Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for Men


The hardest people on my list to shop for are always the MEN - fathers, grandparents, uncles, and brothers. Is this true for you too? Then, you'll appreciate the following list of go-to gifts for guys.

Dash Long Sleeve Shirt by Brooks Running


The name of this shirt says it. Any guy who runs, bikes, or hikes will appreciate having a winter athletic shirt that is simultaneously lightweight and warm. The polyester material is stretchy and soft, while also wicking away sweat. Plus, there are thumbholes for extra cool mornings and evenings.

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Davenport PDX Waterproof Boots by Columbia Sportswear


He might choose this boot for comfort and functionality - you can choose it for style. Either way, you both win. These handsome waterproof boots are made with supple leather and waxed canvas. They're breathable and lightweight, while also providing protection from rocks out on the trail. Sure, they're awesome for hikers and explorers...but they work equally well for business meetings and date nights.

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DECREE Folding Knife by Gerber Gear


This sleek black ceramic pocket knife is a "no-brainer" gift for any guy - from teen to baby boomer. The rubberized handle makes it easy to grasp for any number of daily activities. You can also feel good about buying a product that is made right here in the USA (Portland, OR, to be exact).

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GX 5000 Professional Burr Grinder by Krups


Coffee snobs (like us) prefer to grind coffee beans fresh every morning. Most coffee connoisseurs will agree that burr grinders ensure optimal flavor because they keep the coffee from overheating and preserve the aroma. The GX 5000 comes with a 2-year warranty and is available at a very economical price point ($49.99).

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Permanent Markers by ZenZoi


Help him get ahead with his next business or art project with a set of 36 colored permanent markers. They're quick-drying and fade-resistant with a super precise tip. He'll keep them on his desk for easy everyday access.

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Sherpa 5" 2-in-1 Short by Brooks Running


If your guy is the running type, he'll be ultra-pleased with these medium-length shorts. Lightweight and stretchy with an internal mesh boxer brief, he'll be able to run in comfort. If he needs to stow away his keys or a bit of cash, he can do with ease in the sweat-resistant zip pocket at center back (which is also sized to be able to carry an iPhone 6) or in the storage pockets at each hip. It doesn't matter if he's a 5ker or a marathoner - these shorts will get him where he needs to go.

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Silver Ridge Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt by Columbia Sportswear


As the weather cools off and snow flutters in, he'll be glad to grab this heavy-duty flannel shirt from his closet. It wicks away sweat, while keeping the wearer warm. Plaid is endlessly classic and there are five different plaids to choose from. The website remarks that this shirt is made for "travel" and "the trail" - and we couldn't agree more.

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Thermapen Mk4 by ThermoWorks

thermapen mk4 christmas gift

If you have a griller on your list, he needs this handy BBQ tool. With the thermapen, he can grill beef, chicken, fish, and pork to exactly the right temperature - ensuring tender, juicy meat to everyone's liking every single meal. Simply insert the thermometer and you'll get a reading in about 3 seconds. Tim uses our thermapen multiple times every week and it makes grilling such a relaxed & easy experience. Available at $99 in 10 colors, the thermapen is ideal as a stocking stuffer or a stand-alone gift.

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Wave Paradox 3 Running Shoes by Mizuno


Ask any runner to name their favorite shoe brand and "Mizuno" will be at the tip if the tongue. You can choose almost any shoe from any season and be highly satisfied. The Paradox 3 is no exception. Offering lots of cushion and stability, the shoe also has a great show-off factor. Currently available in two color schemes, with a third debuting in 2017.

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What are YOU getting for the men in your life this Christmas?

BROWSE the complete 2016 Christmas Gift Guide to get ideas for everyone on your list!

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