Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection

After many years of trying to pretend it wasn't true, I now admit that more expensive clothes actually fit better, look nicer, and last longer.

I'm not necessarily a brand follower, but I do take note of companies that consistently produce high-quality clothing and shoes. Tea Collection is one such company.

Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection 1 Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection 2 Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection 3

Tea Collection offers global-inspired boys clothing and girls clothing in sizes 0-12years. I like every single piece for girls. I used to think the boys clothes weren't half as cool, but the newest offerings have completely changed my mind:

Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection 4 Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection 5 Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection 6

Be sure to check out the SALE section of the website too. Scoop up this Solid Banded Dress ($17.50) for your daughter for next summer about this Cycling Tee ($19.50) for your little guy?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Tea Collection! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Tea Collection sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing 1 gift certificate for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #76 Laura Brown. Congratulations!

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169 comments on “Christmas Gift Guide: kids clothing by Tea Collection”

  1. That Autumn Leaves Yoke dress is adorable... and so are your girls! My little one is less than a year, and I'm hoping she won't fight wearing cute dresses like that when she's a toddler.

  2. One of my favorite outfits my daughter ever received was a Tea Collection set. It was small and just barely fit, so she wore it almost every day since we had limited time. :)

  3. I love how unique the Tea Collection girl's clothes are! The dresses can be basic but the designs and prints make them one of a kind. The quality is also great and I enjoy the variety they have in all of their lines! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. The Tea Clothing line is amazing...they seem to be able to blend fashion with a comfortable fit, (especially in the girl's dresses.) I have 2 granddaughters who each have 2 outfits from Tea, and they really love them. They really are made well and the fabric washes well. The younger one inherited her one outfit from her big sister and it still looks brand new! I just love their Hungarian Holiday beautiful!

  5. I LOVE Tea Collection clothing for my daughter! It is so well made, soft and comfortable cotton, awesome styles, and amazing and orginal prints! I love the asian inspired lines and prints, it is so cute on!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  6. Oh...I love TEA! I was fortunate enough to win a few items from them at a school silent auction a few years daughter wore those dresses till they were at least one size too small...they were her absolute favorites!

  7. They have such amazing clothes..I love that the clothes has a vintage feel yet is modern, somehow they manage to combine them together!

  8. We have a couple pieces from Tea and I'm very much in love with them!! I would love $100 more worth of clothes for my daughter!!

  9. I agree that "more expensive clothes actually fit better, look nicer, and last longer". so we are always put Quality before Quantaty

  10. Tea Collection has a sweater for boys called 'Mike Stripes,' that I really like for my little guy. It looks just about right for this cold weather spell we just had come in.

  11. My cousin recently had a baby and could use some good quality clothing for her baby boy. The Tea Collection baby clothing are so adorable, especially the Ana Dot Hooded Romper! I'm sure she would be happy to be able to buy a few items for baby Abel from the Tea Collection.


  12. These are adorable! We have a new baby at home I would love to dress her in all of this! Thanks for hosting such a great contest :)

  13. I love the dress up selection, including the long sleeve polo. It can be hard to find nice clothes for baby boys. My kids would look adorable in these clothes. :))

  14. I love the Tea Collection's climb vine notch dress and all their cute little bodysuits. This would be so much fun to win. The Zabola boys sweater and little cargo pants are also adorable.

  15. I agree, that is one of the main reasons I shop second hand, because I can get name brand in my price range. Have you checked out "Lil' Traders"? It's by far my favorite kids second hand and the give you 50% in trade for what you sell there. I just recently found them and am never going back.

  16. This is your BEST giveaway yet! I would love to be able to buy some high quality clothes for my grandbabies Rachel and Raineer!

  17. I love their selection of dresses. My favorite is the Gated Floral Print Dress. They always have the cutest prints and I also like their color choices.

  18. Cute clothes, very middle and far east inspired. I know I could find lots of great playtime clothes for my son that he would also love. Thanks!

  19. Their clothes look beautiful and well made. I've found that cheap clothes barely hold up through one kid. Since we plan on having more kids, I'm always scouring sales and thrift shops for high quality but inexpensive clothes. I don't want our next munchkins to look like ragamuffins.

  20. I was just looking at Tea Collections newborn clothes yesterday online - they are so cute and everything I hear about them is so great. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  21. lol i was just discussing price and durability of higher end brand vs. commercial end clothing for kids. Honestly it's a toss up. Some things are expensive and trash and some things that are cheap wear beautifully. Also, you have to take into consideration what the child is wearing it for and how long. Tea collection actually fits my son to a T but with the prices we only buy 1 tea outfit a season max for special occasions. It doesn't suit my daughter as well but the Tea outfits I have had for my son elicit so many compliments that it's well worth it

  22. I am addicted to Tea Collection. I have three small grandchildren, and they all wear Tea. I love how Tea changes up the ethnicity of its clothing; so many fantastic looks.

  23. I'm guilty of overlooking value for price too. With a little one on the way this winter, I have my eye on the baby boy rompers.

  24. Hiya Stephanie... I haven't posted on your blog in quite a while and I know your family is going through some amazing changes. I am wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors!
    I too love Tea Collection. I've been purchasing their things since my oldest now 4 1/2 was a baby... I have quite a laundering system as well so baby clothes never get fully dryed but get hung dry and now they're getting passed onto the baby now 1. They are spendy to be sure but they look great and time is telling that they are long lasting.
    inalak at msn dot com

  25. I can not agree more...especially with Tea. We don't usually buy it unless I get lucky at a consignment shop. But we have had the privilege of owning a few Tea outfits over the past 3 years. One such outfit that was handed down to us...little tear...we just outgrew and it is currently the last one!!! But that one Tea outfit has been through 4 kiddos and still looks great and I will be passing it along!!! Great quality!!!

  26. I love these clothes! I am really interested in the quality and how they last longer than other brands.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  27. I just found out I am going to be a Grandma! I currently shop at second hand clothing stores for my daughters. I would love to try this brand for my grandchild.

    I have heard nothing but good things. Good quality clothing line.

  28. I absolutely agree that the more-expensive clothes last longer. I try to buy ahead for next year when they are on sale at the end of the season. After two boys, it is so hard for me to resist all of the dresses for my little girl! The Tea Collection clothes for boys might even be "cool" enough for my picky 6-year-old.

  29. I have a new little grandson that would look adorable in some of these clothes. Of course grandma thinks he would look adorable in any clothes!

  30. What cute clothes! Good, sturdy clothes are great for lasting through my two boys (they play hard!), but girl clothes are SO darling, and if Baby 3 coming this spring is a girl, I would love a little clothes shopping splurge! :)

  31. I agree that expensive clothes are better and wish there were more bargains to be found in higher priced clothing to make it more affordable.

  32. My friend, the super hip spends-way-too-much-on-kid-stuff Mom buys all her baby gifts for showers and birthdays from Nordstrom. I was really nervous when I opened that silver gift box (yeah, she doesn't even wrap it because having NORDSTROM stamped on there is just as good as wrapping it in $20 bills, right?) - I was sure she'd gotten some super expensive outfit my daughter would never wear because I'd be scared she'd get it dirty.
    I opened it to find tons of pieces from the TEA Collection and WOW - I was so pleasantly suprised! Not only were the clothes wearable AND adorable - when I caved and stepped foot into Nordstrom for baby shopping (eeek. I know.) - it was REASONABLY PRICED!

    :) I love their stuff, I buy it for my son & daughter!

  33. I love these clothes - they are sold at a local shop in town, but they are not in my price range. I have friends that swear by them and won't purchase anything else because of the quality. As a mommy to (almost) two kids, I am beginning to understand the value of quality, durable clothes that can be worn by all of my kids. I would love to try them. And what little girl wants to live without that burgandy dress!

  34. Yes, I agree as well. I used to buy cheap clothing, but they would go bad after a couple of wash and I'd have to buy new ones. In the end, it's more economical to buy slightly more expensive clothes that will last a LONG time.

  35. I think Tea Collection has the most unique looking clothes. I really want this navy Traditions Embroidered Dress. I've noticed that the sizes tend to run SMALL so get a size bigger. FYI

  36. Oooh! I have been drooling over their Ironwork Floral Dress for my daughter, but the hubby won't let me spend that much on one piece of clothing! Keeping fingers crossed,lol

  37. I agree that you get what you pay for! I pay more for socks because the bargain brands lose their stretchiness before Eli grows out of them, and he has name-brand hand-me-downs that have been worn by a couple of boys before him that are still in excellent shape. I would love to try the Tea Collection clothing!

  38. I like that their collections are inspired by different cultures. I loved their Asian styles from before because some of the dresses were clearly Korean based, and since I'm half Korean, I loved it~

  39. I haven't bought anything from the Tea Collection, but I love their clothes. So many great dresses for girls. Things that look comfy and made for a girl, not a teenager.

  40. Let's see, having a 12 month old at home who is forever outgrowing what I just bought him last week...I've got a vest just like the little one shown in the pictures, can you say next year's christmas card?

  41. Tea collection is such a favorite in our house! My 4 year old loves their dresses and this is all she wants to wear!

  42. I can totally relate to your first sentence!! I love Tea Collection although I only own one of their dresses. The fabrics and designs are amazing! Thanks so much!!

  43. I must confess - when it comes to clothes, my kids get Target brand about 90% of the time. I just can't justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on things that they are going to outgrow in a couple of months. I never know when their growth spurts are going to hit, and our clothing budget isn't exactly huge. This would be a great prize to win so they would have a couple pieces of fashionable clothing. :)

  44. I love Tea! I have been given a couple things for my girls, and they are so great. Their dresses last so long because they look great with leggings when the girls have gotten a bit taller!

    Sara is right, they are such a generous company! They donated a gift certificate for our auction this year- and were so extremely nice about it. Made me love them even more!

  45. I definitely agree! Gray will ONLY wear Tea shirts, and I gladly buy them even if they aren't on sale. I can wash their clothes a million times and they still don't wear out. That's quality! And they are super soft & stylish! I've been a fan since Gray was a baby 5 years ago- so of course that's all he knows and loves! :)


  46. I still don't think boys clothing compares to girls clothing.. but I do my best to keep my little guy hip ;). I just hate how much SMALLER the selections usually are for boys!!

  47. I haven't noticed that with my boys but it could just be because they are boys and hard don their outfits. I guess I could really put their clothing to the test with my litle ones!


  48. I am tempted to buy something from this brand because it does seem like they are very generous! My friend's homeschool tutorial is auctioning off a $100 gift certificate! I will have to go check out that green boy outfit with the motorcycle on it! Thanks!

  49. I love the red dress your daughter's wearing!

    And can I add that I love that she has bare feet. I'm constantly getting reprimanded because my girls spend most of their time barefooted.

  50. You said, "After many years of trying to pretend it wasn’t true, I now admit that more expensive clothes actually fit better, look nicer, and last longer" and I completely agree. We've noticed that Target clothes don't wash as well either. The clothes for boys you picked out are adorable! And I LOVE the pictures of your 4 year old!

  51. I completely agree! I have a few pieces from Tea and they get worn time and time again! They are functional, not fussy, but still very cute (and different!).

  52. your little girls look adorable. I have a little boy and a little girl and while I have always loved dressing her up and finding beautiful clothing for her, that was also affordable, I have had some trouble finding decent stuff for my little boy that didn't break the bank. this stuff is so cute! love it :)

  53. As much as I gasp at prices of clothes, I think you are right...high-quality clothes is the way to go! I love the Tea Collection and would split the certificate into thirds for my sweet niece and then for my godson and nephew. All three of the moms would just LOVE to dress their kids in Tea Collection clothes. They are so trendy and "pinch their cheek" adorable!

  54. Just checked the website. Love the hoodies they have boys! I agree about how hard it is to find good stuff for boys. Looks like Tea Collection has some good options.

  55. There definitely is a difference, but you have to choose which clothes need to be durable. The onesies she wore for the first few months? No so much. The jackets my busy toddler wears every day? More so. I really saw the difference in the hand-me-downs we were given. Some of them looked as good as new, others like they had been washed a thousand times! (I also agree with the previous poster who avoids the dryer!)

  56. The clothes look nice and comfy. Plus they do have some cool boy clothes. It's always harder to find clothes for boys than girls (in my opinion).

  57. I love buying quality clothing as gifts. My sister's adopting a baby and I'd love to get her something from Tea Collection because everything is so adorable!

  58. I've never heard of this company before, but wow! I love it- for little citizens of the world is the cutest slogan. Good thing I hadn't done much Christmas shopping for my daughters yet!

  59. I agree, I love Tea collection clothes for my daughters. They are really good quality, don't fall apart after three washes and look very stylish! No wild cartoon characters or babyish designs either!

  60. It's so hard to spend money on quality clothing for kids when you know they will outgrow it in a few months... still the thing to remember is the durability and how you can pass those clothes on to your other children, and even family/friend's children... finally you will always get better resale value if after several uses, you decide to sell or consign your clothes, so... paying for quality generally pays off if you can bite the bullet initially! :)

    These clothes are lovely - I have seen them before in Nordstroms- I especially love their "sets" that coordinate so nicely!

  61. Oooh! Cute! I'm soon going to be getting into the little girl "clothes world" since we are adopting our first due to be born in February. Can't wait to dress her up girly! Thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to Tea Collection!

  62. I love Tea Collection because of its Asian flair. I agree, too, that often the more expensive brands are better made and while you might pay more on the outset, if will last longer and be well worth the price!

  63. The Tea Collection looks adorable. I usually buy less expensive brands, but splurge on a couple of more expensive pieces each season. Of course the more expensive pieces hold up much better overall. Great giveaway!

  64. I have heard so much about this company and I would really like to try their stuff! I do fully believe that in some ways you get what you pay for and also it's good to use things that are sustainably made. That said, I don't really have a huge budget for clothes and my kids grow fast! ;)

  65. I love Tea Collection too! My son has a few things and he always wants to wear them, probably because they're so comfy not to mention stylish. I always find myself drooling over the girl's collection though...and now that I'm having a baby girl I just might have to buy something!

  66. perfect timing! i just got a bag of hand me down clothing and there were 3 'tea' dresses in there. i thought, "man! how adorable!!!"... they do really have the cutest things for girls. thanks for the chance!

  67. I love the fit of Tea Clothing...and quality clothing! The fabric has such a great stretch and holds up great in the wash...their stuff is so beautiful and classic!

  68. I've yet to have to buy clothes for my 4 month old due to lots of generous gifts at his birth from friends and family but he's almost outgrown everything we have so I'll be shopping for him very soon.

    I never expected to find baby clothes of the same labeled size to encompass such a wide range of actual sizes. My 4 month old (50% on the length charts) has outgrown some 6-9 month size Gerber onesies we had. That is crazy to me. The higher quality brands that we have actually fit him appropriately.

  69. I LOVE that burgundy dress! Too bad they don't make them in larger sizes!!
    I fight against buying more expensive, too, and really need to learn to just give in, because what you say is true... for kids AND for adults.

  70. We have been very forunate with regard to clothes for our daughter. She has received plenty of clothing sets from both sets of grandparents & her aunts

  71. Oh, I love the dresses! I love to see my kiddos dressed up, and I agree with you. For wear and life you have to spend a bit more. Although I love to sew for my kids too.

    By the way, Pick me! I would love to win! :)

  72. Wow - it's crazy that in a couple of months I will be purchasing clothing for our little girl - this would come in so handy!! I'm a big believer in purchasing quality clothing - they are just made so much nicer and last forever. I still have Banana Republic sweaters that I bought in college!!! I love that. If they last that long, they end up being money savers and real investment pieces. My little sisters both inherited my childhood clothes - good clothes are meant to last.

  73. I would rather buy a quality item slightly-used at the thrift store than something new and cheap at Walmart. I agree that the good stuff lasts much longer.

  74. I have to admit there are some of my children's clothes that I will not skimp on. Jeans, shoes and winter coats come to mind . And it's because those are things they wear every single day and need to stand the test of time.

    Your daughter looks like such a perfect model in those pictures! My kids would be running away from me. :)

    1. I agree about shoes! I would rather my girls have one well-made pair of shoes than ten pairs of ill-fitting cheap shoes.

      My 4-year-old often runs away from the camera too, but she actually *requested* that I take pictures on that day. It was unusually wonderful.

  75. We pretty much get everything from a local Consignment Sale - but I always look for high quality clothing, because it does fit better, look better, last longer! I love Tea Collection too - they have great items.

  76. Shopping for children's clothing can be somewhat of a tedious task! No sooner have you found a season-appropriate outfit that fits and your child has grown out of it! I must say though, I have found that some more expensive children's brands seem to wear better, making it possible to pack away for another child or to hand down to a family member or friend! I haven't purchased from Tea Collection before but I LOVE what I see online!

  77. They do have cute clothes. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes for babies since they grow out of them so quickly - even if you can use them for the second baby. Now that my kids are almost 3 and 5.5 they are growing slower so now I am more willing to spend a bit more money of their clothes.

  78. I have scanned the Tea Collection website several times, wishing I could purchase. They have some adorable clothes for girls! (I tend to agree with your statement about their boys selections...but boys also tend to wear basics as opposed to fun least my boys do.)

  79. I love Tea Collection's clothes. They had the cutest line of Korean-themed clothing this summer. I regret not getting one of the t-shirts for the little boy we'll be adopting from Korea next summer. Maybe I should check out e-bay.

  80. I am not a brand follower or shopper. I am all about the clearance racks at Target. Personally, I believe the durability of a garment is not as much in the construction, but more in the care. My Target clearance rack clothes have held up fantastically through both of my babies and still look pretty good. Why? Because I NEVER put anything but towels, sheets, underwear, and socks in the dryer. Yep, I hang dry EVERYTHING else. Have you ever wondered what that lint is in the dryer? Fabric from the clothes being hammered in a dryer. Further, we have two "sets" of clothing - play clothes and school/nicer clothes. When my daughter gets home, she changes into her play clothes, and if those school clothes that she wore for 3 hours (kindergarten) are not dirty, they get hung back up to avoid the wear and tear of excessively frequent watching. As a result of my CRAZY laundering habits, I still have great looking clothes from high school - 15+years ago! For a woman who hates shopping - the extra laundering effort is SO worth it. But, on occasion, I do love picking up something that is exceptional in quality too, but seldom will I do it if the price isn't right. :-)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your obviously-amazing laundry techniques. Do you have a big laundry line in your backyard? I don't think I've ever noticed it...

      1. No laundry line outside - though sun drying also sanitizes, clothing also picks up exhaust, pollution, etc. So we have drying racks in our bedroom. No they aren't pretty, but they work great!

  81. I have come to that same realization already...I really wanted to think that inexpensive clothes were just as good...but they just don't hold up the same. It's so nice to find a place that has cute lil' boy clothes!

  82. What adorable clothes! I love that they are classic enough that I could buy for my older girl and the younger would be able to use it as a hand me down.

  83. i've heard of Tea clothing- but havent been able to afford to try them- would love to get my kids some new clothes!! 99% of what they have is from consignment sales :)

  84. You little one is a fashionista! Tea Clothing Company has some great clothes, and they are a very generous company! My kiddos are growing so fast they are hardly fitting into any of their clothes! My almost 4 year old is waiting for a flood in her 4T clothing!? Where is the time going?

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