Christmas Gift Guide: jeans by GAP

Christmas Gift Guide: jeans by GAP 1I still like bootcut jeans best (does that make me unfashionable?). I hope not.

I recently went to GAP and tried on every single women's style of jeans (except jean leggings and skinnies). I immediately KNEW that the Long & Lean style was my favorite. The mid-rise waist is a mama's friend and the fitted thigh/flared leg look is universally flattering.

GAP offers great basic denim for the whole family. That said, I do hope that in future seasons the brand will offer more "interesting" washes, embellishments, and whiskering.

Jeans make a great gift for guys because you just choose their size and go (easy). For women, I recommend going the gift card route.

How many pairs of jeans do you own? What pair is your absolute favorite?

Christmas Gift Guide: jeans by GAP 2WIN IT! One winner will receive TWO certificates, each good for any one pair of jeans at GAP. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* GAP sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 2 jean certificates for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #39 Jesica. Congratulations!

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313 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: jeans by GAP”

  1. I own about 20 pairs of jeans. I'm lucky that I get to wear them to work daily as well. Right now my favorite pair is from Abercrombie. I haven't tried Gap jeans in quite awhile. I'd love to give 'em a try again!

  2. I own five pairs but I'm between sizes and can't buy any until these no longer fit. I don't have a favorite brand, just whatever fits.

  3. I like bootcut jeans too. They look better on me, so I hope they're still somewhat fashionable! I had a favorite style of Gap jeans that I LOVED until they changed everything this past year. I need to get back in and try everything on to find my new favorite style.

  4. I have about 7 pairs of jeans, but only 1 or 2 fit right now. I haven't been able to exercise my usual amount lately, so there's my excuse. :-) I think my fave's are the ol' Levi's.

  5. I'd love to win this for my daughter, the mother of 2 little girls who has just lost 20 lbs. and is back to her college weight! She loves the GAP, and especially their jeans. She loves the boot cut jeans because they look great with all of her shoes and boots! I personally love the long and lean jeans...have always loved GAP jeans the best...the fit is always perfect, and they really wear well!

  6. I have just 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit favorite pair is my go to daily jeans, lol. its a pair of christopher blue jeans I got as a hand me down from my sister! I soooo need more jeans, its my mom uniform most days, haha!

  7. I desperately need a new pair of comfy jeans. My old pair is springing holes and opening at the seams. Gap has good jeans that will fit for every size.

  8. I haven't bought a pair of Gap jeans in years! I think if they made their prices a little more affordable that more people would purchase them.

  9. I have too many pairs to count because jeans are my favorite thing to wear, Levis are my favorite because they just seem to look best on me

  10. I haven't worn GAP jeans since that brand was super popular when I was in Jr High/High school. I love wearing jeans as they're so comfy, maybe I'll try on a few pairs the next time I'm there!

  11. I really could use some jeans! Since having my son 3 mo's ago I am still unable to wear my regular jeans. Looks like I will have to purchase a bigger size. I love the look and feel of the gap jeans. During pregnancy they were the only brand of jean that fit right. [email protected]

  12. I am a big fan of Gaps Classic Boot Cut. I like the Long and Lean as well. Like you...I am a fan of the boot leg...I think it gives a more flattering look to anyone not over 5'7 and 105 lbs :)

  13. i bought my first pair of Gap jeans earlier this year and absolutely loved them...would like to get a couple more pairs!

  14. Oh my goodness! I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I have over 25 pair (probably close to 30) They are my weakness and I can hardly walk into a store and walk out without a pair of jeans in hand. I'm addicted!
    For every pair I donate, I buy one!!!
    My favorite pair so far is Martin and Osa, but I love my Gaps and also my Express jeans.

  15. I currently have one pair of well worn, really comfy jeans,Riders brand. Sounds like Gap jeans are great! I would love some!

  16. Wow...twinsies. I LOVE Gap jeans. I have about six pairs of jeans and 4 are from the Gap. And three of those are Long and Lean. I also wear a boot/cut slightly flared look. I like to think it offsets my not as small as they used to be thighs. I find them flattering. My daughter is in love the the jean leggings from the Gap. She called me and said I just MUST try a pair (she's in college and says that is all anyone wears now). So out of the loop I am.

  17. I am so glad domeone else likes the mid rise too. I love Gap clothing and I like that there are many different styles to choose from. PS I also like Boot cut jeans as well. I think if you look good in can never be out of style.

  18. My son is 15 years old and constantly in need of new jeans as he seems to outgrow them every few months for the last couple of years. This would be great to help out with his wardrobe. I am not sure he has ever even been to the Gap. We don't really go to malls with any frequency at all....

  19. I have to share with you that i finally found a pair of jeans that actually fit my"old lady figure."I am please to say it was Gap jeans, I live in them They are the only pair I found that doesn't highlight my lovely rear end!

  20. i have gained a few pounds since my wedding day and have been avoided going jean shopping. I would definitely change my mind if I have the opportunity to purchase GAP jeans. The Gap has such a huge selection of quality jeans to choose from.


  21. So I have about 4 pairs of jeans...1 pair that I absolutely love to wear, 1 pair that is so-so, 1 pair for getting dirty, and 1 pair that I seem to always think doesn't match. Gap has amazing's just usually too expensive for me, so this is great.

  22. I own 3 pairs of jeans and they are all Gap Long and Lean. That said, they are all different sizes as my shape has evolved and changed in various ways (positive and negative) over the years. It is about time to buy a new pair that is the right size since the last time I purchased a pair of jeans was over 3 years ago. Note that all 3 pairs are is fantastic condition even though I have had them for so long - one pair at least 5 years.

  23. I have several pairs of jeans but really only wear a few of them.My favorite right now are a pair of Gap always skinny jeans.

  24. I'v lost 67 pounds and my jeans are too big. Money is really tight , so winning jeans from the Gap would be great. Not just because they are a great store but because I can now fit in their sizes.

  25. Man would I love to win this giveaway! I have such a HORRIBLE time shopping for jeans since I gained weight after having my daughter (which by the way was 3 years ago lol). I would love to give GAP jeans a try!

  26. I have one pair of jeans and I'm almost in need of a new, smaller size (yay!)
    I would LOVE to give Gap a try. I have yet to find my favorite brand of jeans.

  27. I think I have about 4 pair, and none of them are favorites, since they all need to be replaced and don't fit right anymore since I have lost some weight.

  28. I own three or four pairs. I have one pair that is my favorite but the belt loops are starting to come unhinged. They need a replacement. I would love to win this so I could find a new favorite pair.

  29. I have 3 pairs of blue jeans and 1 pair of jean shorts.
    My favorite is an old pair (13 years) that is all faded and worn thin.

  30. I own six pairs of jeans and my current favorites are the Levi's 529 Curvy Bootcut jeans. They're made for women like me who have huge hips and a tiny waist. The back rise of these jeans is about 6 inches longer than the front, so they provide full booty, hip, and muffin-top coverage. I wear a 6 in these, but 10/12 in other brands (even other Levi's) because my hips are more than a foot bigger around than my waist -- so, these jeans are good for the self-esteem, too!

    glycinemax (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. i have 4 pairs - 2 only fit but cant seem to part with the others lol :) and i also have to admit the bootcuts are my favorite .... so you are NOT alone :)

  32. I have a pair of Land's End style 2 jeans that are bootcut that I love and they have a 28 inch inseam so they fit my short legs great. My 11 year old was bugging me about haveing bootcut jeans and so I took her shopping with me for some skinny jeans last week and after laughing at me for about 5 minutes straight in the fitting room she started begging me to just get the bootcut ones. :)

  33. I own 7 pairs of jeans but only 1 from JcPenney fit me just right because I'm under 5' tall. It hard to find a great fit for petite's!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  34. I don't like skinny jeans on myself either (maybe I'm just too old) but they look great on my teen daughter. Both my teens LOVE Gap clothes so this would make a great gift. Thanks.

  35. I own 3 pairs of jeans, but only 1 of the pairs fit. My favorite jeans are the pair that fit. They have been distressed (but not holey) and I believe they are bootcut. I have never tried Gap Jeans before, so this would make them perfect to try. Thanks for the chance.

  36. I own way too many pairs of jeans - and Gap jeans in particular - to count, and my favorite would be a pair of dark-washed Gap jeans that I bought after I first lost a significant amount of weight a few years back. I'm sure there's sentimental value attached to them, but there's no denying they fit well and are extremely comfortable; even better, they look good with casual or more formal outfits, so they're extremely versatile. Thanks!

  37. I like GAP's quality and style - being petite, this their jeans really fit me. My favorite is the Forever Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash. Thanks!

  38. I'm still a fan of the boot cut too! Way better than skinny jeans -- yikes! -- and don't even get me started on "jeggings" -- ugh. Just something simple and flattering works for me. Thanks!

  39. GAP jeans are SO GREAT! They wear so well, lasting a really long time. I like Boot Cut too! I was thinking
    I'd try their Boyfriend cut, but I guess I thought too long, they don't make them any more!

  40. I am entering for my granddaughter in collegeshe needs those for Gap jeans. I know she wears Gap jeans because when she first started I went shopping with her and she bought Gap jeans. She will be leaving in Jan. to go to South Africa to do her college internship. Summers here, she would be wearing shorts, capris, etc. but... overseas in a strange place and being from the US they need to wear dresses, skirts or jeans. She asked for jeans for Christmas because she said all hers were worn out and old. She did say she had two new pair that fit that a friend of hers gave her because they were to little. I think she told me they were both straight leg one with snap cuffs on the back pockets and the others had a little bling on the pockets. Her favorite was the pair with the cuffs. She is not much of a bling girl. She needs new jeans and I would love to win them for her. Thanks for the chance to do it.

  41. I only have a couple pair of jeans. Could really use some new ones. I have a pair of black jeans that are really, really comfortable.

  42. You're not alone. I also prefer bootcut jeans. They're more comfortable and work better with my footwear than most skinny or "traditional" jeans. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I probably own 10 pairs of jeans, but I really only wear 2 of them right now (the two that are the most comfy and make me look good). Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  44. I have one pair of black jeans they are Gloria Vanderbilt stretch denim---I do not have a body made for jeans I have a small waist and big hips so for something to make it up over my hips there is no way it's going to fit my waist. It's sad I could carry my purse in the back just rest it on my rear.
    [email protected]

  45. the long and lean is my favorite jean!! unfortunatly after i had my baby 9 months ago, my good ol fave long and leans no longer fit :( i could definetly use a larger size of my favorites!

  46. The Gap makes great jeans. I've loved them for years, and they last very well. I'm liking the Perfect boot jeans (dark wash). Thanks!

  47. About six pair, and which are my favorites depends on whether I will be eating or not. If eating the granmaw pants are just the thing.

  48. Some of my most favorite jeans have been from the gap! Worn them so much, one pair is completely ripped to shreds as a pair of my "work pants". Would love to get a couple new pairs! :)

  49. Long & Lean ?? I have to admit neither of those words apply to me but I have had GAP jeans that I loved. Winter is here and I would love to have a new pair (or two) of jeans. Thanks.

  50. I seem to try on at least 20 pairs of jeans every time I try to find a pair to buy---I can never find a pair that fits just right---I haven't been to a GAP store since there are none near us--maybe I will take a drive and try their jeans.

  51. I only own 3 pairs. I just lost weight so having to buy everything new again so don't have many. My fave pair are from The Avenue.

  52. I always stop at the Gap at the mall where I stop. The window displays, the styles and colors at the Gap just draw me in. The fit is always just right for me and my whole family. I feel comfortable, stylish and the sales and even the regular prices fit my budget.

  53. I love the GAP. They have the best deals and best sales! I could really use some new jeans too! This would be great - Thanks!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  54. My favorite jeans are my Old Navy jeans. They're inexpensive, soft without being flimsy & come in SHORT sizes. I know Old Navy/Gap are sister companies, I should check out the Gap's jeans

  55. I have about 5 pairs that are wearable. There are a few more pairs somewhere but I would not wear them any more. I have a favorite pair for high heels (just simple dark ones) and a favorite pair for flats.

  56. I am a bootcut kinda girl. I own a bunch of pairs, but have about 2 that I wear regularly, as they seem to be the ones that feel good and fit well.

  57. I'm embarrassed to admit that I only have one pair of jeans that I currently really like to wear, and those are skinny dark blue jeans from H&M. I also have 2 or 3 older, wider, worn-out pairs, so I guess it's high time I got some new jeans ;)

  58. Well, I own three I think. But two blue pairs. While I like the way they fit (honestly can't remember where I bought them), they're quite shredded at the bottom. You know when you step on the hem and it eventually makes a hole? I imagine most people actually hem the jeans to the appropriate length, but I just keep on wearing 'em. Haven't tried on a pair of GAP jeans in quite a while, but now you've got me curious about the Long and Lean. And I promise if I win, I will get them hemmed so I don't look like a hippie in college rather than a reformed 30 year old hippie.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  59. I'm a Levi Strauss girl, I like the 515 or 505. I still wear boot cut too, I like straight leg too, but no skinny jeans for me. They don't make me feel skinny :)

  60. my favorite pair of jeans are my citizens of humanity jeans. they're pricey (which i was always so against) but so worth it. i have 3 of them in total and they've lasted me about 4 years now. and still going! i do also like gap - the 1969 jeans... just got gray cord skinnies and gray cord perfect boot from them. like them both! also, long and lean was my old time favorite there. i also like boot cut jeans. they make the body look proportionate. :D

  61. I don't any GAP jeans anymore (but would love to). I have maybe 10 pairs of jeans. I have a pair of seven jeans that are my favorites.

  62. I have two pairs. My favorite are my Michael Kors. I got them on eBay used for a few dollars and they are fantastic!

  63. Boot cut jeans are great! I think they are quite flattering. I have about 5 pairs of jeans. My favorite are a pair of Lucky Jeans that I got as hand me downs. Score! Love them.

  64. I probably have 7 or 8 pairs, but only 3 that I actually wear. Funny enough, a pair of Gap long and lean jeans are the first pair I grab! They're getting worn out though...I actually painted a worn spot with clear fingernail polish on the inside of my jeans so they wouldn't get a hole, lol. That's how much I love them!

  65. I hate to admit that I have gained weight and could benefit from the opportunity to buy new, better fitting jeans.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  66. I'm all about the Gap, well actually my wife is. She was able to get four or five of our Christmas presents there, saving us nearly $60!

  67. I've found that after a couple kids, I need to re-evaluate what jeans styles I like best. And after baby 3 comes this spring, I'll definitely be wanting some new jeans to feel put together again!

  68. I've got abt 8 pairs of jeans (including maternity jeans). I surprisingly don't own a pair of Gap jeans right now, but it sounds like I really need to give the Long and Lean a try.

  69. I've never liked tight clothes, in fact I've always worn my clothes a little baggy. I've recently been seeing that I actually look thinner in loose, but tighter fitting clothes than what I've been wearing. I need new jeans to prove this point!

  70. I have about 6 pair (recently got 3 of those on clearance for $7.50 a pair!!). My favorite are my Guess boot cut jeans!

  71. Okay, I'm glad I read Nini's comment first, I think I will have to go try some Long and Lean jeans! I was at Gap the day after Thanksgiving (50% off everything in the store until 10am) and I was bummed that no jeans looked like they would fit me, as I'm certainly not Long and Lean either! But, I WILL go try them now, thanks!!!

  72. So, do you want to know how many pairs I own, or how many actually fit?!? :) I actually have 3 pairs of jeans right now, one being a capri! I haven't had GAP jeans in years, primarily because of the cost! Their jeans are a great quality though and being a "tall" girl that's post baby,"Long and Lean" just might be perfect! :)

  73. I love jeans! I always have to look for "tall" when shopping for jeans and they're hard to come by! GAP has great jeans but the cost per pair seems to keep climbing. Now that I'm post baby, I'd love to get some new jeans that fit better!

  74. Oh! Gap does make great jeans, don't they? At least, that's what they are known for. I could use some new jeans. I have trouble finding ones that really, truly fit!

  75. I have 5 pair. My favorite is an embroitered (spelling) pair that fits just oh so well. If anything ever happened to them, I would just die.

  76. Because of my DEEP hatred for shopping, I have 4 or 5 pairs of jeans ranging from skinny to chubby, and I take VERY good care of them so I don't have to go buy more. My absolute favorite pair is a pair I am working (dieting) to fit into by Christmas. They are Rider jeans that I picked up at Wal-Mart - seriously the most comfy and cutest jeans on me all for $15! That's my kind of jeans.

  77. Since I lost weight, I own 4 pair. Trying to lose more weight. My favorite pair right now is the stretch ones. Would love to win could really use more jeans. Please enter me, thank you

  78. " I have several pairs of jeans but only two really fit comfortably. One pair is from Gap and one is from Express. I have to admit I love the pair from Gap and wear them almost everyday, so much that the bottom of them are starting to come apart."

  79. I love how Gap jeans fit my body type. I am kind of pear shaped and I have trouble finding jeans that give me that nice look.

  80. I have 5 pairs of jeans and my favorite is a pair of skinnies from Gap. Gap jeans always fit me the best and I love their 1969 line!

  81. I've had luck with gap jeans in the past but haven't bought a new pair in sooo long. I'd love to freshen up my worn out jean wardrobe. Especially I'd like to try trouser jeans--they look so put together and still comfi.

  82. I have about 8 pairs but I only wear about 3 of them. The rest just don't fit as well. I find that often jeans will fit through the first 5 or 6 washes and then start to lose their shape. :(

  83. I find trying on jeans to be SO frustrating - but it's amazing when you do find that pair!

    And for the record, I LOVE bootcuts. So if they're "out" I'm right there with them!

  84. Oh gosh, sadly right now I only have ONE pair of jeans that fit me. (I wear a lot of leggings.) I have been wanting to try Gap's skinny jeans- I hear they are very flattering! I'd be SO tempted to use both certificates for myself! But would probably have hubs pick out a pair, too! Gap jeans are the only ones he'll wear!


  85. I am still wearing a pair of Gap jeans from 2005, they are "old reliable" :)
    Would love to try some new styles, especially trouser cut jeans.
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  86. I have three pairs of jeans. Work slacks rule my wardrobe. I was excited to see that Gap does carry smaller sizes in their online store. I was recently disappointed to note that I actually can't fit into ANY of the pants in their store at the local mall. Some online shopping would be great!

  87. I have about 6 pairs of jeans but none of my current jeans that are in good shape are a favorite. I have had trouble finding ones that aren't to tight in the legs but yet small enough around the top. I haven't tried Gap yet but I would like to.

  88. I'm a fan of the bootcut/flare too. I have maybe 6 or 7 pair of jeans-and only 2 that I wear regularly. I have to say, I always go back to the comfy ones (Levis and an off brand pair)!

  89. At 5'11 I don't need to make my legs look any longer, or my feet any bigger so I won't wear the Jeggings or skinny ones either. I prefer the wider bootcuts - flares. What look like boot cuts on me would be big flares on other people because of my big clown feet! : ) I like that Gap also has longer lengths, some stores "talls" still aren't long enough for me!

  90. I just got my first pair of gap jeans a few weeks ago. I wanna say BOY the quality is awesome!! I am actually wearing them right now... I also *LOVE* the dark wash color they offer!!

  91. I don't know how many pairs of jeans I own at the moment... the question is more, how many fit right now! ;) The answer being 2 and one of them is almost ready for the rag bag! Oh, and I did just buy a new pair to replace them so I guess that makes 3. I love jeans! But I don't think I'll ever be willing to do the skinny leg thing... gag!

  92. I used to have a favorite pair of jeans from the gap but I wore them honestly to death. I've been cheaper lately and have been buying inferior brands but miss them-- would love to splurge again.

    hmcnaron at gmail

  93. I haven't owned a pair of Gap jeans since high school, but I sure could use a new pair of jeans! Bootcut jeans are my favorite too!

  94. I love the way those jeans look on your thighs -- slender but still comfortable. I have just one pair of jeans that fit me right now because I lost a bunch of weight nursing, especially since going off dairy due to my son's dairy sensitivity. They are Lee jeans from Kohl's and they've been surprisingly durable (thank goodness!).

  95. I have lots of jeans, but they don't fit anymore. I have gained a few pounds this last year:( My favorite jeans are Levis bootcut. I have worn them all my life!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  96. We are exactly the same! My favorite kind of jean is Bootcut and my favorite style for me at the Gap is the Long and Lean. I purchase almost all of my jeans from the Gap.

  97. I am in need of a jean makeover, that's for sure. Skinny jeans are great this time of year for tucking into boots but I still feel that a slight flare or bootcut is more flattering on those of us who are not 5'11' and 110 lbs!

    daytoncat1 at yahoo dot com

  98. If liking bootcut the best makes you old fashion, then I am too. I think they flatter my body the most and I'm the most comfortable with them.

    I used to like flare (oh, I can't believe it!) or super skin tight jeans... now, it's dark wash (usually) and boot cut.


  99. I have six pairs of jeans. My absolute favorite are my Big Star jeans. They have stretch in them and are long enough for my legs. I would like to try the Gap jeans.

  100. My body has been in a constant state of change because of pregnancies for the past few years. I have my maternity jeans, big jeans, regular jeans, and then back to maternity!

  101. i own probably 6-7 pairs of jeans (i only wear 3) and my guess jeans were my fave until i split the knee. :( i cried.

  102. I would love to be able to give the GCs to my daughter. She has two little ones and tends to put off buying things for herself. Any other mommies like that out there? :)

  103. I've never worn Gap jeans. I maily own Levis but also American Eagle and Eddie Bauer. I'd love to try Gap jeans!

  104. Okay I just read this post AFTER your other jeans post so you KNOW I prefer the bootcut too! :) I have to say, I am a jean snob a little bit... It is probably the main item that I simply do NOT enjoy going "generic" on b/c I have not found an off-brand name jean that fits and flatters. However, since I don't necessarily have money to burn, I do like Gap jeans, and I can tolerate Old Navy SOMETIMES... however, my favorite pair of jeans were an awesome flare leg LEI jean that I tore the knee right across and in a fit of total 22-year-old despair, immediately threw in the garbage. Oh how young and foolish I was! :) I will forever miss those jeans! :) To think how I COULD have patched them or make cutoffs out of them still pains me! :)
    Right now, my favorite pair of jeans are a bootcut-ish Lucky Brand jeans I DID get a great deal on at TJMaxx! :)

    I would LOVE to someday own a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans... I keep hitting the designer consignment store in my area to wait for a pair that fits! :)

  105. Honestly, I probably own about 15 pairs (and I just sold about 8 pairs at a garage sale) BUT they are in all different sizes, right now I only have ONE pair that I fit into (I haven't shed any of the baby weight yet) so I guess by default they are my favorites. But I love these Hydrulics (that isn't probably how you spell it) that I hope to fit back into sometime.

    autumn398 @

  106. Gap jeans are comfy. I love how that little girl of yours has a little baby doll sticking out from her shirt. sooo cute!

  107. WOW WOW WOW! Gap jeans are my fave. I still have the same pairs from college (they last forever!) Now that I'm preggo - my Gap jeans sit in the drawer - I'd love to get a pair of maternity jeans from GAP - I've heard they are FANTASTIC.

    I rock the boot cut too :-)

  108. depends on how my weight goes up and down lol!!! I have comfy ones that are boot cut that I love! thanks for the chance!

  109. My most favorite pair of jeans are a pair of 100% cotton jeans from American Eagle. After I got pregnant, alas, they didnt fit. Who would have thought. I went to get a bigger size and now all of their jeans are stretch! I have a really hard time wearing stretch jeans so I am currently inbetween favorites. I have made do with a pair of Old Navy pants. I have a hard time spending money on clothes so anything I get has to be a good deal.

  110. I just noticed the baby in your daughter's jacket - cute! Very handy place to carry a baby doll when you don't have a carrier around :)

  111. I only own two pairs of jeans - my favorite is a dark wash boot cut pair from Levi's. I've never had a chance to try Gap jeans, it would be nice to! :)

  112. I own three pairs of jeans. None of them fit right. Two are brand new. I bought them thinking they fit fine but now that I actually wear them it's fairly obvious that they are a size too big. I never thought I'd complain about that but going shopping is such a hassle that I almost (almost!) wish I actually was a size larger.

    Sigh. Also, I have no idea what a bootcut is. Probably that makes me hopelessly unfashionable but I'm okay with that :)

  113. I am in desperate need of new jeans. I haven't purchased any in years, and feel like I look like I am still in college. My problem is that I am short, and most pants are long. Sad day.

  114. Interesting, I've never tried Gap jeans, I might have to give them a shot, since you make them sound enticing. Also, I also go for bootcut, even though I think that probably does make me out of style. :) I only wore skinny jeans while pregnant, since I figured I had a big belly to balance out the hips that the skinny jeans make so obvious!

  115. Stephanie! Gap Long & Leans are my all-time favorite! I do like to go a bit more designer for a dressier look but for every day out-and-about-with-the-kids you are sure to catch me in a pair of Gap Long&Leans. I also wore maternity Long&Leans when I was pregnant. FABULOUS!

  116. I had a pair of super comfy Gap jeans before I got pregnant with Sophia. Currently, though, I'm loving a pair of dockers that I got on sale the other day.

  117. I lost a lot of weight and afterwards the ONLY jeans I could find that fit me right were the Gap. Everything else was too loose on the waist and tight everywhere else. I love love LOVE the Gap!

  118. Gap jeans have always been a part of my wardrobe. When I find a line of jeans that fits I stick with it. Youtube has some Gap ads from the 80s. The jeans were looking good even then (although the waistband was way higher). The bottom line is the Gap sells stylish and long-lasting jeans.

  119. I've been losing weight, so I only own about 2 pairs of jeans that are fit for public use. My favorite is a pair of Flirt jeans from Old Navy. Super cute and comfortable... and I don't feel too bad for only wearing them for a few months, since I got them for $7 on clearance! I'm pretty close to my goal size, so I hope to up the quality (by, say, buying some Gap jeans) when I get there! :)

  120. I love the gap long and lean, too! Although mine are a teeny bit too long and I got them in the ankle length. I do love the skinny jean trend now, too, because I love to wear boots with them.

  121. I have like 12 pairs of jeans, but only 4 of them fit! I lost a ton of weight before I got pregnant and went on a shopping spree, then gained a ton when I was preggo!
    My favorite pair is a pair of Gap Boot Cut jeans. Love them!

  122. I own two currently. My favorite are actually this pair I got from the gap but it has holes in it, I can;t wear them anymore.

  123. Right now I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit well. I am hoping to buy another pair or so sometime soon.

  124. I have a pair of jeans that I received from a second hand store which are now my favorite. I didn't recognize the brand until my sister-in-law said that they are really expensive jeans. They are called Chip and Pepper.

    I still love bootcut jeans. I tried on skinny jeans once and laughed really hard at how funny they looked on me. I wear jeans so much and I am all about them being comfortable and flattering!

    **You look really cute in the picture! I love that jacket. Where did you get it?**

    P.S. Little Sister is so cute with her baby doll poking out of her shirt!

  125. I have, in the past, had trouble with getting the length right with Gap jeans. I was kind of "between lengths," if you will. But, their recent denim has really been piquing my interest. Especially their new skinny jeans in the lighter washes. A great pair of skinny jeans is soooo hard to find, so I would like to try them out next time I visit the Gap.

    I own 5 pairs of jeans, and they are mostly from Anthropologie carried brands. My favorite are my James Jeans bootcut pair that I had tailored so they would fit just right. :)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!! And Merry Christmas!!


  126. I own about 6 pairs and I have yet to find one that I really, really love although in my younger days Gap Jeans fit me well.

  127. I have three pair of jeans. Two of the pairs are wearing out and third I am not quite sure if I like the fit. I love boot cut jeans.

  128. My favorite pair of jeans is from the GAP and from Express. GAP is one of the only affordable stores that sells jeans loooooooong enough for me.

  129. I feel the same way. I like bootcuts, but hate skinny. I own 2 pairs of jeans. I don't have a favorite. I've yet to love any particular brand of jeans.

  130. The best thing that a jean company could do is to size women's jeans the same way that men's are sized, by waist and length, especially the expensive brands. If someone is going to pay a hundred dollars for jeans they should get to choose the waist and length size that they want. My favorite fitting jeans come from express they fit perfectly in length and waist unfortunately they have some "fashionable" holes in the legs, which I like, but sometimes the holes are appropriate. :) I have looked for the same style without holes and haven't been able to find another pair like them, even at Express!!! It is a huge bummer. By the way I really liked your Gap pants on you they looked great today and that pink sweater is really cute too, a very good color for you.

    1. I agree! The sizing for women's pants/jeans should definitely be more straightforward. When I went to GAP, I tried on 3 different sizes (and they all fit!). Those ones were a 2 - crazy.

      P.S. I think I left my jeans at the hotel room we stayed at in Phoenix a few days ago. So sad about that. I'm pretty sure one of the girls may have snuck them in one of the drawers when I wasn't looking...must remember to check EVERY square-inch of the room before we leave next time.

  131. I have 3 pairs. 1 pair I'm afraid to say this but is maternity (I had my baby 1 year ago) but they are so comfy and I only wear them around the house. The other 2 pairs are from Gap and Old Navy. I prefer boot cut jeans that are mid rise. I love how Gap jeans fit and I can fit comfortably in a size 8 where as some brands I wear a 10. That's why I love Gap! I wear a lot of their dress pants because they make me feel thin!

  132. I believe I have seven or eight in total, a few of which don't get worn for either being too big or not the appropriate fit for my body type. :P

    Despite having its faults, my favorite pair are the ones I got from Fashion Bug using their color/shape system. I got the incorrect length, but it basically fits perfectly on me.

  133. I had a baby last summer and though I have since lost the baby weight, my three pairs of old pants don't flatter my new lady curves so much. I have been putting off the shopping for new jeans because money is tight, but I would love to have some new jeans that will help me appreciate my new hips and and hide the love handles. Gap might be a great place to start the search. Thanks for the review.

  134. GAP 1969 jeans are my favorite. They are a bit pricey for me at full price though, so I usually wait until I see a pair in my size on clearance. :)

  135. Long & Leans are my go-to jeans, and I own 3 pairs of them. But, I have to admit, this year I got into the skinny jeans and I LOVE them so much :)

  136. I just bought my very first pair of GAP jeans with the awesome Groupon deal they had last month. I LOVE them! I got the ankle length so they aren't too long like a lot of my other jeans. The wash is perfect, too!

  137. I am very picky when it comes to jeans, but I'm also very obsessed with them. I LOVE JEANS! I'm constantly trying to find the best pair for my body. The best jeans I've found were at American Eagle and they were a boot cut style. I always go bootcut, although I tried the skinnies from Pac Sun once and was surprisingly pleased. After just having a baby, though, those puppies aren't going on me anytime soon!

  138. I think the one time I've seen Oprah in my life, she was doing a thing on the best jeans for every body and the stylist she was talking to said everyone should own one really good, well fitting pair of bootcut jeans. Its perfect for every body type! I hadn't owned anything but bootcut since high school, and recently my much younger, much trendier little sister made me shop with her and forced me to try on outfits she picked out for me. She chose a pair of skinny jeans (which she lives in, but she's young, has never had kids and is totally fabulous so they look great on her). I had my doubts, but they were some of the most comfortable jeans I'd ever worn, and she and a few other women who were also trying on clothes assured me I didn't look pear shaped (and one woman lectured me on "body image distortion" and told me to listen to my sister.) So, I did and bought them (they were also on sale- that's probably the most important factor in my purchase!) I still think I look better in bootcut jeans, but I do wear them a bunch, they're really comfortable, and have gotten many compliments on them.

  139. I have 4 pairs of jeans. two pairs for riding horses, one for when I want to look nice and the other is for working around the property. Most of the are Levi's, I like boot cut and reg or long lenth, even though I am short. When I ride I need the jeans to cover my boots. But I wear jeans everyday, yes even to church, even in summer! Love them!

  140. I actually just bought a pair of jeans a couple weeks ago so that I'd have more than one pair that were wearable in public! Bootcut jeans are my absolute favorite too!! :-)

  141. my favorite jeans were always gap but i haven't bought any new pairs in years! the only jeans i've purchased have been target and walmart... i'd love to get a good pair in my closet again!

  142. I own four pair of jeans right now - skinny, jeggings, flare, and wide leg! I used to own a lot more but life has been busy and crazy and jean shopping takes a lot of time. They are my favorite piece of clothing (next to pajamas) that I own!

  143. Are bootcuts not in style anymore. What?!
    I do love Gap jeans. I think my favorite jeans are from Express, though. The have a good cut for me & the womens' jeans come in various lengths. (Why do men's jeans come in all lengths & but ours usually don't? Grrrrr.)

  144. I have 3 pairs of jeans but only one of the pair I like the best. Still have not found my favorite jean of all time.
    Would love to win and try Gap jeans!

  145. I own two pairs of jeans but they are getting old...always need new jeans! Thanks for the chance to win!

    dan_jody at

  146. I have 3 pairs of jeans that currently fit and several more waiting in the closet for when/if I ever lose the baby-weight! I wear them most days - I'm totally a jean-girl!

  147. I just found a pair of maternity Gap Long and Lean jeans at a resale shop and have been living in them since the! I love the quality of Gap jeans - they last forever. That being said, right before getting pregnant with baby #3 my final pair of Gap jeans gave out on me. I'd love to get back into some after this baby comes though :).

  148. shopping for jeans and shopping for bras- my two least favorite things to shop for- ugh. i used to have a pair i absolutely wore out- i think they were a lucky brand. i could use a new pair about now- i'm stuck wearing cords everyday.

  149. I own ONE pair of jeans!! I had a baby 2 months ago and none of my old jeans fit! I did have a pair of Hudson jeans I loved but I wore a hole in the knee (and not the cool, hip kind of hole) so I had to get rid of them. Hopefully I will fit into some new jeans soon!!

  150. Finding jeans is so difficult for me! But I do have success when I go to GAP! I will admit though, I only have about three pairs of jeans. Two pairs are for casual just hanging out around the house or going shopping. One pair is for more formal or date nights. I would like to add more jeans to my collection though .. then maybe I wouldnt have to do so many loads of laundry!

  151. Long and Lean are my favorite too! They're the only ones that are long enough and, well lean enough for me. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was still wearing mine, but now my belly is too big, ha! Still, I've been wearing the same pair since college so a new pair would be awfully nice...

  152. I am so in need of some new jeans. I have lost just over 10 pounds and my clothes are starting to not fit. I am still working on losing some more weight. I always find it difficult to get the perfect fit in jeans. Maybe some Gap jeans will work.

  153. I had the curvy jeans from gap and loved them dearly. I have since lost weight and come down a few sizes, and would adore a new pair. Thanks!

  154. I've been buying jeans at Goodwill. You wouldn't believe how busy the Goodwill is in my neighborhood. It used to be a grocery store, and there was always plenty of parking. Now the parking lot is packed all day long. However, shopping for jeans is a royal pain. If you find the right style, its the wrong size. Right size - wrong style. Pants are definitely best bought at a regular store and I'd love a trip to the Gap!

  155. Up until last month I hadn't owned a pair of Gap jeans since high school. I love Gap and have plenty of jackets and t-shirts from there, but I'm a bargain shopper, and their jeans were just too pricey for me. But I recently found a pair of skinny jeans on the clearance rack, and since they fit well, I took the plunge. Not only are they my first Gap jeans in years, they're my first skinny jeans since 7th grade!

  156. Gap jeans have consistently been the best jeans I've owned. I love their tees as well, in terms of fit, durability and softness. If I could, I'd live in their jeans and tees :)

  157. I have 4 pair of jeans and they are all Eddie Bauer. I think I tried Gap jeans once but didn't find the right fit. Of course, with a gift card, I'll be motivated to try it again!

  158. I own only one pair of jeans right now as they are maternity. And sadly, I own only one pair of regular jeans too ha ha so i guess they are my favorite! it will definitely be time to change that after the baby comes

  159. I own two pairs of jeans (both Gap, actually). I don't wear them often because I'm more of a dress/skirt kind of girl, but now that it's snowy and cold, I find myself reaching for the jeans and long underwear more often. I've found that jeans wear quickly especially on the inner thighs where the material is constantly rubbing that they are not worth the investment!! The Gap jeans I own are staples of my wardrobe, though.

  160. I need to find some new favorites. Previously I have loved Gap jeans. I agree with the bootcut idea, I can't stand leggings or skinny jeans.

  161. If bootcuts ever become unfashionable, then I just won't be fashionable. I agree that they are universally flattering. I love the Gap and I have also found great finds in the Gap outlet. Right now my favorite jean is from Banana Republic (also bought at the outlet) but I think they're the same cut as the Gap since they're all owned by the same company.

  162. Gap jeans are my favorite and I like the curvy style the best! It seems like Gap jeans hold up better than other brands I've tried so I definitely think they're worth the money. And even better if they're free!

  163. I don't think I've ever owned Gap jeans. I've been a Levi girl for awhile but funny that you mention jeans...I've been trying to find a new favorite post babies. I've tried a few brands but haven't found The One yet.

    (And your previous post about Netflix - we love Netflix! And it is a great gift...especially for grandparents who are a little comfortable with the computer for ordering.)

  164. I'm usually more of a skirts/tights kind of girl but the only jeans I love are Gap. I like that they offer lengths for my short legs and their sizing is very consistent- even in the maternity line.

  165. I own probably three pairs of "favorites" - and I adore Lucky Jeans (the US made ones). I have had the long and lean before and would love to win this for after our new baby arrives. Our nearest Gap is two hours away, but worth the drive. :)

  166. The Long and Lean used to be my favorite too...I don't have any right now (I lost 50 pounds a few years ago and they went to Goodwill!) but I think I will have to try them again. My current favorite pair of jeans is from Banana Republic and probably is a similar style to the Long and Lean, but maybe with a slightly wider flare at the bottom.

  167. I need to spend some money and get some nice jeans. Right now my favorite are a pair that I got out of a free bin and I have no idea what brand they are but I am wearing them right now! I normally buy Old Navy mostly due to price and I know what to buy online without trying anything on. I would love to go to the Gap (kid free) and do what you did so I could find a perfect pair of new jeans for me.

  168. I actually like the boyfriend jean! SUPER comfortable and relaxed and looks good with "skinny jean" outfits without being skinny jeans or just t-shirts and pullovers!

  169. At the moment I own about 10 pairs of jeans but only 3 fit! I have one DKNY pair that I absolutely love and two from Mossimo (Target) that fit pretty well and are comfy. I love jeans!

  170. I own about 4 pairs of jeans but only wear two of the pairs. For some reason they are the most comfortable. I used to wear Gap Long and Lean jeans and they were great.

  171. I'm a bootcut girl too! I just keep hoping that it doesn't go out of style - not because I'm afraid of being out of style, but because I'm afraid they won't make them anymore!!!

  172. The Gap is a fabulous store! I have trouble finding jeans that fit my youngest son. He is very tall and thin. He needs a 34 length and 29 waist. I will have to see if they have his size!

  173. I haven't bought jeans because I one hate the finding of jeans and the trying on. I have just had a few people tell where they bought their jeans after I stated that they were nice looking jeans. They stated the GAP. I would love to go to the Gap and find a pair that Will look good on me.

  174. I currently have one pair of jeans, a resale shop purchase a few years ago, and they are ready to retire. I grew up wearing Arizona's from JCPenneys, but I have yet to find a grown up pair of jeans that I just love. Maybe I need to give GAP a try.

  175. I have only two pair of jeans at the moment. One is ripped at the knee so that is my laundry day pair and the other is about to give up the seat. I can see the light filtering through if I look from the inside out. However, the second pair are my favorites. They have a flattening tummy panel and are boot cut and have a little stretch to them (all the better for holding my squishy-ness in). :)

    I'd love to go to the gap and choose a pair or two of quality jeans that will be able to take the abuse of chasing two kiddos around.

  176. OH yes, I still love bootcut jeans the best too!
    I own 3 pairs of jeans. I used to buy tons of jeans, and after short periods of time I would not really like any of them. Then, I changed the way I buy jeans. I spend a little more on good quality, sturdy jeans that aren't going to lose their shape. It means I can't buy as many pairs as I like, which is a bummer because I. Love. Jeans. But it also means I like the ones I buy a LOT more.

    1. So true! I'd rather have 1 expensive pair of jeans that makes me feel fabulous than 5 pairs of cheaper jeans that stretch out and lose their shape.

  177. The GAP is the best store for jeans and I, too, still love bootcut jeans! I will be glad when they are back "in style" although they are still the only style I wear. I will also be glad with skinny jeans are "out" (especially for boys)!

  178. One of my favorite pairs of pants ever came from Gap. I wish I had bought a few pairs -- I used them until they wore out and could never find them again. Maybe I should try the Long and Leans. I'm not particularly tall, and I never bothered to try them based solely on the name. Guess it's worth a shot!

  179. I was just thinking that after this pregnancy, I need some new jeans. Would love a pair of Gap jeans! I had a pair of button-fly Gap jeans years ago that were my absolute favorite pair of jeans. The long and lean do sound right up my alley too!

  180. I just got a long and lean pair from a clothing swap! Jeans are the most essential article of clothing I own. So versatile!
    And those look great on you!

    1. Yay for clothes swap! Was it a "private" one at a friend's house? If so, how was it organized? As you know, I used to have clothes swaps at my house about twice a year. :)

  181. I probably have about 15 pairs, but only half fit at any given time. (It doesn't help that I stretched a bunch out when I was pregnant!) I find the ones with a touch spandex often fit best. My current favorites are a pair of Lucky Brands... my former favorites were Polo jeans that I for some reason put in the dryer and they shrank :( I've actually been meaning to try jeans leggings-- might solve some of my fit problems, but I'm afraid it will come at the expense of usable pockets!

  182. why is it so hard to find jeans that fit well? with a toddler in tow, there's just no way I can try on the 30 or so pairs it normally takes me to find the right fit ... so, i have 3 pairs right now, and none of them fit well - oh well!

  183. I used to work at Gap (years ago) when the long and leans first came out. I LOVED them. I'm also a fan of boot cut and mid rise.

    I love that Gap jeans don't wear out like some of the cheaper brands and since I'm barely 5'4" and not the weight I'd like to be, the long and leans are very forgiving. :)

  184. I am a Gap girl, from long ago! I started out with the Long and Lean (of which I am neither) and then after babies moved into the Curvy style. I love them and would love a new pair!!

  185. I'll admit to sticking with boot cut jeans, and Gap has my favorites. I just can't bring myself to giving into skinny jeans.

  186. I have 4 pairs of jeans. Three of them are Gap. They are my favorite that I've found. I've never tried the long and lean cut because I'm not very long. I think I'll have to give them a try!

  187. I own a bazillion pairs of jeans, but only wear a few over and over...they're the instantly slims you kind - if only I could be instantly slim :)

    I wish I could wear guys 501's and have them look cute on me - never gonna happen though!

  188. Maybe this is a style that I should try out - my problems area is always the fit on my waistline. Levis' are my favorite...I'm not very trendy ;-)

  189. I wish the skinny jeans worked! I like the GAP 1969 bootcut, they are sonsoft and look fantastic! Post baby, they are definitely the most flattering...

  190. I had a pair of jeans from GAP back when I was in high school that I loved! Got a ton of compliment on them. Now though, I have some cute ones from Target that I really love instead. I find that I have a hard time spending money on "me" for just a pair of jeans.

  191. My favorite pair of jeans were gap jeans... but alas, 3 kids later and I don't fit in them anymore. Lol! Now I just have a few pair of jeans that I don't like very well, and when I lose a little bit more weight I am going back to my favorites!

  192. GAP jeans have always been my favorite! The Long and Lean is my best fit, as well. I have always wished the skinny jeans would look good on me, but they just don't work for my body style.

  193. Ah...the Long and Lean. That is the ONLY pair of jeans from the Gap that I can wear. In is the only type of jeans I owned (until I was just given a pair of Joe's jeans from a they weren't so pricey I would live in them). When Gap first came out with the Long and Lean jeans, I rolled my eyes and thought, "um...I am neither long nor lean...why can't they make a short and stocky cut?" (really...I did think that and I did say it out loud too!) But...for some crazy reason I decided to try on the long and leans and I have never bought another pair of Gap jeans. Unfortunately, I haven't bought any new clothes since Jameson was years ago...ugh...BUT I do love those jeans. They look fantastic on ANY body type, AND they come in ankle length...which I need (remember..short and stubby me). So glad you like them...and you look HOT in them!!

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