Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Gifts for Readers

Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Gifts for Readers 1

Welcome to Metropolitan Mama’s 2021 Christmas Gift Guide for Readers. Below you will find gift recommendations for: books (of course!), clothing, decor, and accessories for people who appreciate the written word.

This is always my favorite guide to put together since I read between 50-100 books per year and genuinely appreciate giving & receiving bookish gifts.


"Tomorrow Is Always Fresh" Pillow

Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Gifts for Readers 2

If you know an Anne of Green Gables fan, they WANT this pillow cover. The simple, elegant design will match with anyone's decor and the message is an encouraging one.

Matching Tumbler & Journal from Barnes & Noble

If you want to find gift-worthy bookish supplies, don't forget to check Barnes & Noble. B&N has a wonderful assortment of adorable book-themed bags, stationery, and knickknacks.

Jane Austen Accessories

For anyone who enthusiastically admires the work of Jane Austen, consider the lovely accessories put out by Insight Editions. Adorned with favorite quotes, appealing fonts, and exquisite details, it won't be easy to choose between the file folders, pencil pouch, memo cube, or journal. Can't decide? Get them all and go with a Jane Austen gift theme!

To Do or Not to Do Notepad & Other Accessories by Rifle Paper Co

Founded in 2009 by husband-wife team Nathan and Anna Bond, Rifle Paper Co puts out some of the cutest stationery products on the market. Whenever they release book-themed items, my literary nerd heart leaps!

This brand is actually a great place to shop for any creative - writers, artists, and designers - because every single product is made with careful attention to font, colors, design, and proportion.

Book Pins from Ideal Bookshelf

We are totally enamored by the collectible and absolutely adorable book pins by artist Jane Mount. Beautifully illustrated, these quarter-sized pins can easily be attached to bags, backpacks, and jean jackets.

Here is a fun idea: add one pin to your child's stocking each year until they own all of their favorite books!

Emily Dickinson Notecards

Emily Dickinson notecards

Poet Emily Dickinson was a talented writer, a master of prose and meter. It only makes sense that her poetry would end up on lovely notecards in autumnal colors with pressed flowers on the envelopes. (Fun fact: Emily Dickinson actually had a hobby of pressing plants and flowers!)


New Releases from The Folio Society

The Folio Society releases a new collection of books several times a year and they are among the most beautiful books on the planet. Every single book in their collection is hardcover and includes commissioned illustrations by talented artists. The details are magnificent and well-executed - from the carefully selected color combinations to the weight of the paper to the size and style of the fonts. If you appreciate well-made books that are of heirloom quality, The Folio Society is what you've been looking for.

Pictured: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Missionary Biographies by YWAM Publishing

Start the year off by reading aloud the courageous stories of men and women of the Christian faith who gave their all (including, sometimes, their lives) for the sake of the Gospel. Written by Janet and Geoff Benge, there are currently 50 books in the "Christian Heroes: Then & Now" series. Be ready for tears & inspiration!

Anything by Illustrator Bernadette Watts

I first discovered illustrator Bernadette Watts at a thrift store many years ago and was instantly smitten. In fact, I wrote to Bernadette to see if she might be interested in collaborating on a picture book with me (and she wrote me back (!), explaining that she was advancing in age and no longer working with collaborators). If you haven't been introduced to her magical art, it is my distinct pleasure to do so now.

Short Treatises on Life by Douglas Wilson

If you are immersed in the classical education world, then you are likely familiar with the work of Douglas Wilson. A pastor at Christ Church in Moscow (Idaho) and a faculty member at New Saint Andrews College, he is a prolific writer on many topics and I am eager to begin working my way through these slim paperbacks. Watch my goodreads account for reviews of each title.


Classical education is making a resurgence across America...and for good reason! Classical education promotes the pursuit of the good, the true, and the beautiful through a return to great books. Classical educators thoughtfully and elegantly engage their students in three stages (known as the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric). Want to learn more? The CiRCE Institute is a good place to start.

Barnes & Noble Exclusives

I've been collecting titles from Barnes & Nobles exclusives collection over the past few years. These classic books range in price from $10-$25 and are beautiful to behold. The handsome spines, intricate covers, and shiny exteriors make these books particularly gift-worthy, even without wrapping paper.


This may, in fact, be the most beautiful Bible currently on the market. The cover is navy with exquisite, hand-lettered gold ink illustrations. The interior pages are works of art in and of themselves - with plentiful space to add your own musings, questions, and prayers.


Some of the products in the list below were sent to us to try. Other products are ones that we purchased ourselves or were given by family members and friends. Know that I will always provide both the pros and cons of each featured product. You are welcome to send any follow-up questions to me via twitter (I’m @stephsheaffer).

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