Christmas Gift Guide: camera bag by Case Logic

Christmas Gift Guide: camera bag by Case Logic 1Tim & I share quite a few hobbies. We both like running, hiking, traveling, trying new things, tweeting, going on road trips, being outdoors, and talking for hours.

We also both like to take pictures - lots of them. That said, we haven't figured out how to organize them most efficiently. As it is currently, we put all photos into electronic folders labeled year/month/date. It works chronologically, but it's so crazy-frustrating when you're looking for "the pictures we took when we went hiking down at the creek" or "the one when the girls were helping to bake shortbread cookies."  Maybe we should use Flickr?


If your husband, brother, dad, or son is a camera buff, I recommend that you consider an SLR Camera Case or a Point and Shoot Camera Case this Christmas. Case Logic offers backpacks, shoulder bags, holsters, and slings to ensure that you can get just the right case for the guy on your list. They're not fancy when it comes to design...but they ARE professional-looking, well-padded, and well-constructed. [Click on each image for details + pricing].

Christmas Gift Guide: camera bag by Case Logic 2Christmas Gift Guide: camera bag by Case Logic 3Christmas Gift Guide: camera bag by Case Logic 4

How do you organize your photos? What programs/systems do you have in place?

WIN IT! One winner will receive an SLR Bag (TBD - but it's awesome, I guarantee that) by Case Logic. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Case Logic sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 camera bag for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #60 Katie S. Congratulations!

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91 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: camera bag by Case Logic”

  1. I really need to find a new way to organize my photos as well. I really need a case too! I just bought a $700 camera and I've already scratched the dang screen on it! UGH! So frustrating!


  2. My organization system is like that old commercial where the kid jumps off the diving board and just hangs in the air because no one ever printed the picture of him. I have thousands of pictures on my computer and on our external hard drive. I keep planning to go through them, but it always seems like there's something more important to do. I'll go through periodically and print some of the best for picture frames, but need to really organize them better.

  3. I received a digital SLR from my mom last Christmas, and I still haven't gotten a proper case for it. I carry it in a lunch bag/cooler, along with extra batteries, extra memory cards, the point-and-shoot digital, USB cords for both cameras, and our flip Mino. Yep, it's all one jumble, and it's not very protected if the case got dropped or something was put on top of it. The SLR Sling at CaseLogic seems like it would be a very comfortable and easy-to-use solution.

  4. I have an Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card and the photos automatically uploads to my computer when both are on. You can set it so it uploads to your Flickr account or whatever online photo storage site you use. I use Fotki & am waiting for them to add that!

  5. We could really use a new camera bag for our Nikon DSLR! The zipper broke on ours, now everything falls out when we take our camera on the go!

  6. A digital SLR is on my shopping list, hopefully sometime in the next year. Maybe having a great camera bag to put it in will help it show up sooner.

  7. On my wishlist is a new SLR camera. Wish.list. I'm hoping the hubs comes through for Christmas (are you reading this, honey?)! I haven't even started thinking about a case and this one does look great. I'm so excited for this camera. I LOVE taking pictures of anything and everything. My SIL has one and I'm extremely envious of her photos compared to mine. I think my subject matter/framing/content/picture taking ability is great but the quality of her photos just trump mine. Period.

  8. I purchased a new slr camera 8 months ago. I have two lens and misc. accessories, but no camera bag to carry it. I use one of the Green shoppnig bags to carry my photo equipment. To win that bag would be wonderful.

  9. I use a similar system for storing my photos, but only in RAW format. After I've edited, adjusted, and retouched my favorites from any given activity, I save the jpeg versions in a folder titled with year and specific event. Having said that, I think in general it is hard to keep so many digital photos straight because of the volume in which they are accumulated.

  10. I own a lot of cameras, just sitting around my desk, in drawers, etc. A nice bag would be a big help in keeping them safe and organized.

  11. I have all my photo's organized by month and year but I have yet to go edit them all. SO many pictures to edit but at least they are there and saved right? Do you scrapbook? I plan to someday so I'm just trying to make sure the photo's are a least dated.

    1. I used to scrapbook. but now my blog is my scrapbook. I originally wanted to keep up both, but I'm pretty sure that would be next-to-impossible (for me anyway). ;)

  12. I use picasa to organize and edit my photos, i have them organized by month and by year. I am so behind on printing my pictures for my photo albums i really need to find some time and get it all up to date

  13. I am a photographer and my husband is joining me on multiple shoots and he likes to be organized and this bag would be perfect for him. I think he does a great job i just need to motivate him a bit more to get him out there...

  14. I just use standard folders to organize my photos. Have yet to find a photo management software I really like. Thanks!

  15. I'm totally unorganized when it comes to photos. I make sure to send copies of all the good ones off to my daughter and granddaughter, so someone will always have a copy. I'd love to win this bag and give it to my granddaughter. She's getting ready to spend two months at a wildlife refuge doing a school project and photos will be a big part of that. This bag would certainly help her stay organized (and stylish too).

  16. On the one hand, I have a great system called FotoAlbum that has helped me organize really neat "yearbooks" of my family photos. On the other, I am literall YEARS behind! I keep thinking I'll catch up and never quite do.
    But I still love digital photography just because it's so easy and cheap to take so many pictures.

  17. Truthfully my photos are not organized at all. It is a real pain when I have to find a picture and I am searching through folders on my laptop, my PC and our network drive.

  18. For me a camera bag is a necessity, especially after a recent overseas trip. I didn't get a case before I left and I regret it. I had extra film and batteries in every coat pocket, so inconvenient.

  19. My father-in-law has got a SLR and several lenses for it. He's the "official photographer" for all our family get togethers. He does a good job and loves to do it too, so it would be nice to give him a nice case for all his stuff to make travelling easier. Right now he's got a suitcase with some foam in it :)

  20. I've got discs and discs full of photos that I've saved. I'd like to have them elsewhere, but I'm not really computer savvy and don't know how else to do it.

  21. I got a new SLR last Christmas and still haven't bought a bag for it. I'm terrible about organizing photos. I don't have my prints in albums and my SD card is full of photos that need to be down loaded.

  22. A perfect timing! The strap on my bag just broke sending my unit crashing to the ground. No damage but lots of frustration lol. I was heading out this weekend to look for another feeling lucky so looks like ill wait a week or so until i win this one. ;>)

  23. This isn't for photo editing, but the thing that has revolutionized how I deal with my photos recently is Drop Box. I can move photos & files around without using USB or any of the 100000 other tiny little cards I have around the house. My husband's professional photo editing software is on our family PC, and when I want him to edit something I just drop it in Drop Box & it pops up a message on his screen that a new photo was added "hint hint!" lol

  24. Wow, I totally love the sling bag! It's so cool looking and you'd never guess it's holding a camera. Anyway, on topic, I use iPhoto to organize my pics on my computer and then I share them online with Flickr. I really love the way you can label one person on iPhoto and it somehow magically picks out other photos with that same person! And if you want to make a photo book, you can do it within the program. It's pretty sweet.

  25. I've had my "good" digital camera for over a year now and still have yet to purchase a study camera bag. Sad to say I just throw it in my purse; I'm just waiting for the day I break it! I don't need something pretty and trendy, I just want something strong, durable, and I like the "professional" look. THX!

  26. Organize? That's a unique concept! I have many folders with great detail. We used Photoshop and other stuff in class, but I do not edit anything. Thirty years ago in Dr. Gordon's b/w photography class he taught us: Take it and print it. We were not allowed to crop! I still don't crop.

    One thing I am a fanatic about is deleting the crummy shots immediately - the fuzzy shot of the dog's hind leg just isn't something I want to waste computer space on! micoud at

  27. I organize my photos in files on my computer. I also burn edited photos that I give to clients on a disc for me to keep.

    I would love love love to win a new SLR camera bag. Great giveaway. :)

  28. Right now, most are just by date. But, I've started regrouping them by subject (like yard remodel) with sub folders within that by date. I'm liking it so far... just have to get it done.

  29. they sound like the perfect bags to take with me to south america next year. i have been using the cheap case that came with my camera for a while now and it just isn't getting the job done. something simple and duriable is just what i need

  30. New to the camera world, I purchased a bag from etsy last year - because it was pretty. What a stupid way to choose a bag. Lots of people had reviewed it and said it was a great bag. I really wish I would have gone with something like this - less pretty, more durable and actually made to protect my investment!

  31. We saved up credit card rewards points and gift cards like mad for our SLR, and it's been such a great purchase. My hubby and I love photography and taking pictures of our kids, and a sweet case would make it so much easier to tote our camera on all our adventures!

  32. ummmm....right now my system is to not delete the memory card....other wise it is in chronological order only because that is the way it's on the card. : )

  33. I organize my photos by uploading them online and printing them through Walgreens and having them shit them to me, I put them in my albums and scrapbooks!

  34. I upload my pics straight to google's Picasa and then also put them right onto Shutterfly. I am trying to get better about actually ordering the pictures. I am saving my pennies right now for a "real" camera. For the time being, I am trying to learn the basics.

  35. Organize? Well I do try to download them right away and I place them in folders on the computer by date and event. However I'd love a program to help simplify it and organize it better. Plus I'd like it to also make it easier to print the pictures we want and make photo books. I just need to find the time to do it!

  36. I have this crazy system for my photos. I have folders for each month that are just for pictures of Lily, then I have a folder for family, one for pictures of food (one day I hope to add recipes to my blog) and a misc folder. I have one of these folders for each year. When I'm uploading my pictures I put them where they belong. Then like today I went to a birthday party for a friends daughter, so in my 2010 main folder I'll have a subfolder for "tori's birthday party" and all the pictures will go in there and the ones with Lily in them will also go into my Lily December folder.

    It's a little complicated but it works for me.

  37. Sadly, our organization has not been up to snuff the last 6 months or so, but we usually sort them into folders by day, month, and year and then display them on a private website after all the editing. But, my kids' grandparents are anxiously waiting for pics from July on. Oops!

  38. I have a really old camera case. This would be a wonderful gift for me! Maybe I will buy a new camera to go with it!

    How do I organize? the way my mom does. I put in an album in chronological order. So much for creativity!!

  39. We keep our photos on Paperport. to organize them I put them in folders. I have a family folder which is our general pictures folder. In it the folders are for the most part dated but if it is a specail event (say Bike trip... ) then I will add that title to the folder as well. I also have a category labled "Homemaking" which then has subfolders: Cooking, Sewing, Crafting, Homeschooling, Gardening, etc. and in them I put pictures which I have taken especially to use on my blog. I also have a folder for my wedding business which has subfolders in it, a folder where I put scenery pictures I have taken.

    I like having folders with dates but I have found it very important to have some other labels too- so that I can find things quickly.

  40. I think we share a system. I label by month and year, and hope that some day I'll get them printed and put into albums.

    I love these bags. My brother never leaves home without his camera, and I'm sure he would adore one of them!

  41. I got a cheap camera bag.. and while it does the trick.. I really need to make the splurge on a better one. Maybe I will put it on my list for Santa ;)

  42. I use lightroom to organize my photos and for most of my editting as well. It's really easy to use. Would love to tackle photoshop but that program intimidates me! lol!

  43. I organize them by year, month, and day. Then if I think it's something I'll want to find later, I put a short label next to the xmas tree, lake trip, etc. That makes things a tad easier to find. I also use Flickr for my favorites.

  44. I so need to organize my photos as my DD is 3 now and we have tons of pics. We are wanting to get a new camera soon and of course they never come with bags.

  45. We organize by girl/year/month. So for example: Zoelle: 3 years: November 2010 It has worked really well. If there is a certain event within that month we would do: Zoelle: 3 years: November 2010: Thanksgiving 2010 with creating another folder within the folder. I am very particular about making sure their photos are organized as my mom never organized my pictures and it's hard for me to know how old I was, where the pic was taken, etc.

  46. We have a similiar system for storing our digital photos - there are yearly folders, then inside each folder it's broken down into each month of that year. We have them all backed up on an external hard drive, and then for our favorites we have prints made off of Shutterfly to put in photo albums.

    This looks like a great bag!

  47. My son is getting a new camera for Christmas and he could use a camera bag too! He is 17 years old and really quite a talented photographer.

  48. I don't do anything too special to store my photos, just folders by month & year, and then more specific folders within that. I have a fairly good memory and can usually remember how old my kids where when something happened, so then can find the folder the pictures would be in. :)

  49. I don't organize my photos - whoops! I use Iphoto and it seems to organize them for me and I've just never had the free time to organize them any other way.

    autumn398 @

  50. We keep them in external hard drives (2 in case one fails and we lose everything). We categorize by month as well, but I agree it is difficult to find a specific photo if you are searching and don't know the date/month you took it. I think the best way to keep them organized is to hire a personal assistant to do it!! HaHa!

  51. I love the sling idea. I think we would take the bag with us more. Now I just sling the camera over my shoulder...way too awkward.

  52. These are probably the hippest camera bags I've seen. my hubs and I just bought our joint Christmas gift of a nice camera (gotta have a great camera for baby pictures!). I want to surprise him with a camera bag to open on Christmas morning!! LOVE the one that slings over the back like a backpack!

  53. I use iPhoto to download all of my photos - I simply organize by month, that works well for me. Especially since we do a month by month photo book each year for the grandparents.

  54. My husband I are expecting our first after the holidays and for Christmas have decided as our gift to each other to splurge on a nice camera for when the baby comes. This would be a perfect surprise extra for him!

  55. Oh, I have the same problem. From time to time I think about putting key words on my photos but I'd want to do it through my blog (because then I'd have control over the technology), but I'd have to actually make that happen and there are too many other things to do first.

    I have a flickr account and it's great, except that I don't like to upload too much stuff there. It's the control thing again.

  56. I use Picasa. And I upload to a picasa web album fairly regularly so that family and friends can see what's going on in our lives... and so I can obsessively brag about my cute kids. :)
    I ma trying to stay on top of printing them and putting them in albums, because I think it's just fun to have hard copies. And the curse of digital is that you don't do that very often. Alas.

  57. Mine are all saved in files, by date plus a word or two to help me remember. Like "11-02-10, grandma's" or "11-15-10 bookmans, cookie-baking", etc. That way I just have to remember roughly when I took the pics, and then I can quickly find the pics I want by finding the file with the appropriate keywords.

  58. We could definitely use a new camera bag this year. We have had ours for a long time now and it has seen better days. I love that across the back style bag shown in your review!

  59. Similarly, we use electronic folders to store our photos. I found that renaming each file was just too time consuming. Instead, I have four main folders for each year, one for each season. Then within each of those I do subfolders. Those totally depend on what's going on and what I'm taking photos of that season. Summer might have a vacations subfolder, and then there could be subfolders within that for specific vacations. I found it's been a lot easier to find a particular photo that way.

  60. I'm kind of lazy, but I just use iPhoto on my Mac. I have "Events" but when I get anxious about organizing things I go back and add keywords to the pictures. I think that if I ever have to export my photos I'll lose the keywords, but I think I'll worry about that later.

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