Christmas Gift Guide: Justin Boots

Christmas Gift Guide: Justin Boots 1Four-year-olds are awesome. (If you don't have one yet, you have SO MUCH to look forward to).

Yesterday, Tim said, "dude" in a conversation. She immediately said, "That's a bad word!" We explained that it actually is an expression and literally means "a guy." Today, he said something to me that started with "dude." She said indignantly, "Dude is a MAN...and mommy is a GIRL!"

Also? She often SINGS her prayers - opera style - with full vibrato. I smile behind my clasped hands at the dinner table.

Another thing? She tells us when she's tired at bedtime now...and then sleeps in her bed all night. If she goes to bed late, she actually WANTS to sleep in.

What else? Whenever we wear our matching Justin Gypsy boots, she pulls up my pant leg to ensure that everyone can see the pink. I don't blame her. They're pretty, fashionable, fun, feminine, and comfortable...all at the same time. I wear mine at least every few days - with either skirts or jeans. She does the same.

Christmas Gift Guide: Justin Boots 2The Women's Justin Gypsy Cowgirl Boot [pictured: right] retails for $69.99 at Drysdales. The girls' version sells for $55.99 and is available in sizes 8.5-13.5.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea for a mother-daughter duo OR a fashionable friend, Justin Boots has you covered for Christmas 2010 and beyond.

P.S. If you want to stay updated on contests and new product launches, you can follow Justin Boots on Twitter.

Christmas Gift Guide: Justin Boots 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a gift certificate for a pair of boots from Justin Boots! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Justin Boots sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of boots for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #34 Kristen. Congratulations!

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169 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: Justin Boots”

  1. My five year old daughter would look so cute in these boots! She had some boots that she wore all last year, but outgrew them and wants some more. I really wasn't planning to get her more boots, but these are so cute, I'd love for her to wear them. They'd be adorable with her little dresses!

  2. Justin boots are great, lasting, and comfortable! 4 yr olds are quite honest and it is great that you can give her a good role model to follow! you are guaranteed to get your money's worth with Justin boots!
    Justin has come a long way ....with all of their boot styles. TLX is a really comfortable heel that my husband really likes also.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  3. These boots are sooo cute! My daughter has never had a pair of boots but has been asking for some! these would be so perfect!

  4. My eldest son has been wanting a pair of boots for the past few years but around here (and we live in the country!) they are about $200-$300 a pair. This would be a great gift for him. He is leaving next summer for the Army and I'd love to be able to fulfill his wish.

  5. Thank for this entry. I love Justin boots and i'm sad to say I have never owned a pair--not of just Justin, but a pair of cowboy boots. I'll put it to good use. Good thing they are good quality and will hold up!

  6. Cowboy boots are NOT something I can pull off in any way and consider looking fashionable by any stretch of the imagination, but as I grew up my dad always did (and, in fact, still does) wear cowboy boots....and he LOVES Justin boots! I remeber back in the late 70s when he bought a pair of cowboy boots that were turquoise blue to support the Houston Oilers...I would love to win this and surprise my dad!:)

  7. My daughter is 3 1/2 and I agree ..this is a fun age. She would love these boots. She is so into clothes and picking out her shoes is her favorite thing. These are adorable and I know she will want to wear them everywhere...probably even to bed. Thank you for the chance

  8. I don't have any children of my own yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. I am a born and raised Texan, so cowboy boots have always been a part of my fashion style. People are always surprised to learn how comfortable they are.


  9. Those boots with the pink top are just adorable and my daughter would flip out if I could get her a pair. These will definitely be going on the birthday list!

  10. I agree that 4 year olds are at a very pleasant stage :) My niece is turning 3 next week and I think these boots would be so adorable on her! She loves fishing and hanging out in the woods with her daddy.

    rachelsgiveaways at gmail dot com

  11. I remember well when my daughter was four, then things she would say would just amaze me. She still amazes me at 8. She would love a pair of the gypsy boots and Justin's are the best.

  12. My granddaughter will be 4 next month and she is adorable! She would love to wear these when she gets to go out or ride a friend's mini horses!

  13. Four year olds ARE awesome and yours was particularly cute walking into Sunday School in her new boots the other day :)
    I LOVE cowboy boots!

  14. My daughter is almost 5 months old and she is already too cute and she's bald and toothless lol. I am looking forward to four years.

    I hope to win the Justin boots and get her a pair.

    reannenny at

  15. Your daughter sounds adorable! My husband and I aren't planning to have kids for quite a while, but I know what we get to look forward to!

    glycinemax (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I recall my youngest son at about age four deciding he needed to SHOUT his prayers so "God could hear them too". I must say I'd have preferred the operatic version. Four year olds are marvelous! And the Justin boots are great; I'd love to have a new pair.

  17. I have always been a cowgirl, and hoping my 3 year old daughter will follow in my footsteps. It would be wonderful to get a matching set of these boots for both of us!

  18. As the mother of 3 girls I totally understand what you mean. Mine are 11, 6 and 1! I get diapers, curiosity and hormones all at the same time! I love it and wouldn't change a thing. My 6 year old sounds like your 4 year old. Look forward to the age of 5. I like to call it the year of "why?" :)

  19. These would be a great gift for my college daughter (I loved her toddler/preschool years too!) She loves boots and doesn't have anything at all like these. Cute!

  20. I love the Men's Justin Basic Crazy Cow boots. My grandson rodeos and won't wear anything but Justin. The new seaon started a few weeks ago and he really needs boots. Maybe I can win them for him. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Cowboy boots remind me of watching western movies when I was young(er). And when I checked out the Justin website, they had a great selection.

  22. Justin Boots have always been my favorites, and the Gypsy Cowgirl Boot is really cool! I love that they have a little girls' version, too. Children often want to wear what Mommy wears, and now they totally can!

  23. I've always wanted a pair of Justin Boots. I always read wonderful things about them. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  24. When my son had his first boots, he seemed to put an attitude on with them. My daughter used to come running, "Oh no, ma he is gonna where his boots to school." I don't think my granddaughter would have that problem.

  25. I have a 4 year old little girl... We've been shopping boots since she outgrew her little ones!! Her perspective is so sweet and amazing! I'm so grateful for her!

  26. I have 3 girls and 1 niece, I couldn't imagine how life would have be without their little Justin Gypsy Boots, the memories of seeing them on their little feet... My little niece ran around the house with her Uncle's cowboy hat on her head and her little Justin Boots and diaper, the memories are priceless... Thank you to the Justin family for making our lives a little better!

  27. I have a four year old little sister who is my world she is extremly inteligent and is always asking questions like "which path shall we take" stuff adults dont even say, she loves to help big brother take his boots off and then she ends up playing with them but i dont care cuz she is my little cowgirl :)

  28. I have only owned 1 pair of Justin boots, I got them 4 years ago and they are still like new!
    My 5 year old daughter and I have a lot in common, including the fact that we LOVE our Justin boots!!

  29. My husband and I raise bucking bulls. Most mornings it is my job to go feed the bulls so that my husband can get to work on time. My daughter Gracie loves to "go feed with mommy", She has a pair of boots that have been out grown by her brother and passed down. She never takes them off...ever.
    We have easter photo's of a cute little girl in a sweet Easter dress and cowboy boots lol.
    One early morning on our way out of the door to go feed, we encounter a problem. There was only one cowboy boot by the door. I ran to get her tennies and the fit began.....oh and what a fit it was, it was boots or nothing.
    I knew the bulls were waiting and begged her to wear her tennies but she was having none of that.
    As came out of the closet in her bedroom still searching for the missing boot, I noticed the fit and crying had stopped. As I peeked around the corner i saw her standing by the front door with a pair of her daddy's huge dirty work boots on, she looked up at me and said "Ok I'm ready now"

  30. I have 4 kids and they each have there own personalities! They always keep me going and laughing ALOT with all the great thing they say and do. But the 1 thing they have in common is they all like there boots, so I would say that I'm doing a good job;) This would make one of them very happy!

  31. These would be great for my wanna be cowgirl 2 yr old. Too bad they don't come in toddler sizes. She's already blown through two pair of Target "cowboots" in under a year.

  32. We are Big Justin Boot fans our daughter has only been here a few months we got emergency custody of her and the permanent custody is going thru in jan we hope. She has been citified and would love a pair of these country boots. tweeting @waterbluffy

  33. Everytime I go visit my older girls I come home saying dude. And everytime I do my 12 year old rolls her eyes. Too funny!

  34. She sounds like so much fun! My six year old has days where he sings everything, from his homework to random questions. It's too cute. I am still looking forward to the day that he wants to sleep in though.

    Love the boots! My niece is shoe obsessed at the moment and I'm sure would adore them too!

  35. Even 3.5 yr olds are awesome. My granddaughter loves boots (even in the summer), her favorite color is blue and she loves unicorns. My daughter may have a problem if I win--my 2.5 yr old grandson doesn't have any boots yet!

  36. Justin make such a high quality boot, sadly, since I had a girl then a boy, I couldn't pass down my daughter's tiny pink Justins lol She would love another pair, & her feet have stopped growing (FINALLY, JEESH!) so these won't get out grown! Woo!

  37. I have been DYING for a good pair of boots. I owned some in high school and i wore them until they died. I miss how comfy they are and they are finally in style. i want to pair them with a cute skirt or dress and tights this winter. super cute!

  38. I really like the pink on those boots! I don't have a daughter to wear matching boots with, but I'd be happy rock them all on my own.

  39. My daughter is 4 too and she has her own sense of style which her teachers love...a cross between princess and punk. She's been after me to get her a pair of boots forever but I haven't yet...I love buying for her though since she's the oldest and there are two other girls after her I can divide the price by three LOL.

  40. My six year old has been obsessed with Cowgirl boots since age 2. She has a pair for every size. It is such a wonderful memory to think back to one particular year and think of the cool pair of boots that went with it! My favorite, age 4 (like you) with fuchsia boots!

  41. I think four was one of my favorite ages for both of my kiddos, both my girl and my boy (now 20 and 18 - sigh). Enjoy, they grow up soo fast!

    I love boots. Being from Oklahoma, I thought everyone had boots! I used to have a pair of white ones with black stitching that I wore slap out.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. I usually have to contemplate a large purchase for months and months before buying. But I've been pining for a pair of cowboy boots for almost a year now! I quiz people who own them, I ask them their thoughts and opinions on pointy toes, I try to get them to imagine me wearing the boots. I would SO love a pair of Justin boots as I've browsed their website numerous times!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  43. Your post gives me a light at the end of the tunnel! I have two girls 18 months apart. My oldest is turning 3 in march. I can't WAIT till she shows her boots off like this. These boots are one word " Adorable" Since my girls were born they have been wearing boots!

  44. These are so cute. I love the BAY APACHE W/PERFED SADDLE VAMP
    but they are all adorable. I always wanted a pair of cowboy boots when I was little. I would love to win them for my daughter!

  45. here in Texas. Justin boots rule - and I don't have a pair. Are you listening Santa? I want to be in with the in crowd.

  46. I do not have children of my own but my niece is 4 and I always wonder where does she pick up on things that come out of her mouth. She loves to point out when someone does something wrong but of course she is never wrong. She is so sweet and innocent, I hope that never changes.

  47. My daughter loves this style of boot. Her theory is "if the boot fits, then you should buy every color in comes in."

  48. I have two daughters and in Minnesota winter we recylce at least one pair during the season. They would love these stylish yet comfortable shoes.

  49. I am a huge fan of Justin Boots! These would be awesome. I wish my (now teenage) daughter was still at that stage. We used to have to buy her a new pair of boots every year. She was so cute!

  50. this was too funny, I remember when my son was 4 or 5, and I called him a dude, and he asked, "WHAT is a DUDE?!?! he thought I was calling him a bad name!!
    both my daughters ride horse with their grandma all the time, and are constantly in need or boots!! these would be great!!

  51. Well, we DO live in Texas - so you'd think my children would already own boots! I have a two year old son who already tries to walk around in his Dad's work boots & a 3 year old daughter who'd love the pink pair! I've heard that once you get these, you'll just continue to buy them as your child grows out of them (a friend of mine's son has grown through two pair already and refuses to wear anything else!)


  52. Those boots are just too adorable, my grandaughter would love them, just curious so they have adult sizes, becacuse poor old grandma could sure use a pair of boots too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. My younger granddaughter is a cowgirl at heart. I can't get her a horse, but a pretty pair of boots would be great.

  54. My kids have all had cowboy boots and they love um. They are so easy to get on and off. I might have to get myself a pair. Went to the Justin site and saw quite a few pairs that looked really nice.

  55. I've always been a fan of their Wolverene boots. Very light weight and long lasting. I havn't had a need to buy work boots in a few years, but when I do again, Justin it will be!

  56. those boots are adorable. i can see my 2 year old putting them on and never taking them off! we had to hide all of the boots in the house for that reason.

  57. I LOVE cowboy/girl boots! They are so cute on anyone, imo! I remember 4 yr olds being awesome and now he's 8!!! I also have a 3 yr old that is pretty cool too! :)

  58. Such a sweet picture! I've got a 4 year old son and had a bit of a panic last night when I realized he's leaving the "baby" stage. I know I should embrace every stage of his life, but he sure is precious right now. Love how she has to show off the pink!

  59. My princess is about to turn 6 (I can't believe how quickly it goes!) and she has never owned a pair of cowboy boots. Neither have I for that matter. She would be stoked to get a pair of pink boots - and she might tolerate her mother wearing a matching pair :)

  60. My boys have LOVED their cowboy boots! I'd love to see my girls fall in love with some soon! They are the best when it comes to kids getting their own shoes on by themselves!!

  61. Your 4 year old is totally awesome! I loved when my kids were 4. They liked to curl up on the couch to cuddle, but were starting to be more independant and curious. Also, I think I could write an entire book on the hilarious conversations we had with our kiddos when they were 4!!

    I am beyond excited to see you giving away a pair of Justin boots. You looked absolutely adorable in yours the last time I saw you and I am truly hoping to win a pair for me:)

  62. Cute! I don't have a 4 year old yet, but I'm looking forward to it! I actually just wrote on my list boots for my daughter because she has so many outfits that would look great with them!

  63. My 4 year old daughter would love a pair of cowboy boots! These are adorable and it would be so fun for her and I to get matching pairs. Great idea!

  64. You know my husband and I lived in Texas for while so we both have the boots, I think mine are Justin too :) My 20 month old son saw the hats at the back of the closet the other day and was intrigued I bet he would Love a pair of Justin's :)

  65. That is not a bad price for a pair of boots. Considering I have been drooling over a pair of Uggs that are nearly $200 and TOO far from my price range! :) I have LONG hear the greatness of Justin boots. I lived with a western roommate in college who touted this brand to me constantly and I sort of would like to try them! :) I feel like I need a horse though to go with the look! :) But then, I have asked for a horse for Christmas every year since I was 5 and it hasn't happened yet. Maybe better start with just the boots! :)

  66. What cute boots! I don't have a four year old girl yet, but hopefully I will soon! (We are adopting.) My boys just aren't that into fashion at this point, but I have fun dressing them anyway!

  67. I love these! So cute and finally some decent kid boots. Generally speaking, I've come across a ton of plastic boots that leave kids feet aching or just fall apart, but these look like good quality. My precious little niece (also 4 years old and hilarious) really wants a pair so I will have to keep my fingers crossed!

  68. Your daughter sounds like a hoot. I'm am finding out that every new age is the best so far. My daughter will be 2 in two weeks (yikes) and she is just way too much fun.

  69. My husband has a pair of Justin boots and says they're very comfortable. Personally I've never owned a pair of boots.

    My youngest son has a pair of Buzz and Woody boots that he has just about worn out. But to him his boots look as fine as ever. He wears them with his cowboy costume a few times a week.

  70. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I don't own any cowboy boots...and I never have...and for an Arizona girl, that's ridiculous. I've always wanted a pair, but they tend to be a little out of my price range. These would be awesome!

  71. My hubby's side of the family is from Willcox and they love their boots! I pesonally have never owned a pair but I'd love for our one-year-old and his daddy to wear boots together!!

  72. My almost 3 year old has turned into this loveable, full of life little girl. (It is amazing since she was such a HARD baby). She has a pair of pink cowgirl boots and she LOVES them. She also loves almost any shoes and if she does not want to wear them then she won't! She would love another pair of boots.

  73. How fun! I have a 4 year old (who is almost 5) and a 3 year old who will be 4 in a couple weeks! I love this age! They are SO fun, and 100% honest. We all can learn something from 4 year old' as honesty! :)

  74. A friend of mine found an awesome pair of boots at the thrift store the other day.
    I love the idea of matching with your daughter. I already try... and she's only 6 months old! :)

    And I think 4 is one of my favorite ages. I try to adopt my friend's 4 year old for the afternoon sometimes. It makes life with a 2 year old that much easier, too, because the older entertains the younger.

  75. That's so adorable that you both have matching boots. Both of my girls would love to match with me, so if I won I'd have to buy another pair for the other sister. I've never really owned a pair of cowgirl boots, but lately I've been more drawn to them. They are too cute!

  76. I am getting a pair of dress boots from my husband for Christmas, but I surely wouldn't mind a pair of cowboy boots too. I also love that she sings her prayers - what an awesome little girl.

  77. I love Justin boots, but can never bring myself to buy any. That's so sweet that you and your daughter have matching boots.

  78. I've always wanted some boots! Maybe I'll actually own a pair someday! Actually I had a pair once but they weren't comfortable so I never wore then and eventually gave them away.

  79. Those boots are too cute. I love the look of little girls wearing cowboy boots. My daughter is obsessed with wearing her rain boots but it is not very practical year round! I never thought of matching mom and daughter shoes. So cute. My older daughter is 2 1/2 so I am looking forward to the 4 year old days but am in LOVE with the two year old days. She says the most adorable hilarious things. Everything is new and exciting. This Christmas is exceptionally fun since she is starting to understand some of it all! Every phase is wonderful really!

  80. I can't believe how fancy even the kid's boots are. I think I'd get a pair for my little guy. I like the rounded toe of the Gypsy styles.

    1. I prefer boots with rounded toes too. Tim always says that shoes with pointed toes look like "witch's shoes" anyway. ;)

  81. "I can't wait to have a 4 year old! Actually, I am really looking forward to it. The boots are adorable and I'm pretty sure I have seen you wear them (or something similar) to church and I just loved them! Thanks for all you do and giving us great ideas for the holidays."

  82. My relationship with Justin goes back some 20 odd years ....I have a pair from the seventies! I'd love to gift a pair to my daughter if I win!

    Happy holidays!

  83. This giveaway is perfect! We took our teens on our annual Chicago trip this year and quickly realized that my husband needs new boots - not even an hour into it, his feet were soaked. Must be some cracks or holes in the soles of his boots! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. 4 year olds really are the best. Yours sounds super fun! :) I have a pair of cowboy boots that were my brothers when he was a little tike. Those are so special to me.


  85. Boots - my passion! I worked in a western store for 2 years, just for fun and adore all sorts of boots! I also think it is hilarious that "dude" is the new word at your house. Our 2 year old is into letting us know that "Papa is a dude, but mama is not". Kids crack me up!

  86. My little girl will be 4 soon and while I have loved the 3 year old stage, everyone keeps telling me how fun 4 year olds are! I can't wait. But don't want her growing up too fast either! And these boots are adorable!

  87. I am loving 3 3/4 (and to her...the 3/4 is very important to include!) so I can only imagine how much more witty and fun 4 will be. I am so glad you are loving life with your girls! And...dude, you have matching boots? That is too cute!!

  88. I love Justin Boots! I have a bit of a cowgirl side, which I let out now and then :) Lilly would go crazy over pink boots! That girl and her PINK... *shaking head*...
    Still, those are CUTE!

  89. Ha! my 3 yr old has the same boots! She loves them, and so do I! We have the same matching pink ones. But not on purpose. We wear boots everyday and ride our horses all the time. Great boots.

  90. Your daughter sounds quite precocious! I love the stories.

    My 9yo son keeps reminding me he wants boots and a hat for Christmas. I'd better get shopping....

  91. My sister is a real cowgirl and is in desperate need of some boots! I borrowed hers over the weekend- yowza. This would be awesome!

  92. My daughter is a little fashionista. I don't know where it comes from....not from me! But her father works in the fashion/retail industry in Manhattan so it must be in her blood. She would love these boots. They would go great with her twirl skirts.

  93. Oh man, I am such a sucker for a cute pair of boots...I love boots. If I had more expendable income, I would probably have a large boot collection.

  94. Can a Hoosier Mama wear boots like these? I hope so. Although I want to wear them because they would look hot, not necessarily because I need them to tend the ranch. :)

  95. My 9 yo daughter just told me she wants cowboy boots the other day. Unfortunately we already bought all of her Christmas presents for this year, so I told her she has to wait until next year. I've lived in TX all my life and never owned a pair of my own, but I'm beginning to think I want some too. :)

  96. I love Justin boots - actually my "cowboy girl boots" (as Sugar calls them) are Justin boots. Unfortunately my foot grew when i was pregnant and I can still squeeze my foot into them, but they aren't comfortable anymore :( so I'm giving them to my sister and looking for a replacement pair - these would be awesome!

  97. Just yesterday I went and bought some sweat shirts for the family. I happened to buy me and my 9 year old the same one. This morning she comes to me and says here, put this on and we will match today. So, I guess they may never outgrow it (hoping anyway). She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES boots, and this would be right up her alley.

    I love your blog and thoroughly enjoy reading it every day, as well as the Give Every Day blog. I can't wait to read about all of your journeys.

  98. I love the stuff young kids pick up on, my son said "Hi Dude" while talking to his Uncle on the phone the other day, and started snickering right away, he thought he was so funny!

    And those boots? So so cute. My son and daughter play cowboys every couple of days, she would love these.

  99. I'm not even sure I want to enter for these, but I couldn't help commenting! I say Dude all the time! Good thing my hubby is a guy so we won't have to worry about that part! ;)

  100. My son is 4.5 and is so stinking goofy. There are days that I'm loving this age and day's I'm when I can't get him to take off his snow boots lol. Whenever he gets a new pair of shoes its like pulling teeth to get him to wear a different pair and then he always wants to wear them around the house. He would love new boots lol

  101. I'm going to have to agree with you - four year old's are awesome. We just celebrated my daughter's fourth birthday last week. It's refreshing to see the world through her eyes - I know that I cannot wait to see what else that four has in store for us!

    P.S. I'm a big fan of pink and brown together - these boots are fabulous!

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