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Do you want to know what struck me about Disneyland - besides the sparkling streets and the sensational service? It was the fact that Disneyland is a place for EVERYONE.

The teeny-tiniest babies were welcome there. The elderly gentleman with the straw hat and the walker was equally at home. Babies in strollers. Tots on shoulders, Kids with special needs. People in wheelchairs. The blind. The deaf. The downhearted.

Disneyland welcomes and accommodates everyone. At the holidays and throughout the whole year.

This was my first time at the parks during Christmas and it was magnificent. Main Street USA was dazzling with a giant Christmas trees, wreaths, and twinkling lights. The delicious smell of waffle cones, cinnamon, and chocolate wafted through the air. The music was upbeat and energizing. I couldn't help but snap my fingers as I walked along with my baby in the baby carrier. In fact, I almost wanted to break out in dance and song on the street. Somehow it seemed entirely appropriate.

Sleeping-Beauty's-Winter-CastleAside from all of the outstanding decor throughout the park, Sleeping Beauty's castle was also made-over with 50,000 glowing lights and icicles. The fireworks show was truly spectacular, concluding with glistening snowflakes floating down from the sky.

Other special attractions for Christmas include:

  • its-a-small-world-family-photoIt's A Small World Holiday (a classic Disneyland adventure with a holiday twist - here's our crew right before we boarded the ride. That's us and our WINNERS.)
  • a Christmas-themed daily parade (we missed it, which I'm a bit sad about...I love Disney parades)
  • the Haunted Mansion; redone for the holidays (we didn't take our girls... maybe I'll write a post about that sometime).

All that to say, Disneyland is absolutely enchanting right now (and anytime, really). Truth be told, I would rather go on a vacation to Disneyland than almost anywhere. It's perfect when you have little ones because you don't have to worry if your baby is crying or you need to change a diaper. There are a hundred other parents around you doing the same thing so you'll feel right at home.

The festivities are happening right now through January 3rd. If you want to plan a vacation, be sure to check out the special offers on the Disneyland holiday micro-site.

disneyland gift cardAlso: if you're looking for a creative gift, consider buying a park-hopper pass, annual passport, or Disney gift card for somebody special on your list (especially if you happen to know that they will be visiting the parks in the upcoming year.).

If you're not going to be able to make it out, you can always print out fun coloring pages from the Disneyland website. Just download (look under "Games + Activities"), print, get out your crayons, and have at it.

YOUR TURN: What is your favorite time of year to visit Disneyland?

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7 comments on “Christmas @ Disneyland”

  1. I really love to visit Disney in seems to be a slow time there ("slow" being a very relative word!) which means smaller crowds, which means shorter wait times!

  2. I was sitting with strollers actually and they said it was a security issue that I couldn't be sitting with them. I was not near the flow of traffic. It was just frustrating because there was no place to go and nursing while standing is not easy once your baby gets a little bigger.

  3. we have been toying with the idea of going this year for a trip to florida to see disneyland. i am enjoying seeing how things go for you.

  4. Deborah, if you're talking about the concrete edge of the planters, I would expect they were objecting to your sitting on the bench rather than nursing. Crowd control during F! is crazy and there are a few areas they don't allow sitting because they are needed as walkways. I've nursed all over both parks and never been asked to move.

    Stephanie that's a great picture! Did you love It's a Small World Holiday? Did you get a chance to see the projections on it after dark?

    To answer your question, I can make a case for every season!
    I love to visit in the summer because it's warm enough that I don't mind getting soaked on Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run.
    I love visiting in the fall because it is less crowded and the weather is mild.
    I love visiting around Halloween because the decorations are so fun -- when Eli is older I will definitely take him for Mickey's Trick or Treat.
    I love visiting around Christmas because it is magical and, I swear, the hot chocolate is 1000 times better then!
    I love visiting during the spring because everything in the park feels fresh and the flowers are especially beautiful.
    Oh Disneyland, how I love thee, let me count the ways... :)

  5. We have been to Disneyland a lot this past year. My annual pass just expired. Anytime is really a great time to go. it is nice to see the different holidays though for a little bit of a change-up. My favorite time to go is when it is not so crowded.

    I do have a complaint though. While we were waiting for Fantasmic to start I sat down on the cement bench outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to nurse my baby. I was covered up with a nursing cover, plus it was dark out. I was told I could not do that there and was asked to move someplace else. I was quite thrown off and stalled so I could finish up. I was wondering what exactly they would do if I stayed and refused to move. The show is very far from the nursing stating at the front of the park. And all the other benches were taken. That left a bad taste in my mouth if you know what I mean.

    Otherwise, we were very happy to spend our vacation time this year close at home at Disneyland.

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