Christmas Gift Guide continues...

metropolitan-mamas-christmas-gift-guideAs you know, my 2009 Christmas Gift Guide is currently underway.

If you haven't had an opportunity to check out my gift ideas and giveaways, please do. All previously posted contests will conclude on Friday, November 27th.

If you still have some shopping to do, stick around. I will be featuring several more fun options over the next few days...including some super stocking stuffer ideas! As usual, there will be giveaways galore as well. All posts and giveaways will be added to the original Christmas Gift Guide post for your convenience.

Merry, Merry Christmas! And Happy Thanksgiving too!

QUICK QUESTION: Do you still have Christmas shopping to do...or are your presents all wrapped and under the tree?

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19 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide continues...”

  1. I got everything purchased and wrapped for my family that I won't be seeing at Christmas (I just saw them for Thanksgiving and sent their gifts back home with them!). But I still have shopping to do for my immediate family!

  2. Oh, we haven't even started unless you count the joke presents I get for secret Santa that I get when stores have super duper sales. People with their shopping done just exhaust me. The amount of organization that takes is amazing!!

  3. Haven't even started Christmas shopping! We are going to actually purchase most gifts in Jamaica when we go over the Christmas holidays so everyone will get belated gifts LOL

  4. I have a bunch to do. I have a few presents, and a few ideas, and a lot of shopping and wrapping to do. Thanks for further ideas!

  5. We're basically done, but nothing under the tree. We don't put it up until Advent starts. I haven't decided whether we'll wrap and place gifts under the tree this year though; seems like asking for trouble with a wee one. Or is there a way to keep a small determined child from eating presents?

  6. I almost never buy anything until Thanksgiving is over. But then again we buy every few gifts. We normally do a no gift Christmas anyways. We spend the money on more memory building activities.

  7. I'm almost done... I have a couple of nephews who are needing house stuff that I've waited to do until this weekend since my sister-in-law and I will be out on Black Friday... otherwise I just have to finish with the things I'm making.

  8. I keep forgetting to put you on my blog list! We are not super close to being finished but that's because we are having a home-made Christmas this year. I am knitting scarves and making frames, the kids are making felt wreaths and lil bags and my hubbie is being top secret, something with wood! Santa is bringing gifts from but just one for each (and we ordered online) and something for the family...Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ~Dawn :)

  9. Dear Lord! People are finished with their shopping and Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Zoinks! I am going to snuggle into my warm blanket and do my shopping online. It is almost like a gift for me to have the packages arrive at the door!

  10. I have loved your guide so far! Thanks for posting such great things. I am counting down the hours until we start playing the Christmas music and get our tree (this weekend)...It is the most wonderful time of the year!

  11. Oh, I wish that all my Christmas shopping was done!
    I will not be joining the masses a the mall for black Friday. I may not even leave my house,except to take my dog for a walk.

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