red-hearts-raining-down-on-little-girlDo you ever notice that people who love God have this certain "sparkle" about them, this secret joy that positively radiates?

You may have noticed that. I notice it all of the time.

But you have probably also noticed that there are people who say they follow God that are ugly people who do ugly things. They go to church, but they are hard people, angry at the world.

What can we make of that?

Well, I think Sheldon Vanauken (author of A Severe Mercy, a wonderful book for doubters and skeptics) put it best:

a-severe-mercy-book-cover"The best argument for Christianity is Christians: their joy, their certainty, their completeness. But the strongest argument against Christianity is also Christians--when they are sombre and joyless, when they are self-righteous and smug in complacent consecration, when they are narrow and repressive, then Christianity dies a thousand deaths. But, though it is just to condemn some Christians for these things, perhaps, after all, it is not just, though very easy, to condemn Christianity itself for them."

So, let's see. The church isn't perfect. We aren't perfect. And a lot of people say they follow God, but they really don't. In fact, people can be downright mean - in the church or out of it.

But God still is love just the same. He is unchanging - eternal. He welcomes us. He adores us. He believes in us.

C.S. Lewis once wrote that, "The hardness of God is kinder than the softness of men." So think of the nicest, most compassionate, most genuinely wonderful person you know. Yeah, him/her. God is WAY more loving than that.

That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

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17 comments on “Christians”

  1. Gotta LOVE CS Lewis. He is my hero. I adore his work.

    I have that book Severe Mercy too, but I read it so many years ago, I barely remember it.

    Great point girl btw, great point.

    (Love your theme this week btw - you always have SUCH great content!)

  2. This is a fabulous post! Thank you. Both the book and the Lewis quote are awesome. As the only Christian in my family (my immediate family-mom/dad/siblings growing up) I have gone through the ringer for being a Christian. At first it was 'oh she's brain washed', 'oh, it's a phase', 'she is part of a cult'...20 years later, while they still aren't Christians, my family has come to respect my faith and have seen the power of God in many ways (whether they choose to admit is God or not). I used to find it difficult to share about my faith with my family - more so than with someone I didn't know well, however over the years it has gotten easier and they have become more 'accepting' that I am not brainwashed, it isn't a phase, and it isn't a cult. Unfortunately the word 'Christian' alone has so many negative connotations. The word is so misinterpreted-living in a VERY liberal town. Thankfully God is bigger than a 'name'. God is bigger than ridicule. God is bigger than doubt. One thing I have been able to consistently share with my non-Christian friends and family is that while people/life and it's circumstances may suck at times, God is ALWAYS good, and that NEVER changes. That is one of the most comforting, peace bringing notions I can rest on.

  3. exactly.

    I can't remember how many times I've had to counsel someone... God is good, Christians are people - some of them are good, some aren't but God is good - just remember that and ignore everything else.

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I just wanted to say I LOVE IT! I love reading what you have to say, its always interesting and entertaining. You are a great blogger! I know you probably won't comment back...(I read your post about not commenting back those who don't have an active blog) I haven't had time to update mine in a LONG time. Perhaps that has something to do with having an 8 month old. But anyways, love your blog and reading what you have to say. This post was awesome!

  5. Thanks...Your post is right on. Thank you for being honest and it is so true. God loves each and everyone of us. I love C.S. Lewis, he has some amazing quotes! I will have to check out this book.

  6. I'm going to have to check out A Severe Mercy. I loved that quote so much! I was raised Catholic, and my teachers in Catholic school were very harsh and severe in their views. I'm very empathetic and I just can't swallow the more narrow-minded beliefs I grew up with, so I've shied away from the faith for a long time. Lately, though, I've felt a pull toward coming "back into the fold." I guess I just need to find the right church for me and my family. I've been researching different branches of Christianity lately, and it's pretty confusing. I've come to the conclusion that I'd probably be better off just visiting local churches for myself. But...oh, it's been so long and taking that first step is so hard!

  7. Great book! I had a LONG comment written out last night in response to your church post and it got lost in the system before I could post it. I need to start a blog again. I'm glad you are finally "coming out". :-) I will have to post about my church story later, I have a busy day.

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