Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers

Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers 1

Welcome to Metropolitan Mama’s 2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Readers. Below you will find gift recommendations for: books (of course!), clothing, decor, and accessories for people who appreciate the written word.

This is always my favorite guide to put together since I read between 50-100 books per year and genuinely appreciate giving & receiving bookish gifts.


"Tomorrow Is Always Fresh" Pillow

Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Gifts for Readers 2

If you know an Anne of Green Gables fan, they WANT this pillow cover. The simple, elegant design will match with anyone's decor and the message is an encouraging one.

Matching Tumbler & Journal from Barnes & Noble

If you want to find gift-worthy bookish supplies, don't forget to check Barnes & Noble. B&N has a wonderful assortment of adorable book-themed bags, stationery, and knickknacks.

Jane Austen Accessories

For anyone who enthusiastically admires the work of Jane Austen, consider the lovely accessories put out by Insight Editions. Adorned with favorite quotes, appealing fonts, and exquisite details, it won't be easy to choose between the file folderspencil pouchmemo cube, or journal. Can't decide? Get them all and go with a Jane Austen gift theme!

Listography Board Game

Readers tend to love word games - and Listography is all about making lists! Players create and share lists based on fun topics such as National Parks, Wizard of Oz Characters, Things That Smell Bad, etc! With the goal of being the first around the game board, players score points according to the number of similar or unique answers.


Emily of New Moon Trilogy

If you adore Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon is her kindred spirit. These spring-colored hardcovers of the lesser known trilogy by L.M. Montgomery will look cheerful on any bookshelf.

Engaging Visual Journey Classics

New from Tyndale! Your family will be instantly immersed in these gorgeous softcover classics. Each of the titles in the series - A Christmas Carol, Hinds' Feet on High Places, Les Miserables, The Hiding Place - include quotes in calligraphy, sketches, photographs, dictionary definitions, and paintings befitting to the text.

Persuasion: The Complete Novel (plus Characters' Letters and Papers)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers 57

The serious Jane Austen fan will be delighted by this 2022 release, which offers an immersive experience into the last novel that Austen wrote before she died: Persuasion. "As you read the novel, you will find pockets throughout containing replicas of thirteen items from the story, re-created with exquisite calligraphy and painstaking attention to historical detail."

Brothers Grimm Hardcover, Cookbook, Word Search

If you enjoy fairy tales such as CinderellaThe Frog PrinceHansel and GretelLittle Red Riding HoodRapunzelRumpelstiltskinSleeping Beauty, and Snow White, you have the Brothers Grimm to thank for compiling and popularizing these folk tales. If you want a beautiful edition to grace your shelves, look to Canterbury Classics. Canterbury also offers companion books, such as The Brothers Grimm Cookbook and Brothers Grimm Word Search.

A Little Princess and The Secret Garden

Godine Books' beautiful editions of Frances Hodgson Burnett's beloved children's novels are undeniably gift-worthy. These gorgeous hardcovers feature easy-to-read typeface on silky pages along with captivating illustrations by Graham Rust.

Charles Dickens: Four Novels

For the Dickens fan, consider a collectible hardcover with four novels in one: The Adventures of Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities.

The Light Princess by George MacDonald

George MacDonald's fairy tales are increasingly hard to find - particularly in hardcover editions. The Rabbit Room, however, publishes a lovely copy of The Light Princess with a handsome blue cover.

Harper Muse Classics

New for 2022! These painted editions of classic literature include Little Women, Jane Eyre, Persuasion, and The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Each book has elegant and eye-catching hardcover artwork painted by artist Laci Fowler, with a distinctive one-of-a-kind jacket. In addition to sculptured embossing on the cover, other features include gold foil title and page edges, a satiny ribbon marker, and quote pages throughout.


Connoisseur Kids

I love etiquette books and am always on the hunt for ones that are interesting and well-done. Connoisseur Kids, published in 2019, is just such a book. Each section covers a particular topic (Communication, Table Manners, Tidiness, Thinking of Others, Hygiene & Grooming, and Heath) and the various topics are written in such a way that parents can read them aloud to young children (ages 3-10+). Includes games, activities, and role playing to further solidify content.

Habits of the Household: Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms

Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers 35

In this new release, author and lawyer Justin Whitmel Earley shares practical guidance for establishing God-honoring habits in every day rhythms (bedtime, meals, chores, etc). As a father of four young boys (all under age 10), he writes in a relatable way that parents of small children will resonate with.

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers 89

I first heard Greg Koukl speak at an apologetics conference in 2020 and was simultaneously impressed by his presentation skills and inspired by the thought-provoking nature of his talk. Based on Biblical principles, Koukl outlines how to talk about Jesus in a gracious and constructive way.


The Constitution Decoded

Give a child an introduction to one of the key documents that shapes our country. The Constitution Decoded includes the full and original text of the United States Constitution, along with an easy-to-understand translation. Plus, there are trivia facts and illustrations throughout!

Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Atom in the Universe

More than 1 million copies of this reference book have been sold - and for good reason! This fascinating and breathtaking coffee table book features stunning photographs of every element, organized sequentially by atomic number. In addition to a photo of the element in its purest form, additional photographs are also included that show each element in slightly altered forms or as used in various practical ways. If you prefer the same material in an easy to study format, consider the card deck of the same name.

A World of Information

If you want to know a little bit of this and a little bit of that, A World of Information has you covered. This oversized book features an overview of a myriad of topics, including cloud classification, the human skeleton, the Greek alphabet, the orchestra, and much more.

How Plants and Trees Work

Which plants are carnivorous? What’s the smelliest plant in the world? How do plants defend themselves? Find out in this lift-the-flap book about the natural world.

Bible Maps & Timelines from Rose Publishing

Rose Publishing is your go-to if you are shopping for a serious scholar, classical education student/teacher, or college/seminary student. You'll find in-depth Bible timelines, historical research documents, and archaeological resources. They also have amazing pre-laminated wall charts (Example: 3-in-1: Pledges of Allegiance, Christian Flag, Bible Wall Chart), which are great for homeschooling families!


Winter Tales by Ingri & Edgar D'Aulaire

Hardcover picture books by the talented Ingri & Edgar D'Aulaire are increasingly hard to find! Many are out of print, but their books with Norwegian/Scandinavian themes are still printed by University of Minnesota Press. These large hardcovers are richly illustrated in both color and black-and-white. Replete with scenes of snow, reindeer, mittens, and fur coats, these titles are perfect for the holidays.

Fairy Tale Compilations by Scott Gustafson

Scott Gustafson's exquisite illustrations will engage readers of all ages - young and old alike. The breathtakingly beautiful paintings, alongside familiar stories, make these oversized hardcover editions truly gift-worthy.

Cinderella by K.Y. Craft

Reimagined with stunning illustrations that are inspired by eighteenth century France, Cinderella is a timeless story that children and adults are drawn to again and again. In this rendition, the Fairy Godmother is replaced by a bird-like fairy, but most of the other elements of the classic fairy tale remain the same.

Legend Of... Picture Book Series

We own "The Legend of The Candy Cane" and it is one of our 6-year-old son's favorite picture books! This year, we're adding the rest of the series to our shelves. Each book shares legends about the origins of various Christmas traditions, along with captivating illustrations.

Under the Silver Moon

A lovely gift for a baby, toddler, or preschooler, Pamela Dalton's collections of lullabies, night songs, and poems is gentle in words and in imagery. Perfect for reading aloud at bedtime!

A Child's Introduction to... Book Series

Over the years, I've come to greatly appreciate having reference books on various subjects in our house. We almost always prefer to find answers in books over sending our kids to screens. The Child's Introduction series, which is published by Hachette, offers a surprisingly comprehensive overview of various subjects in a kid-friendly format.

Charlie the Tramp and Harvey's Hideout

Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers 72

Bread & Jam for Frances is an absolute favorite over here so I was delighted to come across two lesser-known titles by Russell & Lillian Hoban. Themes in these books include brother/sister relationships and the benefits of hard work.

Mercy Watson

Kate Dicamillo's creativity really shines through in the beloved Mercy Watson series. Starring a very precocious pig who adores buttered toast, the series is perfectly charming and quirky with memorable characters that young readers will love. The 6-book set makes a lovely gift for a new reader (perfect for grades K-5). If your favorite reader already adores Mercy, pick up the brand new picture release for the holidays: A Very Mercy Christmas.

Tree Lady

Based on a true story about Katherine Olivia Sessions, Tree Lady is a fascinating biography about a female scientist and dreamer. As frequent travelers to San Diego, we found the geography of the book to be particularly interesting.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Told with rhyming text and few words, The Very First Thanksgiving Day recounts the events leading up to the first Thanksgiving meal in a way that young readers will resonate with.

The House by the Lake

Told partially from the perspective of a house in Berlin, this story follows four families who took shelter inside during times of both war and peace. Dark illustrations by Britta Teckentrup are appropriate for the dark times, yet the end of the story is hopeful.

My Yellow Balloon

My Yellow Balloon is a beautiful story about loss and grief, told with compelling narrative and accompanied by absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Erwin Madrid. Children and adults alike will enjoy soaking in the words and staring at the marvelous pictures. Also available in Spanish, this gentle book will be a welcome addition to any family's bookshelf.

A Child's Garden of Verses

Illustrator Tasha Tudor has the most charming style so it seems appropriate that she would draw accompanying pictures for Robert Louis Stevenson's classic children's poems. This hardcover compilation is darling and will transport you to quieter, simpler times.

Berenstain Bears

Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Readers 92

Join Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear on engaging, everyday adventures down a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country. The best thing about the Berenstain Bears series is that the books effortlessly offer insightful moral education - with humor, wit, and realistic situations. Authors Stan and Jan Berenstain were experts at crafting relatable stories for the entire family to enjoy together.

The Elves and The Shoemaker

Fairy tales are the best tales - but they are made even more appealing when talented artists bring them to life. Such is the case with The Elves and The Shoemaker. Jim LaMarche's paintings are extraordinarily beautiful and rich in detail.


Some of the products in the list below were sent to us to try. Other products are ones that we purchased ourselves or were given by family members and friends. Know that I will always provide both the pros and cons of each featured product. You are welcome to send any follow-up questions to me via twitter (I’m @stephsheaffer).

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