Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Metropolitan Mama Christmas Gift Guide 2017

A year seemed like an eternity when I was a child.

Now, a year seems like a blink - faster than a blink.

We were just nibbling on warm cinnamon rolls, trimming the tree, reading books around a blazing fireplace, and singing carols with joyful expectancy - and here we are again! I can't say that I'm sad though. I love the stillness and the general cheer of Christmas. I am grateful beyond words for the mysterious gift of Jesus and the wonders of His love.

Our family has approached gift-giving a little differently every year. There have been years where we did no gifts at all, years where we gave each child one or two gifts, and years where we have had more extravagant Christmases. I actually like the variety of it and the fact that our kids have very few expectations when it comes to receiving gifts. I am thankful to say that our kids tend to be rosy-cheeked and delighted by the day, regardless of what is or isn't under the tree. As the Grinch gently reminds us, Christmas can't be bought in a store. It means so, so much more.

This year, we have chosen to give gifts to our children and I have selected them carefully - even down to the stocking stuffers. It is important to me that gifts not beĀ one-hour-wonders. In this year's gift guide (as in years past), you will find gifts that are simultaneously beautiful and practical, useful and long-lasting. My selections especially focus on families that appreciate literature, the outdoors, art, and imaginative play. Enjoy!

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