Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Girls

Gifts for Girls 2017

Shopping for an elementary age girl? The following gift picks are especially ideal for young girls (ages 5-8). I have a girl at the top and bottom of this age range - and they both would be absolutely delighted to receive any of the below presents.

Kit Kittredge Doll

Kit American Girl Costco

Kit Kittredge is one of my favorite American Girl characters! I admire her spunk, her wit, her stick-to-it-ness, and her love of the written word. (Incidentally, I also admire her typewriter).

Good news for Costco members! Kit is being sold as part of an exclusive package this holiday season. The Costco package (pictured above) is $129.99 and includes the following: Kit doll, hair barrette, hat, sweater, camera kit, camera case, film box, newspaper kit, pen kit, journal, reporter dress, and Read All About It book. If you bought the doll and all of those accessories online, the total would be $180+ so if you love Kit Kittredge, this is your best best for buying her.

  • Buy Kit Kittredge (That's the Amazon link, but you'll want to go to your local Costco!)
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Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Doll

Laura Ingalls doll

New from The Queen's Treasures - a Laura doll, who arrives in a log cabin box! The wide-eyed and rosy-cheeked doll has two brown braids and is dressed in a white nightgown. The log cabin box  doubles as a bed for this sweet doll. Tuck Laura in to the cozy quilt with her rag doll by her side.

You can also purchase a corresponding prairie doll dress and bonnet (which works for Laura or any American Girl doll). If your daughter/granddaughter wants to match, there's a bonnet + apron set for that too!

A Little House Picture Book Treasury

Little House picture book

Laura Ingalls picture book

Another corresponding gift to consider is the newly released A Little House Picture Book Treasury. This gorgeous hardcover set features six stories of life on the prairie with engaging and colorful illustrations by Renee Graef. It's a lovely introduction to the series for younger girls.

  • Buy A Little House Picture Book Treasury.
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Girls Sneakers See Kai Run

Kristin Woodland Sneakers See Kai Run

See Kai Run has long been one our family's favorite brands for kid shoes! They are adorable, well-made, and comfortable for growing feet. You'll find boots, sandals, sneakers, and dress shoes for newborns all the way up to age 8 or so (3Y is the biggest size).

Pictured above are the nature-inspired Kristin sneakers in the Woodland print. Fun for hiking, outdoor adventures, and recess races.

  • Buy shoes from See Kai Run.
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Play Clothing

Annella Skirted Dress Tea Collection

Isobel Sweater Cape Tea Collection

Tea Collection is also on my Christmas Gift Guide AGAIN. The San Francisco based brand appears almost every year because I am continually impressed by Tea's materials and styles. The company is known for their soft play pieces that feel as good as they look. New collections debut every quarter or so and they are always inspired by a distinct region in the world. Best for babies up to age 10ish.

Pictured above is a classic and ultra-cute party outfit, new for 2017 -  the Annella Skirted Dress and Isobel Sweater Cape.

  • Buy clothing from Tea Collection.
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Sporty Clothing

A Meadow Lane Tank Little Miss Tennis

Everyday Club Girls Clothing Little Miss Tennis

Aspiring tennis players on your list? Browse the sporty and sweet clothing collection by Little Miss Tennis. Designed for ages 3-14, the brand sells adorable, kid-size tennis dresses, skorts, zip-up sweaters, and polos in cheerful designs + colors. These pieces would work equally well for golf, hiking, or almost any after school activity.

  • Buy clothing from Little Miss Tennis.
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Ski/Sledding Clothes

ski gloves osh kosh bgosh

Well, the weather outside is frightful...but, to kids, it's so delightful! Help get kids ready for sledding, skiing, and snowman-making with gloves, hats, boots, and layers. OshKosh B'gosh has warm clothing and accessories at affordable prices for babies up to size 14. You'll also find play-ready pieces like soft + stretchy jeans, solid color leggings, cozy sweaters, and more.

  • Buy winter clothes + gear from OshKosh.
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Ramona + Henry

Henry and Ribsy hardcover

Henry Huggins hardcover

Ramona Quimby hardcover

Ramona The Pest hardcover

Beverly Cleary is now 101 years old, but her books remain relevant and funny for today's generation. HarperCollins just released new hardcover books from the Henry Huggins series with the original illustrations by Louis Darling, which are - ahem - darling.

If you prefer books with a female protagonist, the Ramona Quimby series is fun for young girls.

A Little Princess

A Little Princess WonderWorks Questar

If you grew up in the 80's, there is a chance that you watched the "A Little Princess" television mini-series on WonderWorks.  Starring Amelia Shankley as Sara Crewe and Maureen Lipman as Miss Minchin, this version of the classic story by Frances Hodgson Burnett is the best film adaptation I have seen to-date. The movie stays true to the book and the casting is quite good. I am so thankful that Questar released this film on DVD, but it's important to note that the quality is fuzzy and not up to current movie standards. Even so, all three of my daughters were mesmerized and we fell asleep with happy endings and messages of kindness in our heads.

  • Buy A Little Princess on DVD.
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I bought a simple CD player at Target for under $10 about nine months ago and my daughters love playing their own music. They also enjoy checking out audio books at the library and listening to the narrated stories. It may seem strange to buy a CD player in this world of smartphones and iPods...but I actually love the simplicity of the machine. They can play uplifting music - without internet access and without taking my phone!

Wee Sing

Wee Sing CDs music for children

Wee Sing offers an assortment of CDs in different themes - Christmas, Bible Songs, America, etc. If this brand sounds familiar, that's because Wee Sing just celebrated their 40th anniversary! I remember listening to "Pretty Little Dutch Girl," "London Bridge," and "Miss Mary Mac" as a little girl.

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Adventures in Odyssey

Adeventures in Odyssey Daring Deeds Sinister Schemes

The Adventure Begins Odyssey

This is another one from my childhood that remains relevant and wonderful for today's kids! Adventures in Odyssey is a radio and drama comedy series that has been produced by Focus on the Family for 30 years. The target audience is listed as ages eight to twelve and this seems to be spot-on, although younger children and adults will also be moved by the well-done and creative productions. Our whole family enjoys listening to the adventures on road trips.

If you are new to Adventures in Odyssey, I recommend starting with Volume 1 and then adding to your collection from there. Most of the 30-minute episodes revolve around Mr. Whitaker ("Whit"), a soda shop owner and inventor who has created a time machine that takes people back in history to Bible times. The series first aired in 1987 and is still being produced today. There are over 800 episodes and counting.

Quick note - I have always wished that the designers would have selected a more serious and less cartoon-ish style for the CD covers, television series, and accompanying books. The big-headed and comedic portrayals of the characters have never meshed well with how I imagined them (even as a child).

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What are YOU getting for the early elementary age girls on your list this Christmas?

BROWSE the complete 2017 Christmas Gift Guide to get ideas for everyone on your list!


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