Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Tweens & Teens

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Standing on the brink of adulthood, tweens and teens are getting ready to jump forward, while also still having one foot on the railing of childhood. It's a dangerous, wonderful, emotional, and beautiful time. So much potential. So many adventures.

The most important thing for buying gifts for this age range (ages 10-14+) is to not buy items that might be perceived as babyish. In fact, you can probably select any item that you might enjoy yourself! A throw blanket, warm gloves, quality chocolates, travel gear, excellent books, gift cards, etc.

Need other gift ideas for tweens & teens? Look below for inspiration.

Instax Mini 9

instax mini 9 cobalt blue
Instax Mini 9 in Cobalt Blue | Fujifilm

cobalt blue instax mini 9

instax mini 9

Bring back the fun of polaroids! The Instax Mini 9 is super fun instant camera that is ideal for ages 8-14+. With a click of a button, tweens + teens can capture silly moments with friends to display on their bedroom bulletin boards or in their school lockers. This boxy-shaped camera is available in five different sherbet colors and includes a selfie mode and a close-up lens attachment.

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Cozy Boots/Slippers

cozy boots lands end
Girls Cozy Boots | Lands' End

girls cozy boots lands end

Any and all of our girls (ages 12, 9 , and 6) would be delighted by these Cozy Boots by Lands' End. These sturdy boots are durable enough for outside play (thanks to rubber outsoles), but the cushioned foam footbed and faux fur lining will make them feel more like slippers. Get them super quick because only a few sizes are left!

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Conversation Cubes

best things ever tabletopics

People sometimes say that tweens and teens are difficult to talk to, but I haven't found that to be the case. In fact, I enjoy our conversations more and more as my kids grow up. There are endless topics to discuss, debate, laugh about, and think through together.

If you're looking for a super fun dinner table or road trip activity, I recommend the conversation cubes by TableTopics. They have dozens of themes (Family, What Would You Do, etc). There are even travel size editions! The set featured above is "Best Things Ever," which focuses on favorites. The box says 12+, but most of the questions can be answered by younger kids too.

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A Warm Winter Beanie

tween teen winter hat beanie obermeyer
Vida Knit Hat | Obermeyer

Winter accessories are a GO with tweens & teens - especially if you don't know exact clothing sizes of the recipient. Consider scarves, gloves, socks, or a stylish ear-warming beanie like the Vida Knit Hat pictured above.

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Sports-Related Clothes & Accessories

Game Day Volleyball Sweatshirt

We recently found the Trendsetters Volleyball Store and can't wait to tell you about it! This California-based, woman-owned business offers super cute sports apparel for kids and adults. Although they have lots of volleyball apparel options (hence the TrendSETTERS name), you will also find sweatshirts, pajamas, t-shirts, tank tops, and headbands for Soccer, Cheer, Softball, and Basketball.

Their sets are MADE FOR GIFTING. For example, you can buy fleece pajama pants, which come with a matching volleyball headband. The Game Day Hooded Volleyball Sweatshirt is another super popular gift pick - cozy, comfy, and such a fun way to let her share her hobbies with the world. Again, perfectly packaged with a volleyball ribbon, headband, and volleyball bracelet.

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What are YOU getting for the tweens & teens on your list this Christmas?

BROWSE the complete 2018 Christmas Gift Guide to get ideas for everyone on your list!

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