Christmas Gift Guide: Gerber knives

Christmas Gift Guide: Gerber knives 1Tim is almost never knife-less (or that I think about). He always carries a knife in his back pocket and he uses it almost daily for this or that.

He's partly the reason I support the right to bear arms and things like that. Tim is the kind of guy that you WANT to have a weapon in a scary situation. He's smart. He thinks quickly. He cares about people with a depth that astonishes. He loves children and values the elderly. He is brave and would fight to protect the good. If you were in a bank and a robber came in, he would totally be the guy who would save the day.

Does he sound like a super hero? He is in my mind...and the girls think so too. In fact, we pretty much think he's invincible.


If you have a super hero kind of guy in your life, I know he'd love a high-quality knife by Gerber in his stocking. I hereby present you two excellent gift options:

Christmas Gift Guide: Gerber knives 2The 06-F.A.S.T. heavy-duty knife ($100) with a serrated edge is sturdy, dependable, and showy. It opens quick as a wit and is sure to impress.

Christmas Gift Guide: Gerber knives 3The Stockman CLS ($47.52) is a 2-blade pocket-sized stag that will especially be appreciated by hunters and outdoorsman. It also comes ready to go with a velveteen gift bag inscribed with the Gerber logo.

Does your husband carry a knife/gun? Do you?

Christmas Gift Guide: Gerber knives 4WIN IT! One winner will receive a Stockman CLS knife ($47.52) by Gerber! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Gerber sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 knife for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #90 Corrie. Congratulations!

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101 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: Gerber knives”

  1. Carrying a pocket knife is the norm for us. If you don't have one when it's needed people kind of raise an eyebrow.
    I feel naked if I don't have my fold out razor in my purse. It comes in handy for alot things.

  2. Knives are a big part of our lives also....mostly my husband and son's are collectors and have lots of stories to tell about each one! I was always scared of guns but as I am learning about them and how to shoot it is getting more comfortable. Gerber is one of the best quality knives around!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  3. Thanks for the giveaway...this knife reminds me of one that my late Grandfather, a farmer, used to carry with him...

    Although we live in a state with very liberal gun "carry" laws, my wife & I only have an old shot gun that we keep secured in a closet at home. We only carry knives when we are camping and/or hiking.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. Neither one of us can carry weapons with us where we go daily, but we do have such things for home protection. My dad is an avid knife collector. He has some beautiful pieces!

  5. Yes! My hubs has a concealed weapon permit and both him and my son never leave home without their trusty pocket knives. I used to have a concealed weapon permit but I'm pretty sure it has now lapsed. My men also hunt a lot so they are always on the look out for a new, great knife. Sometimes I wonder just how many knives they need but they raise their eyebrows and then start a diatribe about how I know nothing about the many things they "may" have to use their knives actually makes me laugh.

  6. I am entering this giveaway for my husband, Mike. He's a Land Surveyor and ALWAYS has knives and machetes handy.
    He loves Gerber Knives -- they are quality knives of strength and durability -- something he relies on in the field.

    Terri (GeorgiaMist)
    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  7. Wow, this would make a great surprise stocking stuffer for my husband! I never thought I would be a card-carrying NRA member, but my husband recently purchased a handgun to use for fun at the shooting range. Now he is thinking about getting a .22 for me because I like guns with less kick.

    Thanks for the chance!

    rachelsgiveaways at gmail dot com

  8. I love Gerber knives. I have a Gerber BMF knife and love it. Got it at a gun show a couple years ago at a real good price. Gerber knives rule. I love to keep it in my glove box, but it's a little too big to carry every day.

  9. We have a "super hero" kind of guy in this house as well (actually we have two but one's not ready for a knife yet ;)
    What's more he REALLY needs a new knife!

  10. My husband carries around a Swiss Army knife that I bought him when we were still dating! Every time we go into a fleet supply store, he heads straight for the knife case and comments about how he wishes he had a knife, but won't go and buy one. *eyeroll*

    glycinemax (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. My husband carries a knife once in awhile
    I don't carry knives because I am afraid of knives
    This would make a great Christmas gift for my husband
    thanks for the chance

  12. I've heard about Gerber knives but havent tried any yet just use the same ones I've had for years, looks nice though

  13. I've never actually carried a knife before, but the Stockman CLS knife looks like an attractive knife that I wouldn't mind carrying with me. In fact, it might be very smart to have a knife (as a tool) if you need it for any reason.

  14. My husband always carries a knife. I have a mini muti-tool in my purse that has a knife on it. I'm still grieving that I lost my favorite one a few weeks ago.

  15. My husband and I both collect and carry knives, and Gerber Knives are great as far as affordability and durability. Hubby usually gets a Gerber every Christmas from our son and "retires" them after a couple years since they were gifts.

  16. I've got some redneck friends who swear by Gerber knives. It may not sound like it, but thats a pretty amazing endorsement... This would be a gift for one of them should I win. Thanks.

  17. We love Gerber knives in our household. They are always great quality. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  18. We are both licensed to carry a concealed weapon, so yes we do carry guns. My husband always has a pocket knife on him.

  19. I really appreciate your candid & casual talk about gun ownership. Both my husband & I practice concealed carry. We had a couple women at my work get very badly assaulted on night shift & I've carried a hand gun ever since. We just spent the day Tuesday warming up my skills again.

    My husband always has a knife on him, & I often have Gerber's small utility knife on me. Those make GREAT gifts for RNs, if you have 1 in your life. We often need scissors, pliers, etc. Short of Cold Steele, I don't trust any knife company more than I trust Gerber (okay okay & the Swiss Army lol)

  20. My husband always carries a knife, and it always comes in handy! He carries a gun when he works downtown, but not when out in our small town.

  21. My son has had a pocket knife from a young age, and has always been very mindful and respectful of it's purpose and dangers. He would love this knife.

  22. I always carry a knife with me when I'm in public, and encourage my two daughters to carry knives along with CS spray. It's unfortunate that I live in a state that does not allow concealed carry of firearms. I support America's Second Amendment.

    Hope to win!

  23. My husband is a contractor and could use this in his toolbox. He would also make good use of it when he goes fishing.

  24. I do carry as often as possible. I've been in two unfortunate circumstances during armed hold ups, one while I was armed and one while I wasn't. Let me be the first to say, I was much more calm and composed during the event when I had my pistol on my ankle.

    This is a knife that would work for me! I have large pocket clip knives for when I'm wearing jeans working in the yard or hunting, but I don't have one that weigh down my slacks when I'm at work. Plus, Gerber maintains an edge better than most knives I've owned

  25. Just be sure your darling leaves the knife at home when he goes to the airport! I have lost many Swiss army knives by forgetting they're in my purse, then have to toss them out at security - or miss my flight. (I think someone could make some money selling prepaid mailers at the security line.) I'm not sure hubby would get this knife - I might keep it myself!

  26. Carrying a gun or a knife is definitely abnormal around here. The idea that one might use a weapon to be a hero during a bank robbery is completely foreign to me. Like some cultures elongate their necks with copper rings kind of foreign. Aside from military and police types on duty, the only people I can imagine doing so are drug dealers and other undesirables.

    So you can imagine that I was taken aback by this evidence that while our cultures may be similar in some ways, there are some big differences too :)

    PS Please don't enter me in this giveaway... I would have no idea what to do with such a thing!

  27. I would love to win this for my teenage brother! I got his name in the draw this year and this is what he wants. It would be a big step for him!

  28. Our gun is locked in the safe upstairs, and rarely (if ever) comes out. My hubby is never without his knife though. It's a swiss army with scissors that have a serrated edge (very desirable, apprently). He is actually known at work as the go-to guy when things need to get cut open. I'm sure he'd like a bigger one for camping though.

  29. I remember my dad always had a pocket knife handy when I was a kid. I'm not even sure if my husband has one, is that bad?! I think he may have one in his toolbox... maybe? Okay, this would be a good gift!

  30. I too carry a knife in my purse everywhere I go. And almost always someone asks to use it. Even my oldest daughter loves it, I can not count how many times she has asked for a pocket knife!

  31. MY husband totally sounds like Tim. He actually used to make knives when he was a teenager! He has a handful of knives that he uses, and so he is never without one. He is also a chiropractor, so he wear his nice dress clothes to work, but still has a knife clipped in his back pocket.

  32. Okay, now I love your family even more after reading this! We do not own a knife or gun but support the 2nd amendment very much. I have been thinking about taking a gun class to know how to safely use a gun.

  33. Your husband reminds me of my dad. He is that gun and knife carrier that would do the right thing in a bad situation without even thinking about it. My husband does not carry a knife, but I would love to give him one as I know he wants to be like my dad more than he already is!

  34. My husband just recently shot a gun for the first time and is definitely hooked! This would be an awesome gift for him! He loves being outside, but not an outdoorsmen yet. He wants to learn though!

  35. My husband is never without a gun or knife either and I also think that he is just the person to protect us and others from danger! He had a few Gerber knives already, but not this one. I know that he would love to add it to his collection!

  36. I'm a pacifist. I like knives as tools, but find them scary as weapons. I live in a not-so-good neighborhood, and know of several people who have been beaten, stabbed or shot. Perhaps if they had been armed they could have defended themselves, but I think you really have to know how to use the knife (otherwise it can be used against you).

  37. We live in East Africa (and are currently in the U.S on furlough) and my husband said he needs a good knife to bring back with him. I've been wanting to buy him a good multi purpose knife and I've never heard of Gerber before, so I'll definitely be checking them out!

  38. we too support the right to keep and bear arms. And to answer your questions husband yes/yes, me, yes/no (no only b/c I don't have my permit yet!). I sure would LOVE to give this knife to hubby this Christmas! He likes Gerber but doesn't have one yet! :)

  39. Not a gun carrier in this family. My husband is a pretty solid pacifist, so... :) That said, however, I KNOW that he would do ANYTHING to protect us in a terrible situation.
    And a knife is a totally different thing. There are many other uses for a knife... I wish I had one, except there is now a 2 year old who gets into my bag, so maybe that's not the best idea.

  40. this would be a sexy stocking stuffer for my hubby :-) He has a dulled out swiss army knife that doesn't actually pack a whole lot of punch any more!!

  41. Your husband is almost never knife-less or gun-less?! Wow, what a cowboy! I'm so intrigued by this. So does he wear it around his belt or how does it work? There are so many places within our metro area that ban guns and other weapons that I don't think it could ever work for me or my husband to carry around a gun or knife. I wonder if this is a difference between North/South?

    We don't carry or own any weapons but I'm certainly not against the 2nd ammendment. I actually don't know anyone around these parts that does carry a weapon but I grew up in a family of hunters so there were always plenty of guns and knives (safely!) kept in our home.

    1. His weapons are always concealed so the average person would have no idea he is carrying. It's not like in the western movies where he has a gun on each side of his hips or anything like that. ;)

      Perhaps that is a difference between North/South. I'm curious what the laws are like in each state. I guess we'll find out soon. I would say, however, that Arizona is generally a pretty "gun-friendly" state.

  42. Hubby and I both carry knives - he in his pocket, me in my purse. Hubby usually has a gun too - he's one of those good guys like your Hubby :)

  43. It wouldn't be a normal day if my husband wasn't carrying his knife! When I first met my now husband, I couldn't understand the necessity for walking around all day with a knife, but he did! I was suprised at how often it came in handy for him to have it on him. He loves trying out new "guy" products, especially when he's hunting!

  44. My husband would have no idea what to do with a knife like that and when I first read your heading I was hoping this was a giveaway for a Chef's type knife b/c that is something he would know how to use!!

  45. My husband and I both have small pocket knives attached to our key chains! My hubby loves knives (he even went through a stint of watching the knife show when we had satellite...another reason I am glad we don't have satellite anymore...LOL)

  46. We too are knife and gun loving people. My husband is never without his knife (a Gerber that I gave him several years ago). We are Gerber fans. I seldom carry one as I am seldom too far from his pockets. He has had several pocket knives, but until he got his Gerber, he didn't usually have one handy. Now, it is just as much a part of his pants pocket as his wallet is.

  47. My hubby loves knives and we have tons of them - and while I didn't used to understand the obsession with them... they have come in handy a lot!

  48. My husband carries a knife and he would really like this one! I used to carry one in my coat pocket when I took care of the animals (it was convenient to open bales of hay/straw), but I don't anymore.

  49. My husband is a knife carrier. Unfortunately, because his wife is anti-gun in most forms short of hunting to feed your family, he doesn't get to carrier guns a lot. But I like the knives because he can open boxes and envelopes for me!

  50. My hubby is not a gun carrier, nor a knife carrier unless he is fishing. If he had a good quality knife, it would come in handy. Since he is a carpenter, he is often going to his truck to find some sort of tool that will function as a good knife :-)

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