our kitchen. Thanks so much for hosting and to AGREE for generously giving a set away. This is a wonderful mommy helper!

  45. I've gotten by with one cutting board before, too. Right now, I have one okay size and one mini size. It's quite sad. ;) But they're pretty and colorful, so they at least make it cheerful.

  46. These look really nice and useful, my cutting board is so small these would be nice to use and I like that the edges make it so stuff doesn't drip off thats really nice. Thanks for the chance.

  47. Hmm..I think Drippage should be a word. :) I get it. But these look amazing! Perfect for holiday cookie making!

  48. I seen something similar in Bed Bath & Beyond and really liked them. I am always chopping or cutting something and I could really use these.

  49. Gee, I could really use those cutting boards. Mine are getting old and grungy. Hope I can win them.

  50. I would love to have these. I have one chopping board and it is not very portable. I would love these because I could take them camping with us!!

  51. I'm a little worried about the rim -- somehow I think it will get in the way of my knife-wielding hand -- but I'd like to give it a try!

  52. I have one large plastic cutting board, and I "run out" all the time! I'm constantly washing and drying it so I don't mix ingredients I don't want to mix. I do like that the plastic is very easy to clean, though, since I clean it so often! I would love to try these cutting boards, thanks for hosting such a neat giveaway!

  53. My household has only one cutting board and it belongs to my roommate. My roommate who's moving out in a couple months! lol! I need these!

  54. I really like that they have a wall to prevent "drippage" - it looks so much more effective than those stupid wells that seem impossible to clean properly.

  55. i constantly have to rewash my cutting boards. i use the so frequently. plus have one for meat, fruits and veggies,

  56. I like that it's made of silicone and is flexible. It makes transferring whatever was chopped easier (so less mess). Thanks for the chance!

  57. i too cannot live w/o my chopping boards. i have 3 plastic ones in different sizes. all white! :)

    i cant wait to get a wooden one though! :)

  58. Yeah man, that website needs a serious makeover.

    Oh, and we don't have enough cutting boards around here either.

  59. We definitely need some cutting boards we can put in the dishwasher. And I like that they prevent "drippage" since I'm always getting crap all over the floor when cleaning veggies!!

  60. Drippage is, too, a word! I use it all the time. As in, you have a ton of drippage from your nose, son.

  61. Reaching and reaching for them more. LOL! That made me laugh. I know what you mean - you think you maynot like something and you end up using it more and more. These look fantastic, I only have two boards anyway so I need more.

  62. I actually have 3 boards (or at least had, the largest one seems to have disappeared in several moves!), 1 of them an old wood one that is rarely used for anything. Could certainly use this set.

  63. I'd like to know what they're made of, exactly, since they'll be cut upon. I like the midnight/copper/stainless color combo. I bet they look nice on granite countertops. And I suspect they would be very handy to take things out to the grill on.

  64. I love that they prevent drippage and that they are lightweight. You can never have enough cutting boards because often when I am cooking I find I have to wash them several times between start and finish of the dish.

  65. I, too, use my cutting boards every day, sometimes multiple times. Beats messing up our counter tops (which, unfortunately, aren't granite or anything close!). These look interesting...their shape is different and I like that stuff won't drip off the end. I have a large board with a sort of "well" around the perimeter that helps with that kind of thing, but these might be nice, especially for chopping.

  66. The way they bend looks like a spout, and the edges to keep stuff from escaping! I don't know how many times I've made a mess when using my cutting board.

  67. What is the deal with always running out of cutting boards? My husband will sometimes turn our plastic ones over and use the other side but I think there's something weird about that. These do look really great, though!

  68. these look very neat! i just have 1 cutting board that i use and often times i will chop something on a plate. i also sometimes chop chicken while its in the skillet cooking.. this is a mistake because my skillets are ruined with scratches from this

  69. These look really nice. My husband would love these. He usually does the cooking. I think you could never have too many cutting boards.

  70. My cutting boards are all old and worn. I have a few silicone ones that work well, but I need more cutting boards.

  71. I, too, have an assortment of cutting boards: plastic ones, wooden ones, bamboo ones, etc. What you are describing sounds better than anything I own!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. We could always use more cutting boards. We have one ok size that I use all of the time and the others are backups and too small to use but I make do since the good one is in the dishwasher and I am too lazy to pull it out and handwash it!

  73. I would love a cutting board with edges. I'm so good at making a mess and this would help keep it to a low roar.

  74. Im hoping they are dishwasher safe? We use cookie sheets underneath the cutting board and they work good when you cut up things like watermelon or pineappple.

  75. I wish I had more than one cutting board because I've been using the inside of the lids of some of my tupperware and rubbermaid bowls as none drippage (yep, I used your made up word) cutting boards, and I know that's not a smart thing because one day I could actually cut through them and mess up my lid(s). Sorry for the run on sentence.

  76. I have been wanting to get some cutting boards but have not been able to. This would be a great win. Thanks.

  77. Agreed, the site is a bit on the cheesy side. I'm wondering if the sides bother you when you cut? I do like that you can easily pour into whatever you need to pour into. No more stray potatoes under the pot.

  78. I was suckered into buying the Rachel Ray cutting board set that has 6 or so plastic boards that fit into the one wood board. The plastic ones are labeled with the different type of food that is supposed to be cut on it to avoid cross contamination.

    Similar to this, but with a wood bottom board:

    The inserts did not fit! I returned the first one and had to same problem with the second. Terrible design! I end up using them without the bottom board, not as intended. And they are on the small side.

  79. I like that these actually come in the 3 pack. Whenever I replace cutting boards, there always seem to be only one or two of each design available, and I really like it when they all coordinate, but don't exactly match. That way I can keep the meat and veggie ones seperate but still have them look good.

  80. These sound really neat. the "drippage" (ha ha!) issue really is important when working with a cutting board! I like the design here!

  81. My favorite "cutting board" is one I received free in the mail that is a thin sheet of plastic. What's funny is that I put it on top of my pull-out wood cutting board to use because it's easier to clean up. I would love to try these boards too!

  82. They are flexible which will be great for baking. I also like the drip edge that will keep the juices from spilling all over the counter top.

  83. These do look interesting. I tend to pull all cutting boards right to the edge of the counter and if I'm not careful things end up on the floor... And I definitely tend to get stuff on the counter, which really annoys my husband if I'm cutting strawberries or something (stains our light coloured counter)

  84. I am always looking ofr a better cutting board, I have a decent wooden one, but you really cannot use it for any meat, or anything goey or even cheese, which is 90% of what I need cutting boards for! I have some of those super thin plastic ones but they get gross VERY quickly. I like the edges, as it seems I am dicing up tons of small things these days, and will for quite a while. Might have to check these out!

  85. I also only have one cutting board and could certainly use some more. I have been wanting to get morebut it is not a high priority in my budget so thank you for the chance to win these great cutting boards.

  86. Every single time I pull out my cutting board, I think to myself "This board is too small. I need to get new one, with edges to prevent drippage!" Okay, I made that last part up. These really do look handy though. Would love to add them to my kitchen!

  87. I love that the cutting area is large and lightweight. I have 1 cutting board that is somewhat small so a larger one would be a fantastic addition thanks!

  88. I have a whole drawer full of cutting boards. Each one for it's own item. But none of mine bend.

  89. This is a good idea. To be able to use multiple cutting boards while working on dinner is safer than just rinsing off the cutting board and using it again after you've cut up chicken or other meat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Ok, I know you said they were large, but when I opened the website I said, "Wow - that's huge!" And they bend? AND they have raised edges to prevent spills? Uh, can we say, "Mama wants?"

  91. I can never have too many cutting boards, I love the medium size ones and throw away when they have too many cuts in them

  92. I can always use more cutting boards. In fact, we had three, 2 large, one small and I want more. I bought a cheap one at the dollar store and it's doing fine. Never can have too many!

  93. you are so right..I have only one board, and everytime I use it for onion or garlic, I have to wash it so thoroughly as my one dd is allergic to both of them. it takes so much time. buying one more would not have hurt my pockets:). I would love to win them.

  94. I am just starting to cook (ya, im pathetic) and I dont have a decent cutting board. Not a one! I could really really use these.

  95. I love Giada's cutting board that she uses on her show, but I'm sure it is super expensive! These ones are more in my price range!

  96. I like that they're not wood, too. Wood grosses me out with all the possible lurking germs. I need some new cutting boards because mine are getting...well, cut up. :) I'd give these a try! Do they stack well?

  97. They also come in another color combo, red, green and yellow, but I like the midnight, stainless and copper. Someone had their thinking caps on when they thought of this! Definately a keeper!!

  98. I'm a cutting board fanatic! Love them and love to give them as wedding presents. I'd like to try this trio out!

  99. They kind of look weird to me...but if they work, I can get over that! They can be put in the dishwasher, right?

  100. We are down to one plastic one that doesn't look well. Getting the chopped pieces into the pan - yeah right - not with our current flimsy square board.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  101. Our cutting boards are so well used that they look terrible. I also use a number of boards for different reasons. These sound so great. I really love that they bend, something that the boards I have now don't do.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  102. love using cutting boards and I run out of them to and have used the counter oh no for a cutting board when I have none clean

  103. I have some similar chopping boards but find they wear out easily. I would like to see if these stand up to the test of time!

  104. I think these cutting boards would come in hande for me because the only cutting board I have is big & heavy and a pain to use not to mention washing. I always have to wash in between cutting things up during meal preperations, so a couple of new cutting boards would come in handy. I wouldn't know what to do if I was able to do all my cutting & then wash everything when I was done instead of washing in between cuttings!

  105. I too love to have several cutting boards, and use them for all different things. I've really liked my flexible, mat-style ones for dumping chopped veggies into the pot, etc. These took very nice - the raised edge is a unique idea. I like that it would keep juices on...but am not sure about it it would hamper my chopping motion?

  106. I would really like to try a cutting board that isn't wood. I have two of those, but they get grooves in them and I find it hard to "think" they are clean...
    These look interesting..


  108. I'm in need of some new cutting boards. Was trying to decide between an actual board or matt. These look interesting. Off to check them out!

  109. I got several inexpensive cutting "mats" at IKEA that I really like. They don't last long, especially when you wash them in the dishwasher. But for the price I like the ease and convenience. But now that I don't live anywhere near an IKEA, I'll need an alternative. This might just be it. I like the idea of the raised edges.

  110. I love flexible cutting boards. I also like to designate a specific cutting board to a type of food. (one for poultry, meat, veggies, fish, etc.)

  111. I totally agree with you! I seem to always need cutting board for something. It is definitely one of those things you can always have more of.
    I hope I win!

    .... but if not, thankfully these are afordable :)

  112. I use cutting boards a lot, too, for all sorts of things. These look so different from my cutting boards I'd love to try them out!

  113. At first I thought this was going to be about how you chopped your hair off. You can imagine my relief when I read on and it wasn't about your beautiful long curls! ;)


  114. i've been buying those flex ones from the dollar store but i worry about the plastic leeching after awhile even though i never put them in the dishwasher. but they crack after awhile and i keep thinking i should stop spending a dollar every once and a while and just get a good one that will last.

    these Chop Keepers look cool. i think my favorite feature is the pour spot/spout. that's what i like best about the flex ones.

  115. Hi, I am so lucky that I have a husband who loves to cook and does a great job at it! He enjoys new kitchen gadgets and such. I know he would adore these cutting boards. Nice colors, also. He has a birthday in September and these would be a great
    surprise gift for him. Many thanks to you.....Cindi

  116. I really like to use a different cutting board for different jobs and products-meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and breads etc. Having economical and lightweight choices would be a plus.Like that they handle the "drippage"issue as well.

  117. I never thought a bendable cutting board was really a necessity for me - scoop and dump was always pretty easy. Until the puppy joined the household! Now those stray drops from the scoop and dump method are a hassle - I'm spending more time paying attention to what's on the floor than what's on the counter. And, seriously, can one every have enough dishwasher-safe cutting boards?

  118. Yesterday evening I looked out my back window and saw my last Bok Choy lying lifeless in its garden bed. Voles had gnawed all its roots right off. So I grabbed the now-limp plant and rushed it into the kitchen for an emergency clean-and-chop operation. Unfortunately, my only cutting board was in use for cantaloupe (drippy cantaloupe, at that). The Bok Choy was finally made edible, but only after a lot more panicked activity than would have been necessary if only I'd had a set of these boards handy!

  119. I love my cutting board but definitely have a 'drip' problem when i'm cutting juicy stuff! this sounds like it would solve it!

  120. I don't think you can have too many cutting boards. I love that these are colored, so you can designate one for meats and others for veggies. A good cutting board and a great knife are ESSENTIALS in any kitchen. In fact, we are heading to a wedding next weekend... maybe that's what I will get the bride and groom!

  121. We have a built in cutting board but it's old and I've been wanting to buy myself a separate cutting board. These look great!

  122. I'd love to win these boards. I think one can never have too many cutting boards! I was wondering though if these are self-healing plastic boards? If not, how did you find they stood up to chopping, cutting and slicing? Thanks for this giveaway.

  123. I actually don't use my cutting boards as often as I should. I got a Pampered Chef one a few years ago. It is nice, but not very big.

  124. Those look interesting. I think I would use them for crafts more than for food. We use our granite counter to chop. It's the best thing I've ever used. My daughter also loves to play with "kitchen stuff." Have a great Sunday, Stephanie.

  125. I'm interested in the 'edge'... I like the plastic ones because I can put them in the dishwasher for sanitizing... My current ones are very thin and flat... the edge would be nice to keep chopped stuff from spreading all over my counter.

  126. When it comes to chopping and cutting we need something like this in our kitchen. I use just plain old dinner plates--quite the way to ruin them.

  127. I like how easy these cutting boards are easy to disinfect, given they aren't as porous as my quarter inch thick, hard plastic cutting board. I use my cutting board every day, so, fast, easy cleaning and disinfecting would be an added bonus.

  128. These look pretty neat. I would love to try them out. I could use them for cooking, but would LOVE them for crafts and it would be prefect because I have 3 little ones!

  129. I'd love to have a set of these. Then I could dispose of my old plastic ones that I've been using for years.

  130. My current cutting board is ancient, and definitely needs to be replaced. Having a set of boards, which I could assign to different types of foods, sounds terrific. Love the raised edges on theses-- I'm forever "chasing" chopped onions off the edge of my board.

  131. These sound really great! My cutting boards are all so scratched & nicked I'm afraid I don't get them as clean as they should be.

  132. We have multiple cutting boards at our home too. This sounds neat because it doesn't have a flat edge and it can keep food and stuff in. My hubby may like using them too.

  133. ohhh... you forgot to mention these aren't small and they bend? I would love to try these! They look like the perfect board for larger tasks!

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